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It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.

It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.
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It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add and drop and get the best advice every day.




01/17: Players Heath Likes; More on the Astros (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Heath Cummings makes his return to the podcast for 2020 and we welcome him back with a rundown of his favorite players to target, including Blake Snell and Jesus Luzardo. Plus, we talk about whether the Astros scandal has created value for Fantasy players and run through your emails, including how to handle picks in the middle of the first round, Shohei Ohtani’s value, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


01/15: Can the 2019 Breakouts Do it Again? And our Thoughts on the CHEATING SCANDAL! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

More Baseball Writer Matt Snyder hops on to talk about the big news around baseball. Matt gives his take on the sign stealing, the suspensions, the firings, the fines and more. We also discuss if we should downgrade the key HOU hitters in Fantasy ... Back to the Fantasy Baseball news (21:05), let's talk about Josh Donaldson, Miguel Sano and Alex Wood! ... Last year's surprise studs don't seem to be getting much love in the early 2020 ADP. We look at 10 players (27:45) including...


01/08: What You Missed in September; Early ADP Questions (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Did you stop paying attention to Fantasy Baseball once football season started? It's ok, you can admit it! Well after we run through some quick news items (2:42), we'll tell you about some AUG/SEP stars. Garrett Hampson (7:05), Tommy Edman (10:00), Jorge Soler (12:50) and more ... Let's take a look at early Average Draft Position. Nolan Arenado #9 overall! Is that justified (26:55)? Do we believe in Rafeal Devers as a second round pick (34:23)? ... We discuss Gleyber Torres in Round 3...


01/02: Encarnacion! Ryu! Keuchel and More! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

The MLB transactions never stop, and we're back to react to the latest news! First, are we nervous about drafting HOU players now that their cheating operation has been exposed? And which signing or trade from the last two weeks has been the most impactful for Fantasy (6:15)? Which has been the least impactful (11:51)? ... Going through more news and notes (15:00) including Edwin Encarnacion and Dallas Keuchel to CHW plus Rich Hill and Homer Bailey to MIN. We also give our thoughts on...


12/19: Talking Big News with Ellen Adair! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

We are joined by an awesome guest today! Actor Ellen Adair of Homeland, Billions and much more is here to talk Fantasy Baseball. Ellen is an avid Fantasy Baseball player and a huge baseball fan, so we bring her on to talk about Anthony Rendon, Madison Bumgarner and Corey Kluber plus more from around MLB like Corey Knebel, Nomar Mazara and Zack Wheeler. And of course we talk about acting, Ellen's inspirations in the industry, how she would have ended Game of Thrones, waffles vs. pancakes...


12/10: Strasburg, Wheeler, Didi and More (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Need some reaction to the latest news? We tell you the most significant Fantasy news since we last Podcasted (2:15). A couple of SP afterthoughts have changed teams and it may make a big difference in Fantasy ... With Stephen Strasburg signing a new contract, we look at the ADP of the three WAS aces and decide who has the best draft value (8:48). Then we get into Zack Wheeler's intriguing value (13:00) and what you need to know about Cole Hamels (18:00) ... We go through more notes quickly...


12/04: Catching Up On All the News! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

What was the biggest move of the offseason so far? Scott White and Chris Towers break down the Yasmani Grandal signing with the White Sox and what it means for the catcher position, and whether Jonathan Villar is worth an early-round pick after being traded to the Marlins. Plus, we break down all of the Padres moves, the latest on Chris Sale's elbow, and your questions at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11/21: Roto Mock Draft Review Part Two! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Welsh and Scott break down the second half of the roto mock draft. Favorite picks, least favorite picks, Vladimir Guerrero Jr's 2020 value, undrafted surprises and some team breakdowns! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11/13: Roto Mock Draft Review Part One! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Welsh, Scott and Adam break down part one of the early CBS roto mock draft. Surprising picks, like Betts over Yelich/Acuna, Soto in the top 10 and the shortage of starting pitchers in the first 3 rounds. Plus some head scratching third round picks that Scott takes to task. Did Mike start the Fier or do Snitches get stitches? Astros cheat and the guys discuss! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


11/05: Most Improved Fantasy Players for 2020 from the World Series (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Welsh, Scott and Towers back on the episode discuss the improved Fantasy values from the World Series participants. Has Juan Soto moved into a no doubt first round pick? Can Stephen Strasburg be a lock down ACE in 2020? Plus Scott drops a few other playoff players that may have improved their 2020 stock. Welsh also talks some Arizona Fall League and the prospects that may impact Fantasy leagues early 2020. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/29: 2020 Relief Pitcher Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

ADAM IS BACK, oh yeah, we're also talking about RP's for 2020. Scott, Adam and Chris are talking strategy, if you can justify taking an early closer and the options that are actually worth choosing from and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/23: 2020 Starting Pitcher Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Verlander, Cole or Scherzer for the top spot? There is an ADP drop off once the top guys go, so Scott and Chris discuss pitcher drafting strategy, the incredibly large mid-round tier and who you want to build your rotation around. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/17: 2020 Outfield Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Scott and Chris are going up to 30 players for this early preview of Fantasy Baseball outfielders. Is taking Ronald Acuna one overall "making a statement"? Scott thinks so! There is a collection of outfielders whose rankings don't match up with their name value, but it does with their 2019 performance. One potential top 20 outfielder didn't make Scott's list, but we even cheat to give you the 31st guy who was oh so close. A lot to discuss for 2020 with the outfielders! Learn more about...


10/15: 2020 Shortstop Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Lindor, Bregman and Story lead the pack, but how far back is Trea Turner? Scott and Chris debate that spot for Turner, look at one shortstop who will go in the top eight at the position that fell deep in Scott's rankings, the best values, the young and up-and-coming bats and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/10: 2020 Third Base Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Scott and Chris dive into a DEEP position for the coming year. There will be names you expect at the top, but two very popular names don't make Scott's top 12 third baseman. From Arenado to Bryant to Sano, it's third base time! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/08: 2020 Second Base Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Has Altuve been dethroned as the number one second baseman? Yes! Scott and Chris break down the early 2020 second base ranks with Scott's top 20 at the position. Which players to grab, the values to look for, where the position drops off and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/04: 2020 First Base Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Two first baseman sit inside the first round. One is going to swing between second and fourth round value. There are fantastic values in the 5-9 range, but Scott drops a long loved first baseman down to 10. Who to draft, who to avoid and who's ready to breakout! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


10/01: 2020 Catcher Preview (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

2020 Catcher rank previews. Scott and Chris go over Scott's top 20 catchers for the upcoming season. Who's worth a top 100 pick? None if you ask Welsh. The tier drops hard after the 9th guy, so find out who are the must owns and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


09/26: FBT 2019 Award Show! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Fantasy Baseball Today Fantasy Award Time! Scott White and Chris Welsh are back to hand out season awards across a multitude of categories. "Most VALUEable player", the "Bobby Big Bat" Award, Scott's worst and best call award and even the "most perplexing pronunciation award." These and many more as Scott and Chris have some fun ending out the 2019 season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


09/23: Let's Win a Championship! (Fantasy Baseball Podcast)

Final Regular Season Episode! Garrett Hampson is the hottest hitter in baseball over the last week and its under 25% owned in CBS going into the final week of the season! Jose Ramirez is coming back, Javier Baez may be, and pitcher matchups are volatile. Two-Starts, streamers and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit