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A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.

A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.
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A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.




FTP Ep. # 102: World Cup Week 1 Recap and the USGA strikes again

I go over the initial surprises over the World Cup and how the USGA once again made the US Open unwatchable television. Later on (20:10) Cam and I go over some of the notable results in MLB this week as well as the fantasy performers on Sunday. Also I touch upon one of the worst run organizations in the NHL currently being the Montreal Canadiens.


FTP Ep. # 101: World Cup Preview for the most wide open tournament in decades

I break down the World Cup groups and give my thoughts on Spain's ludicrous firing of Julen Lopetegui a day before the competition begins.


FTP Ep. # 100: U.S. Open Preview

I rundown my favorites for the most difficult major in golf in most years as well as my DFS picks on Draftkings and Fanduel.


FTP Ep. # 99: We inch ever closer to the Summer of LeBron

Recap of Game 3 of NBA Finals as the Cavs still cannot find a way to win when both Splash Brothers are MIA for the night. I also go over some trade targets I would look for fantasy baseball as well as sell high candidates.


FTP Ep. # 98: J.R. Smith still fails to meet the low bar of expectations set for him in Game 2 of the NBA Finals

I recap Game 2 of the NBA Finals with my father to see where it all went wrong for the Cavs (spoiler alert it was over after the postgame interviews of Game 1).


FTP Ep. # 97: Loris Karius needs a ticket out of Dodge and Sergio Ramos deserves more hate than Anthony Rizzo

I go over the action that happened this past weekend and preview Game 7 of the Warriors Rockets along with Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between Washington and Vegas.


FTP Ep. # 96: Sports betting Nirvana

Tonight I get into the ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the state of New Jersey for sports gambling and in turn striking down the provisions of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. What does this mean for the individual sports leagues and consumers as a whole? I do not have answers for everything but the way in which you access sports may very well change in the near future. Cam also joins me for discussion on this ruling and its potential impact...


FTP Ep. # 95: LeBron completes the emasculation of the Raptors organization

More coverage of the NBA playoffs as the Raptors roll over and dig their own grave for LeBron and the Cavs, the Capitals finally get one over on the Penguins and I go over the list of fantasy baseball injuries with the notable exception of Yadier Molina because some things are better left unsaid. Get well soon and next time wear a reinforced cup.


FTP Ep. # 94: There is an APB out on a serial licker, a Dark Knight, and the whereabouts of Kyle Lowry in the NBA playoffs

Happy Cinco de Mayo people! Today I go over Brad Marchand being a weirdo in the Stanley Cup playoffs, (10:00) preview of the other NHL games on tap today, (18:50) NHL fantasy lineups, (22:40) MLB preview and lineups for the primetime games, (39:50) Premier League preview of the upcoming relegation battles today, (49:40) NBA preview and lineups, (63:46) and my pick for the Kentucky Derby. No eulogy for David Fizdale's career yet now that he's become the newest coach for the Knicks although...


FTP Ep. # 93: Brad Stevens remains the Celtics' MVP

A recap of the action in the NBA and NHL last night along with advice on how to address the loss of Corey Seager and Robbie Ray on your fantasy rosters.


FTP Ep. # 92: Will we get to see LeBron punk the Raptors yet again or will Lance and the Pacers have the final laugh?

Today I go into a look at Game 7 between the Cavs-Pacers as well as a look at the Rockets-Jazz Game 1. NHL is also on tap with Pens-Caps and Preds-Jets.


FTP Ep. # 91: More fun with the NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs

Today I go through more analysis of the NFL draft and preview the night in sports with Game 7 of the Celtics-Bucks and Game 2 between the San Jose Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights.


FTP Ep. # 90: 2018 NFL Draft Night 1 - The Browns Doom Baker Mayfield's NFL Career Before It Even Begins

Well that was certainly an interesting night for the NFL. Cleveland once again manages to play a different game than every other NFL team and I do not mean that as a compliment. The Pats once again take advantage of the rest of the league without having to do anything in a 1st round filled with head scratchers. My Dad and I go through the picks and lay out what we liked and took umbrage with during the first night of the draft.


FTP Ep. # 89: The Lakers odds of landing Paul George just jumped up dramatically overnight

I talk about the NBA and NHL games last night and provide my picks for the Draftkings Lowball Contest for MLB tonight.


FTP Ep. # 88: Will the Trailblazers actually show up to work today?

Breakdown of the NBA and NHL playoffs thus far and a preview of the playoff games today which will likely culminate in Damian Lillard getting swept and not even making All-NBA 2nd team honors let alone 1st team.


FTP Ep. # 87: Note to athletes - Do not over-celebrate, not even in golf

Masters preview courtesy of yours truly along with my daily fantasy golf picks for the first major golf tournament of the year. Try to avoid the Tiger hype train as much as possible folks.


FTP Ep. # 86: The one where Bob McNair makes NFL owners sound like they are from a historical sports movie set in the 60s

Tonight I talk about the NFL rule changes, how Bob McNair is making Roger Goodell's life that much harder by not choosing to evade certain questions, and more Giants drama with OBJ.


FTP Ep. # 85: The one where Texas Tech does not blow the game

The Sweet 16 games are in the books and I talk about Texas Tech's victory over Purdue with Cam tonight. I look ahead into the Elite 8 matchups and we close out the show with NFL talk on a variety of topics.


FTP Ep. # 84: LeBron punks the Raptors yet again

LeBron dominates the Raptors yet again in this installment. I talk about the weird Kawhi Leonard situation with the Spurs. The NFL unveils their new catch rule criteria and may have created more questions than answers in the process.


FTP Ep. # 83: Light your brackets on fire America

A recap of what has been the craziest opening weekend ever in NCAA tournament history and preview of the Sweet 16. I also open the show talking about the brazenly compelling rant from Jose Mourinho about why everyone should be grateful to have him around to remind them about past failures. To cap off the show I delve into the NBA officiating problem which has no end in sight it seems.