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A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.

A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.
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A sports podcast that covers most sports and fantasy sports including daily fantasy.




FTP Ep. # 177: #KawhiWatch Has Ended With A Surprise Plot Twist

Is Kawhi Leonard the NBA equivalent of Keyser Soze or the beneficiary of an instant gratification media driven society? I have no idea but its 3AM on the East Coast and I need to get some sleep. The Clippers have landed Kawhi Leonard by pulling off a monster trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder to acquire Paul George in exchange for FIVE 1st round picks (OKC will look like geniuses if Sam Presti stays around long enough to use all these picks), Danilo Galinari, and Shai Gilgeous Alexander....


FTP Ep. # 176: Happy 4th of Kawhi

As #KawhiWatch extends into the holiday we are still no closer to finding out where the balance of power will be in the upcoming NBA season. I give my thoughts on the situation and how little we truly know about Kawhi if some of these rumors about his meetings with the Lakers, Clippers, and Raptors are true. Also in today's show somehow the Knicks found yet another way into the current news cycle with a new story that epitomizes the ineptitude of the organization (shocker I know).


FTP Ep. # 175: Unpacking the Knicks 2019 Free Agency Debacle

I have returned from injury only to find even more dysfunction with the Knicks than when I left. I go over what happened and why you should not be surprised it went as poorly as it did. Also Happy Bobby Bonilla Day to all the Mets fans.


FTP Ep. # 174: The Daniel Jones Hype Train Must Be Stopped: 2019 NFL Mock Draft

I come back off the disabled list to give a breakdown of my 2019 NFL Mock Draft. There will be many terrible decisions made on Night 1 of the Draft. You have been warned and pray for any poor souls that are stuck with Daniel Jones as their QB of the future after Thursday night.


FTP Ep. # 173 March Madness South Region Breakdown

I go over the South region and make the case for Virginia finally making it to the Final Four (once I talk myself into the argument that is).


FTP Ep. # 172 March Madness Midwest Region Breakdown

I go over the Midwest region and give my thoughts on if we are destined to see a North Carolina Kentucky Elite 8 matchup.


FTP Ep. # 171 March Madness West Region Breakdown

I go over the West region and give my thoughts on if Gonzaga has what it takes to get to the Final Four.


FTP Ep. # 170 March Madness East Region Breakdown

I go through my review of the East region as the Zion Williamson show gets underway in a few days


FTP Ep. # 169: SB LIII Breakdown and the ongoing disaster that is the New York Knicks

Today I go through my full breakdown of the Rams and Patriots and give my final thoughts on the game and spread pick. I also chat with my dad to get his thoughts on the game, the NFL completely ignoring the Saints, and the ongoing joke that is the New York Knicks franchise. Finally I give my thoughts on the DFS slate for the big game and whom you should keep a close eye on throughout the game.


FTP Ep. # 168: Initial preview of the Big Game for the NFL and the Waste Management Open

Today I work my way through the nonsense of the no-call in the NFC Championship game and what the NFL needs to do instead of sticking its head in the sand. Plus I give my thoughts on the Waste Management Open in golf on one of the most popular destinations on the PGA Tour (yes I am absolutely serious about that).


FTP Ep. # 167: NFL Championship Sunday and some TJ Dillasalt on the the side

I break down the debacle that was the UFC debut on ESPN last night with the star attraction (TJ Dillashaw now known as Dillasalt) getting his rear end handed to him in under a minute and complains that it was a complete screwjob while threatening the referee. Total class act that somehow overshadowed the sideshow that is Greg Hardy. Plus I go over my predictions for the NFC and AFC title games and how I believe it is inevitable that we see Tom Brady in the Superbowl yet again.


FTP Ep. # 166: NFL Divisional Round Day 2 Recap

My mind struggles to comprehend what in the world the Chargers could have been thinking in the meeting room this week to ever think that strategy would ever work against New England. Plus I look back on what could have been the biggest blunder in Sean Payton's career in his failed attempt to get his players motivated to play against the Eagles.


FTP Ep. # 165: NFL Divisional Round Preview Day 2

More ATS and DFS picks for the Sunday games today


FTP Ep. # 164: NFL Divisional Round Preview with ATS & DFS Picks

Today I go over the Divisional Round matchups and my preferred plays for DFS lineups.


FTP Ep. # 163: Day 2 of NFL Wildcard Weekend

I go over the action yesterday including another laughable performance from the Texans plus a preview of the Sunday matchups and DFS picks


FTP Ep. # 162: NFL Wildcard Weekend Preview with ATS & DFS Picks

Today I briefly talk about James Harden taking over the NBA MVP race before diving into the NFL playoff games this weekend. Spread picks and DFS lineups are all in play for today.


FTP Ep. # 161: More Steelers Drama and the Sentry Tournament of Champions Preview

Tonight I go over the latest fallout between Antonio Brown and the Steelers, plus I cover the first golf tournament of the year with my DFS picks.


FTP Ep. # 160: Black Monday Edition

We conclude 2018 with a review of the coaches fired at the conclusion of the NFL season. My dad and I discuss where some teams had missteps and which teams were off the mark completely. Plus we look ahead to some of the playoff matchups and I explain how I managed to cost myself over $50,000 yesterday. No this is not a feel good story but it happens as you can be incredibly right and still make one wrong move to burn you in roster construction.


FTP Ep. # 159: NFL Week 17 DFS Picks

Today is precisely why you do not play regular season fantasy leagues into Week 17. An absolute mess of a slate that I try to sort out with no Davante Adams, no Zeke, no Golladay, no Kamara nor any other relevant offensive players for the Saints. Plus we still have no clue if Antonio Brown is going to play today. Tread carefully with your selections as today will be a bumpy ride but I try to make sense out of everything that could go down.


FTP Ep. # 158: Lites Out and Week 17 ATS Picks

Today I cover a wide range of sports from the utterly bizarre interview Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites had with the Athletic ripping his own star players and torching any bridges he may have had with glee to the Premier League title race and the College Football Playoff. Plus I breakdown the main events for UFC 232 and go through my against the spread picks for Week 17 of the NFL season.