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The ITL College Fantasy Football podcast hosted by Bogman and CFF expert Blase is your top source for College Fantasy Football. Get Draft Strategies, Ranks and Analysis like you can't find anywhere else. In This League is a fantasy podcast network, providing the best fantasy podcasts of your favorite sports. It's all waiting for you at

The ITL College Fantasy Football podcast hosted by Bogman and CFF expert Blase is your top source for College Fantasy Football. Get Draft Strategies, Ranks and Analysis like you can't find anywhere else. In This League is a fantasy podcast network, providing the best fantasy podcasts of your favorite sports. It's all waiting for you at
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The ITL College Fantasy Football podcast hosted by Bogman and CFF expert Blase is your top source for College Fantasy Football. Get Draft Strategies, Ranks and Analysis like you can't find anywhere else. In This League is a fantasy podcast network, providing the best fantasy podcasts of your favorite sports. It's all waiting for you at




Episode 134 - Bowl Episodes Part 1

Bowl Season is here! Blase and I talk about the awards that were handed out, the coaching changes, the CFF News Bowl Bash contest and of course the Bowls! We are going through all of the Bowls before the Christmas break and then we will come back and talk about the rest of them! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser


Episode 133 - Week 13 Championship Preview

Championship week is here for all of us who punched their tickets! No Blase in any Championships this week of course but he still has great advice to give everyone! We go over all the starts and sits for the money week! We answer a tough listener question on who to start and Blase helps Bogman set his ITL LL Championship lineup as well. If you guys have any questions on who to start Championship week feel free to hit us with a tweet and we'll get back to you ASAP! Follow us on Twitter!!...


Episode 132 - Week 12 Instant Reaction

Who punched their ticket? I did in The ITL Army League AND The ITL Listener League! Jonathan Taylor with his 321 yards and 3 TDs saved me from what looked like sure defeat in the Listener League! I hope you all made the Ship in your league and are looking to bring it home. Blase and I talk about the crazy OK State comeback, the Harvard Hand Gesture, the Preston Williams almost hail mary and Les Miles going to Kansas. Of course we throw in some studs, duds and waiver options as always!...


Episode 131 - Week 12 Starts And Sits

The Playoffs are here! Blase and Bogman have a matchup to get the Championship in The ITL Army League, and if you're still with us you're probably one game away from the 'ship yourself! We go over starts as usual but most of the sits this week are talking points about players who you might want to sit but they are your early draft picks and players that got you to this point in the season. Tough calls! If you have more questions be sure to hit us up on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter!!...


Episode 130 - Week 11 Starts And Sits

The Playoffs are here for some of us and it's time to punch the ticket for the rest! Blase and I try to break down some good starts and sits for these important matchups while we lament the goings on of Penn State and Texas from week 10. We also go over the Les Miles to Kansas rumors, the Zack Moss season ending injury, Brandon Wimbush starting for Notre Dame and the musical chairs mess at QB for Miami! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 129 - Week 10 Starts And Sits

It's the last chance for romance in a lot of leagues! Time to punch that elusive playoff ticket! Blase and Bogman try to set you in the right correction to get in to the dance! We know for sure that DJ Durkin and Izaia Bullock won't be going with us, that's for sure. Hopefully some of the options that we give you for starts and sits help this week. Be sure to hit us up on Twitter for any specifics! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 128 - Week 9 Reaction

Booooo!!!! What a disappointment for Bogman in week 9, Texas goes down and 2 big losses in CFF (On Campus and Army Leagues). There was a lot of crazy stuff happening in week 9 as well, Northwestern beat Rutgers, Clemson handed Florida State their worst home loss EVER, Kentucky won on an untimed down, Jake Browning was benched, Eric Dungey started and Syracuse beat NC State and Khalil Tate actually showed up! Blase and Bogman go over all of that plus studs, duds and waiver wire adds! Follow...


Episode 127 - Week 9 Preview

Bogman and Blase are back to preview the Week 9 Slate! We first go over the games that happened on Thursday night and then lead into the rest of the weekend. We get the starts and sits in for this week with a few players we want to point out specifically that are studs but could be suited to sit this week. Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 126 - Week 8 Preview

2/3 of the show is back! We lost Blake for this week which is strange, usually the dude that loses the bet is the one that doesn't show but Blase is here with Bogman to preview week 8! Blase is trying to convince himself that he still likes football after Penn State lost to Michigan State and Bogman just wants the teams ahead of Texas to take an L so they can move up during their bye week! We know that there are a TON of teams on byes this week so we try to give you some great replacements...


Episode 125 - Week 7 Preview

Week 7 has a ton of bye weeks so it is more important to know who to pick up and start this week! At least some people have probably checked out so there may be fewer people fighting over the scraps left on the wire. There are also some disagreements on the starts and sits which lead to some interesting bets! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 124 - Week 6 Instant Reaction

TEXAS WINS!!!!! What a great game it was too! The highest scoring Red River Shootout EVER! Texas was up big but Oklahoma tied with 2 minutes left and Texas had to let the True Freshman Cameron Dicker kick the game winning Field Goal! We also had LSU get upset by Florida and Miami complete a comeback from down 20 points. Blake was bust recruiting Kelly Bryant / Bryant Kelly to Arkansas so Blase and I are here to look at the studs, duds and who we can add from the wire. Don't forget, App State...


Episode 123 - Week 6 Preview

It's Texas vs OU Week and nothing else matters! Blake and Bogman are still here to help you out with your College Fantasy Football lineups! There are not many 'great' games this weekend which means there are a lot of tough decisions this week but we try to make it a little easier for you! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 122 - Week 5 Instant Reaction

Week 5 is over, Blase is sad, Blake is happy with the effort and Bogman is looking forward to the Red River Shootout! We had a lot of big performances this week and a lot of low owned huge games. The killer B's go over who to pickup and who to leave on the wire! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 121 - Week 5 Preview

Blase is very upset that his 3rd round dynasty pick Jeremy Larkin was forced into retirement because of spinal stenosis, Blake is ready to throw in the towel on Arkansas and Bogman is wondering why he ranked Ben Lewerke so high. The guys also go over news, the big games and starts and sits! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 120 - Week 4 Instant Reaction

Week 4 is in the books and it was a fun one! Old Dominion got their first win against a ranked FBS opponent by beating Virginia Tech, Army took Oklahoma to overtime, TEXAS BEAT TCU and Wendy's might have had the best College Football Tweet of the week when they burned Nebraska after a huge loss to Michigan. Blake and I are here to give you studs and duds from week 4 and preview the waiver wire! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 119 - Week 4 Starts And Sits

Week 4 is here and Blake has returned! We have a ton of high O/U games this week and a lot of high picks that are in tough match ups so we sort through the mess and give you starts and sits for this week. Bogman and Blake try to work out a trade of Khalil Tate at the end of the episode, tune in to see if it works out! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 118 - Week 3 Instant Reactions

Week 3 has come and gone! We saw all kinds of upsets and breakout performers! Blase and Bogman are here to breakdown the studs, dudes and waiver adds! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 117 - Week 3 Starts And Sits

Week 3 is here! Blake, Blase and Bogman are ready to tell you who to start or sit this week which is a little more difficult with all of the postponements and cancellations due to Hurricane Florence. We hope everyone in the path can stay safe and enjoy some fun College Football match-ups this Saturday! Follow us on Twitter!! @BogmanSports, @lord_blaser, @mrCFF


Episode 116 - Week 2 Instant Reactions

Week 2 is (almost) in the books and Blase and Bogman are here to take a look at everything that happened! We take a look at some studs, duds and which of the big performers are available on the waiver wire! There were some potential HUGE injuries this week with, Adrian Martinez, Rodney Smith, Rodney Anderson, Scott Miller and Artavis Pierce all leaving and not returning to action. Even though he came back an ankle injury changed Khalil Tates whole game too. We can help you find some waiver...


Episode 115 - Week 2 Starts And Sits

Week 2 is here and it's time for some starts and sits from Bogman and Blase! Blake was able to put his on the sheet but unfortunately wasn't able to be on the show so we read his off as well. There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered going into week 2. Is this the new Khalil Tate and Bryce Love? Is Florida's offense for real? Is Mike Weber really the lead back for Ohio State? Hopefully week 2 will shed some light on these situations and a few more! Follow us on Twitter!!...