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Fantasy football the way it’s meant to be. From NFL news to fantasy player previews, we’re with you 24/7. It's time to hear the fantasy football podcast you've always deserved, so let’s talk some fantasy football.


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Fantasy football the way it’s meant to be. From NFL news to fantasy player previews, we’re with you 24/7. It's time to hear the fantasy football podcast you've always deserved, so let’s talk some fantasy football.








Colts & Titans Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC South - Episode 312

It's Colts. It's Titans. It's part 2 of the AFC South 2020 preview. Let's get this out of the way: We've always been Philip Rivers fans (errr most of us) here at LTFF at least, but it's time to let him ride off into that beautiful sunset. Onto the fantasy football side of things: A few guys to love and plenty to hate. In fact, Walsh is ALL OVER one Colts WR in 2020 and his name isn't TY Hilton. Oh and come Titans breakdown time, we recorded prior to him signing his "new contract." So just...


Texans & Jaguars Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC South - Episode 311

The AFC South is wide open for 2020....actually it's a 3-team race depending on who you ask. But for fantasy football purposes, we see points everywhere. Walsh and Schreck team up to tackle the first half of the AFC South, which includes the Texans and Jaguars. We scream about the things Bill O'Brien has done this offseason, we're scared of David Johnson and we love at least one Jacksonville WR. On an extremely personal note: We hope you're all staying safe, healthy, and social...


Panthers & Saints Fantasy Preview: 2020 NFC South - Episode 310

Did we mention that the NFC South is going to produce a TON of fantasy points in 2020? In case we didn't, we make it clear in part 2 of the NFC South 2020 fantasy preview. In fact, we start on the Panthers side of the ball where Schreck gets reunited with one of his favorites, Teddy Bridgewater. We re-cement our love for CMC at #1 in drafts and debate the best WR value on the Teddy led team. During the second half, we talk about Walsh's pick for Super Bowl Champs (Spoiler...his money is...


Buccaneers & Falcons Fantasy Preview: 2020 NFC South - Episode 309

The Buccaneers may be one of the most talked-about teams as we head into the 2020 season. They add Tom Brady & Gronk, they lose Jameis Winston, hang onto Mike Evans/Chris Godwin and it's win now or bust. With so much excitement building, we felt it was only right to tackle who fans should truly be psyched about (Gronk will have a good first half), who may not return their ADP (Ahem Mike) and we dive into the Atlanta Falcons. Did we mention there's a new TE in Atalanta? We LOVED Hoop Daddy...


Chargers & Raiders Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC West - Episode 308

Chargers. Raiders. AFC West Showdown. With fantasy football talent all over the AFC West, we had a blast talking part 2 on the #Chargers and #Raiders this past week. In fact, with Walsh being a die-hard Raiders fan, we got the inside scoop on his draft day heartbreak, his belief in the 2020 Raiders, and why he LOVES Mike Williams for 2020 (spoiler alert: We don't agree here). Can TyGod lead the Chargers to glory? Will Austin Ekler be worth his draft-day price? And most importantly, can...


Chiefs & Broncos Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC West - Episode 307

It's AFC West time ladies and gents. With the Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos and Chargers on tap, our staff is PUMPED. Why? Because we've got a diehard Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers (possibly) fan on staff. So we get the inside scoop. But we digress on the Raiders and Chargers. In part 1, Walsh and Schreck team up to talk about your Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, why the Broncos have an embarrassment of riches and why you need to stop paying so much for a certain Chiefs RB. So buckle in, and let’s...


Packers & Vikings Fantasy Preview: 2020 NFC North - Episode 306

With Packers and Vikings on tap for part 2 of the NFC North preview, we get a whole lot of fantasy goodness. Vinny and Walsh curiously discuss Kyle Rudolph being in a contract year, they can't get on board with Aaron Jones (they personally love him) and they accept that numbers don't lie. Are you willing to roll the dice on 4 big games translating to a consistent 2020? The Packers want you to put your money where your mouth is. So buckle in, and let’s talk some fantasy football. On a...


Lions & Bears Fantasy Preview: 2020 NFC North - Episode 305

It’s NFC North time baby! With the Lions and Bears on tap, Walsh and Vinny go wild. They make a bet on the starting Bears QB, laugh about what Allen Robinson will one day deserve and they even agree on the fact that the Bears are poorly run. Believe it or not, they even find time to touch on the fantasy value of the Lions for 2020. So buckle in, and let’s talk some fantasy football. On a more personal note: We hope you're all staying safe, healthy, and social distancing. If you won't do...


Patriots & Dolphins Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC East - Episode 304

Patriots and Dolphins...the story of two opposite franchises. Although with Tom and Gronk gone...there could be an opening in the AFC East. So let's take a walk down the second half of the AFC East and explore who you can trust in New England, why you'll always disappoint yourself when betting on the Dolphins (they've hurt my fantasy teams too many times) and who to put your money on in 2020. Vinny and Walsh felt that doing the second part of the AFC East was the least they could do after...


Jets & Bills Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC East - Episode 303

Fantasy Football Team Preview Alert! With the NFL Season on track and fantasy football drafts closer than you realize (2.5 months...if you're counting), it's time we start talking some fantasy football. Walsh and Vinny team up to kick us off in the right direction for 2020 team previews with the AFC East. With no Tom Brady or Gronk, we decide to start on the opposite side and talk Jets and Bills. Side note: Vegas still seems to believe in Billy Boy. We think the Bills have a good shot to...


Recapping Top RBs & WRs, Seeing if They're Legit & NFL Draft Prep - Episode 302

They say we learn from the past...we're here to see if that's actually true. We take a dive into the top 5 Running Backs and Wide Receivers of 2019 fantasy leagues to see how they got there. After seeing why they were so successful, we explore if they can repeat their big 2019 or if we're in for a letdown in 2020 fantasy seasons. The Top 5 RB's we explore include: The Top 5 WR's we explore include: As we wrap things up we talk NFL Draft, where the QB's potentially fall and how many WRs...


2020 Free Agency Recap & Fantasy Football Fallout - Episode 301

We know that you've been craving some NFL, Fantasy Football or even any kind of sports news. With COVID-19 leading to the cancellation of sports everywhere, we've decided to keep pushing forward (remotely of course). That's why Walsh, Vinny, and Don decided Friday night (3/20/2020) to tackle NFL Free Agency and the fantasy football impact. Our promise is that it's exactly what you've always expected. Walsh hits you hard with stats, Vinny crushes on his Bengals and The D.O.N. proves he...


Championship Week & Episode 300

It's time to crown you a fantasy football champion. Yeah, we know it sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. The gang teams up to talk about all things Championship and to celebrate our 300th episode! Yeah, big things happening over here! Schreck, Vinny and Walsh look back at 2019 and explore the best/worst draft picks, what 2020 may look like and so much more. It's the ultimate championship week podcast...at least we like to think so. So, let's talk some fantasy football....in our 300th...


Week 16 DFS Plays - Episode 299

We know you guys love playing DFS, so we dove into some of our top plays for week 16. While we'll never guarantee that you'll win some cash, we feel pretty good. After all, when Walsh loves Will Grier, how can you not recommend the guy? So, let's talk some fantasy football.


Week 16 Starts & Sits for Consolation Matchups - Episode 198

We know it seems like a weird focus, but as a consolation team...you want the most upside to help your draft spot for 2020. Most leagues pick draft order based on how you end 2019, so we're here to help. Let's explore some safe plays, some upside plays and some definite sits. If you're in the championship, send us personalized questions. This week is too important for the general consensus. So...let's talk some fantasy football.


Week 15 Fantasy Preview Part 1 - Episode 297

Let's cut right to the chase...you want to win a fantasy championship and we want the best for you. That's why Walsh grabs Week 15 by the balls and dives right into the first half of the week 15 games. With starts, sits, studs and duds, you can't go wrong in week 15. And if you're feeling spicy and want to stream some guys...Walsh has the perfect picks for that as well. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go win a fantasy football championship. Link to listen is in our bio! Listen to...


Week 15 TNF Preview & Injury Updates - Episode 296

If you're here, welcome to the playoff club. It's a win and move on, lose and go home scenario. That's why we skipped the recap and moved right onto the week 15 Thursday Night Football Preview. With the Jets and Ravens on tap, you only care about what they can do for you right now. So with a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately mindset, Schreck dives into the only guys you care about this week. That means it's time to talk fantasy football, with a focus solely on TNF with some injury updates...


Week 14 Fantasy Football Preview Part 2 - Episode 295

Welcome to the fantasy football playoffs boys and girls. At this point, you're either in the dance or you're not (with a few maybe still having a shot to get in). But just because you're in, doesn't mean you're entitled to anything. The great news for you is that Walsh took the responsibility of Part 2 of the Weel 14 preview onto his shoulders...and boy did he deliver. With inside takes and actionable lineup advice, it's no wonder he almost always ends up in the fantasy football...


Week 14 Fantasy Football Preview Part 1 - Episode 294

Playoffs?! Yall talking about playoffs? Let's talk some fantasy football


Week 13 Fantasy Recap & Thursday Night Football Preview - Episode 293

The fantasy football playoffs are upon us. For many, the first step towards fantasy football glory begins in week 14. To help push you into week 14, Walsh and Vinny take a look back at the best and worst of week 13 and share what they trust as we enter the playoffs. And of course, the episode wouldn't be complete without a preview of the Thursday Night game. Here you may just find a great start to your week 14 fantasy matchup. Also, Vinny keeps playing Alfred Morris with his thumb where...