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Week 7 Mini Episode from the Road

Mini episode from California while Garret is on a business trip, Nick is at Detective Training in Arkansas, and Matt is the lone crew member holding down the Bold North! Get a quick look at the news, more 90's Who Would You Rather, and the Against and Beat the odds players at each offensive position!


NFL Wk 6 Police Academy Arkansas

The boys continue their quest to bring you their Fantasy Football Podcast from every state in the good ol’ USA with Officer Busch joining from Detective Training School (not Police Academy no matter how funny that movie was) in Arkansas while Garret holds things down in the Excelsior Brewing Company Studio and Matt prepares for the final 2nd Grade Football game of his coaching career at home. Here the guys cover all the latest NFL news, play Who Would You Rather 90’s Horror Edition, and give...


NFL Wk 5 Sorry Khloe

Join the WATO boys as they record from the virtual Excelsior Brewing Studio for a look at all the NFL Week 5 news, injury report, top and bottom of the league teams, and matchup previews! Here about Matt’s poor taste in music, adventures in solo parenting, and a little light objectification of B level celebrities! All this plus a new Nick Chubb jersey giveaway! What more could you ask for?


NFL Week 4 Preview

The boys are coming to you from across the United States in a remote recording episode! Here their thoughts on the latest NFL news, 80's Halloween movies, and their picks to beat the odds or go up against them for NFL Week 4!


NFL Week 3 Preview!

The boys are back in the Excelsior Brewing Co. studio but only one of them is drinking beer while the others complain about their new diets and healthy living! Get all the NFL news and notes, talk classic Nintendo Who Would You Rather, and find out which players are against the odds and who is primed to beat them for week 3 of fantasy football and NFL matchups!


LAST MINUTE NFL Week 2 Preview!

Well All-Stars, it’s a good thing we’ve been doing this Fantasy Football thing for a long time, because it’s tough for old dogs to learn new tricks! This week it’s just Garret in the Excelsior Brewing Co. Studio while Nick and Matt join remotely from the comfort of their homes thanks to the marvels of modern technology…and let’s just say there’s a learning curve at play here! The good news is the guys bring you all the news (NFL and lice relate), Week 2 match up previews, and Who Would You...


NFL 2019 Thursday Night Kick Off

The boys get together in the Excelsior Brewing Co. studio to celebrate the return of the NFL season and the first weekly matchup preview episode of 2019! Get the latest NFL news and notes, play 90’s supermodel vs. superstar Who Would You Rather, Super Bowl Champ Bold Picks, and an extra spicy After the Show Show!


WATO Draft Review and Advice

The What Are the Odds boys (minus Officer Busch) are home from their league of record draft with highlights, advice, trade trash talk and news you need as we head into the last major fantasy football draft weekend of the preseason! Get your up to the minute NFL news and season opening advice straight out of the Excelsior Brewing Co. Studio and get ready to laugh and learn!


WATO Cabin Weekend

Fantasy Football Drafts are fast approaching, and you can’t afford to miss a single episode of the What Are the Odds? Fantasy Football Podcast! The guys break away from dad life at the cabin to bring you a special Deep North (Southern Canada) Minnesota edition of the show covering NFL Preseason news, Who Would you Rather, and Loon-y Stats plus more!


WATO Mini Mock Draft

The guys are back in the Excelsior Brewing Company studio with a fresh new episode of the What Are the Odds? Fantasy Football Podcast! Hear all the newest NFL Preseason news, and talk about which classic 90’s football movie is the best. They also run through the first WATO on air mini mock draft and wrap things up with an especially eventful After the Show Show! Check the WATO social media accounts for info on our Diggs and Thomas signed jersey giveaways and please rate and review the show!


WATO and Nate Hamilton!

Garret and Nick are joined in the Excelsior Brewing Co. studio by a very special guest, the one and only Nate Hamilton! The WATO Crew and Nate discuss the latest NFL News, talk about Nate’s experiences as a premiere Fantasy Football analyst, play a Boston-themed Who Would You Rather, travel to a galaxy far far away to look at Quarterback draft values, and review Nick’s NFL Preseason Camp Sleepers. Do not miss out on this episode!


Excelsior Brewing, NFL News, Quarterbacks, and Tight Ends

For the first time in the (year plus) history of What Are the Odds, the guys are coming to you from the Excelsior Brewing Company Studio! Hear Garret, Nick, and Matt celebrate their new partnership with a premier MN beer company, get the latest NFL news coming out of training camp, cover QB Who Would You Rather, and take a look at the future season of Tight End success!


Who Would You Rather Draft with Stepmom Lauren

Matt and Garret hit the studio with special guest star Stepmom Lauren Carpenter. With Nick on duty for the evening, the guys talk NFL news and who they would rather draft with Lauren. Hear about Matt’s struggles with twitter and the Dalvin Cook charity jersey giveaway benefitting Scott Fish’s Fantasy Cares!


Running Back Hold Outs, Sleepers, and Matt Laughs at Death

The boys are back in the What Are the Odds Fantasy Football studio! Hear the guys recap their Scott Fish Bowl #SFB9 drafts, talk about raising money for charity via giving away a Dalvin Cook jersey, Running Backs holding out for more money, 2019 Sleeper Picks, and more! Also, Matt can’t stop laughing at death!


NFL News, SFB9, Rookie RBs, and Rankings

The What Are the Odds? Fantasy Football crew is back with another episode of the podcast bringing you updates on NFL news, Rookie Running Backs, Fantasy Rankings, and Scott Fish Bowl updates! Stay tuned for the After the Show Show!


We Are Back

The guys make their long awaited return to the studio to bring you everything (most of the things) you need to know to get caught up on fantasy football! What has changed since last you heard from the WATO team? What players are leading early drafting rankings? Which hosts have been playing too much golf and who is expecting yet another child?! Tune into find out and hear who won the latest WATO jersey give-away!!!


Week 16 with Guest Eric Holzmann

Garret tries his hand at technology with the first ever out-of-the studio guest Eric Holzmann! Hear about Josh Gordon from a couple non-mental health experts and get all the Week 16 match up info you need headed into the final week of the season!


Week 15 Pitbull Attack

It’s week 15 and the semis in most of your fantasy football playoffs. Garret and Matt take the mics for a look at the week, a story about Matt’s fear of man’s best friend, and look back on the first season of What Are the Odds.


If You Are Desperate Week 14

The three WATO Boys are back together in studio for the first time in weeks. Get an update on Matt’s EMERGENCY GOLF TRIP, Nick’s Christmas decorating, and Garret’s old-man back along with all the Week 14 and Fantasy Football Playoff content you need!


Wendy's Presents Week 13

Garret eats way too much Wendy’s Dollar Menu. Nick is emotional over Kamara’s concussion. Matt golfs.