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Reunited and it feels so good

The guys are back to our irregularly scheduled program and chat about a few things they've seen, concerts and other garbage.


Showdown: Thriller Vs. Purple Rain - Wanna Be Startin' To Go Crazy

The guys debate iconic 80's album supremacy by pitting Michael Jackson's Thriller against Prince's Purple Rain. It's a clash of the musical titans as we go track for track through two amazing albums.


The Karate Kid: The Daniel Larusso Saga

The guys cover the main Karate Kid movies and the newly released Cobra Kai series. We go from Daniel being a new kid in L.A. to his travels abroad to Okinawa to the fevered coke dream that is Karate Kid 3 through to Johnny Lawrence's triumphant return in Cobra Kai. Sweep the leg and join us! (Please forgive the handful of audio glitches)


Tall Boy 003: A Solo Podcast

The guys saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and did a tall boy to let you know ALL about it. Fair warning, there are spoilers after about 6:15, but we'll remind you again if you haven't seen it.


Episode 105: Arcades, video games and highly caffeinated beverages

In this episode, the guys talk about their favorite games and memories growing up with first systems, local arcades as well as what we play these days. Spoiler alert: We're old and don't care much for your newfangled consoles as they tend to anger up the blood. Player 1- Start!


Showdown: Nirvana Vs. The Pixies: Smells Like Nimrod's Son

In this episode, Josh and Justin take sides in a battle of two alternative music juggernauts. Take a listen to hear our thoughts, and pick your own winner. Also - the guys discuss Josh's Duty. (lolz, duty.)


Tall boy 001 - Yes, we know it's not real

It's not a full 40, it's a Tall Boy! The guys talk about the upcoming WrestleMania 34 and what we think will happen in the event. Do we need a Cena vs Undertaker match? Who watches the cruiserweights? Does anybody like a bathroom sandwich?


Episode 103 - Yellow Suckmarine

We are back with a fairly normal episode, we beat up on some overrated bands, we make you wonder whats that wrestling all about, and Josh says poydcast in that accent again. So join us as we drink our way to the top, cause we are not pretty enough to sleep our way up there.


Episode 102 The Last Jedi: Rey and The Darkside Butt hole

We complete our review of the Star Wars Movie Saga with Episode 8 The Last Jedi podcast. This episode we explore why the Jedi must end and what's in the Darkside butt hole. With our special guest and one of the biggest Star Wars fans we know Misty!


Episode 101 Star wars the OG 3 and Disney's 4 billion dollar baby

We continue through our review of the Star Wars Movie Saga leading up to eventual Episode 8 The Last Jedi podcast. This episode we look at the Original Trilogy and Episode 7 The Force Awakens. It is chock full rehashed ideas and things to make you ask what is wrong with these guys. So crack a beer and come along cause we got jokes.


Episode 100 Star Wars The Puke-quels and Rouge One

We start through our review of the Star Wars Movie Saga leading up to eventual Episode 8 The Last Jedi podcast. This episode we look at the prequels and Rouge One, all the while trying not to forget every ones name, enjoy some some beer, and seeing where it takes us. So come along or don't, what do we care, not like we spent time on this or something.