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Best Of Series 1 - S1E13

It's our school holidays so we're off on a study abroad course in France for a few weeks but FEAR NOT. Our teacher marked our work, found our best bits and put them all together here for you as a big thank you for listening to series 1. Sit back and enjoy Lizzy, Eleanor, Mrs Christopher Brown, Alice, Lee, John and Joel at their finest...see you in a few weeks Clubbers!


Toy Story - "Consider What Toy Story Teaches Us About Friendship And Acceptance." S1E12

We're off to infinity...and beyond this week as the Disney Pixar classic gets a going over. Lee and Eleanor manage to slip in some Alanis Morissette, Lizzy-bashing and a healthy amount of arguing. Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Please?


The Greatest Showman - "Biography Of A Megalomaniac, Or Celebration Of Individuality?"S1E11

THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOWWWWW. We can't promise that's all the singing you'll hear this week as Lizzy is joined by Eleanor and Lee - who was made to watch The Greatest Showman for the very first time. There's in-depth arguing over PT Barnum's motives, Eleanor's confessions of DMing celebs on Instagram and some rather extraordinary Javert off of Les Mis impressions. You have been warned.


The Office - "The Most Important Relationship In The Office Is The One Between David Brent And Himself" S1E10

This week we're joined by a few chilled-out entertainers to look at one of the greatest comedies ever created: The Office. Joining Lizzy are stars of The Dream Factory podcast, Joel and John, to chat why Finchy is so hateful, why Tim and Dawn are the perfect star-crossed lovers and we almost come to fisticuffs over Life On The Road. There’s a weight of intellect behind our comedy, yeah?


About Time - "Consider About Time's Exploration Of The Modern Obsession With Living In The Moment" S1E9

Things get deep in the Club this week as we look at one of Richard Curtis's more reflective films, About Time. Lizzy reveals a new-found Reddit addiction, Eleanor recounts how she once stalked Arthur Weasley off of Harry Potter around a cat show and the whole thing inadvertently turns into a debate about casting in The Crown. Drop us a review on Apple Podcasts yeah?


Detention S1E8

It's detention time this week. ASCC regular Mrs Christopher Brown and class monitor Lizzy have failed to make it to Club and are instead being detained in a draughty classroom as punishment for "too much singing in class". They completely flaunt the school rules and spend their entire detention dissecting whether Bruno Mars is a genius or not, why The Script's biggest song is so wrong and why you've never seen Lizzy and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger in the same room. Oh and stick around for a...


Back To The Future - "Explore The Concept Of Fate vs Free Will In Back To The Future" S1E7

Where we're going, we don't need's Back To The Future Time at After School Culture Club. Come take a ride in our DeLorean of debate as look at one of the most iconic films of the 80s. Was Marty McFly a maestro or a meddler? Is the whole Lorraine 4 Marty concept a bit weird? What would YOU wear to an Enchantment Under The Sea dance? Oh, and introducing a new "corrections" section cos, hey, we're not always right...


Friends - "Cameos Or Came-nos? The Impact Of Guest Stars On Friends" S1E6

What is there left to say about 90s/00s sitcom staple Friends? Well we found something: an in-depth analysis of its many and varied guest stars. Chris and Lizzy go deep into why exactly Chris has been studying photos of Tom Selleck from the 70s, why Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were wasted in that show and also Emily (Helen Baxendale) being...Emily. There is a fair bit of singing this week - we know you love it.


Game Of Thrones - "An Exploration Of Family & Fortunes In Game Of Thrones" S1E5

Incredibly, Club member Eleanor had never seen a minute of Game Of Thrones...until now. This week's essay sees us explore the first ever episode of the smash hit series, "Winter Is Coming". There are anecdotes of when Eleanor "met" a Game of Thrones extra at a vegan dinner party, Lizzy got photobombed by an actual castmember and...not a whole lot of educated analysis. Wrap yourself in our podcast blanket, because winter is....still ages away actually


GoldenEye - "Superlative Bond Or Cartoonish Mess?" S1E4

"Stop getting Bond wrong." It's time for the Club to tackle the King of Cool: James Bond. Join Alan Cumming superfan Lee and not-quite-Bond Girl Lizzy as they dissect the 90s 007 classic GoldenEye. Be prepared for forgotten sitcoms themes, debate on the best disfigurement of a fictional character and a reminder of how good (?) the movie Wimbledon was...Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, and find us on the socials @asccpodcast


Clueless - "Cher Horowitz: Loveable Heroine or Manipulative Teenager?" S1E3

As if?! It's time to grab your tartan miniskirt and head to Beverly Hills as Clueless comes under the After School Culture Club microscope. We look at one of the most iconic teen films of the 90s: there's heated moral debate, a bit of schooldays reminiscing and yet more bad singing (sorry...). Leave the Club a review on Apple Podcasts and tell us what YOU think about this week's essay. Also give us a follow on social: @asccpodcast. Whatever.


Queer Eye - "Fixing It Up And Mixing It Up: The Impact Of Queer Eye On The Self-Improvement Genre" S1E2

The club goes all self-improvement this week as Eleanor joins us in the classroom. We tackle a biggy: the opening episode of the new iteration of Queer Eye on Netflix. There's deep analysis of the members of the Fab Five, a love-in for Tom and Abby in "You Can't Fix Ugly" as well as some very dubious Jonathan Van Ness impersonations (with apologies to our US listeners).


Jurassic Park - "A Feminist Film: Discuss" S1E1

Join class monitor Lizzy and naughty schoolkids Alice and Chris as they tackle this dinosuar-y essay set by the teacher in the first ever meeting of After School Culture Club. There's Jeff Goldblum appreciation, questionable prehistoric impressions and a healthy amount of pigtail-pulling and bickering....Agree with their conclusion? Think they're roaring up the wrong eucalyptus tree? Leave your review now, and get in touch on Instagram and Twitter @asccpodcast. Theme music by the rad...


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