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Interview with Armand Rosamilia

This week the guys interview author Armand Rosamilia. On a unique, non-dice influenced, episode the Ron, Jon and Kevin have a fun and informative conversation with this Crime-thriller/Horror/Baseball novelist. While talking with the author of such diverse titles as the crime drama Dirty Deeds and the non-fiction book “A View From My Seat” the guys laugh and learn about what it is to be a writer in an Amazon dominated world.


Cobra Kai Rockets to the Spiderverse

Kevin is BACK! Now that the Fellowship of the Flessing has been restored we can talk about all the topics that we have been missing. Not copyright law, but everything else. We finally get to talk about Cobra Kai, and the continuation of the Karate Kid universe. Then we try to figure out why the studios keep trying to make Spiderman movies without Spiderman. Finally we talk about the new Load-and-Go fueling protocol for SpaceX. It is way more interesting and important than it sounds. So,...


DC’s Canadian Armageddon

Kevin is still on vacation so we brought in his non-union Canadian equivalent, Allan Carlisle. Allan is a host on the gaming Podcast “The Goners” This week we talked about the details of the DC’s comprehensive new streaming service. We also talk about the fascinating topic of meteors, even though one of the guys was not as impressed as the others. Finally we talked about the world of gaming and the implications of Fortnite coming to the Android platform.


Three Nearly Identical Slayers

Kelsey’s Back! Kevin is on a brief vacation so Kelsey from “Talk 30 (Rock) to Me” has stepped in to he help. This week they talk about the guys’s recent trip to San Diego Comic-Con and the inspiration that Ron and Jon feel after the event. They then discuss the new documentary “Three Identical Strangers” and the moral and scientific ramifications of the study. Finally, they discuss the new Buffy the Vampire series and the differences between a reboot and a continuation.


San Diego Comic-Con Preview

This week the guys talk all things Comic-Con. They discuss their favorite things about Comic-Cons past present and the things they hope to see in the future. Listen to find out what panels they will be attending and what they wish was there. This episode also contains the instructions for a special give-away. So, listen up if you want to know where to find the All the Time We Have crew this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con.


Duplex Con Spoliers

This week the guys discuss the possibility that Google Duplex will replace traditional call centers. They then take on all things spoilers. From the recent spoiling of Batman #50 by the New York Times to some SHOCKING Star Wars related spoilers that you will have to hear to believe. Finally the crew is excited to release some really cool San Diego Comic-Con related news. Hopefully we will see you all at the show.


Strange New Worlds

This week the guys discuss the future of Star Trek, including rumors of possible upcoming series. They also discus the problematic past of Hank Pym as Ant-Man. Finally they get into the latest results from the research into the exobiological possibilities around Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Listen this week to find out the latest updates in exobiology and why Ryan Reynolds should never be in the Green Hornet.


Infinite Solo Pokemon

They guys are back after an exhaustive look at all things copyright law and they are ready for summer. Swimming, having fun and watching movies are all back in season. Topics this week include Solo, Infinity war and the new options on the Pokemon Go app. Also, find out who practiced basketball all summer and who spent their free time studying.


Hiking the Westworld Infinity Trail

This week the topics are all huge in scale and importance. They start with a discussion of Superman on the 80th anniversary of Action Comics #1. Each of them discusses their favorite Superman stories and versions of Superman. They then discuss a plan by the producers of Westworld to stop people from spoiling the second season of the show. Then they tackle the Avengers Infinity War. They discuss who they think will live and who may die in this epic battle that will be the culmination of the...


Hyper Peanut Cosplay

This week the guys have a special guest in cosplay artist Stephanie Stone. In a dedicated central segment of the show they talk all about the world of convention centered cosplay from EVA foam armor to the “Cosplay is NOT Consent” movement. Also, this week they talk about the latest developments in the Hyperloop technology. Finally they examine a recent paper about a new vaccine against peanut allergies. All the Time We Have is a weekly podcast where three geeky friends try to talk about...


Ready Player Three

This week the guys rant about the recent comments by Simon Pegg about J.J. Abrams’ original intension for Rey’s lineage. This leads to a discussion about retconning and the possibilities of ret-retconning in the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX. During a discussion of the best trilogies of all time, only one of the guys actually chooses a trilogy. Then they talk about Donald Glover being released from the animated Deadpool series. During this topic they go over his released script, which...


Bonus Episode: Interview with Matt Dunford

We had a great time interviewing Matt Dunford about the upcoming San Diego Comic Fest on April 20-22. We talk about the history of Comic Conventions in San Diego and Matt's love of all things comic book. Listen to find out how to win free tickets to this wonderful con!!


Shock and AWWW YEAH!

This week the guys return to their regular format and conquer a wide range of topics in a shorter than average length show. First, the guys definitively answer the question about what animal, if shrunk down, would be the cutest. They also pay their respects to Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino. Be sure to listen to find out which one of the group has grown cells from that Rhino. Then they reveal who from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be joining Brie Larson in the Captain...


WonderCon Super Episode

In this week’s special WonderCon episode of All the Time We Have, the guys have a fun freestyle discussion about WonderCon and the New SYFY series Krypton. This week there are no dice, no topics and no rules. In this short and slightly goofy episode the guys have a good time doing a slightly off format show. Be sure to listen for the very special, this episode only, audio effects they guys made for this Super special episode.


The Sky is Falling

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Well, maybe not but it feels that way. This week the guys talk about three stories that reflect the end of the world, or at least the end of an era. First they talk about imminent uncontrolled return to Earth of the Chinese space station Tiangong. Then the guys discuss the upcoming SyFy original series Krypton where you can watch Superman’s grandparents running around without powers on a planet that you know is going to blow up. For their third topic...


Legends of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This week the guys talk about legends from the past, the present and the future. They start with the reexamination of the bones of Amelia Earhart. Contrary to a certain episode of Star Trek Voyager, new scientific evidence suggests her bones were found on a Pacific atoll in the 1940’s. Then the guys talk about modern day legend Kevin Smith and his recent heart attack. They also try to dissect why this story hits so close to home and share their favorite Kevin Smith stories. Finally they...


What's Next

This week the guys look into the future of three of their favorite things, aside from raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. First, they look at the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the upcoming release of Infinity War, they mull over where the story has been and where it is going. They then discuss the future of Joss Whedon. Now that he has dropped out of the Batgirl project where is he going to go? Finally they look at the future of everyone’s favorite corporate tool,...


Country of Origin

This week the guys try to answer fundamental questions about who we are and where are we from. They start with a quick Q&A about superhero origin stories. Listen to hear the integrated origin story of the Team All the Time. Also learn about Kevin’s lifelong fear of computer explosions. Then follow the guys through a discussion of Ancestry DNA testing, the origin of Wakanda from Black Panther and finally the origin of the most unusual Olympic Skier you have ever heard of. As usual, the...


The Best Around

This week the guys delve in to the world of competition. They start with what is currently the biggest competition in the world: The Winter Olympics. Specifically the ever exciting world of mixed doubles curling. A topic kevin knows almost too much about. Then they move on to the return to the ring in Reseda That is YouTube Red's upcoming mega hit Cobra Kai. Find out why some of the understand that this sequel series to the Karate Kid is needed in the world and why some hate the idea....


The Future is Now

In this episode the guys talk about the future of movies, the home and outer space. Be sure to tune in to hear Ron crying about horses on TV and to hear Kevin wonder "Where's the Beef?"