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SHORT 006: Cheltenham Film Festival

In this Short Jeff and Graham interview Leslie Sheldon, who is currently working to establish a Film Festival for Cheltenham. Leslie and his team are at the very early stages of planning the festival and we took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to talk about his hopes and aspirations for the Cheltenham Film Festival. This is a very exciting project and we will endeavour to keep all of our listeners, in the Cheltenham area, updated as and when we receive news on the project.


Episode 008: Two Sequels and a Bear

In this Episode of the, At the Flicks Podcast, Jeff argues that SPORTS MOVIES don't work. Neil defends the sports movie and Graham referees. Things get heated before the final whistle. Pick your side and enjoy the audio action. This months movie reviews are Christopher Robin, The Equalizer 2 and Ant-man and the Wasp. In Movie News, Jeff returns to Wales, Neil has breaking news on David Copperfield and Graham checks his Star Wars update for hidden Mel news.


SHORT 005: Superhero Flops

In this Sort, Graham & Jeff discuss, the time before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A time when the majority of Superhero movies lost money and ruined careers. We discuss the Origin Story of Superheroes from Print comics in the 30s to the importance of radio in the 40s to TV in the 50s and finally to the Silver Screen. We also play a game of “Bargepole or Belter” where Jeff lists 25 pre MCU Superhero movies and asks Graham which of these movies should not be touched with a BARGEPOLE and...


004: Silent Horror

In this At the Flicks Short, Jeff returns to his favourite movie genre, Horror. He goes back to the very beginning of Cinema to look at the origins of the horror movie in the silent era.