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042: Cheltenham International Film Festival

Recently the At The Flicks team had to hold an emergency meeting. The Summer movie season was about to start, Neil was worried there would be no highbrow films, Jeff was annoyed there would be weekly superhero features and Graham was fuming as no Mel Gibson movies were in the lineup. What were we to do? Suddenly the answer became clear. The first ever Cheltenham International Film Festival was taking place in Cheltenham (obviously) at the end of May. We had to be a part of this. So we...


041: Marvel V's DC

Nothing separates the men from the boys in the At The Flicks podcasts more than the subject of superheroes. Graham and Neil constantly try to use logic and fandom to give weight to their point of view. Then there is Jeff. No logic, no fandom, no sense (most of the time)! A podcast to discuss Marvel Vs DC and the current state of the superhero could be seen as risking total meltdown within the team. Luckily, Elijah is on hand to restore balance to the universe (whether Marvel or DC) as we...


040: Barrovian Hustle ENDGAME

We are back to business as usual! After a month of detailed work on a large podcast project we are planning to release soon, we return to our classic end of month movie review show. This month Jeff and regular contributor Lucy discuss "strong female leads" in movies based on the books of Stephen King. We review Avengers Endgame with friend of the pod Phil Foster. The Tolkien biopic, imaginatively titled "Tolkien" and the much maligned comedy "The Hustle". We end on our 'What else have we...


039: Dragged Across Concrete

This month we have a high water mark where we talk about our nomination at the British Podcast Awards and a low water mark (well, Graham does) as we review Dragged Across Concrete. A Mel Gibson review was always going to be trouble, but who would have thought our three intrepid reviewers would almost come to blows over Mel! There are other more standard reviews - Shazam and Hellboy, for those who think all we do is fight over our movies. Elsewhere in the show, Jeff and Lucy talk all things...


038: Phil's look at the Movies

In this month’s “Phil’s view of the movies”, Phil and the team discuss the three main movie awards of this year: The Golden Globe, The BAFTA’s and of course, The Oscar’s. We rate the winners and talk about who in our opinion should have won the major awards. We also discuss this year’s biggest snubs and go back to the 1980’s to discuss the relative merits of Ordinary People versus Raging Bull. This podcast has chapters for each award so you can skip to your favourite award show.


037: Louisa and Tron

For our mid month show we interview animator Ken Blakey about his work on Louisa An Amazing Adventure and the incredible true story behind the film. Also Elijah returns for “Rediscovering the Classics with Elijah”. This month we are in the Tron universe to talk Tron and Tron Legacy. We decide which one we like the best and go off topic for a brief talk about film music in fantasy movies. Finally there is the ever popular film news. Neil goes cultured to discuss a new screen version of Emma,...


036: Q The Music

The name is Q – Q The Music. They are the world’s leading James Bond Tribute Band. For this podcast special, we have an interview with the band’s founder and manager Warren Ringham. Warren tells us how this very special tribute band came into being, where its name come from, their very special night playing at Sir Roger Moore’s memorial event and much more besides. As a special treat to our listeners, Warren has very kindly given us permission to use some tracks from their live show on the...


035: MarvelUs Fisherman

Buckle up for part two of the great Vice / Adam McKay debate as Jeff brings up the subject of The Big Short with Lucy and Josh. Let’s hope there isn’t as much drink flying around! Our main reviews this month are Fisherman’s Friends, Captain Marvel and Us. In case you are thinking – what Graham and Neil made it to a horror film. Nope. Jeff and Lucy discuss this because the other two were in hiding in a well lit room at the time. As well as our usual “what else we have been watching” section,...


034: Phil’s Look At The Movies

Welcome to a new series of monthly podcast shorts – Phil’s Look At The Movies Friend of the show Phil Foster (aka Phil The Bear) will be talking to us about aspects of the movies which interest him. For our inaugural episode, we chat with Phil about the films he is most looking forward to in 2019. Yes we know that we are now a quarter of the way through the year, however you may well be surprised by the amount of potentially excellent movies still to come. Phil will be your guide through a...


033: Bath and Mels

For our mid month show we interview the very knowledgeable Philip Raby – the creative director of the Bath Film Festival. We introduce a new contributor, Elijah, who joins us with a new feature called “Rediscovering the Classics with Elijah”. For our first talk, the focus is on Bladerunner, a film that's viewed very differently by Philip and Elijah!


032: Director on Director - Stanley Kubrick

Writer / Director Phil Stubbs (Last Chancers) joins us again, to talk about another of his favourite directors. For this show we talk to Phil about director Stanley Kubrick. From ‘Paths of Glory’ to ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, we discuss in depth the career of a director that some critics say is the greatest of all time!


031: London Vice Fight

his month Jeff manages to miss one of the three films reviewed (slacker), and we travel to London to meet Lucy. The meeting went very well until we started talking about Adam McKay’s movie Vice. What happened next makes for interesting listening as the pros and cons of Vice are discussed. This discussion was of course enhanced by the amount of alcohol consumed and the result makes a fascinating addition to our regular feature Lucy’s State Of The Movies. There was a much more sedate...


030: Stroud Film Festival 2019

The 2019 Stroud Film Festival starts on the 9th March and to discuss the programme for this year we sat down with Andy Freedman who is a Co. Director of the Festival to talk about the films, venues, competitions, events and workshops that make this festival such a unique experience. Please be aware there is a brief spoiler in this show relating to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back.


029: Location Manager Awards

This month we have a BIG interview - Midge Ferguson, one of the top British location managers. You may not have heard of him, however you have all been impressed by the results of his work. Merlin, Atlantis, The Man From UNCLE and King Arthur : Legend Of The Sword. Midge was involved with all of those and many more. In fact, we recorded the interview just before Midge's latest hit series Sex Education was released on Netflix. So, if you were wondering where that very funny show was filmed,...


028: Director on Director - Peter Jackson

Welcome to a new pod short monthly series – Director on Director. Writer / Director Phil Stubbs (Last Chancers) will be joining us to talk about some of his favourite directors. For this first edition we talk to Phil about director Peter Jackson. From Bad Taste to They Shall Not Grow Old, we discuss in depth the career of New Zealand’s most successful film director.


027: Running over Glass

We start the New Year looking forward to the Movies that we hope will delight us, even though Jeff gets one wrong! Lucy joins us to discuss the trends we hope to see in 2019. Forget the Oscars, as we introduce our very own Awards Ceremony. We get details on what's coming up from Cineworld Manager Steve. We review our first three Movies of the year and unanimously agree on which one is our movie of the month. We also have our regular features: Movie News, What else have we been Watching and...


026: What Else have our Listeners been Watching

Our regular At the Flicks feature “What else have we been watching” has become a surprise hit with our listeners. So much so, that we decided to ask some of our Listeners what else have they been watching?. In this short. We phoned three friends of the Pod, Katie and her Dad Steve in the UK and then travelled over the pond to the US to talk to long time listener Nick, to find out what had caught their eye this month.


025: Horror Certification

In this Podcast Short, Jeff leads the team in a discussion of how films in the UK came to be regulated by the BBFC. We discuss the advisory nature of the certification and the gulf between certificates in the UK and US. We ask the question, "why is the BBFC so frightened of Horror Movies"?


024: Resolve to Listen to us

A final present for you in this festive season - our last podcast of the year. Jeff and Neil fight over the last mince pie as we introduce you to the Blaenau Gwent Film Academy. Also there is Lucy's top five films of the year and a report on the recent London Korean film festival. In the movie news Graham, after too much whiskey, goes on and on about Mel Gibson, and we also get an update from Phil Stubbs as to the editing progress on Last Chancers. Finally, over a glass of fine red wine we...


023: Phil and Declan's Top 5 Movies of 2019

As we look back on 2018 one of the most gratifying developments of the year has been the community of listeners and movie enthusiasts, that have come together to support our Podcast? The listener feedback that has been the most satisfying and fun element of the year. Providing a lot of that feedback are the duo of Phil Foster, from the Phil the Bear’s film review site, and Friend of the Pod Declan Shiels. As two of our most engaged listeners, we decided to give this podcast over to them to...