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Bad Films in Good Company Podcast. If you're going to watch a Bad Film… make sure you have Good Company

Bad Films in Good Company Podcast. If you're going to watch a Bad Film… make sure you have Good Company
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Bad Films in Good Company Podcast. If you're going to watch a Bad Film… make sure you have Good Company






BFGC 47 - Reign of Fire

Idealistic Christian Bale takes a cross-country journey, with gruff veteran hunter Matt Mac to chase down a dragon in a post-cataclysmic Britain. It’s basically Jaws with dragons, and that can’t be bad… can it? This 2002 action/monster movie was a bit of a flop at the time, but has built up a cult following in the years since. This is a movie we’ve been looking forward to covering for some time. It is both good, and bad at the same time. Listen in to find out which side is more prevalent....


BFGC 46 - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

What McConaughmay would be complete without a McConaughrom-com. There are so many to choose from, but we’ve gone with Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past. A loose reworking of the classic story A Christmas Carol, with Matt Mac as a promiscuous, gamophobic Scrooge visited by the titular spectres. Jennifer Garner and Michael Douglas co-star in this lightweight, but utterly enjoyable film. But is this Michael Douglas’ most controversial role to date? Does Jennifer have enough charm to Garner the...


BFGC 45 - Two For the Money

Alright, alright, awwwwriiiiight! It’s the glorious month of McConaughmay, celebrating the best Texan export since the discovery of oil. Kicking off this most sacred of months is Two For The Money, a “based on reality“ drama about the world of legalised sports betting. Matt Mac is brought into this shady world by a gambling Svengali, played by the legendary Al ‘hoo-ah’ Pacino. This is one of those movies that’s a slam dunk on paper, but it hit a short stop at the box office, and failed to...


BFGC 44 - Double Trouble

Imagine if someone made a version of the Arnie/De Vito movie Twins, but cast actual twins. Welcome to Double Trouble from 1992 starring body building brothers Peter and David Paul. They are Dead Ringers, but couldn’t be more different. One’s a cop, the other is a criminal, and they must work together to stop the bad guys. This is one of those films that appears out of nowhere on Netflix and just begs to be watched. We did, and we’ll let you know if you should too. But do these twins give...


BFGC 43 - Showtime

It's Showtime! No, not Beetlejuice. Buddy cop meets reality TV in this 2002 action comedy. You might know it better as the one where William Shatner teaches De Niro how to act. That's right, Captain Kirk shows the man behind Travis Bickle, Jake La Motta, Rupert Pupkin and Young Vito how to act. That sounds good, yeah? But then it also stars a post 1980s Eddie Murphy, which is not such a sure thing. It was a critical and commercial bomb on release, but can it really be that bad? It's time...


BFGC Oscars 2018 Follow Up

Were our Oscar picks on the money, or did we miss the mark? Following from our prediction podcast, comes the inevitable fall out and a chat about the awards in general. We also go over some things we’ve been watching and some things we’re looking forward to. Stuff you should watch, films to avoid and some returning favourites. This episode also includes the triumphant return of Our Man in Japan. Sam has a Japanese show to recommend that you can watch now (if you have Amazon Prime, that...


BFGC Oscars 2018 Predictions

Can we pick the Best Picture winner based on the trailer, and socio-political climate only? The Darkest Hour approaches and it’s time has come for us to Post our thoughts on the Best Picture nominees for the 2018 Oscars. Will the host Call Me By Your Name, or tell you to Get Out? Who will get to add those magic words to their Three Billboards posters? In the year of #MeToo, will a Lady Bird take homes the golden statuette, or will a Phantom Thread keep it with the patriarchy. Listen now to...


BFGC 42 - Blade Franchise and Lows

The Blade trilogy gets the Franchise and Lows treatment. Who doesn’t love Wesley Snipes as the badass half-vampire. That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Everyone here at #TeamBFGC are massive fans of the 1998 action horror classic, and the original made our list as one of the best action movies of the 1990s (listen to our Action Movie special from Jan 2017 for more). What about the sequels though? We can’t agree on which one fits better, and this has caused some heated debate in the...


BFGC 41 - Doctor Mordrid

Should the Doctor Strange film have been more like this early 90s rip-off? Low budget studio Full Moon entertainment held the movie rights to Marvel’s Doctor Strange for a short period. When they lost the rights, they thought “well we’ve done all this pre-production work, might as well do something with it”. The result is Doctor Mordrid, a low budget fantasy action movie starring horror and B-movie legend Jeffrey Coombs in the title role. The Blu-Ray edition that one of us bought was...


BFGC - Episode Zero

Just who do we think we are? Find out more about your hosts in Episode Zero. Discover what makes us qualified to chat about movies, both good and bad. We then ask each other the only questions that matter in a special Q&A section. Finally, you can all find out which 6 films, and TV boxset, we would happy to be stranded with in Desert Island Flicks. Basically this is the one we should have put out two years ago when we first started. But will a werewolf film make Foz’s list? Who does Ben...


BFGC 39 - Critters

Small, ravenous creatures are terrorising small town America. It can only be one film… that’s right, Critters. A sci-fi/horror action comedy that is most definitely not a knock-off of Gremlins. This is a movie that generates fond, misty memories for us in the studio. Its appearance on Amazon Prime means it’s time for us to re-evaluate this 80s classic. Our recall is not always totally accurate, though, as we have discovered in previous episodes. Fingers crossed that this is still a hit....


BFCG 38 - Red Riding Hood

Twilight fever was running rampant and every studio was running a high temperature. Red Riding Hood was Warner Bros attempt at catching some of those twinkling YA dollars. WB were so eager to repeat the success, they even hired the same director. As no-one had ever tried to make a rites of passage/teen-based werewolf film before, there’s no way it could fail. This movie was not a huge success either critically or commercially, making it ideal territory for Team BFGC. We were both very...


BFGC 37 - Freddy v Jason

It’s a match made in hell, as two of the biggest horror icons from the 80s square up for the fight of the century. In the blue corner, wearing the O’Neill shorts, we have the strong, silent slaughterer Jason ‘momma’s boy’ Vorhees. And in the red corner, with the flaming shorts it’s the chuckling child-killer Freddy ‘fingers’ Krueger. Whoever wins… well you know the rest. Team BFGC are providing the concise post-match analysis for 2003s action packed horror mash-up. But have American...


BFGC 35 - Olympus Down

When terrorists take over the White House, only one film can save the day, and in our 4th July special we find out which is better Olympus Has Fallen, or White House Down. We start by examining which is better on paper. Whilst we deliberate over their entertainment value, Sam, Our Man in Japan takes the reins and joins US Correspondent Vic for a stateside look at what films they think best represent America. Then it’s back for the definitive conclusion to discover whether Gerard Butler or...


BFGC 34 - Gods of Egypt

It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent swords, sandals and sorcery movie. Many have tried but, whilst some have come close, all have failed. Gods of Egypt gives Egyptian born Australian director Alex Proyas, purveyor of arch-Goth classics The Crow and Dark City, a go to try and brighten things up. Unfortunately, the reviews were so bad the director took to Facebook in a fit of rage. It has been known for critics to be wrong, and we are just the people to assess whether that is right....


BFGC 33.5 - Guardians of the Wonder Driver

We finally managed to get it working. Sam, Our Man in Japan, linked up with me via Skype, Ben, for an impromptu discussion, mainly about Guardians Vol.2 and trailers that don’t necessarily do their job. It was supposed to be a quick little chat to fill the gap before our Gods of Egypt episode, but it turned into something a bit longer than anticipated. This is the #TeamBFGC way. Please note that sound levels are a bit wonky, because I got the levels wrong when I was recording. There’s some...


BFGC 33 - The Wicker Man 2006

If you were asked to make a list of films that shouldn’t be remade, 70s horror classic The Wicker Man is likely to figure quite highly. In 2006, however, Neil LaBute decided to do just that. Transplanting the story to America, he casts Nicolas Cage as a conflicted copper investing the disappearance of a girl who may, or may not, be his daughter (SPOILERS: it is), from a remote, matriarchal society. What could possibly go wrong? Critical and commercial catastrophe, that’s what. Time to...


BFGC 32 - Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow

It has been a long time coming but we can finally bring you our episode on a green-screen pioneer. This retro adventure features zeppelins, giant robots, ray guns and Giovanni Ribisi. What’s not to like? Well… it flopped at the box office, and the director hasn’t made another film since. That certainly seems like a bad omen, but friend of the podcast Dave loves it, so our minds will be kept open. But does Jude lay the law as the titular pilot? Can legendary class act Michael Gambon save...


BFGC 31 - Action Jackson

After years of propping up the biggest action stars of the 80s, Carl Weathers made his bid for solo stardom in Action Jackson. It was a modest success at the time, but not well received by critics. There’s no better time to visit the city of Detroit, where the film is set, for an international edition looking at this lost classic. But was the leading lady cast for any other reason than sheer Vanity? How many action character actors can you spot? And just how does Carl like his ribs? Join...


BNGC #10 18-05-2017

Welcome to Bad News in Good Company, recorded 13 May 2017. We took time before Eurovision on Saturday to record a cheeky little newscast just for you. Amongst the topics of conversation this time are: - Game of Throwback - Marshall Hellboy - Suspiriaicious Minds - Blade Running Out? - Riverdale Verdict And much more. Is there any news you think we’ve missed? Let us know: Email: Twitter: @bfgcpodcast Facebook: iTunes: