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Ep 10 - Dog Chips

Pete makes a journey to Sydney to visit Vorn and go on some adventures and instead Vorn just embarrasses Pete in front of his friends and then gropes him in his sleep. We also touch on the important topics of safe sex, misogyny and of course the recent nazi reboot. Oh oh oh and we talk a bit about big bang theory, because you know... it's the point of the show.


Ep 9 - Exploding Heads

Vid vid vid vid video gaaaames. This week Vorn explores the gaming world of Big Bang to find it as underwhelming as the show. While Rob and Pete play their own game of "can we cause a boner?" Also we help out some fans with some Bazinga-related relationship issues. It's big bag of bonerific fun in episode 9 of THE BAZINGO BOYOS


Ep 8 - c3nt

Rejoice! It's a yahtzee free episode! This week Pete regales us of tails about license plates, Rob doesn't know the phrase gangbusters and Vorn talks about how he woo'd a lady into watching big bang with him. This episode is really as fun as it sounds! Oh also all the bazingo boys are messed up this week in one way or another. What a treat.


Ep 7 - s3x zone

We enter the s3x zone in episode 7, what's in there? Well pretty much just Rob getting bullied. Dawn has more adventures - this time on gumtree, Pete is outed as nihilist scum and Vorn is now using tinder to try and get someone to do his washing. Oh and we also find out there's Big Bang Theory erotic fan fiction. So get your lotion and tissues ready and take a step inside the stinky cave that is the s3x zone.


Ep 6 - Break Dawn

It's all-out war for episode 6. There's treachery, whispers through the shrubbery, deception and 3d chess being played. Speaking of war The Big Bang Theory treats Vorn like a 'make a wish' kid by making his Nazi fantasies come true. Pete decimates a creepy dude and listen to the very end to hear rob call a colon a "double dot"


Ep 5 - Digital Love

It's a week of passion and sex, where we talk about tinder, how hot the bottom half of a face can be and digital love. This also marks the point where Pete and Rob start to distance themselves from Vorn which can only be seen as a good move if they want any hope of a future, especially as he uses this episode to try and claim that he's not racist while also talking extensively about Nazis. There's also some stuff about big bang theory somewhere in there.


Ep 4 - Yummy Breath

A love is blossoming between Rob and the show as he becomes a valiant defender of The Big Bang Theory and reveals a deep dark big bang secret from his past. Vorn is on no sleep, and is going crazy with conspiracy theories and trying to fight people on twitter. Pete thinks that people don't know what a loom is.


Ep 3 - Egg on our face

In Episode 3 Rob must take his punishment for losing the geography game. We find out that we're actually racist (Vorn's got South African blood so that's no big surprise) A new game segment called "Elliot or Leonard" is launched and we realise that we have at least 279 more weeks of this stupid show. Oh and we talk about Big Bang Theory. Please kill us.


Ep 2 - It's Terrific.

Distance and drugs delayed the recording of the second episode but the Bazinga Boys are back on track and ready to fully invest in this stupid show. Episode 2 contains some input from The Big Bang Theory Reddit community, manipulative stipples and a geography game that is exactly as fun as it sounds.


Ep 1 - Give it a chance

Bazinga boys start their adventure with Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory: "Pilot" The aim is to try and give this show a chance and not let preconceived notions colour our opinion of it. However it quickly devolves into lots of playing the blame game, interrupting and an unprovoked attack on a guy named Karl.


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