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Ep 44 - True Crime Bazinga 2

Vorn's in a bit of a pickle, and by pickle I mean jail. Which is really unfair because Rob is the one bombing harder than a terrorist in this episode. Audionips is on the case while the boys don't really seem to care - probably cause they're too busy talking about full house. Why are they talking about full house? I don't know. Tune in to find out... oR DON'T!


Ep 43 - Oh Boy

Oh boy! As Motley Crue famously sung, this episode is about “boys, boys, boys” oh wait I’m getting Michael Jackson and Motley Crue mixed up again. I ALWAYS do that. The episode is actually about deception, so again it is like Michael Jackson. Speaking of creepy art, Pete brings some in and watching the Louvre, coz Mona Lisa has a new rival in town and it has a lot of penises on it. Rob deceives a little boy [Michael Jackson reference here] and Vorn says nothing untoward and goes in depth...


Ep 42 - True Crime Bazinga

Get out of that Non-Fiction area of the local library! because it’s time for TRUE CRIME. Yes we’re selling out to get those sweet sweet divorcee women download numbers by talking about the only thing anyone cares about in podcasting - cunz getting murdered. We delve into the seedy underbelly of Big Bang Theory with special guest and seedy underboob AudioNips! Vorn unveils our brand new art by @BeckenerArt and also has his worst pronunciation of “theory yet. Speaking of crimes; Pete makes a...


Ep 41 - HIV Pigs

New season, new us… (again). Much like Charlie Sheen we’re gettin POSITIVE! (Again) Instead of tiger blood being in us though it’s just HIV positive blood. #WINNING! But not winning as much as YOU the listener! Because who needs laughing gas when you’ve got Vorn’s crazy dental adventures where his teeth are getting drilled harder than the animals! Pete gets stoned again and Rob gets ready for his stand up set where he is going to bomb harder than a really enthusiastic movie theatre worker...


Ep 40.5 - Robbysnatchers

UH OH ROBERTIO! Rob’s done a truly exceptional job of editing episode 41 - but what’s even more exceptional than that is that he left it on the other side of the fucking world. So to fill the gap we’ve attempted to do a dramatic reenactment with his identical twin brother HARRY! The best bit about is that Rob has no idea that we’ve done this. Remember the episode is a reenactment but the consequences ARE REAL. Good on you Rob you forgetful fool.


Ep 40 - Slow Bazinga

Is it ya mama’s cooking themed episode? Because it’s the end of season(ing). Yes that’s right, the finale of season 2 and your mum doesn’t season her cooking very well. As we look back on the season, something from our past comes back to haunt us… I guess all those “business trips” to Thailand left a paper trail. Then we end the season with a special segment directed by M Night Shyamalan and it is revealed that one of us is a dead people. Who will it be? Only way to find out is to listen...


Ep 39 - E.T. Dock Shake

Star Wars amirite?! Ha ha! As we all know the best punchlines come from just referencing something in geek culture. So we created the Reference-o-matic 3420 beta to shove in as many non-sequitur references as possible to get those belly laughs going. Rob is throwing poo puns at the fan to cause as much of a mess as possible. Also Pete and Vorn try to settle for a battle that has been going on as long as time; E.T. The Extra Terristical vs. ISIS.


Ep 38 - Sexy Rock Hole

Filling in the void that Zoo Magazine left we are now pandering to horny teen boys with our SEXIEST episode yet! So straddle that speaker in your parents living room, get your favourite plastic container of dip and get ready to hear the sexiest voices $10 can buy. Also we get WET with a wet t-shirt contest and share a sexy story from a listener that is sure leave you saying “That was erotic” So lube up, sniff some amyl and get ready to get penetrated by the sharpest thing known to man -...


Ep 37 - I Consent

Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend? Well Rob has done even worse and cheated on the podcast after getting wiki leaked by one of Vorn’s little birds. What’s even worse than cheating is not asking for consent, and seeing as this is a consent themed episode for some reason, if you’re a serial sexual abuser this one probably is going to make you face some hard truths. Pete has some comedic pictures to sell of penises. So remember, by downloading this podcast you consent that any physical...


Ep 36 - Neeson Patrol 4WD

Happy Valentines! Like a neglectful boyfriend we forgot and are late on valentines. But to make it up to you like a great boyfriend, we’re going to talk about Liam Neeson and if he’s racist. Is that the sound of a fire hydrant spilling out onto the street while kids come out to play under it on a hot summer’s day in New York City or is it just you getting cumly. Yes, Big Bang Theory’s writers messed up teaching us a new word in “comely” but not as much of a mistake as Rob not putting his...


Ep 35 - Erection Results

Pete puts in the hard yards this episode looking up twin brother porn as “research” for the episode. While Pete is furiously researching Rob is playing the board game “mousetrap!” but instead of a mouse it’s Vorn, and instead of cheese it’s race bait. Rob will have to be careful though as Vorn is armed with not only a new weapon, but with a mountain of daddy issues. (Not just the monthly magazine featuring hot dads). Tune in to find out the HOTTEST new catchphrase to entertain everyone at...


Ep 34 - Pole Poll

Imagine being on the worst public transport train with the most annoying people in the world, not only does that perfectly sum up the episode we watched this week, it’s also the ideal way to listen to our podcast because we’re only a tiny bit better than that experience. This week we find out Rob came into his sock (Hi Rob’s mum, thanks for listening to the podcast, sorry about your sticky wash loads) and Pete is very excited about our new merch idea. How excited is he? You’ll have to vote...


Ep 33 - Sandwich Artist 3D

Bazingos all let us rejoice, for we are in 3D. Yes that’s right! It’s first ever podcast in 3D! Take that James Cameron. Rob has a new aussie game-show called Joeycast which is the epitome of fair dinkum! Pete gets into investigative journalism and tries to dig dirt on Yahoo Seriously. Please send in your affidavits if you have been assaulted. And Vorn causes NSA employees to quit. So don your cellophane 3D glasses, make a vegemite sammich and get ready to listen to us pat ourselves on the...


Ep 32 - Yawner Brothers

Get hyped! It’s our most low energy episode to date! Vorn is so tired he seems to have replaced his negroni with a bag of marbles because he cannot pronounce anything. The good news is he went to “yawner brod- wa” to record the world premiere of “ROLLER REVIEWS”. Pete shows why Cards Against Humanity is the worst game ever and also gets horny over Penny because she wore a hat. It doesn’t take much ladies. Finally Rob is on the receiving end of an preemptive attack to something he didn’t...


Ep 31 - Oversensitive

We often look to the future when starting a new year - but just like Michael Crafter from “I killed the prom queen” our past has come back to haunt us. It turns out our actions have had a negative effect on others and somehow, somewhere, someone does not appreciate getting sent videos of us cumming on a bobble head. We go over Rob’s bad memory (including forgetting to ask his Dad about his penis) Pete gives some tips about how not to get bullied and Vorn does a bit that bombs. If you are...


Ep 30 - Bazingsmas

It’s Bazingsmas! And this our present to you! What did you get for us? Nothing? Great. Thanks for that. For our Bazingsmas we stick to Christmas tradition by opening presents, getting Christmas greetings and talking about proper technique when on the tennis court with a loved one. Bellissimo! Pete releases his inner Steve Bradbury with the most bullshit competition since the Balga Bull Manure Championships ‘98.


Ep 29 - Lispering Jack

It’s the show that’s being called “The sexual predator of Podcasts”! Find out why while we fight wars simultaneously with two other podcasts. Pete plugs his new men's right activist show “Pete’s Big Red Pill”. Vorn again accidentally is extremely insensitive to someone with a impediment. Rob gets high with his girlfriend who he has lovingly called Sac-Girl. Speaking of teabagging, make sure to enjoy this show with a lovely cup of tea. It’s all on this week's episode of THE BAZINGA BOYS -...


Ep 28 - Intervention

This week we try to save Pete and have an intervention, will we get it right? No. No we don’t. We find that interventions aren’t as fun as they are in the movies It’s like a party where the one guy who can’t drink is getting pissed at everyone else for poking fun at him and drinking and having a great time. What a bummer. But you know what makes this episode go down a whole lot smoother? Roofie vodka.


Ep 27 - Latesgiving

Happy Latesgiving! We’re unorganised so decided to record a thanksgiving themed episode after actual Thanksgiving. And what better way to commemorate the holiday than Pete getting absolutely smashed on box wine. While Pete’s getting legless, Vorn is getting armless and we pray, give thanks, share special family photos and argue about who sniffs more. All the usual thanksgiving fare… except late. Please go annoy @lakembra for sticking his neck out for us


Ep 26 - Snorting A Hole

Every day we get letters asking “What would it be like if Sheldon was Australian and instead of a genius he was a derro bogan?” This week we answer the question as we introduce Aussie Sheldon: A snorting asshole. Pete dogs another punishment we have a board meeting discussing some exciting news and the metrics of the Bazinga Boys podcast - spoiler alert - It’s a net profit!