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160: Eclectica 160 - Deadpool 2 + eXistenZ + Little Murders

** Smurf Bloody Smurf** This week, Cinema Eclectica reviews Deadpool 2, and it's… er, we don't know, actually, as in a fourth-wall-breaking stunt worthy of the mutated scamp himself, our sister podcast 4-Panel crashes in to review the superhero sequel. Does it live up to the original? It's not a rhetorical question this week. We genuinely have no idea. Off the Shelf offers more orthodox business, assuming your rabbi is very open-minded. He might be up for some '70s black comedy in...


159: Eclectica 159 - Entebbe + Rawhead Rex + Intimate Lighting

Our latest film of the week, Jose Padilha's Entebbe, is a tale of crisis, violence, revolution and the old order breaking down, which is probably why we start off by accidentally junking the running order. Eventually - and with far more discussion of interpretive dance and changing fashions in onscreen captions than we expected - we get to Off the Shelf, with two of our favourite labels. Arrow Video have unleashed the ancient evil of the Clive Barker adaptation Rawhead Rex, which Tim takes a...


158: Eclectica 158 - Sweet Country & You Were Never Really Here

**The Best 1980s Sci-Fi Junk Never ** Sandwiching two slices of groundbreaking queer cinema in between the bread of gritty revenge drama, this week's Eclectica truly has something for everyone. Maybe he's just able to relate to the parched atmosphere, but Graham is very taken by Warwick Thornton's outback western Sweet Country, while Aidan is keen to make a song and dance about Sebastian Lelio's A Fantastic Woman. In the second half of the show, two milestones: Sarah has the first...


157: Eclectica 157 - Avengers: Infinity War

**The Ingmar Bergman Cinematic Universe** Sometimes to bring balance to the universe, drastic measures must be taken. Which is why, to placate the spoiler-wary, our film of the week has been moved to the back of the show. So we start with Off the Shelf, where the BFI's reissue of Ingmar Bergman's The Touch gives Mick a case of butterflies, and Powerhouse's Blu-Ray of Suddenly Last Summer has Graham probing the dark secrets of Elizabeth Taylor (steady). After that, it's time for the most...


156: Eclectica 156 - A Fistful of Dollars

**Existentialism and Pizza, Dude** This week on Eclectica, we review films that deliver exactly what their titles promise. A Fistful of Dollars really was made for about as much money as the title suggests, Neon Bull really does feature a Neon Bull, and The Passenger really is an adaptation of the classic Iggy Pop song. OK, we made the last one up. But after looking at Sergio Leone's classic Western, Off the Shelf goes seriously arthouse. Rob looks at Indicator's Blu-Ray of Michelangelo...


155: Eclectica 155 - A Quiet Place

**The Hills Have Ears** This week's Off the Shelf sees the films themselves giving pointers to Graham, Aidan and Tim. Watching Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson's paranormal horror Ghost Stories, Graham starts off skeptical and ends up a true believer, while Aidan finds Criterion's reissue of La Cage aux Folles a drag. You could say the films review themselves, but they don't. That's why we need to do it. Before all that, though, there's a look at the trailer for Terry Gilliam's long, long,...


154: Eclectica 154 - Isle of Dogs

**All Dogs Gere to Heaven** Somewhere in the British archipelago, no years into the future (but some time in the year 2018 for those of you who are actually in the future). Four strays gather to discuss Wes Anderson's new and strange stop-motion animated movie "Isle of Dogs" - a Film of the Week that splits the pack of Tim, Sarah, Rob and Graham. Are they, in a very real sense, good dogs? Meanwhile, Off the Shelf has the kind of hairpin turn only Eclectica can provide as one minute...


153: Eclectica 153 - A Wrinkle in Time

**Oprah, Floating Benevolent Space God** This week's show tackles faith, the nature of reality and how to pronounce director's names - all areas that we're pretty confident we'll have sorted out by the time we finish our review of Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time" where we find out if the "Selma" director finds a happy medium between indie grit and big-budget spectacle. Also on the show, an Off the Shelf review from an unexpected and delightful source has Graham checking out Oldrich...


152: Eclectica 152 - The Square

**Release the Bad Doggos** We like to cover the full spectrum of cinema on this show, and any episode which begins with a Palme d'Or winner and ends with an infamously campy teen incest melodrama certainly qualifies. The former is our Film of the Week - Ruben Östlund's "The Square", and the latter - Arrow video's Blu-Ray of "Flowers in the Attic" - has Aidan drawing the short straw. Meanwhile, Rob looks at Dick Clement's '60s Tom Courtenay spy romp "Otley", which is now on release from...


151: Eclectica 151 - Annihilation

**Needs More Benedict Wong** Rob, Mick and Graham travel into unknown territory this week for Alex Garland's Netflix psych-out "Annihilation" on the day of its release. If you've ever wanted to listen as people grapple with a trippy, existential, hard science fiction film a couple of hours after watching it then you've come to the right place! You're also in the right place for: Lionsgate's Blu-Ray re-release of Vestron Video's effects-driven '90s horror "Wishmaster", Arrow Academy's new...


150: Eclectica 150 - Krull & Byzantium

**Real Estate Advice For Vampires** It's our 150th show, which you'd think would be a time for celebration but for Mick, Tim, Rob and Graham it's a time for deep, deep shame as they exchange their guilty pleasure movies with each other (no, not that kind). This anniversary cavalcade of shame has Mick reassessing Kevin Costner's gigantiflop (and stealth The Shape of Water sequel), "Waterworld", while Tim rolls the twelve-sided dice in a futile attempt to avoid watching "Krull". One the...


149: Eclectica 149 - Lady Bird

**Frisking Bogie's Butt** Graham and Aidan welcome a new reviewer to the show this week as Sarah comes on board to help us with our hella-tight analysis of Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird". It's an Oscar front-runner despite featuring no references to the Dunkirk evacuation whatsoever - but what did we think of it? Off the Shelf sees Aidan taking a close-up look at Carl Theodor Dreyer's "Michael", which has now been reissued on Blu-Ray by Masters of Cinema. Meanwhile, Sarah gives a suspiciously...


Eclectica 148 - The Shape of Water & Black Panther

**Abbott and Costello in Space** Forever the rabble-rousers, that's us. We're so bad, we even rebel against ourselves every now and again. We're such a smart podcast, yes we are, that this episode we say no thanks to our usual conventions and head for the shallow end where our feet touch the bottom and we can pronounce all of the words … mostly. This week we have what may be our most stripped back show ever as Rob, Tim and Mick tackle a double feature of Marvel's latest superhero offering...


Eclectica 147 - David Lynch

Which David Lynch film should Tim, Aidan and Graham review this week? A voice from between the worlds calls out 'Do "Fire Walk With Me"!' - which is the sort-of prequel to Twin Peaks that received scathing reviews upon its release. Considering that only one of us is a big fan of Twin Peaks (two, if you count our talking mynah bird), how does it look now? While trying desperately to offer no spoilers while we find out that fandom isn't all-important. Tim isn't a huge giallo fan but he loves...


Eclectica 146 - Phantom Thread

**Ullo John Waters, Got a New Motor** The first rule of Gothic literature is that everyone has dark secrets and no-one can be trusted - as Rob, Mick and Graham find out when the local cinemas nix their plans for "Phantom Thread" to be Film of the Week. Worry not though, as Daniel Day-Lewis' Whitby vacation is still covered, along with the more commercial Gothic stylings of Helen Mirren's new horror film. Is it for the "Winchester", or get-in-Binchester? Off the Shelf has a Criterion...


Eclectica 145 - Early Man

**Tom Hiddleston's Plasticine Nipples** It's an educational show this week as Aidan, Tim and Graham learn about the darkest secret of Hammer Studios and the how the director of "Some Like It Hot" prolonged the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. Before all of that there's Film of the Week - Aardman Animation's latest expertly-moulded offering "Early Man". It's got cavemen, but does it rock? A full Off the Shelf sees Graham discussing StudioCanal's reissue of the last in the classic Hammer...


Eclectica 144 - Coco

**Breaking Your Heart (Pixar Style)** We open this week's show with one of the most unexpected recommendation sections before throwing ourselves into Pixar's newest film - "Coco". We're not crying as we type this, shut up, you are! _Sniff_ Who put all that dust in here? After that eye-watering beginning we launch into Off the Shelf with a trio of films. Aidan looks at Indicator's release of "The Border" - starring Jack Nicholson at the peak of his powers. Meanwhile, Rob gets confused about...


Eclectica 142 - 2017 In Review

It's time for our review of 2017, and with it comes the usual cliffhanging tension. What will Rob, Graham, Aidan and Ryan pick as their films of the year? What will be the most breathtakingly perverse top ten choices? Whose voice will give out first from seasonal flu? All of these questions (and some more), will be answered in this bumper special episode. There's also a slight return for Question of the Week as we asked our listeners for their favourite films of the last year and a...


Eclectica 141 - The Disaster Artist

**Merry Dick Maas Everybody!** The mince pies have been laid out, the tinsel has been put up, and the Christmas tree - well, let's not talk about the Christmas tree. It's Cinema Eclectica's Christmas Special and we've got a festive trio of movies from around the world. From the Netherlands, Dick Maas gives us a very un-jolly Saint Nick in "Saint". From the USSR, we take flight on our skis with Gennadi Kazansky's "The Snow Queen", and from the seventh circle of hell it's Flamarion Ferrera's...


Eclectica 140 - Masaki Kobayashi

**Come Back British Folk Horror! Come Back!** Not only does British folk horror need to come back, so too does our wi-fi! We have some issues throughout the show and for that we apologise in advance. Still, we motor on like the podcast titans that we are. We kick off the show with Masaki Kobayashi (the winner of last week's Director's Lottery), and his seminal Japanese horror "Kwaidan". After that we continue our ongoing look at the king of silent comedy - Buster Keaton - with "Steamboat...


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