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171: Eclectica 171 - Heathers + The Third Murder + Von Ryan's Express + Fight Club

**The Legend of Cedric** Graham's been practising his terrible Jason Statham impersonation for a whole week, but in the end it's Mark who covers the Stath's shark-'em-up The Meg. Rob, Aidan and Graham, meanwhile, turn their attention to Michael Lehmann's cult classic Heathers, now back in cinemas for its thirtieth anniversary. Is it still so very, or has it accrued some damage? A full Off the Shelf sees Rob looking at an uncharacteristic film by one of his favourite directors - Hirokazu...


170: Eclectica 170 - Ant-Man and the Wasp + Flesh and Blood + The Last Warrior + Mazes and Monsters (1982)

**Paul Rudd Roulette** After a week's break, the ant-icipation is rising for Graham, Mick and Andrew's review of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Will they contribute to the positive buzz, or will they continue making feeble insect puns like these? Or will they do both? After that, Off the Shelf sees us get our serious nerd on for a fantasy special. Mick kicks it all off with Paul Verhoven's typically tasteful Flesh and Blood, Graham has a skeleton from Tom Hanks's closet in the form of Mazes and...


169: Eclectica 169 - Hotel Artemis + Gotti + Doom Asylum + The Boondock Saints

**Jeff Goldblum's Massive Tricycle** So there's this hotel, right, in California, and you can check out any time you like but you can never leave, largely because you're still on the member's list. Yes, this week Aidan, Graham and Rob are checking into Drew Pearce's Hotel Artemis, an original screenplay in a summer of sequels - but does it live up to its extraordinary guest list? And if you're thinking "Hang on, Hotel Artemis wasn't the big release of last weekend", don't worry, Mark has...


168: Eclectica 168 - First Reformed + Incredibles 2 + The Butterfly Tree + The Loneliest Planet

**Grumpy Old Dictators** A three-man show disguised as a two-man show this week, as Rob and Graham invite Mark on for an exciting new feature taking a different look at two of last week's big releases - The Incredibles 2 and Skyscraper. Before that, though, there's a hilariously perverse piece of counter-programming, as our director's lottery gifts us with Julia Loktev's minimalist hiking drama The Loneliest Planet. Box office takings were somewhere below the average Dwayne Johnson...


167: Eclectica 167 - Mary Shelley + Black Peter + The Entertainer + Dark Crimes

**Sexy Guernica** After some technical problems, Aidan, Sarah and Graham are ready to send 5,000 volts through their podcast and scream "It's alive!" as they review Mary Shelley. Elle Fanning is bringing the Frankenstein author to life and Haifaa al-Mansour is supplying her abby normal brainpower as director, but... oh, you know what, I've run out of Frankenstein references. Is it any good? A stacked-up Off the Shelf sees Aidan bellowing "HELLO!" to Second Run's Blu-Ray of Milos Forman's...


166: Eclectica 166 - Sicario: Soldado + Space Truckers + Xtro

**You Have the Right to Remain Embalmed?** This week Rob and Tim turn Graham loose and send him to the cinema to see Sicario 2: Soldado, a rogue mission necessitated by defence cuts and CDC alerts - which is to say some of us were too ill to see it and some of us were too broke. Either way, Rob, and Tim interrogate Graham on whether it lives up to its predecessor. We'll let you decide which one is the good cop. Meanwhile Off the Shelf goes sniffing around the margins of late 20th century...


165: Eclectica 165 - This is Spinal Tap + The Crimson Kimono + Underworld U.S.A + Scandal Sheet

**Killed By W.A.S.P.** For a Fuller podcast experience, join Ryan, Graham, and Aidan this week for Cinema Eclectica's Sam Fuller special, where the second half of the show is devoted to a deep dive into Indicator's new box set of films by the great San Franciscan. Ryan immediately clicks, buddy-cop style, with The Crimson Kimono, Aidan takes a trip to Underworld USA, and Graham holds the presses for Scandal Sheet. If you're as dedicated to the two-fisted tabloid noir auteur as us, this is...


164: Eclectica 164 - Hereditary + Ocean's 8 + Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

**De-gayed in the Final Draft** This week Ryan, Graham and Aidan face a terrible horror, one which they've ignored for too long, and is waiting to harvest their souls. But before we talk about James Corden, there's also Ari Aster's hit debut Hereditary. It's been compared to The Exorcist, The Babadook and an obscure 1960s play - although the last one is just us. Whirling through a minority report on Ocean's 8 faster than Sandra Bullock can rob a clothes store, Aidan and Graham talk about...