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214: Eclectica 214 - The Dead Don't Die + Border + Asylum

The Last Of The English Tawdries This week Graham and Tim check out Jim Jarmusch as he pioneers un-deadpan comedy with The Dead Don't Die. Are the jokes as dusty as Jarmusch's strangely goreless zombies? Off the Shelf sees Graham covering Border - the Mubi release which combines the two poles of modern Scandinavian cinema (bleak crime stuff and trolls), while Mick drops by for a look at the classic British horror anthology Asylum. And if you think that's scary, wait until you hear what we're...


213: Eclectica 213 - Midsommar, The Cockleshell Heroes, and DemonLover

THROAT SINGING OF TERROR Folk horror comes to the multiplexes this week with Ari Aster's Midsommar, set in a Swedish pagan commune. Aster's own preferred human sacrifice ritual involves dividing podcasters in half as to how well his movies work - what did Graham and Aidan think of this one? Off the Shelf, meanwhile, sees Graham embarking on a top-secret mission to review Eureka's WWII comedy-drama The Cockleshell Heroes, while Aidan logs on for Arrow's reissue of Olivier Assayas's early-00s...


212: Eclectica 212 - In Fabric + A Case for a Rookie Hangman + Sleepwalkers

Clovis the Action Cat We've gone weird before, obviously, but we've never spent a whole show as far out on the fringes as we do this week. Film of the Week is Peter Strickland's In Fabric, the weirdest film from the director of The Duke of Burgundy - yeah, have a think about THAT - which Rob and Graham are beguiled and bewildered by. Not necessarily in that order. Off the Shelf offers no stable ground either, rather the bendy floorboards of Pavel Juracek's A Case for a Rookie Hangman,...


211: Eclectica 211 - Toy Story 4 + Donbass + Scum

Angry Mr. Plow A universally relatable tale of the inner angst of knowing you were made from a spork, Toy Story 4 is our Film of the Week this week. The trilogy seemed to come to a perfect end nine years ago - is this worth another dip in the toybox? Off the Shelf sees Graham and Aidan get as far away from family-friendly as possible, with the former reviewing Sergei Loznitsa's absurd war movie Donbass, out now from Montage Pictures. Aidan, meanwhile, checks out Indicator's 40th anniversary...


210: Eclectica 210 - David Cronenberg + Holy Mountain + The Sender + Andromeda Strain + more...

Jules & Jim up a Mountain At 210 episodes old we can ask for all the things in the world, but that doesn't mean we're going to get anything for this "obvious" landmark. Besides, Rob and Aidan have a job to do. This week it's another of our regular Directors Lottery episodes, and the director in question for this rodeo is David Cronenberg. So what did we choose from his amazingly sticky filmography? It's none other than Big Dave's ultimate divorce movie, "The Brood". We also have a stacked...


209: Eclectica 209 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix + The Running Man + Def-Con 4

Damn You 5 for £25! The uncontainable power of our sister show 4-Panel rises up and consumes us again as Mick and Andrew join Aidan to discuss "X-Men: Dark Phoenix". It's the last in a franchise that's lasted as long as two MCUs, but what's the endgame like? Of course, before we watched films with the word 'men' in the title, we had to make do with films with 'man' in the title, and the master of those was Carol Reed. After "The Third Man", "Our Man in Havana" and "Odd Man Out" he made "The...


208: Eclectica 208 - Sergio Martino + The Blue Angel + Sunset + Godzilla King of Monsters

Fritz Lang's Mannequin The show is turned upside down again this week, with three big new releases in the second half and an archive gem in the first - Sergio Martino's Poe-meets-giallo cult classic "Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key", the title of which is but the first of its delights. As for the rest, we say 'new' releases but Sarah has a very old one - Marlene Dietrich's breakthrough "The Blue Angel" which has been newly restored and re-released. On the other hand, Aidan...


207: Eclectica 207 - Cannes 2019 + B-Sides + Badlands + Apocalypse Now Redux

After looking at the winners and one big loser from Cannes 2019, it's time for Eclectica to return to its B-sides series where we look back at recent films that we weren't able to cover at the time of their release, and this week are "Fighting With My Family", "Birds of Passage", "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" and "Greta" are getting the spotlight. Off the Shelf has a certain Sheen to it this week, with Charlie and Emilio's dad taking the lead in Criterion's Blu-Ray of Terrence Malick's debut...


206: Eclectica 206 - John Wick 3 + Night of the Generals + Room at the Top

Assiety of Sassassins It's time for "John Wick 3: Parabellum" or Wick in a Box or whatever it's called, and before Aidan and Graham adjudicate the ultra-violence like a glove-carrying Asia Kate Dillon, we've got a Question of the Week where we ask for your favourite threequels. On the other side of that, Off the Shelf sees Graham in war correspondent mode with Eureka's "The Night of the Generals", before Aidan digs up Robert Frank and Rudy Wurlitzer's "Candy Mountain" as part of Deep Cuts....


205: Eclectica 205 - High Life + November + My Brilliant Career

The Beast of Estonian Craggy Island Three misfits alone in the dark empty vastness of a cinema showing a Claire Denis movie, Aidan, Sarah and Graham gather to review the French maverick's latest epic voyage, "High Life". We realise it may sound tempting, but do not allow Juliette Binoche to show you her box. A full Off the Shelf kicks off with Sarah covering Criterion's release of "My Brilliant Career" (thank you, I've worked hard for it), followed by Graham marvelling at Montage Pictures's...


204: Eclectica 204 - Diamantino + Detour + Dracula 3D

The ADR Doggies Bite Back Liberated from Hull, Graham settles in with Rob for a preview of perhaps the strangest sports movie ever made - Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt's "Diamantino", with its gene-tampering weirdness, lesbian drone pilots and floof bois. It's not the last dog cameo on the show, but it's surely the best. Off the Shelf sees Graham arguing the defence for Criterion's reissue of Edgar G Ulmer's classic noir "Detour" against a sceptical Rob, before Rob inexplicably...


203: Eclectica 203 - Avengers Endgame + Puppet Master the Littlest Reich + The Last Temptation of Christ

What Fresh Hull is this!? Graham's stuck in the quantum realm, so it falls to Rob and Mick to travel way back in time through the many years they spent watching all of the movies leading up to "Avengers: Endgame". It's already made more money than there is in the world, but did the Eclectica gang like it? After that, it's time for Off the Shelf where Rob tries to avoid receiving death threats from his coverage of Criterion's reissue of Martin Scorsese's "The Last Temptation of Christ", while...


202: Eclectica 202 - Hellboy (2019) + The White Reindeer + Cujo

**Surprise Johnson Insertion** This week Mick and Graham go to "Hellboy" and back (which is pretty easy given that the cinema is just a short walk away), to report on Neil Marshall's euphemistically-described troubled production. Is it as bad as the internet's made out, or do they want to give it a big hand? Off the Shelf sees a very different kind of folklore film in the shape of "The White Reindeer" - a Finnish vampire-witch-were-reindeer movie (it's a genre, OK?), that has been reissued...


201: Eclectica 201 - Sisters Brothers + Shazam! + Ikarie XB-1

**The Cult of Kim Newman's Left Hand** While getting the maximum possible out of the name 'Hermann Kermit Warm', Tim and Graham head out West for a review of Jacques Audiard's English-language debut "The Sisters Brothers", and revive an old Eclectica staple with Question of the Week. While they were watching Joaquin Phoenix's ongoing battles with enunciation, 4-Panel resident Andrew was in the screen next door watching DC's latest effort to turn their fortunes around - "Shazam!" Does it earn...


200: Eclectica - 200th Episode!

**Episode 200 - Tiny Jack Nicholson in my Pocket** Things have been pretty harmonious in Eclecticaville for ... blimey ... 200 episodes! Now that we've reached such a landmark, we thought it might be nice to risk a ruck for this special edition, and have the team cover each other's favourite movies, First up, road movie hater Rob takes a look at Aidan's beloved Hal Ashby vehicle "The Last Detail", before Aidan returns the favour by checking out Rob's pick in the form of Sam Fuller's "Shock...


199: Electica 199 - US + Black Horror Special

**George Clinton's Funky Disembodied Head** Sick of articles and YouTube nonsense that describe what movies mean? Well, you'll get none of that here as, instead of all that nonsense, we dig into what could be the highlight of 2019's horror calendar - Jordan Peele's sophomore feature, "Us". In the second half of the show we have our very own black horror special with a little bit of backbone provided by the excellent Shudder documentary "Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror". We cover the...


198: Eclectica 198 - Under the Silver Lake + What Men Want + Next of Kin + Wheels on Meals

**Stoner's Guide to Super-Vacuity** A series of inscrutable clues leads Ryan, Graham, Sarah and Aidan to "Under the Silver Lake", a film that makes you suspect David Robert Mitchell was definitely one of those kids who played with secret decoder rings as a child. Prepare for disagreements. Off the Shelf kicks off with a very different new release - Adam Shankman's remake (or reboot, or de-Gibsoning), "What Men Want", followed by the Ozsploitation landmark "Next of Kin" - which has been newly...


197: Eclectica 197 - Captain Marvel + Human Desire + Hellfest + Crucible of the Vampire

**The Mean Streets of Micheal Portillo** This week, Andrew, Mick and Rob witness the birth of … (hang on because we're pretty sure we can do that trailer thing in text) … a/ HER \o with "Captain Marvel". As far as we're concerned Brie Larson has always been our captain, but what about the rest of the film? Mark is also here for a look at how the actual '90s treated women in superhero movies. Apres Marvel it's Off the Shelf, with Andrew finding the unexpected Fritz Lang-Michael Portillo link...


196: Eclectica 196 - Ring (1998) + Dr Jekyll & Miss Obsourne + Ray & Liz

**Bathtime for Udo** Last week Rob and Graham received a mystery phone call asking them to review Hideo Nakata's "Ring". They're not dead yet, and although the news that this is a twentieth anniversary reissue is making them feel incredibly old they still have to find out if the film still holds up. After that it's Off the Shelf, which sees Graham challenging Rob to watch the Victorian phallic lunacy of Walerian Borowczyk's "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne", then Graham gets...


195: Eclectica 195 - Jacques Rivette + World on a Wire + Class of 1999

**Algebra Lessons with Foxy Brown** It's the biggest week of the film calendar, so Aidan and Rob fulfill their obligations with a bit of an Oscars chatter before getting to the important matter of being bamboozled by the Film of the Week which, thanks to the Directors Lottery coming up with Jacques Rivette, means in their infinite wisdom they decided to fumble around with "Le Pont du Nord". After that it's on to more solid ground with Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 4 hour long TV movie "World on...