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187: Eclectica 187 - Disobedience + Yanks + The Serpent's Egg

**An Elvira Approved Podcast** We don't often get a British film for us all to sink our teeth into here on Cinema Eclectica, so when one finally does roll around all we do is subject it to a bit of a mauling. Oh dear, and the target of all this is Sebastián Lelio's English language debut, Disobedience. Oh dear, oh dear. It's not all bad news though, because after being invigorated by Elvira at the midpoint we have all the power we need to power on home. At that point, Aidan contends with...


186: Eclectica 186 - Ava DuVernay + The Age of Consent + the Monster + Invention for Destruction

**Justified Wrongness on the Internet** Everything from Jules Verne to Ava DuVernay this week, kicking off an unusually packed show with Tim, Rob and Graham reviewing the Selma director's early film Middle of Nowhere. After that, Off the Shelf is a treasure trove of wildly diverse films. From Indicator pictures, Graham looks at Michael Powell's last film and Helen Mirren's first - Age of Consent. Hard to Google but fun to watch, Tim experiences Bryan Bertino's The Monster from Lionsgate. And...


185: Eclectica 185 - The Ballad of Buster Scruggs + The Wrong Box + Gosford Park

It was a dark and stormy night, which explains why we all stayed indoors to watch The Ballad of Buster Scruggs rather than going out to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crumbs of Grimsby or whatever it's called. Mark is handling that latter one for us, but Rob and Graham are looking at the Coen brothers' portmanteau Western. Can they escape the Netflix curse? Off the Shelf sees Rob tackling all-star British comedy from the director of... The Stepford Wives? Oh yes - in Indicator's Blu-Ray of The...


184: Eclectica 184 - Widows (2018) + My Man Godfrey + The Last Waltz

**Examining Neil Young's ****Nostrils** A New Duo Emerges! Join Aidan and Sarah as they review the latest film from the critically adored Steve McQueen, Widows. And what they find is the strangest of all beasts, an accessible film. Well, accessible for Steve McQueen anyway, that guy has some bleak chops. Then about half way in we have a rather extreme change in tone, from the mean streets and heists to Screwball Comedy as Sarah looks at the Criterion release of the William Powell starring...


183: Eclectica 183 - The Other Side of the Wind + To the Wonder + Shampoo

**Dummy Massacre!** It's a podcast that has been forty years in the making - which makes it even stranger that we ended up recording it on Bonfire Night! This week the Eclectica gang get together for a chat about the latet Orson Welles's extremely late-period film "The Other Side of the Wind", but that's not the only late-period directorial indulgence, as Off the Shelf sees Graham take up a cudgel in defence of Terrence Malick's misunderstood "To the Wonder". Meanwhile, Aidan discovers...


182: Eclectica 182 - Evil Dead + Troll 2 + Frankenhooker + Legacy of Satan

**Halloween 2018 Special: Party With The Supercrack** The dead have risen and they're ... well, you'll have to wait until the end of the show to find out. Leading us up to that point are Sarah, Aidan and Graham with our Film of the Week - Sam Raimi's horror classic "The Evil Dead", which is followed by some very different low budget scares in Off the Shelf. This year's Halloween special has a 'So Bad It's Good?' theme going on, and in Aidan's case this involves the now infamous Troll 2...


181: Eclectica 181 - Halloween (2018) + Twelve Monkeys + Gangsta

**Drug Smuggling: Tetris Edition** This week it's "Halloween" (the movie, not the day), and Graham, Aidan and slasher superfan Ryan are assessing the shape of things with David Gordon Green's new reboot ... sequel(?) ... thing? Mark is here as well to explain what the new Halloween's historic opening weekend means for horror movie casting in the future. Off the Shelf has Aidan going ape, and coincidentally also has Arrow Video's reissue of Terry Gilliam's "Twelve Monkeys" to look at, while...


180: Eclectica 180 - Bad Times at the El Royale + City Hunter + Mandy

**Stan Lee is Fozzie Bear** Two mysterious drifters converge on a lonely podcast to cover "Bad Times at The El Royale". Drew Goddard's follow-up to "The Cabin in the Woods" has an enviable cast, but can it escape from under the big-chinned shadow of Tarantino? This week's Off the Shelf has a theme, and that is beloved human cartoon characters. Graham explores the strange wonders of the new Blu-Ray release of Jackie Chan's "City Hunter" from Eureka, while Mark considers the parallels...


179: Eclectica 179 - Venom + A Prayer Before Dawn + Bad Reputation + Night of the Creeps

**When Life Gives you Razor Blades** It's time for another superhero(?), which means that our usual gang have been waylaid (again), and 4-Panel have stealthily taken over. Together this grizzled, rag-tag and hard-hitting team take on the might of "Venom", and like all the washed-up journalists in the Last Chance Saloon they spill ink all over the place. After that it's over to Off The Shelf for the Thai boxing drama "A Prayer Before Dawn", the Joan Jett documentary "Bad Reputation", cheesy...


178: Eclectica 178 - Hold the Dark + Horrors of Malformed Men + Absolution + The Captain

**"Here We See The Wild Billy Connolly …"** This week we're covering Jeremy Saulnier's "Hold the Dark" - a film where the icy Alaskan atmospherics are so persuasive, Rob and Graham catch a cold out of sympathy. Fortunately we have a healthy Aidan on hand to guide them through the Blue Ruin director's latest offering on Netflix. Off the Shelf has a diverse range of entertainment options for a dark night in, with Rob striking "gold" with the gold-painted weirdos of Teruo Ishii's "Horrors of...


177: Eclectica 177 - The Godfather + Rocky + Spirited Away + Eraserhead

**Alejandro Jodorowsky's Exciting Bus Journey** Are you into shame, but not in a weird sex way? If so, this is the Eclectica for you. Prompted by the recent re-release of Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather", Rob, Aidan and Mick are looking at the original gangster saga (some of them, it turns out, for the first time), and asking what makes a favourite film anyway? The humiliation continues in Off the Shelf with the first blow landing on Mick - who until now had never watched "Rocky". The...


176: Eclectica 176 - Lucky + The Collector (1965) + The Nun (1966)

**Turtle or No Turtle** Graham and Aidan are in luck this week with, er, "Lucky" as Film of the Week. As the last lead role for the legendary Harry Dean Stanton, it's got pathos, humour and a very odd suggestion on what to do with a lollipop. Shane Black has a new film out as well in the form of "The Predator", which sends Mark off on a trek through his previous blockbuster work. Meanwhile, Off the Shelf has Graham captivated by Indicator's Blu-Ray of "The Collector", while Aidan gets...


175: Eclectica 175 - Chungking Express + Death Line + Witness for the Prosecution + Mr Vampire

All the leaves aren't quite brown yet, but the sky is definitely grey so it's the season for Aidan, Graham and Tim to revisit Wong Kar-Wai's international breakthrough hit "Chungking Express". Revitalising his career after the arduous shoot of "Ashes of Time", it's still one of the Hong Kong director's most beloved films - but how will our assembled reviewers cope with that Mamas and Papas earworm? The public gets what the public wants though, and in this case the public wants to hear Tim...


174: Eclectica 174 - Yardie + Miss Leslie's Dolls + Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji

**Drunken Sake Shenanigans** On this episode our Film of the Week is the hotly-tipped adaptation of a cult British novel about gangland youth, and although Graham is on hand to nurse Mick through his "Absolute Beginners" flashbacks, Idris Elba's directorial debut "Yardie" is a very different proposition. Bonus fact - star Aml Ameen was one of the kids on stage when Jarvis Cocker interrupted Michael Jackson's performance at the 1996 Brit Awards. After that we have two very different films...


173: Eclectica 173 - Blackkklansman + Allure + Arcadia + Smithereens

**"On the Bigotry Hotline"** Graham and Sarah are in high spirits this week, which is good because the world's home entertainment companies trying to bring everyone down. While Sarah tackles grooming in Eureka Video's "Allure" and the destruction of the countryside in the BFI's none-more-BFI documentary "Arcadia", Graham seems to have the lighter option with Criterion's "Smithereens" - but there's a sting in that particular tale, and at least one unexpected cameo. Before all of that is our...


172: Eclectica 172 - Once upon a time in China + The Last Movie Star + A Gentle Creature + Apprentice to Murder

**The Millennial Retro of Slender Man** What happens when you introduce three newcomers to a well-known kung fu movie from the '90s? Join Sarah, Mick and Aidan as they get thrown into the deep end with Director's Lottery winner Tsui Hark's classic martial arts film which stars Jet Li as the legendary Wong Fei Hung - "Once upon a Time in China" (Part I, for those keeping count). After that it's time for a run down of our other featured films, and this week Sarah joins an octogenarian Burt...


171: Eclectica 171 - Heathers + The Third Murder + Von Ryan's Express + Fight Club

**The Legend of Cedric** Graham's been practising his terrible Jason Statham impersonation for a whole week, but in the end it's Mark who covers the Stath's shark-'em-up The Meg. Rob, Aidan and Graham, meanwhile, turn their attention to Michael Lehmann's cult classic Heathers, now back in cinemas for its thirtieth anniversary. Is it still so very, or has it accrued some damage? A full Off the Shelf sees Rob looking at an uncharacteristic film by one of his favourite directors - Hirokazu...


170: Eclectica 170 - Ant-Man and the Wasp + Flesh and Blood + The Last Warrior + Mazes and Monsters (1982)

**Paul Rudd Roulette** After a week's break the ant-icipation is growing for Graham, Mick and Andrew as they tackle Marvel's latest superhero offering - "Ant-Man and the Wasp". Will they make a big deal out of it and add to the positive buzz, belittle it with feeble size and insect puns (like the ones we're doing right now), or even do both? After that dramatic opening which is tantamount to a 4-Panel takoever, it's time for Off the Shelf which sees the gang out on their serious nerd faces...


169: Eclectica 169 - Hotel Artemis + Gotti + Doom Asylum + The Boondock Saints

**Jeff Goldblum's Massive Tricycle** So there's this hotel over in California where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave - largely because you're still on the member's list. This week Aidan, Graham and Rob are booking into Drew Pearce's "Hotel Artemis" - which is an uncommon original screenplay in a summer of sequels, but does it live up to its extraordinary guest list? Oh, and if you're thinking "Hang on, Hotel Artemis wasn't the big release of last weekend", then...


168: Eclectica 168 - First Reformed + The Incredibles 2 + The Butterfly Tree + The Loneliest Planet

**Grumpy Old Dictators** It's a three-man show disguised as a two-man show this week as Rob and Graham invite Mark on for an exciting new feature where we take a different look at two of last week's big releases - "The Incredibles 2" and "Skyscraper". Before all of that though, there's a hilariously perverse piece of counter-programming thanks to our Director's Lottery, which this time has gifted us with Julia Loktev's minimalist hiking drama "The Loneliest Planet" - the box office takings...