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Each week, Adam and Chris review and discuss LGBT and queer films throughout the decades and how they helped or hindered the medium and where they think the future of queer cinema is headed.

Each week, Adam and Chris review and discuss LGBT and queer films throughout the decades and how they helped or hindered the medium and where they think the future of queer cinema is headed.
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Each week, Adam and Chris review and discuss LGBT and queer films throughout the decades and how they helped or hindered the medium and where they think the future of queer cinema is headed.






Ep 39: Sniff Sniff

John Waters month continues with Polyester which was one of his first movies to be restricted by an R rating, and it definitely shows. While this has more of a plot line than some of his earlier work, both of us were somewhat confused as to the point he was trying to make outside of his normal indictments of the nuclear family and the desire for fame. But it's not all bad, and there are definitely some funny moments to be had as well as feeling horrible for Divine's character who is...


Ep 38: And in the House of GOD!

It's December! And what better way to celebrate the reason for the season than with John Waters' flicks! We start with one of the most palatable ones, Serial Mom, and we finally find one of his films that Clark likes! We discuss if the movie is truly a John Waters' film, whether or not it's a queer movie or just one with a following by the community, and why we need to be honest with who we are and how this media can help with that. Be sure to send feedback and requests to...


Ep 37: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi

We wrap up Transgender Awareness Month with The Danish Girl and are joined once again by our good friend Lucas and Adam's boyfriend, Clark. First things first, this is a gorgeous movie that deserves to be seen even if it is very problematic (cis guy playing a trans woman, anyone?) and also a perfect example of Oscar bait. But as much as we call it out for these issues, it's still highly recommended and generates some excellent discussions we are happy to share with you. Also, WHO has mono,...


Ep 36: She's From the Hills

It might be Thanksgiving this week, but we jump ahead to events around Christmas with this week's movie - Tangerine. Everyone going in should know that this was a Sundance film shot on an iPhone, so the gimmick is that it's meant to look voyeuristic and kind of off, so if you notice that, don't let it bug you. Aside from that, there are a lot of good one liners to have fun with, but this is basically an 88 minute movie with only 10 minutes of content. Be sure to send us feedback or...


Ep 35: You'll Need Tissues for This

This week is a rough one as we discuss Boys Don't Cry and the tragic story of Brandon Teena, a young trans-man whose life was brutally ended by some people who showed us what evil incarnate looks like. As much as we both think it's an important story that people need to know about, it's extremely difficult to watch what plays out on the screen. We also talk about the importance of finding your tribe and especially the right one and the controversy of allowing trans roles to be played by...


Ep 34: Sushi Rolls not Gender Roles

The second week of November is Trans Awareness Week, and we wanted to take a whole month to cover movies dealing with topics revolving around the community. We are here with the documentary, Transformer, which chronicles the life of weight lifter Janae Kroczaleski and her journey towards accepting her identity and the steps she took to become the person she always has been. Special guest Lucas Fowler joins us to give more insight into the trans community and how all of us can be better and...


Ep 33: It's a Fiveway!

Can you believe it? October is nearly over, and we are wrapping on Gay Christmas month with the ever fabulous and somewhat problematic Rocky Horror Picture Show! It's a musical, so of course Eddie is back, and we are joined once again by Clark and our very special guest and friend, Jordan! Rocky Horror was instrumental in introducing queer culture to countless people for decades now, so we discuss the impact it's had as well as why there are issues, and what we, as men with privilege, can do...


Ep 32: Pinkies Out

This week for Gay Christmas, we are talking about Hellbent, which has been billed as the first gay slasher. Let's be honest here, this isn't high art by any definition of the term, and it would be a stretch to even consider it a decent film. But we get to watch hot gay guys make out with their shirts off and get killed in horrible ways, so it's not all a loss. The biggest discussion here revolves around problematic content in entertainment and whether or not we should still enjoy those kinds...


Ep 31: It's All Gay Subtext

This week we are taking a look at the most unintentionally gay horror film ever made, Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. It's a slasher film so guest star Eddie returns to break down the movie and talk about all the hidden themes within. And yeah, it's chock full of homoerotica with the iconic villain, Freddy, actually standing in as a representation of internalized homophobia and quite possibly the upcoming AIDS crisis. Also, we recorded on National Coming Out Day, and in the...


Ep 30: Treasure Tail

We continue gay Christmas month, aka Halloween, with a literally campy film - Sleepaway Camp! This is one of Eddie's favorite slasher films, so he's back to guest and discuss this movie's merits and flaws. It's definitely a product of its time and has some problematic content, but we can't really talk about it here without going into spoiler territory. The problematic content has been a standard trope in horror films for decades, so we break that down and also decry the "mental illness is...


Ep 29: That's Some Nasty Honey

October is here which means Halloween, aka, Gay Christmas is almost upon us! So of course we had to cover horror movies this month starting with The Babadook. Now this isn't necessarily an LGBT film, but the Babadook has definitely become a queer icon over the last few years, so we felt it was perfect to kick the month off. We also dive into the themes of dealing with grief and mental health issues, as well as what to do with a cryogenically frozen piece of the male anatomy all while...


Ep 28: Dance Magic

We wrap up September with a movie that might not seem queer at first glance, but there's a lot of queer themes hiding within -- Labyrinth! Eddie is back to chime in, and we are joined by our good friend, Ciara, because this is her favorite film of all time, and she can literally recite it line-by-line. And YES, we do spend time discussing Bowie's codpiece, but we end up taking it a lot deeper, especially with our discussion of what the phrase, "you have no power over me," means to all of us...


Ep 27: J/K, I'm Gay!

We sincerely apologize for missing a week, but we are roaring back with our review of Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood. This documentary is about Scotty Bowers who was basically the pimp who supplied queer Hollywood with men and women to fulfill their sexual needs during the repressive 40-70s. While not the tell-all it was promised to be, both of us thought it was a great character study on a man who claims to have done so much to influence behind-the-scenes of old time Hollywood....


Ep 26: Arguing About a Truce

We had to add ONE more movie from the Damn These Heels festival, and we're glad we did because we both loved it! "Ideal Home," while quite predictable and full of romantic dramedy tropes, is a ton of fun and features GREAT chemistry between Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. Taco Bell quite obviously invested a lot of money to help get this movie made, as it's featured prominently throughout the film, but both Adam and Chris wonder if their target demographic should be GBT men for ... obvious...


Ep 25: Ignorance Is Bliss

We wrap up August with our final movie from the Damn These Heels festival, "Alaska Is a Drag," which was Chris's least favorite thing he saw over that weekend. Our biggest problem with it is that it never really wraps any of the dozen stories it starts and lacks any sort of catharsis that it desperately needed. Chris also hops on Adam's case for never having seen Kyle XY, and Adam wonders how the lack of a belly button would affect intimate moments. Be sure to check us out on social media...


Ep 24: Better Use Safe Search

This weekd, we take a look at Chris' favorite movie from the Damn These Heels film festival, "Close-Knit" which tells the story of a young Japanese girl and the relationship she forms with her brother and his transgender girlfriend and how family is really what and with whom you make it with. We also discuss the importance of representation of having people of the correct gender and identity play their roles in entertainment and how our views have evolved even in the last few months on this...



We're back with Adam's least favorite movie from the Damn These Heels film festival - "My Big, Gay, Italian Wedding." And for the first time ever, Adam and Chris disagree on a film, so there's a lot of fun back and forth between the two of us. Adam thought it was trying to be earnest and legitimate, and Chris felt the whole thing was poking fun at the rom-com genre. Either which way, we spend time ranting at each other and also discuss the fact that for the first time ever, the listeners...


Ep 22: We're Gonna Go to Hell When We Die

We're back with our most blasphemous episode ever as we start our coverage of the Damn These Heels film festival with "Leitis in Waiting," a fascinating documentary chronicling the lives and struggles of trans women in Tonga. This was Adam's favorite movie of the film festival, and both of us really learned a lot about not just the issues facing trans women in Tonga because of the influx of evangelical Christianity in that culture, but just the people in general. Chris goes on his longest...


Ep 21: Dave Franco's Face

21 episode! We're officially old enough to drink now! The kids in this week's movie, "Geography Club," are not however. We finally disagree about a movie! Chris enjoyed it a lot more than Adam did despite both of us giving it a similar score. The toxic masculinity we discussed last week rears its ugly head again with this film, Chris gives out parenting advice and also wishes upon a star for something incredibly naughty. Be sure to send us feedback and check us out on Facebook, Twitter and...


Ep 20: We Love You, Hannah Gadsby!

We apologize for lying to you again! Our plan to do "Geography Club" got bumped 'till next week because we wanted to talk about Hannah Gadsby's brillaint Netflix stand-up, "Nanette," because it is so vitally important for everyone, especially women and the LGBTQ community to hear ASAP. In fact, we recommend you watch the special before listening because we have to spoil parts of it in order to fully discuss it. We dive deep and have a really emotional episode as all of us, including guest...