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Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 23 War of the planet of the Apes and what dreams may come

This is a rather long Ep this week as Pip and Paul wrestle with the 2017 hit of War of the planet of the Apes. Next they gather up their unicorns , cupcakes and rainbows and immerse themselves into the dark brooding world of Robin Williams masterpiece of wishful thinking in What dreams may come.


Considered and Conceited Film Club podcast Ep 22 : Baby Driver: The Sapphires

We apologise for this weeks recording been delivered to you in mono as the right channel decided to go on holidays. Putting that to one side we look at 2017 hit movie Baby Driver and Australian music style movie, The Sapphires


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 21 "Cowboys and Aliens" and "Glory"

This week Pip and Paul haggle over the merits of Daniel Craig Vs other previous Bonds . and disscus the merits of this Popcorn Western, "Cowboys and Aliens". Also they dive quite deeply on the Civil War classic "Glory" and its links to today. Also this is the first episode that has been filmed and will be released on YouTube when properly produced.


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 20 "Blues Brothers & Hot Fuzz"

This week we look at the 1980's cult classic Blues Brothers bespangled with music legends and haggle over whether it was funny or not. Also we look at one of pips favourites , a British comedy classic called Hot Fuzz .


Considered and Conceited Filmclub Podcast Ep 19 "Aliens & Odd angry shot"

This week we take a gander at the James Cameron sci fi classic Aliens and try see past its patina of years to the inner gold. Also we argue on the merits of obscure 1979 Australian Vietnam war movie Odd angry shot staring Brian Brown and Graham Kennedy


Considered and Conceited Film Club podcast Ep 18 : Solo, a star wars story: La Haine

This week, we have some fun at Harrison Fords expense in Solo: A star wars movie, and then are brought back down to earth in the gritty french film La Haine (the hate) (which should be called "the fear")


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 17 "Dogma and Priscilla, Queen of the desert"

This week we break away from the deeply depressing to flit about with to comedy that will leave you laughing. a timeful classic dogma, that is starting to creak in this new age and the joyous Australian classic, Priscilla Queen of the desert that will leave you feeling just FABULOUS!


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 16 Shawshank Redemption and 1984

Bit of an odd episode, this one. This week we have the timeless classic Shawshank Redemption offered by freind of the pod, Derek but put in lock down. The second film 1984 is placed in a sealed section in recognition of its dark content and heavy political undertones to today, you will be thouroughly warned.....


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 15 Sunshine and King Lear

Paul reads a letter from a Listener from Tennessee concerning Pips distaste for the local accent and explodes into a flourish of apology. The first film of the night is 2007 Sunshine offered up by Listener Stu, and is given the considered and conceited treatment. the second film is the brand new release of Shakespeares great tragedy King Lear. The film boasts a cast of all time greats like Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson supported by top rate actors, the conversation is long and hard...


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 14 "The Fall and Hysteria"

This week Pip and Paul present reveiw the 2006 arthouse fantasy The Fall of a little girl in a turn of a century hospital being tricked into helping a young man attempt suicide, it can only end well. Also we take a trip back with Hysteria, into the height of the Victorian age to when a young doctor electrifies the medical world with his revolutionary treatments, and sets london society abuzz in his attempt to get his girl. Its very stimulating stuff.....sorry pip i couldnt help myself....


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 13 "The Great Dictator" and "The Darkest Hour"

This week was a little more serious and somber as Pip and paul discuss the polital satire of hollywood legend Charlie Chaplin whoose self funded film "The Great Dictator (1941)" leveled its gaze to the Nazis and Hitler in particular. Pip and Paul then rake over the recent film "The Darkest Hour" that has the much acclaimed preformance of Gary Oldmans depiction of british War leader Winston Churchill. and remember kids "when your going through hell, keep going!" Winston Churchill Please...


Pip bursts into song (sound test)

Hi guys , i found this out take from last weeks sound test where pip bursts into song. I couldn't help myself to save and share it with you all. its entirely possible I shall be found dead under suspicious curcumstances but I do delight in embarrasing Pip, and now I can do it at an international level. Its very short, so enjoy!


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 12 "Inglorious Bastards & The Boat that rocks"

Pip and Paul wax fulsomly on Tarrantinos classic war film, "Inglorious Bastards". Also they discuss the film that has more titles then it has lines in it, they agree finally to call it "The boat that rocks"


Considered and Conceited film club podcast Ep 11 : Jaws 1975 . Deadpool 2

Deadpool makes a followup reapearance in this years sequel and Paul faces his deepest most fears with Jaws Dont Forget to share or Rate and reveiw ....thanks


Considered and Conceited Film Club podcast Ep 10 :Obscure Mary and Max .Favourite Deadpool

This week , Pip and Paul turn there attention to deeply emotional and 'heartwarming' clay animation movie Mary and Max, then to the hijinx of that Marvel scamp, Deadpool


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 9 Recent release Tag and classic Casablanca

Well the wait has been long but we finally have decent equipment to record on (Pip is too loud in this but it will be rectified next week) and thank those of you who have perserved with us. We launch into an new week looking at the recently released comedy Tag. Then we take apart and evaluate the quintasential classic romance of the war years, the much vaunted Casablanca so stap in and enjoy this weeks offering of Considered and Conconeited.


Considered and Conceited film club podcast: Ep 8 "the sum of us" and "what we do in the shadows"

In this Episode, Paul disloses more about his gay experiences and attitudes than he probably should and talks a little bit about an obscure Australian film The Sum of Us, where Russel Crowe plays a young gay man, and its context in 90's Australian hetrosexual society. Pip gushes about her favorite vampire movie What We Do in the Shadows to Paul who initially sounds unconvinced.


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast Ep 7 "Get ready Player one and Bringing up baby

Pip and Paul have a look at the latest Speilberg offering Get Ready Player One, then roll their sleeves up to come to a final reckoning with Pauls acting nemisis 'Carrie Grant' and discuss at some length his acting style in Bringing Up Baby. Lots of fun in a typically provocative manner.


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast: Ep 6 The Four Feathers and The Death of Stalin

Paul waffles excementally on about battles in the Sudan while Pip gives a full run down of the little known Heath Ledger film The Four Feathers. Also we introduce a small intermission segment of Paul favorite movie moments to be topped off by Paul being shot by the sniper in the grass Pip as she takes Paul to account for his choice of comedy film, The Death of Stalin


Considered and Conceited Film Club Podcast: Ep 5 Guess whose coming to dinner and Downsizing

This week Pip and Paul takle thorny issues like racism and love in the timeless classic of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? and contemplate the mass extinction of humanity with the recent Matt Daemon Downsizing. Lots of laughs with a few moments of seriousness as well This week is our 5th episode so can now be foind on Spotify!