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Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.

Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.


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Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.




Shaun Page - "Wheel of Fortune" - ADG Awards

The ADG awards are this Saturday, April 10th, which lets me celebrate the nomination of my friend Shaun Page for his work on "Wheel of Fortune". "Wheel of Fortune" is nominated for an ADG Award in the Variety, Reality or Competition category. We speak about the nominated sets and how the show being on for 35 years and being nominated now is such a special accomplishment. Shaun also manages to flips houses on the side, how he does that and work full time on this iconic show I have no idea.


Jim Bissell - We Create Dreamscapes Pt.2 - The Midnight Sky

In this part two interview with Production Designer Jim Bissell we throw back to "The Twilight Movie". His feelings about designing CGI heavy films like "300" and "Jumanji", working six times with director George Clooney including "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"and "Good Night and Good Luck". His love of "The Spiderwick Chronicles", designing of a 5 million dollar parking garage for "Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation" and how he basically invented computer PreVis on "The Boy Who Could Fly"....


Jim Bissell - We Create Dreamscapes - The Midnight Sky

It’s been a goal to speak with Jim Bissell since starting this podcast because on my wish list of designers and decorators I wanted to selfishly interview people who inspire me and inspire the world of cinema and tv. Jim Bissel has so many films that I cherish that of course I’m a total dork in this interview. He has a fascinating origin story that put him in the sights of Stevan Speilberg on one of his first films E.T. We talk about comparing his spaceship design from E.T. to The Midnight...


Jan Pascale - Let's Go Junking! - "Mank" Pt.2

In this part two of my interview with Set Decorator Jan Pascale we discuss her beginnings in Pittsburgh as a set painter on "Mr. Rogers"! Then the obvious shift to Roger Corman films. Her early work propping then moving to set decorating on films like "Forever Young", "Dracula Dead and Loving It", TV shows like "Gidion’s Crossing" and "Boston Public", then decorating "Training Day". Her string of heavy dramas intermixed with hilarious comedies like "Good night and Good Luck", "Anchman",...


Jan Pascale - Let's Go Junking! - "Mank"

In this episode I speak with the "Queen of White House Set Decorating" Jan Pascale. Her career includes so many great looking film I had to give you two episodes of her amazing decorating stories. With the highly acclaimed film "Mank" already sweeping up the nominations, I'm sure Jan will not be overlooked for her decorating in this black and white film. Her resume includes gems like "Good Night and Good Luck", "Sicario", "Argo", "Anchorman", "The Spiderwick Chronicles", "VICE", "Training...


Decorating Covid

On this episode I explain the day to day of how Covid is effecting the way the set gets decorated. From meetings to last touches on set, the way we all work in this industry has changed, and I hope not for long.


Dean Holland - Trim That By A Frame "The Office" - "Parks and Recreation" - "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

On this episode I speak with Dean Holland, an Emmy winning editor for his work on The Office” He seven nominations fro his work on The Office and Parks and Recreation and the 76th annual Academy awards. He also has three Online Film and Television award nominations in directing for “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. I met Dean on “Parks and Rec” and was lucky enough to start up the Netflix series “LOVE” with him after Parks ended and then again work with him on “The Good...


Holiday Pressie! Top 5 Tips To Break Into Hollywood.

As a holiday present to my loyal listeners I’m giving away my top 5 tips for getting into the business. I’m sharing the story of how I got into production and eventually a job in the art department. It is hands down the most asked question I get over the years. I’ve spent hours emailing people back the same story and the same tips. So this is my holiday gift to anyone looking to get into his crazy business. Happy Holidays!


Kim Wannop - All the Little Branches

In this episode I describe the structure of the Art, Set Decoration and Prop department. I’ve been in this business since 1999, and I know in describing all this to you I’m still not right. Every show it seems some positions do more or less then what you thought they did. Some people bring out the union handbook to prove they do or do not have to do something or that it is or isn’t coming out of their departments budget. Some people like the control of doing more then their position. I am...


Rose Lagace' - I Walked Into This Video Store...

On this episode I speak with Production Designer Rose Lagace. She is also the creator of the successful Hollywood art department insider website Art Departmental. We spoke in mid august and we both were starting back to work at the time. We talk about her show “The Baroness Von Sketch Show”, which if you haven't checked it out, it’s pretty funny and a little dark. We discuss the ebb and flow of the work in Canada in the past decade, some of our tricks we used for getting into the business...


Jeff Rosenberg - Confrontational Angles

On this episode I speak with Director, Producer, Writer, AD Jeff Rosenberg. I’ve worked with Jeff for a couple of years on different shows as our first AD and second AD and he’s great in both positions. In this past year Jeff finished the film “We Broke Up” which he wrote, produced and directed. I wanted to have him on the podcast because it’s so interesting to me to hear how someone can wear all the hats and have the passion to get a project completed. It took him years to get this together...


Celebrate By Eating Chips and Guac - Emmy Recap with James Pearse Connelly

On this episode I am joined by Production Designer James Pearse Connelly and we discuss the nominated designs and the winners of the 2020 Emmys for Production Design. If you have listened to James and I recap before you know we don't’ hold back, and we drink! I’m super glad that he’s up for this and is able to go head to head discussing all of these celebrated TV shows. We talk about who we thought would win, not necessarily who we voted for. And.. we were mostly wrong. Which goes to show,...


Gabriel Hardman - The Better Way To Tell The Story

On this episode I am joined by storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman. I spoke to him in early July after seeing him in the documentary “Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Story”. A documentary about storyboard artist Harold Michelson and his wife Lillian Michelson, a film researcher. In the documentary they interview a current storyboard artist, Gabriel Hardamn. The documentary inspired me to track him down for this podcast. A storyboard artist is a position in the art department but as Gabriel...


Jamie McCall - Thrust Into The Big Time - "The Prom" - "Pose" "The Politician"

On this episode I speak with Production Designer Jamie McCall. From her days of graphic designing on "House" to designing non stop for the past two years on "American Crime Story: Versace", "Pose", "The Politician" and the upcoming Netflix film "The Prom". We talk about her moving around the country to work in this industry, how other Production Designers have helped and influenced her, her work on "Banshee" and designing the Ryan Murphy world.


Matthew Flood Ferguson - I Used To Scratch The Film

On this episode I speak with Set Decorator / Production Designer Matthew Flood Ferguson. Matthew is currently nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Netflix series “Hollywood” for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period or Fantasy Program. His career as a Set Decorator focused on films like "Running with Scissors", "Beautiful Creatures", "The Gift", "Battle of the Sexes" and more… but recently turning to a string of high end TV Dramas like "American Crime Story: Versace", and...


Monica Sotto - Why Not Stay In The Circus?

On this episode I speak with Production Designer Monica Sotto. Monica is celebrating her nomination for Outstanding Production Design for Variety, Nonfiction, Reality or Reality-Competition Programming for “Drunk History”. She was also nominated in 2017 when she was the Art Director on "Drunk History". This past January, when we were still allow to party, Monica and her team also picked up an Art Director Guild award for "Drunk History". I met Monica on “Bones”, she was the art department...


Jane Musky - These Guys Sell Steak Knives

This episode is very special to me because I speak with a Designer idol of mine Production Designer Jane Musky. The films that Jane has designed have influenced me more than I realized. Although I have seen almost all of her films, multiple times, when I refreshed and watched some again, it made me feel passion, excitement, and my love for making set decorating. Jane designed Raising Arizona, Young Guns, When Harry Met Sally, Ghost, Glengarry Glen Ross, City Hall, The Devil’s Own, Boomerang...


Jonathan Fischer - Fast, Cheap, and Good. Pick Any Two

On this episode I speak with Jonathan Fischer who is an editor in unscripted reality television. Jonathan has been working on shows like Expedition Unknown, Little Woman:Dallas, Battlebots, American Guns, Ultimate Fighter, The Biggest Loser and more. He explains to me how the editing process begins, works and ends on a project. How the Tsunami in Japan in 2011 changed the editing industry forever. Who knew?? We discuss the ethical responsibility an editor has especially in reality television...


Don Diers - The Golden Touches

On this episode I speak with Set Decorator Don Diers who’s passion for details in his sets and his choice for specific charter pieces are so wonderful to discover when you watch his work! Starting in film as an art director he quickly discovered his passion for creating the characters in dressing and switched paths to be a Set Decorator. Creating memorable sets on films like the picture perfect “Down with Love”, in TV the collage campus world of “Community” and even decorating for the “The...


"The Good Place" - A "Good" Finale

On this episode I speak with the Production Design team of the final season of "The Good Place". Production Designer; Ian Phillips, Art Director; Adam Rowe, Prop Master; Gay Perello and Graphic Designer; Graham Radcliff watch the series finale of "The Good Place" together and reminisce how we all got it done. It was so nice to see each other, especially in this time. Watching the series finale together was special, we really appreciate each other's contributions to the look of the show. It...