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148: What Would Jersey Do If Martians Attack? Ft. "Brave New Jersey" Director Jody Lambert

Episode Summary: "Brave New Jersey" director Jody Lambert joins FadCast to talk what would happen if martians invade Jersey and funny ways people cope in the wake of a hoax. We dissect Lambert's production from working with an A-List cast ranging from Anna Camp ("Pitch Perfect") to Tony Hale ("VEEP"), to jokes and comic bits that got left on the cutting room floor and why. But first, we tease our list for the Top 5 Least Charismatic A-List Actors In Hollywood and Eric's Guide To "The...


147: Lena Dunham and Other Actors People Hate

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we embrace the outrage as we discuss Lena Dunham and other actors that people absolutely HATE. From the past and present, we cull celebrity names that make us shudder and cringe... or just outright make us want to punch them in the face. But first we read a scene from Shia Labeouf's 2007 live-action "Transformers" and talk Lena Dunham joining "American Horror Story" and the "Shape Of Water" trailer for our Speed Round. Episode...


146 | The Evolution Of Spider-Man Movies

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast,we wall crawl and web swing into action as we talk the tumultuous movie history of Spider-Man. From one off 70s television special to script rewrites, to litigation limbo, to Raimi, to Webb to MCU, we cover the ups, downs and all-arounds of the Spider-Man movie history. But first we do a scene read from "Spider-Man" (2002). Episode Breakdown: Pooya: You are listening to FilmFad.com’s FadCast Episode 146 Ryan: With Special Guest, silent speaker,...


145: What's So Great About Jenji Kohan?

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast,we crawl from behind the “Weeds” and into cells of the Litchfield women's penitentiary as we unlock the secret behind why Jenji Kohan is so great. From the 8-season spanning cannabis laced exploration of suburbia "Weeds" to the current Netflix sensation "Orange Is the New Black," we compare and contrast our way to decoding the truth behind Kohan's success. But first, we read a scene from the pilot episode of "Orange Is The New Black." Before...


144: Is Tom Cruise A Good Or Bad Actor?

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we take a run at the age old question, "Is Tom Cruise a great actor, or a horrible one?" We tackle the impossible mission of investigating his filmography to find clues as to how good of a thespian cruise really is. From Cruise's iconic white brief and tube-sock clad dance in "Risky Business", to him letting loose the goose in "Top Gun", to running his way through what will soon be six installments of "Mission Impossible," we find ourselves in...


143: Movie Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, Keith from Brotastic Nerdom joins a special co-host to talk movie remakes that are better than the original. We seek to bury the age old theory that the original is ALWAYS better by comparing films like "Vanilla Sky," "True Lies," "Scarface," "The Departed" and so many more! But first, Keith joins us for a scene read from "The Departed." Before that, we briefly how “Wonder Woman” Rescues The DCEU In Practically Perfect Fashion for our SPEED...


142: "Back To The 90s" Talking Nickelodeon Nostalgia ft. Actor/Director Ben Giroux

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, flash "Back to the 90s" getting nostalgic over our favorite Nickelodeon shows with actor, director and producer Ben Giroux. Ben currently stars as ‘Mikey Munroe' in Nickelodeon’s “Bunsen is a Beast” and ‘The Toddler’ in Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger.” Among numerous other notable network television series credits from CW to Fox, Ben most recently partnered with Indie Hip-Hop artist Jensen Reed for their music video collaboration, “Back to the 90s”,...


141: Our Time With Jason Mewes & Violett Beane At Tidewater Comicon

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we upload our SD cards of Tidewater Comicon memories and talk our favorite moments hosting the Jason Mewes ("Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back") and Violett Beane ("The Flash") Panels. Before that, we briefly talk how Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Focuses On The Donald Trump Presidency and RIP Michael Parks at Age 77 for our SPEED ROUND! Episode Breakdown: Pooya: You are listening to FilmFad.com’s... Ryan & Pooya: FadCast Episode 141 Pooya:...


140: Movies About Moving

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we pack our bags and venture off into the unknown to explore new terrain and meet new lifeforms talking movies about moving. From the twinkle-toed Kevin Bacon lead cult classic "Footloose" to the blue tinged home world pandora in "Avatar," we compare reality of moving to thematic derivations the big-screen. But first we set the mood with a scene read from "Poltergeist." Before that, we briefly talk the ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Trailer 2 Gives An...


139: Star Wars George Lucas Era Versus Disney Future

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we navigate through the Star Wars universe talking old versus new. We compare the pros and cons of the George Lucas era films versus the possibilities that Disney brings to the table. But first we do a "killer" scene reading from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Before that, we briefly talk the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" IMAX Footage and Melissa McCarthy joining a puppet noir murder mystery for our SPEED ROUND! How did you like the...


138: What's The Deal With LGBT Films ft. 'Fair Haven' Actor/Producer Tom Malloy

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, “Fair Haven” producer and actor Tom Malloy joins us to discuss the perception versus the actuality of LGBT films. We navigate through some examples of Hollywood's more close-minded past into the new "Politically Correct" era as we discuss where to find a healthy medium. But first Tom joins us for a scene read from "I Love You Phillip Morris." Before that, we briefly talk the Amazing Disney Mondo Art Debuts At ‘Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show’...


137: Behind The Music Documentaries ft. “Bang! The Bert Berns Story” Director Brett Berns

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, “Bang! The Bert Berns Story” co-director Brett Berns joins us to talk behind the music documentaries. "Bang! The Bert Berns Story" is Brett Berns' directorial debut. Berns serves as president of Sloopy II music as well as the son of iconic 60’s Atlantic Records hit-maker and namesake of the film. But first, we do a brief scene reading from "Walk The Line." Before that, we briefly talk the new not-so subliminal "Kingsman: Gold Circle" teaser...


136: Totally Wasted Marvel Movie Cameos

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we greet fellow "culture lovers" as we fanboy over Marvel movie cameos that were totally wasted. From Sony, to Fox, to Universal to Disney, we jog through some epic cameos that never panned out and weigh in on which studio was the biggest offender. But first, we channel our inner... cameos (?) as we do incredibly somber scene reading from "The Incredible Hulk." Before that, we briefly talk ‘THOR: RAGNAROK’ FIRST TEASER TRAILER PUMPS EXCITEMENT...


135: Bad Movies With Epic Trailers

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we talk about some of the most exciting trailers for the most disappointing movies. From superhero blockbusters to comedy reboots, we talk about artful trailers for movies that suck. We also play opposites as we run through a few awful trailers for amazing movies. But first, we create (adlib) our own trailer... which may or may not be epic. Before that, we briefly talk Aaron Sorkin First Three Marvel Films Announced and Aubrey Plaza Descends...


134: Attack Of The Killer Rotten Tomatoes

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, Eric joins us as we ready our semi-composted produce to be hurled as we cast a critical eye towards Movie Review Aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. We discuss some of their history of ownership, their accuracy, their effect on the audience, and how they MIGHT impact the thought process of networks and studios. But first, we learn the source of a critics scorn with a scene read from the animated television series "The Critic." Before that, we briefly...


133: Best Racing Movies

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we shift into fifth gear as we blaze through a list of fan adored racing films, and some bad ones too. We span films from the Past, Present and Future as we talk movies that jog, jockey or drift their way into our hearts. But first, we make a pit stop with a brief scene reading from "Days of Thunder" where we put our vocal talents on "Cruise" control. Before that, we briefly talk SPIDER-MAN VENOM MOVIE SPINOFF: PLEASE DON’T USE THE ULTIMATE...


132: Netflix Original Wins & Epic Fails

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, We thumb through Netflix's extensive catalogue of originals to talk projects that win and those that epically fail. From the growing Marvel Universe to "Orange is the New Black" to "The OA" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," we pick the brightest winners and biggest losers. But first, we do a brief (and VERY awkward) scene read from Netflix original, "Love." Before that, we briefly talk ‘ATLANTA’ STAR ZAZIE BEETZ LANDS DOMINO ROLE IN ‘DEADPOOL...


131: Taboo Comedy Documentaries ft. 'The Last Laugh' Director Ferne Pearlstein

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, "The Last Laugh" director Ferne Pearlstein drops in to talk taboo comedy and how one approaches making a documentary about Holocaust jokes. From being delighted by Mel Brooks to having to censor Jeff Ross, Pearlstein recounts what content made it into her new documentary and what didn't. We then put "The Last Laugh" into perspective by comparing to other comedy documentaries and how Pearlstein drew inspiration from the uncouth "The Aristocrats."...


130: Perception Of Wine In Film ft. Julien Fayard From 'Decanted'

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, swirl, sip and spit talking the perception of wine in tv and film with Julien Fayard from the vino-centric documentary "Decanted." Fayard, Spectrum's 2016 Winemaker of the Year, helps us become cinematic sommeliers as we discuss which films about wine got it right, and which films got it ALL wrong. From "Sideways" to "A Good Year" we test our palates with a slew videographic varietals. Fayard also helps us assign a specific wine flavor to a few...


129: Movie Rumor Vs Movie Reality: When Do You Believe The Hype?

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we sort through some of the most recent movie rumors, discerning fact from fiction, as we try to find out when to believe the "hype." From the down-trodden "The Batman" rumors that Matt Reeves ("War For The Planet Of The Apes") is no longer in talks for director and Ben Affleck's impending departure from the DCEU to "Deadpool 2" rumors pinning former Bond Pierce Brosnan as future-torn Cable. We try to get to the bottom of when the "hype" is...