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IT Chapter 2

Guess what it's been 27 years and Pennywise is back! Our loveable clown continues to terrorise the town of Derry Maine. The Losers club have forgotten theirs pasts and have to confront them once again to tackle the supernatural being known as IT. We have assembled our own Losers Club consisting of John and Len to review this latest Stephen King adaptation...enjoy, subscribe and sponsor us on Patreon if you like at Thanks


The Worst of Netflix - American Poltergeist

The Worst of Netflix takes on the world of horror, as Gaz & John review American Poltergeist. Which was scarier, the ghost of Lizzie Borden or the performances by the films actors? Listen to find out what the boys thought. Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at Or you can sponsor us further and get access to bonus content by going to


Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

What did we make of Tarantino's latest film? Once Upon A Time in the Fan Critical world we would love to have all of us review this movie but this time you have John and Emma. We hope you enjoy the podcast and if you do please subscribe, or if you'd like you can sponsor us further on Patreon at Thank you!


Mindhunter - Season 2 - Episodes 1-3

A brand new show for Fan Critical, as Emma and Lucy discuss the new season of Mindhunter. The unsettling crime thriller had a hit first season, what will the team think of the first few episodes of the second season? Does Emma have a weird thing for serial killers? Does Lucy model her wardrobe on the late 70s setting of the show? Listening to the pod is almost certainly the best way to find out the answers to some of these questions! We love hearing what you think too - email us at...


The Worst Of Netflix - Fred: The Movie

The wait is over and the Worst Of Netflix is back! John and Gareth have returned to their beloved format to cover what is possibly one of the worst things they have ever seen in Fred...this one is a lot of fun so enjoy and please let us know your thoughts on this pod, the film or anything you like by emailing us at Or you can sponsor us further and get access to bonus content by going to And of course please do subscribe!


Stranger Things Season 3 - Episodes 7 & 8

The finale of Stranger Things Season 3 didn't disappoint! The gang were thoroughly impressed with how it all wrapped up and were left sobbing their way through the final moments. Let us know what you thought, email us at or sponsor us on Patreon at to hear bonus content and Gareth and John's rendition of Neverending Story which will be out by next week. And please subscribe. Enjoy.


Stranger Things Season 3 - Episodes 5 & 6

The season really picks up pace with these 2 episodes. So far Season 3 is proving to be very popular with the Fan Critical gang, this week however it's just Gaz and Len here to discuss all the merits of these 2 episodes and to walk you through all the Easter Eggs and references. Let us know if we missed any email us at or sponsor us on Patreon at and please do subscribe and share. Thank you.


Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 3 and 4

Our second podcast covering Stranger Things season 3 is here! This time the gang cover episodes 3 and 4. It's fair to say we think the show is picking up pace nicely. Some big blueberry scores here! Let us know your thoughts - email us at or get in touch on the usual social media spots. Become a Patreon!


Stranger Things Season 3 - Episodes 1 & 2

Back to Hawkins we go to catch up with our favourite D&D players. Yes, Stranger Things is back and we're very excited to discuss it. Listen to the gang discuss episodes 1 & 2 of season 3. Please let us know what you thought of the first two episodes. Email us at or contact us on any of our social media platforms. We're on Patreon! If you'd like to sponsor us further go to to access exclusive bonus content. And remember to subscribe and...


Gerald's Game

Emma and Lucy are back with their review of Stephen King's Gerald's Game. This film has received a lot of attention and has some very... intense moments. Have a listen to hear what the girls thought of it. Let us know your thoughts - email us at We're on Patreon!


Black Mirror - Rachael, Jack and Ashley Too

The final episode this season left some of us bemused! John, Gaz and Len too are here to talk through the themes of this episode and at times share their disappointment with this season as a whole. Please let us know your thoughts email us at Please also subscribe and if you want to support us further visit Thanks.


Black Mirror - Smithereens

The second episode stays simple in it's approach but is pretty effective. Just John and Len this week to mull over this one. Let us know what you thought you can email us at or support us on Patreon at Thanks


Black Mirror - Striking Vipers

3 gamers and lads gather to discuss this interesting start to the season...We have a lot of fun with it but also delve deep into the meaning and what this iteration of Black Mirror is trying to say. Please do subscribe to our channel, let us know your thoughts at and sponsor us on Patreon if you like at Thanks!


The Worst Of Netflix - Baby Geniuses

Is this another 0 bloob? Gareth and John continue their search...after the relatively entertaining Alienator they turn their attentions to Baby Geniuses! Enjoy. please do subscribe to the channel and if you want to support us further visit Thank you!


Game Of Thrones Wrap Up

Our final thoughts on that controversial ending and an amazing decade of television! No matter what we love this show even if it didn't end the way we wanted. We take all your feedback in this one so thank you for getting in touch and for all your support. You can follow all our other content at the Fan Critical podcast feed so please subscribe to that. And support us on Patreon if you like Thanks.


Game Of Thrones Season 8 - The Iron Throne

It's the end...was it all worth it? As GOT mega fans and podcasters we aren't going to lie to you, we are thoroughly disappointed with the finale. We know a lot of the fandom are too so join us as we explain why this just didn't work for us. Next week we run down our favourite ever moments and we want your thoughts too, email us at and if you like support us on patreon at Thank you for all your support.


Game Of Thrones Season 8 - The Bells

The penultimate episode had some dramatic character shifts...but did they work? The gang try to dissect all the action, character motivations and actions that happen during the final battle for the throne. Please let us know our thoughts email us at and if you like sponsor us on Patreon at Thanks


Apt Pupil

Emma and Lucy have a go at reviewing this SK adaptation. Will it be as positive as their review of Stand By Me? Let us know your thoughts, email us at or sponsor us on Patreon at


Game Of Thrones Season 8 - The Last Of The Starks

After the excellent Long Night last week what did we think of the follow up episode? Well it's certainly a mixed reaction from the team. The pacing is definitely an issue and although there are some great moments in there it all feels a little odd at times. Check out our review and please let u know your thoughts, email us at and if you would like support us on Patreon go to Thanks!


The Worst Of Netflix - The Alienator

John and Gaz are back reviewing another terrible film! This week it's the Alienator, after the hype of Avengers Endgame and The Battle of Winterfell this week it seems only right they get brought back down to earth by this truly awful film. Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at and also if you want to sponsor us on Patreon at