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Ep 10 | Mafia Shark Party | The Meg & Shark Movies

In Episode 10, Thomas & Melissa exclaim, "My God. It's a Megalodon!" The Meg is in theaters so they head into the deep waters of shark movies. From the great to the enjoyably bad to simply flat out terrible, shark movies have had a tough go since Jaws.Can another shark movie ever be taken as seriously as Speilberg's classic or should they all Sharknado it and go for broke with the cheese? Keep up with us at Geeky Gab and don't forget to donate to our Patreon for exclusive bonuses at...


Ep 9 | Machine Gun Fights on a Whim | The Predator & AvP Franchises

Part two of our Alien and Predator franchise discussion as Shane Black's "The Predator" is about to hit theaters. Our second installment looks at "Predator" and its sequels, why the second is an underrated worthy follow up, Predators is completely fine for the lane it chose. Why method acting and living in the jungle may be a bit too extreme. Authors Thomas A. Fowler and Melissa Koons bring up the split nature of 'Aliens vs. Predator" and the schlock-filled mess known as "Aliens vs....


Ep 8 | This Time...It's Plural! | The Alien Franchise

"The Predator" returns to hunt unwilling human prey soon. Authors Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons kick off Monster Month with a look at the Alien franchise, with some mild Predator sprinkled in there for good measure. From the confusion of the new entries to the classic influence of the first two entries, we look at the deadliest ant colony in space with the Alien franchise.


Ep 7 | Was the Mustache Worth It? - Mission: Impossible Fallout

The mission, as they've chosen to accept it, is for Thomas & Melissa to journey through the Mission: Impossible franchise. From the franchise's surprising longevity to Melissa's fear of elevators formulating from the first movie, the episode gets into the six installments of the franchise. In addition, we discuss MustacheGate, with Cavill's soup strainer causing big problems for the Justice League and how the latest installments should be considered elaborate audition tapes for Rebecca...


Ep 6 | Alien Robot Things | Movies of Edgar Wright

From Shaun of the Dead to Baby Driver, authors Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons dive into the films of Edgar Wright. With Ant Man and the Wasp hitting theaters, they also discuss the Ant Man that could've been, what lead to Wright's departure from the MCU weeks before production, then the impact of the Cornetto Trilogy and musical influences that have defined his style. Listen and look for the latest episodes at


Ep 5 | Peggy Carter Forever | Ant Man & The Wasp

Thomas & Melissa breakdown the first two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, talking about which movies were their favorites, and which ones were Thor: The Dark World. Everything is building to the release of Ant Man & The Wasp, the after party to Infinity War's one-way trip to Bummerville.


Ep 4 | Lowering My Jeff Goldblum Expectations | Jurassic Park & Jurassic World Franchise

With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom now in theaters, Thomas & Melissa dive into the Jurassic Franchise. How have they adapted the book? What have we enjoyed? Where has the franchise fallen short? And what can we expect from the newest installment? Find that out and more in this episode of Geeky Gab. Get our latest blog posts, Franchisnal Feast recipes, Geekstarter conversation points, and more at As always, please like, share and subscribe to our podcast.


Ep 3 | Wasn't Ready for the Feels - (Ranking Pixar Movies, Part 3)

The conclusion of the Pixar Episode Trilogy! Thomas & Melissa rank their top 5 Pixar movies, getting into childhood emotions from moving, the dynamics of the Toy Story franchise and how Pixar movies change as you get older. The Geeky Gab podcast gets into the five best Pixar movies for our hosts and invites you to share your favorites and rank them yourself! Learn about it all at


Ep 2 | My Childhood in an Incinerator - (Ranking Pixar Movies, Part 2)

Last week we looked at numbers 20-11, now we get into it from our number 10-6 rankings. From talking about past connections to Pixar movies to the traumatizing emotional catharsis Pixar slams us with, authors Thomas A. Fowler and Melissa Koons dive into the next installment of ranking the best Pixar has to offer.