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Ep 23 | GREAT SCOTT! | The Back to the Future Trilogy

Hop in the Delorian! Authors Thomas A. Fowler and Melissa Koons talk about the Back to the Future trilogy with returning special guest Aylâ Larsen. They discuss their early crushes on Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson, why the trilogy can never be remade, and the 2015 the sequel predicted was both wonderful and terrible foreshadowing. From iconic music to classic visual effects and interweaving plot narratives, the three praise the Robert Zemekis-directed trilogy of films and why they've...


Minisode 2 | Let Fans Enjoy Themselves

IN our second minisode, Thomas A. Fowler, author of science fiction and nerdy things, dives into geeky news including Sony's success in building out their Spider-man universe with Venom and the upcoming animated movies, Fantastic Beasts' mixed reception, Netflix adapting Roahl Dahl, and Guillermo Del Toro's scripts that never saw the light of day. Finally, Thomas begins a dive into fandoms and why we need to be allowed to love the franchises that make us happy, regardless of the reason. If...


Ep 22 | Neeps and Tatties | The Outlander Franchise

Joined by special guests Aylâ Larsen and Amber Fowler, authors Thomas A. Fowler and Melissa Koons dive into the Outlander franchise. From the sexy stuff to the detailed production challenges, the group of four takes the journey with Claire and Jamie from Scotland to France (bleh), Jamaica and now America (Lollybroch YEAH!) Bonus content can be found if you become a patron at, free content always available at


Minisode 1 | Luke Cage & Iron Fist Got Snapped!

In our first minisode, that will bridge the gap between main episodes, Thomas A. Fowler discusses all the major geeky news. From Avengers 4 & Godzilla vs. Kong casting to WWE in hot water over their ties to Saudia Arabia, to Halloween making a killing on screen and at the box office. Listen to our newest episode and check out our content at Become a Patreon for even more exclusive content not available on our free podcast at


Ep 21 | Dabbling in Dark Times | Hannibal Lecter

It's time to attend some operas and break out the cookware as we look into the multiple interpretations of Hannibal Lecter. Beginning with the books by Thomas Harris, authors Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons look at the initial interpretation of Red Dragon with "Manhunter." Then the infamous Academy Award winning "Silence of the Lambs," other movies. Finally, we discuss the Brian Fuller show "Hannibal." The episode, our longest yet, discusses the moral cloud the Hannibal works provide,...


Ep 20 | It's F#$%ing Bill Murray | Horror Pt. 4 More Zombies

Zombies can be fun too! Thomas & Melissa go into more of the lighthearted zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead, Night of the Living Deb, and Life After Beth. Why do zombie movies merge with other genres like Romantic Comedies, Musicals and Nazis so well? It's hard to tell but we look at how the undead don't always have to cause drama. With movies like Zombieland, stakes can still exist without losing the comedy. Bonus content can be found if you become a patron at,...


Ep 19 | The Love Actually of Zombie Movies | Horror Pt. 3 - Zombies

October crawls on with hordes of the undead incoming. We start with the conversation about the granddaddy of modern zombie formula. Aim for the head as we break down George Romero's classics, and latter zombie movies. We discuss whether 28 Days/Weeks Later qualifies as zombie movies and more. Bonus content can be found if you become a patron at, free content always available at Part two of five in our October horror discussion dives into the more surreal...


Ep 18 | Killing the Shermanator | Horror Part Two - The Surreal

From Stephen King to Fatal Frame, Resident Evil to Bubba Ho Tep, hosts Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons look at the more surreal horror. From video games to books, they cover all the topics horror brings like traumatic elementary school library choices with "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" to the differences from book adaptations to film for The Relic, I am Legend, The Mist and more. Dive into surreal horror in part two of four with October dedicated solely to horror. Bonus content can be...


Ep 17 | Peak Kurt Russell | Horror Part One: Slashers

We kick of October for a month long of horror-specific discussions. This week we start with a lot of unnecessary tripping and slow pacing villains as we look at the history of slashers, with a few diversions into the DCEU and alien invasion classics like The Thing. This week's Geekstarter asks "If you were in a horror or slasher movie, do you think you'd survive?" Find out in this week's episode! Our Patreon account is live and running, get your bonus content at As...


Ep 16 | "Oh, hai Blade!" | Why is THIS a Franchise? Pt. 2: Action & Horror

Have you watched a horror franchise outstay its welcome? Or perhaps and action movie was awesome, and then threw the first movie's arc out the window to make those sequels? Join Thomas & Melissa as they continue asking "Why is THIS a franchise?" We look at action franchises like The Expendables, and Universal Soldier (lots of Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lungren!) then how horror movies can even make money by the seventh or eleventh installment. We also want Tommy Wiseau in the next...


Bonus Episode | Writing Lessons We Can Learn from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | Patreon Sneak Peek

A free sneak peek into our monthly Patreon bonus content, we're giving you a sample of our 45-minute bonus episode, exclusive only to our Patrons. For our September bonus episode, we're looking at writing lessons we can learn from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Because Thomas A. Fowler is such a fan of Jurassic Park, he looks at the good and bad. The incredible atmospheric setting to the unrewarded seeds planted that resulted in nothing. Have a listen and if you enjoy the bonus content, $5...


Ep 15 | Poor Eugene Levy | Why is THIS a Franchise? Pt. 1: Comedies

Have you ever watched a comedy sequel, or sequels, and asked "Why is this a franchise?" Thomas & Melissa did too, which is what we're talking about in this episode. From American Pie's excessive legs to the copy and paste scenarios of The Hangover Trilogy, we dissect which comedies needed to have died long before they called it quits. We also talk about the often missed steps with waiting too long for a comedy sequel and somehow missed discussing Police Academy. What are some comedy...


Ep 14 | Turds in the Wind | The Spider-man & Venom Franchises

Now that audiences have waited for so long to get the right version of Venom (sorry Topher Grace), will we get it? Listen to our first LIVE recorded episode from Fort Collins Comic Con as we go through the movie history of Spider-man, and the future of Venom.


Ep 13 | The Hallway Fights Continue | The Defenders Part 2

This week concludes the two-part discussion about The Defenders. From discussing Luke Cage to going into The Punisher, The Defenders and doing what most people did: blowing right by Iron Fist. They talk about what's to come in the years ahead and how long the team will be going. Geeky Gab has a Patreon you can donate to at where you can get exclusive bonus mini-episodes, merchandise and more.


Ep 12 | All Fine Here in Hell's Kitchen | The Defenders (Part 1)

Part one of a two-part discussion, Thomas & Melissa look at the street level superheroes with The Defenders. From our issues with Karen and Iron Fist to the joy of Daredevil and emotionally trying Jessica Jones. What does the future hold for Netflix now that Disney has a streaming service coming in 2019? Have a listen and as always, find us at or donate to our Patreon to help us keep the microphone recording at


Ep 11 | Depressed Cinnabon Mustache (w/ guest Amber Fowler) | Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

This week, Thomas & Melissa welcome guest Amber Fowler to get to cooking with Better Call Saul season four hitting AMC. We discuss the big cliffhangers from season three and expectations as the show merges with Breaking Bad with each passing episode. What fates await Kimmy and Nacho? The episode looks at the show's representation of masculinity, and why these shows that's so traumatic and full of people doing terrible things can engage audiences so well. As always, exclusive content awaits...


Ep 10 | Mafia Shark Party | The Meg & Shark Movies

In Episode 10, Thomas & Melissa exclaim, "My God. It's a Megalodon!" The Meg is in theaters so they head into the deep waters of shark movies. From the great to the enjoyably bad to simply flat out terrible, shark movies have had a tough go since Jaws.Can another shark movie ever be taken as seriously as Speilberg's classic or should they all Sharknado it and go for broke with the cheese? Keep up with us at Geeky Gab and don't forget to donate to our Patreon for exclusive bonuses at...


Ep 9 | Machine Gun Fights on a Whim | The Predator & AvP Franchises

Part two of our Alien and Predator franchise discussion as Shane Black's "The Predator" is about to hit theaters. Our second installment looks at "Predator" and its sequels, why the second is an underrated worthy follow up, Predators is completely fine for the lane it chose. Why method acting and living in the jungle may be a bit too extreme. Authors Thomas A. Fowler and Melissa Koons bring up the split nature of 'Aliens vs. Predator" and the schlock-filled mess known as "Aliens vs....


Ep 8 | This Time...It's Plural! | The Alien Franchise

"The Predator" returns to hunt unwilling human prey soon. Authors Thomas A. Fowler & Melissa Koons kick off Monster Month with a look at the Alien franchise, with some mild Predator sprinkled in there for good measure. From the confusion of the new entries to the classic influence of the first two entries, we look at the deadliest ant colony in space with the Alien franchise.


Ep 7 | Was the Mustache Worth It? - Mission: Impossible Fallout

The mission, as they've chosen to accept it, is for Thomas & Melissa to journey through the Mission: Impossible franchise. From the franchise's surprising longevity to Melissa's fear of elevators formulating from the first movie, the episode gets into the six installments of the franchise. In addition, we discuss MustacheGate, with Cavill's soup strainer causing big problems for the Justice League and how the latest installments should be considered elaborate audition tapes for Rebecca...