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Episode 80 - Friday After Next

The Christmas season is here and it's a miracle that we didn't have to start it off with another Jack Frost situation! PJ's first pick is the 3rd movie in the Friday trilogy. You'd think this one would be right up our alley right? Also on the show, we talk about our love and hate of snow, shoes, potato salad and deviled eggs, porn, girlfriends and hookups, scam callers interrupt the show multiple times, we answer a few questions and we tell A LOT of stories. HO HO HO Muthaf----s!!! Follow...


Episode 79 - Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood

It's the final episode of the Halloween Hustle and we're going back to the hood. We talked about the original Leprechaun In The Hood way back in episode 12 and it was about time we went back for the sequel. The hype levels are at max this episode so the convo goes all over the place. We talk about our favorite hip-hop diss track opening, jack catchphrases from other podcasts and create a new one of our own, songs are sung, we discuss the Playstation Classic, Ohio's heartbeat bill, Brent...


Episode 78 - ThanksKilling 3

The Halloween Hustle is mashing with Turkey Day this week because we are discussing ThanksKilling 3! Last year we watched the first movie and loved it but will this one be as good? In this episode we also discuss what Thanksgiving means to us and if some movies need sequels. We also find out what muff is, PJ learns about seppiku, we talk about Muppet movies, Rockos Modern Life and wonder if people actually ask one another to smell their fingers. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and...


Episode 77 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

The Halloween Hustle is almost over and it may finally have broken PJ. This may be the most confused he has ever been watching a movie and it's also his first time watching a David Lynch joint. Wanna guess how this went? Also on the show you can hear about sex workers and Brent's old porn aspirations, PJ gets angry, The Spirit gives you all probably too much information about a certain topic and PJ wonders what drug we would all take if we could get away with it and not become addicted. Grab...


Episode 76 - The First Purge

This rarely happens but PJ requested a movie, so this week we watched The First Purge. Brent has never seen this before and wasn't a big fan of the first two but this one has a predominantly black cast so that may make it better for him, right? This is a jam packed episode and besides the movie, we also talk about Brent's ideas for a Purge sequel, class 4 weapons, racism in the United States, Tales From The Hood 2, Imdb reviews and we wonder whether the US would start the Purge first or...


Episode 75 - They Live (PJ's Never Seen)

The final month of the Halloween Hustle is here and it brings another movie that PJ has never seen, this time it's John Carpenter's They Live! Will PJ like this one more than Halloween? Will Brent like it more than Big Trouble in Little China? Listen and find out! You also get to hear about kids wrestling, more stories about crazy young Brent, The Spirit's story about being scared in the car, getting older, butt stuff, aliens and UFO's, Brent's annoyance with the new Halloween movie title...


Episode 74 - Zombie (1979)

Month two of the Halloween Hustle has come to an end and we're finishing it with the Lucio Fulci classic, Zombie a.k.a Zombi 2 a.k.a Zombie Flesh Eaters. Neither of us have seen this one before so it's time to see if the classic holds up! Also in this episode you get to hear all about boats and ho's, video nasty's, PJ's various nicknames, Brent's s'more redemption, trekkies vs trekkers, our Hustle Approvals for the week and we research how hard it is to get into Canada. PJ also plays his...


Episode 73 - Blood of Dracula's Castle

Well, this is gonna be interesting. PJ couldn't record with me so, i'm going solo and talking about a super weird grindhouse style movie about Dracula being evicted out of his castle or something like that, it's weird man. There are also stories about Mystery Science Theater and vhs recording days and I talk about one of my favorite albums of all time. Hope you guys enjoy this one! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Music by: Trade Voorhees Promos: Super Retro Throwback...


Episode 72 - Tales From The Hood 2

We never thought it would happen but this week for the Halloween Hustle, we're reviewing Tales From The Hood 2! Can this movie possibly be as great as the first? Listen and hear all about it! You also get to hear about The Spinners, our stances on various aspects of politics, stories from high school days, our opinions on Kanye and his foolishness and we also find out that we are possibly "Black Racists?!?" Yeah, there's alot going on in this jam packed, super show edition of Home Video...


Episode 71 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

The second month of the Halloween Hustle is here and this week we are taking you back with an MST3K classic! In this movie, a scientist gets his girlfriend killed but saves her head and goes around acting like a weirdo to find her a new body. FUN! You also get to hear about our favorite cartoons, shower curtain battles, a run-in with one of our old teachers, the Moulin Rouge & cabaret and Brent has stories about a J. Cole concert and getting pulled over by the police. FUN! Follow us on...


Episode 70 - The X-Files: Fight The Future (PJ's Never Seen)

The first month of The Halloween Hustle is ending with the first X-Files movie! PJ knows nothing about the show, except for the theme and is not happy about picking it out of the bag. We also talk about accents, choosing whether to be infected with black oil or a facehugger, bootleg movies, Star Trek, Matlock, The Great Depression, X-Files video games and tell stories of being blackout drunk. We both also have some controversial opinions about this movie near the end of the show... Follow...


Episode 69 - Microwave Massacre (Ft. Brendan from WWTT Podcast)

PJ couldn't make it this week so Brendan from the What Were They Thinking Podcast joins Brent to talk about one of the weirdest movies ever done on the show. The box made it look like a run of the mill slasher movie but it was not at all what you'd expect, the Halloween Hustle is strong this week. Brent and Brendan also talk about the All In wrestling event, The Room, Hell In A Cell, Scarface, Jack Frost, hookers, phobias and Brendan has some words for PJ about his score for Halloween last...


Episode 68 - Halloween (1978) [PJ's Never Seen]

It's week 2 of the Halloween Hustle and PJ is back! This time he picked a movie that many consider a classic, but he has not seen it before. Will PJ put the original Halloween up there at the top with other horror classics or will this be another Star Wars situation? Discussions are also had about serial killers, Bonnie & Clyde, the lack of sexiness in R&B, The Boogeyman from WWE, D.A.R.E. and all three hosts have stories to tell. We hope you enjoy it and special thanks to Mike and Morgan...


Episode 67 - The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The Halloween Hustle begins this week but unfortunately PJ could not be here so Brent and The Spirit are talking about the 2006 remake of, "The Hills Have Eyes!" Lots of people have told us how much they love this remake, even better than the original in some cases, but will we agree? You also get history lessons from The Spirit, Brent rants about antenna TV, music battles are had, Spirit learns what "Jumping The Shark" means and we rant about horror remakes. Shorter episode this week but we...


Episode 66 - Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (PJ's Never Seen)

It's the last week before the Halloween Hustle begins and it's ending strong with Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! This movie is universally hated but let's see if it's as bad as they say. This week is a longer episode because Brent drops lots of Mortal Kombat knowledge but conversations are also had about dumb kids and violent video games, our favorite childhood commercials, Vigilante 8 and Phantasmagoria, politics are discussed for the first time in a while, a new segment is introduced and...


Episode 65 - The Punisher (1989) [Workprint Version]

The hype streak continues with The Punisher from 1989 starring Dolph Lundgren! Brent recently picked up the Australian blu-ray that has three versions of this flick so this time we're talking about the workprint version and trying to figure out why the studio would cut out all of the character development! Of course other topics are covered such as, PJ's Spider-Man insanity, The Blob remake, American Pimp, 1st movies from black filmmakers, You Got Served, Mad Max, Howard The Duck, PJ learns...


Episode 64 - The Equalizer (2014) [Brent's Never Seen]

PJ is hyped up this week because he's a huge Denzel Washington fan and he's wanted to talk about this flick for a long time! It doesn't happen often but this is also a movie that PJ's seen but Brent hasn't. As usual other things are also talked about, such as The X-Files, the Y2K scare of the 90's, HQ, outdated sex terms, beef with Disney, black time travel and alot of hip hop talk. There's also a new persona introduced in this episode as well... Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...


Episode 63 - Dr. No (PJ's Never Seen)

It's finally happened, PJ finally pulled a James Bond flick out of the bag and it's the original from 1962, Dr. No. The hype levels are extremely high this week and Brent cannot contain himself! The Spirit is here too and shes...Not as enthused. Come hear all about it and also about neighbor sex battles, Wrestlemania IX, Pokemon vs Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, uterus destruction and hear alot of bad/dirty jokes. Too much fun was had this week and we hope you have fun listening! Follow us on Twitter,...


Side Hustlin' - Episode 5

PJ is out this week so I got my Side Hustle on with The Spirit! Listeners sent in their questions and they lead to convos about A Serbian Film, our favorite movies, our love life, Spike Lee movies and how we met. Short but sweet one this week but we hope you still enjoy it! Follow us on Twitter, facebook, Instagram and YouTube Music by: Doc Giggz / Trade Voorhees Merch available on Redbubble.com Be sure to check out ageofradio.org Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Episode 62 - DOA: Dead Or Alive

PJ picked another video game movie for us to watch and this time it's DOA: Dead or Alive. There's half naked women getting in fights for the majority of the movie so it cant be that bad right? PJ also learns about the new Dumbo movie coming out, Brent talks at length about jiggle physics and then goes in depth about the history of No Limit Records and telling PJ about Kevin Nash and the origin of the NWO. If you are a hip hop fan there's definitely a lot here for you this week too. Follow...