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Let's Get Down to Business is a Disney movie review podcast for grown ups, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney movies in chronological order.

Let's Get Down to Business is a Disney movie review podcast for grown ups, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney movies in chronological order.
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Let's Get Down to Business is a Disney movie review podcast for grown ups, in which a wife makes her husband watch Disney movies in chronological order.








20 - Sleeping Beauty

It's Kevin's podcast where Disney is our business, and business is occasionally good. Everything is Merryweather's fault. Kevin has theories on insider spinning wheel trading. We wonder if this movie is worth the $6 million it took to make it. Tune in to find out if Br'er Rose or Malifunderstood is one of Kevin's girls. Our short is Busy Beavers and main feature is Sleeping Beauty AKA Aurora AKA Briar Rose.


19 - Lady and the Tramp

Racy and risque! It's our trampy episode. A cautionary tale of a baby homewreckin'. Kevin is so mad. Stephanie talks about Minnie's "yoohoo." Stephanie can't stay off of her doggy soapbox. In a rare turn of events, Kevin calls Stephanie out for slut-shaming. Cats are assholes. Plus, we have Chris Marsh from the Rick and Morty Minute. Our short is Slide Donald Slide and feature film is Lady and the Tramp.


18 - Peter Pan

We cover all the trendy topics, from mens' rights to men who never want to grow up. Mickey... no means no! We discuss Tinkerbell's body dysmorphia. The warriors come out to play. Free tattoos for everybody! Follow along with the tragedy of Robert Cletus Driscoll's Disney career. Write your hate mail to Kevin. Our short is Mickey's Steam-Roller and main feature is that asshole Peter Pan.


17 - Alice in Wonderland

Time to burn down the house. Are we bingable yet? Kevin's down with drowning doorknobs. What ARE Tweedle Dee and Dum? Mary Anne's a bitch. Lewis Carroll photographing little girls? We can't even... Stephanie tries to out debate kevin. Our short is Figaro and Cleo, our main feature is Shitty Inception, I mean, Alice in Wonderland. By the way, the oysters are children.


16 - Cinderella

Cinderella has all the deep cuts. Kevin likes his women toe-less #wherearehertoes. Stephanie recounts the time she flung herself down to cry like a Disney princess. Kevin learns how awesome pockets are on dresses. Is Cinderella a Manic Pixie Dream Girl? We're not sure, but y'all, if the shoe fits you must acquit. Our short is Grievance of a Starmaker and our main feature is Cinderella.


15 - The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Stephanie is allergic to that D. Kevin can't stop with the stupid voices. This is the last of our package films! We compare and contrast the careers of Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey. There's a bit of erotic and a bit of exotic, like animals with human fingers. Is this movie a social statement for mental health and the current drug crisis? Our short is How to Play Football and feature film is The Adventures of Ichabod and Toad.


14 - So Dear to My Heart

We're wide awake and full of ginger. So raw, so punk. We're going out of business... PSYCHE! Kevin falls asleep again. Dilly Dilly! Stephanie learns about "sticktuitivity" as she carries this episode through Kevin's deep slumber. We burden the lord with our requests, soda pop and water melon for everyone! Our short is Mickey Thru the Mirror and feature film is the ever so subtle So Dear to my Heart.


13 - Melody Time

It's time to be more excited for the previews than the feature. Stephanie has become self-aware. Kevin can't stop doing impersonations. There's some negging going down, Disney style. You're getting a geography lesson and a moral lesson. Remember, it's the mens' fault for everything. Our short is the adorable Pueblo Pluto. Melody time is our main feature.


12 - Fun and Fancy Free

Much like their marriage, Stephanie and Kevin can't quit this now. We're a little too fancy free and we're going to hell. Jiminy Cricket is the conscience for pedophiles. Plus, we have dummies, a shaft cloud, a love tap, and a sexy bear - #bearubs. We've got misery for the masses, but don't worry, be happy. And remember, segments are our business and segments are good. Our short this week is Father Noah's Ark and our main feature is Fun and Fancy Free.


11 - Song of the South

My oh my what a wonderful podcast today. We have a special guest, cohost of Rick and Morty Minute, Josh Brown. Three white movie goers give their take on the snooze fest Song of the South. Our short is King Kong, or something like that.


10 - Make Mine Music

Serious business in our 10th episode! Egad! Have you heard of this music making of mine? Let's discuss Fantasia 2: Electric Boogaloo. Hear Kevin's impersonation of Chris Isaac. Oh, and Pencil liposuctions for everybody! This week Donald's motorboating in our short Put-Put Donald and our feature film is the little known Make Mine Music.


09 - The Three Caballeros

Hey toots! Welcome back to Kevin's Car Talks where we'll be talking about the mullet of cars. Felicitiones or whatever. Donald Duck is out of control and needs that sidepiece while some guys cockfight over a cookie. Our short this week is Merbabies. Yep... Mer. Babies. Our feature is the Three Caballeros. The three gay caballeros. I hear they are birds of feather.


08 - Victory Through Air Power

Let's mansplain! Three Stooges, slapstick, history... you know, men's stuff. Kevin is bringing the ownage while Stephanie is busy being bad at video games and war trivia. Throw in some impersonations and sexy pottery. Holla at your boy, Spider Pete. We review the short Gulliver Mickey and our feature film is Victory Through Air Power!


07 - Saludos Amigos

Welcome to Let's Get Down To Business - The Musical! Kevin channels his inner Beavis and Butthead while Stephanie can't even. Get ready for that perpetual motion below the equator. Our short this week is Catdog - I mean - Puss in Boots. We review the first of the Disney package films, the animated travel brochure, Saludos Amigos! Theme song by the talented @Sethifusp


06 - Bambi

Welcome to a weekend at Bambi's Mom's. FLOWER'S A BOY?! Kevin finds a way to talk about his favorite film, Drive. Show us your pentagram hands; we're talking about Donald in Mathmagic Land and our feature film is that wimpy deer Bambi. Music by the hilarious @Sethifusp


05 - Dumbo

Hot diggity! This week Stephanie and Kevin have a trunk full of dirt. Relationships fall apart. Stephanie is offended by everything. Can this marriage survive the cringe-inducing Dumbo? Our short is Mickey's Delayed Date. Theme song by @Sethifusp


04 - The Reluctant Dragon

Kevin pledges his allegiance to Loony Tunes and his flavor of the week, Jessica Rabbit. Meanwhile, we start a new drinking game for every time Stephanie says "SJW," "racist," or "misogynist." But not really. We talk about the Roger Rabbit short Trail Mix-Up and discuss the 4th animated movie, The Reluctant Dragon. Theme song by the always amazing @Sethifusp


03 - Fantasia

Stephanie wants to give up, but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as… Where is Max? What did they do with Goofy? What is Fantasia even? Are dinosaurs real? What's the plural of 'Pegasus'? And just how good were those pancakes?! The short for this episode is Father’s Lion, followed by a feature review of Fantasia. Theme song by the awesome @Sethifusp


02 - Pinocchio

We’re off to Pleasure Island! Get ready for disappointing foreplay, racist Italian stereotypes, and pedophiles. Stephanie thinks everything is soooo cuuuute! Kevin’s wandering eye lands on The Blue Fairy. We discuss the short Lambert the Sheepish Lion and our main feature Pinocchio… Is it the best Disney animated movie ever? You’ll find out! Theme song by the awesome @Sethifusp!


01 - Snow White

Stephanie and Kevin try to save their marriage with Disney films. But Kevin only has eyes for the Evil Queen. Stephanie tries to appeal to Kevin's thrifty side by investing in VHS tapes. We'll discuss the Donald Duck short Canvas Back Duck and the first animated feature length film Snow White. Theme music by @Sethifusp