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Monster Kid Radio #391 - Dracula A.D. 1972, Alistair Hughes' Infogothic, David Acord's Graveyard Groove

We're putting the TREAT in Trick-or-Treat in Episode #391 of Monster Kid Radio! Author/illustrator Alistair Hughes joins Derek to talk about what they both consider a classic - Dracula A.D. 1972 (dir. Alan Gibson). Alistair also has a new book coming out on Halloween - Infogothic: An Unauthorised Guide to Hammer Horror - and if you're not motivated to preorder your own copy of the book by the time this episode is over, you're not paying attention! Alistair Hughes isn't the only author...


Monster Kid Radio #390 - Donald F. Glut and Tales of Frankenstein

Filmmaker/Author/Monster Kid Donald F. Glut joins Derek this week on Monster Kid Radio! Listen in as they talk about Don's background, his monster kid history, and especially about his upcoming film Tales of Frankenstein ( Also, Dominique Lamssies and Jeff Polier joined Derek last week for a screening of Eegah (dir. Arch Hall) at the Joy Cinema's Weird Wednesday. Plus, listener feedback with Brenda! Tales of Frankenstein will be released on VOD...


Monster Kid Radio #389 - Chris McMillan and The Monster of Piedras Blancas (dir. Irvin Berwick)

This week on Monster Kid Radio, Chris McMillan steps out of the Shadow Over Portland to join Derek in a discussion about 1959's The Monster of Piedras Blancas (dir. Irvin Berwick). They discuss the cast, the plot, the severed heads . . . what more could you want? How about Ken Blose's Famous Monsters of Filmland segment about the film? Or a trip to the Joy Cinema in Tigard, OR, for last week's Weird Wednesday screening of The Return of the Vampire (dir. Lew Landers) with Weird Wednesday...


Monster Kid Radio #388 - Alan Tromp and The Hand of Night (aka Beast of Morocco) (dir. Frederic Goode)

Call it The Hand of Night, or call it Beast of Morocco (dir. Frederic Goode). Whatever title you want to use is fine with us as long as you listen to the conversation Alan Tromp has with Derek this week on Monster Kid Radio. The two discuss this rather unique and obscure vampire movie, and a few other things along the way. Also this week, you'll hear Steve Turek's interview with Monster Bash's Ron Adams, Jeff Polier's Weird Wednesday Report, Ken Blose's Famous Monsters of Filmland segment,...


Monster Kid Radio #387 - The Monster Rally Retro Awards with Stephen D. Sullivan

It's that time of year again! It's time to announce the winners of the Monster Rally Retro Awards! Stephen D. Sullivan joins Derek this week to announce the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Movie, and Best Monster of 1934, 1944, and 1954 as decided by YOU! Plus, Jeff Polier's Weird Wednesday Report and Listener Feedback with Brenda. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: Plan 9 by 9 Podcast Kickstarter - Piedmont Wind...


Monster Kid Radio #386 - Tracey Morris and The Wasp Woman

Tracey Morris takes a field trip outside of her own podcast - Disney, Indiana - and joins Derek this week to talk about about the 1959 film The Wasp Woman (dir. Roger Corman, Jack Hill). Is it more than just a monster movie? Listen to find out! Also, learn what the original title of the film was going to be with Kenny Blose's Famous Monsters of Filmland Index. And if you missed the Joy Cinema's Weird Wednesday for the past two weeks, Jeff Polier has you covered. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR...


Monster Kid Radio #385 - Jonathan Inbody and Murders in the Rue Morgue

Yes, technically, it's September, but we still have one more movie to discuss before closing out this year's Edgar August Poe Month. Murders in the Rue Morgue (dir. Robert Florey) is the movie on deck this week, and to tackle this underrated Universal gem, Derek has enlisted the help of X Meets Y's Jonathan Inbody. Derek also has some special announcements about upcoming events that should keep monster kids happy through the next month or so. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email:...


Monster Kid Radio #384 - Catching up and Feedback

Kick back with Derek and his wife Brenda as they catch up with the show and Listener Feedback. This is a low-key episode, a little out-of-the-norm, but there's a good reason for that. Don't despair - there IS Monster Kid content here! Plus, Derek makes an announcement about Halloween 2018. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: Rabbit - Infogothic: An Unauthorised Graphic Guide to Hammer Horror -...


Monster Kid Radio #383 - Rod Barnett and Castle of Blood

Edgar August Poe continues when fellow podcaster and Barbara Steele fan Rod Barnett joins Derek to discuss a film kinda-sorta based on an Edgar Allan Poe "story" - 1964's Castle of Blood (dir. Sergio Corbucci, Antonio Margheriti). Antonio Margheriti is one of Rod's favorite filmmakers, and he brings his own podcast-tested enthusiasm to Monster Kid Radio. (That enthusiasm spills all over this episode as Derek and Rod end up talking about a lot more than Castle of Blood!) Plus, Jeff Polier's...


Monster Kid Radio #382 - Larry Underwood and Tales of Terror

Edgar August Poe continues when Larry Underwood (Dr. Gangrene) joins Derek to discuss one of the absolute best Corman Poe productions - 1962's Tales of Terror (dir. Roger Corman). Can Monster Kid Radio handle this much Vincent Price? We'll find out! Jeff Polier's Weird Wednesday Report and Michael Dodd's Vault of Monster Collectibles round out the show along with an appearance by Derek's wife Brenda when she joins him to review listener feedback. Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email:...


Monster Kid Radio #381 - Michael Legge and The Crime of Dr. Crespi

Edgar August Poe kicks off with a film featuring one of the icons of classic horror - Dwight Frye - as well as a director who would probably never be caught dead, or undead, directing a monster movie but he did act in this one - Erich von Stroheim. It's 1935's The Crime of Dr. Crespi (dir. John H. Auer), and Derek has Michael Legge (aka Dr. Dreck) to thank for bringing this fun kinda-sorta-Poe-adaptation(?) into his life. Plus Jeff Polier's Weird Wednesday Report, and a new segment from Ken...


Monster Kid Radio #380 - Steve Turek and March of the Wooden Soldiers

It's been a hot summer, and Derek is already looking forward to the cooler weather coming later this year. To help get into that cooler-weather-mood, Monster Kid Radio is celebrating Christmas in July with 1934's March of the Wooden Soldiers (dir. Gus Meins, Charley Rogers). Also known as Babes in Toyland, this Laurel & Hardy vehicle actually takes place in the month of July AND it does have monsters (technically), so when Steve Turek joins Derek to tackle this movie this week, it...


Monster Kid Radio #379 - David Schecter and The Giant Claw

We've got a battleship of an episode for you this week on Monster Kid Radio! Jason Jaconetti (Bots, Bugs, and Babes) and Luke Jaconetti (Earth Destruction Directive) submit a recording of a round of the Classic Five game. Jeff Polier sends in a Weird Wednesday Report about How to Make a Monster (dir. Herbert L. Strock) from the Joy Cinema. Brenda covers Michael Dodd's Vault of Monster Collectibles. But the big bird of a subject at hand this week is a conversation with author and film score...


Monster Kid Radio #378 - Jim Beard, Chris Franklin, and The Body Snatcher

1945's The Body Snatcher (dir. Robert Wise) is on deck this week on Monster Kid Radio, and Derek has two special guests watching his back this time around - author Jim Beard and podcaster Chris Franklin. Does this Val Lewton production hold up? Does the last pairing of Karloff and Lugosi go out with a bang or a whimper? And will you ever be rid of me, Toddy? Plus, Jeff Polier has two Weird Wednesday Reports, and Brenda joins Derek for Listener Feedback. Jim Beard on Amazon -...


Monster Kid Radio #377.5 - Top 100 Classic Monster Movies/Top 20 Vincent Price Films

After months of voting and ballot tabulation, Steve Turek joins Derek to announce what YOU determined to be the Top 100 Classic Monster Movies AND the Top 20 Vincent Price films. Top 20 Vincent Price Films -


Monster Kid Radio #377 - Monster Bash 2018, Part Two

We have even more interviews from this year's Summer Monster Bash! This time, Derek has you covered with interviews from the Monster Bash with Steve Turek, Christopher Page, Micah Harris, Nic Brown, Fred Lane, Gregory William Mank, Joseph and Millie Kolakowski, The Kolakowski Kids, Mark Matzke, Janina Faye, Don Smeraldi, Leonard Getz, Bob and Melanie Gilbert, Rod Barnett, Joshua Kennedy, and Victoria Price. Buy Derek a Coffee - The Rally Awards -...


Monster Kid Radio #376 - Monster Bash 2018, Part One

Last weekend was Monster Bash, and Monster Kid Radio was there! Were you there? Fear not! Derek has you covered with interview from the Monster Bash with Tracey Morris, Scott Morris, Malcolm Gittins, Dwight Kemper, Ken Blose, Tom Weaver, Dominique Lamssies, Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri, Tim Durbin, and Todd Brown! Plus, Brenda joins Derek for some post-Bash chat back at home. The Rally Awards - Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email:...


Monster Kid Radio #375 - Announcing the nominees for this year's Monster Rally Retro Awards!

It's time to reveal the ballot for this year's Monster Rally Retro Awards here on Monster Kid Radio, and author Stephen D. Sullivan is back to review the ballot with Derek. What are the best genre films of 1934, 1944, and 1954? You get to vote at Voicemail: 503-479-5MKR (503-479-5657) Email: Monster Bash - Monster Conservancy Fans - Monster Kid Radio on TeePublic -...


Monster Kid Radio #374 - Meet author and tokusatsu fan John LeMay

John LeMay's newest book - Terror of the Lost Tokusatsu Films: From the Files of The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies - is out now, and John is on Monster Kid Radio this week to tell Derek (and you) all about it! John and Derek discuss the book, John's background with these kinds of movies, and a few other things along the way. They also play a round of the Classic Five. Plus, Brenda returns to help with a healthy does of Feedback, and somewhere along the way, Derek talks about...


Monster Kid Radio #373 - Byron Craft and The Mysterians

This week, Lovecraftian author Byron Craft joins Derek to explain the mystery of The Mysterians (dir. Ishirō Honda). Byron is a huge fan of this movie, and brings the trivia about this 1957 classic . . . or is it 1959? You'll have to listen to find out! Also this week, Jeff Polier brings the Weird Wednesday Report from the Joy Cinema. And what ever happened to Monster Kid Radio's 200 Years of Frankenstein? Byron Craft on Amazon - Byron Craft...