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Monster Kid Radio #436 - Jonathan Inbody and Giant from the Unknown

Podcaster/author/filmmaker Jonathan Inbody joins Derek this week to take on 1958's Giant from the Unknown (dir. Richard E. Cunha). This movie was relatively unknown to Derek before he watched it specifically for this episode of Monster Kid Radio, but it won't be unknown to you by the time this episode is over! (And, oooOOOOHHHH! Exciting! Derek and Jonathan even nerd out over copyright law for a bit in this episode! WOW!) And, check this out - author Dwight Kemper reads his short story...


Monster Kid Radio #435 - The Manster with Jim Moore

It's not Monster Kid Radio. It's Manster Kid Radio this week as artist and ceramist Jim Moore joins Derek to discuss the 1959 film The Manster (dir. George Breakston). There's just something about two-headed-monster movies that's flat out creepy cool (and apparently Sam Raimi thought so, too - listen to this episode to get that reference!). You'll be able to see Jim at the upcoming Son of Monsterpalooza convention in Burbank, CA, and you won't be able to miss him. He's the only man there...


Monster Kid Radio #434 - I Woke Up Screaming with Laird Cregar with Gregory William Mank

In this week's episode of Monster Kid Radio, Derek takes us back once again to the June 2019 Monster Bash. This time - thanks to MKR listener Michael Ramsey who captured the audio - you'll get to hear the amazing presentation "I Woke Up Screaming With Laird Cregar" by the equally amazing Gregory William Mank. Take a look at Mank's bibliography, and you'll know he's a monster kid who knows his stuff. Take a listen to this presentation, and you'll come away knowing more than you ever did about...


Monster Kid Radio #433 - The Devil Commands with David Annandale, plus Carnival of Souls

Author David Annandale joins Derek this week to take on the film The Devil Commands (dir. Edward Dmytryk). David spends a lot of time in the Black Library, but can even that prepare him for the cosmic horror of this 1941 Karloff classic? And are Jeff Polier and Dominique Lamssies tall enough to ride the rides at the Carnival of Souls (dir. Herk Harvey) on Weird Wednesday at the Joy Cinema? Find the answers to these questions after listening to Professor Frenzy's Bedtime Story. And don't...


Monster Kid Radio #432 - Lake of Dracula with Kenneth Hite

Recent Ennie Award winner Kenneth Hite descends on Monster Kid Radio this week . . . to take a dip in the lake. He joins Derek to jump into 1971's Lake of Dracula (dir. Michio Yamamoto). Along the way, Ken and Derek talk about Lugosi's Dracula, Lee's Dracula A.D. 1972, The Thrill of Dracula, and a number of other Dracula-y topics. Kenny asks, "Whatcha waitin' for, Derek?" with his Look at Famous Monsters of Filmland, and Professor Frenzy takes us in for a check-up with this week's Professor...


Monster Kid Radio #431 - Man Without a Body with Micah Harris

Two years ago, author Micah Harris appeared on Monster Kid Radio to discuss Charles Saunders' 1958 film The Woman Eater. Micah and Derek agreed to eventually discuss its kinda-sorta sister film The Man Without a Body (dir. W. Lee Wilder, Charles Saunders), and this week on the podcast, it finally happens! And, man, it's a dozy! SPOILER WARNING, by the way! Also, Dr. Tongue tells us what's new in the World of Monster Collectibles, Professor Frenzy has a Bedtime Story, and Kenny has a new spin...


Monster Kid Radio #430 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Six

You think we're done talking about Monster Bash? NEVER! In Monster Kid Radio's unprecedented sixth week of Monster Bash coverage, Derek sits down for a chat with author Dwight Kemper. And since Monster Bash held the US premiere of Joshua Kennedy's House of the Gorgon, we'll hear Joshua introduce the film after answering a few questions about the movie. One of the stars of the film is Veronica Carlson, and she participated in a Q&A at the Bash, so you'll hear this as well. Stephen D. Sullivan...


Monster Kid Radio #429 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Five

Next summer's Monster Bash is 11 months away, and to help tide us over until then, Monster Kid Radio has even more 2019 Monster Bash coverage! This week, you'll hear Derek chat with director Sam Irvin, monster maker Mitch Gonzales, publisher Richard Klemensen, and iconic Hammer actresses Veronica Carlson and Martine Beswick. (And courtesy of Michael Ramsey, we have Martine's Q&A from the Bash, as well!). Plus, you'll hear the Monster Kid Radio mainstays - Dr. Tongue's World of Monster...


Monster Kid Radio Celebrates the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Derek is joined by Scott Morris (Disney, Indiana) to discuss a film portraying a very different moon landing scenario - Missile to the Moon (dir. Richard E. Cunha). (And, yes, we realized after we wrapped recording that we managed to repeatedly mix up the names of the actors, and the characters they played, when it came to the two escaped convicts.) Scott and Derek do spoil the film, so . . . you've been warned! Also, to help...


Monster Kid Radio #428 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Four

We're STILL not done talking about last month's Monster Bash on Monster Kid Radio! The folks who stopped by Derek's MKR Table for this episode include author Gregory William Mank, storyteller and performer Kuzibah of the Patient Creatures, podcasting legend Scott Morris*, and an actor whose music you better dig - Christopher Neame. This episode also features a recording from the Christopher Neame Q&A, and of course we have Kenny's Look at Famous Monsters of Filmland. *Scott and Derek make an...


Monster Kid Radio #427 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Three

It's time for MORE MONSTER BASH on Monster Kid Radio as Derek's coverage of the most amazing monster kid convention CONTINUES! Horror host extraordinaire Dr. Gangrene, aka Larry Underwood; Femforce comic book writer and Gooey Films' enthusiast Mark Holmes; and author and presenter Frank J. Dello Stritto all sit down with Derek individually to talk all things monsters and Monster Bash. However, in a Monster Kid Radio FIRST, Derek pulled out all the stops . . . er . . . microphones and had...


Monster Kid Radio #426 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part Two

The memories made at Monster Bash 2019 will never fade away . . . since Monster Kid Radio was there to talk with as many people as possible about the important things . . . like monsters! This week, Derek speaks with The Haunted Cinema's Todd Brown, blogger Tim Durbin, writer/bookseller Jon Kitley, and author Brad A. Braddock (who graciously gave us a reading of an excerpt from his novella "Death Doth Hold Name"). Also, from the Bash, Steve Turek sat down with Derek to (finally!) announce...


Monster Kid Radio #425 - Monster Bash 2019 - Part One

It's that time of year again! It's Monster Bash time! And Monster Kid Radio was there! In our first week of coverage of Monster Bash 2019, Derek sits down with old friends and new to talk about the Bash, monsters, House of the Gorgon, film music, silent films, Boris Karloff, Mary Poppins, and more! This time around, we visit with Reber Clark, Dan Day, Jr., Steven D. Sullivan, Kevin Slick, and Ron MacCloskey. And since monster kids cannot live on Monster Bash alone (although Derek tried real...


Monster Kid Radio #424 - Dan Day, Jr.'s set report from House of the Gorgon (dir. Joshua Kennedy)

I'm living vicariously through Dan Day, Jr. Why? Because he was on set during the production of 2019's House of the Gorgon (dir. Joshua Kennedy). And, not only was he on set, he assisted behind the camera . . . and he appeared on screen with a Hammer legend. He tells us about his amazing experience in this episode of Monster Kid Radio. Also, since House of the Gorgon features four mainstays of classic Hammer, Kenny tells us how these four performers were covered in Famous Monsters of...


Monster Kid Radio #423 - The Monster Rally Retro Awards (with Steve Sullivan) and the Monster Movie Madness Tournament (with Steve Turek) - TWO STEVES!

There's a lot to get to this week! Kenny's "Famous Monsters and Me"! Professor Frenzy's Bedtime Story! Dr. Tongue's World of Monster Collectibles! And two whole Steves! Steve Turek joins Derek to update everyone on the Monster Movie Madness Tournament. It's the final round! Did your movie make the cut? And since it's that time of year (sort of) Stephen D. Sullivan ( comes to Monster Kid Radio to announce the ballot for this year's Monster Rally Retro Awards. This...


Monster Kid Radio #422 - Monster Kid Radio Potpourri

Let's catch up on some Listener Feedback! This week, Brenda joins Derek to tackle last month's listener emails (and one voicemail). Also, some previous recordings that haven't made the podcast were unearthed and dropped into this mix this week. We'll go back in time to last summer's OMSI screening of War of the Worlds (dir. Byron Haskin) and chat with Chris McMillan, Dominique Lamssies, and David Heath; we'll also go back to a Weird Wednesday screening from earlier this year when Derek joins...


Monster Movie Madness 2019 - Frightful Four

Derek is joined by Steve Turek to go over the results of the last round, and then announce the Frightful Four! Frightful Four - Deadline - June 9 Theme music: "Slammin'" -


Monster Kid Radio #421 - Hellish Spiders with Kenny Blose

It's the final week of Lucha de Mayo 2019, and this time Derek is joined by Kenny Blose when Monster Kid Radio dares to watch the 1968 film Hellish Spiders (Arañas infernales) (dir. Federico Curiel). Spiders. Aliens. Wrestling. What more could you ask for? And call him Kenny-Two-Times because not only did he join Derek for this week's movie discussion, he also has another Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine segment. And if you're scared of spiders (or aliens or wrestlers or Derek), maybe...


Monster Kid Radio #420 - Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis with Jonathan Inbody

It's Week Four of Lucha de Mayo 2019, and this time Derek is joined by the X Meets Y Podcast's Jonathan Inbody when Monster Kid Radio tackles the 1970 film Santo vs. Blue Demon in Atlantis (Santo contra Blue Demon en la Atlantida) (dir. Julián Soler). It's a spy film! It's a luchador film! It's a . . . mad scientist film? It's all that AND MORE! Also, this week Professor Frenzy has another Bedtime Story for us, Dr. Tongue takes us to the World of Monster Collectibles, and Kenny further shows...


Monster Movie Madness 2019 - ROUND THREE

Steve and Derek review the results of Round Two and introduce Round Three. Round Three - Deadline - April 26 Theme music: "Slammin'" -