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Joker, Bond, Batman's D and more!

This week we got our first look at The Joker, Captain Marvel, AND Batman's D! Not kidding! Plus - are Bert and Ernie gay? Would you divorce your spouse over Fortnite? Finally - it's the 21st of September which means it's time for some Earth, Wind & Fire trivia! All this and more on today's Nerdist News: What The Friday!


Batman, Venom, Solo and more!

Is Batman the greatest superhero of all time? Just in time for Batman day on saturday, our team will break down the bat. Plus - Captain Marvel’s trailer will probably drop next week! Are you ready? Then Venom has officially been rated… and it looks like Sony went safe with a pg-13. Is this the right move? Speaking of movies, Predator is out this weekend - are you in or out? Also - Solo A Star Wars Story drops on digital today and writer Jon Kasdan has some new bts details! Then, why is Kanye...


Captain Marvel, He-Man, Mustard Pizza, and more!

On today’s show - new images of Captain Marvel took the internet by storm this week, but did they really “break the internet?” Plus it’s a celebration of anniversaries. Harry Potter turns 20! Then - the academy walks back its Achievement in Popular Film category! What’s behind the changes? Plus - it’s the 35th anniversary of He-Man! We should get some toys to celebrate! Also - would you eat a pizza with mustard? Finally, looping it back around, we will test our panel’s knowledge on He-Man...


Venom, Aquaman, My Little Pony and more!

What is the best movie song? As in, the best song specifically made for a movie? We’ll break it down! Plus first reactions to early screenings of Aquaman! And Transformers The Movie is coming back to theaters! Is this nostalgia gone too far? Then - Dream Daddy is getting a comic book! Plus - could My Little Pony be getting rebooted again? Only time will tell. Also - Fortnite is causing headaches for pro sports leagues! Finally, looping it back around, we will test our panel’s knowledge on...


Bond 25, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Muppets, and more!

On today’s show - is the rom com back from the dead? Did it ever really leave? We’re breaking it down today! Plus Danny Boyle has left Bond 25 - which director will pick up the pieces? Then - could Black Panther get nominated for best picture? Kevin Feige thinks so. And - Olive Garden is offering an annual pastapass. Will you pick this up? Also - Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark is in production, and The Happytime Murders hits theaters this weekend! Finally, looping it back around, we will...


Blade's 20th Anniversary, Shrek, Buffy, and more!

On the eve of its 20th anniversary, we’ll be reminiscing about the importance of Blade, the film that defined the modern comic book movie. Plus we’ve got a fresh music feud that might tear the Shrek fandom apart. Then, what could a Lost reboot look like? And Fox is grabbing the comic book rights for Buffy The Vampire Slayer ahead of its return. And Liam Neeson is set to play “Nels Coxman” in a new flick. We’ll unpack what that means. And finally, looping it back around, we will test our...


The Console Wars, Sony's Spider-verse, and more!

What gaming system is best: Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo? We’ll be breaking down what you need to know in the world of video games. And how will the Sony Spider-verse all tie together? Then the Academy Awards made some changes this week...good or bad? Plus - we are kicking off a new segment called ‘Convince Chobot’ - where our panel has to convince me to watch, play, read, or listen to something new! Next, is CBS All Access going all in on Star Trek? And BlacKkKlansman is out in theaters!...


Movie Pass, Matt Reeves' Batman, and more!

Hector Navarro hosts today's panel consisting of Dani Fernandez, Kyle Anderson, and Jason Nyugen. Is the summer blockbuster dead? We’ll be breaking down when the biggest releases drop. Then what’s going on with Movie Pass? Plus - Topher Grace recut The Hobbit trilogy into one two hour film. Would you watch it? And Matt Reeves is dropping details about the Batman! Is Ben Affleck involved? Finally, we’re testing our panel’s knowledge of Avengers: Infinity War, in honor of its digital release....


Ranking Tom Cruise's Movies and more!

In honor of Mission: Impossible - Fallout hitting theaters this weekend, we’re asking for your help to break down Tom Cruise’s best movie! Plus - Buffy and Deadwood are coming back from the grave! One’s getting a reboot, one’s getting a film. Are you on board? And just for me... No Man’s Sky - is it worth it after two years? I think so! And finally - it’s time for Tom Cruise trivia! All of this and more on today’s Nerdist News What The Friday! Be sure to check out WTFriday live every Friday...


Looking Back on 30 Years of Die Hard and more!

We're celeberating the 30anniversary of Die Hard! Is it the greatest action film of all time? We'll get to the bottom of that with today's panel! Plus, Mark Hamill shaved off his beard and its causing Star Wars fans to lose their goddamn minds. And with Marvel, Disney, Game of Thrones, and more dropping Hall H - is Comic Con gonna suck this year? Speaking of Marvel, Black Widow finally has a director and it's about damn time. Also, Mission Impossible: Fallout reviews are live. You might want...


New Star Wars Cartoon, SDCC Hall H, Breaking Down Spoiler Culture — and more!

Has spoiler culture gotten out of control? What is the appropriate time period to respect spoilers? Plus, new details from Star Wars latest cartoon -- Resistance! And the comic con hall h schedule is starting to drop - who will be the marquee draw? Then - will memes soon be illegal? It’s up for debate… and finally, in honor of Ant-Man and The Wasp out this weekend, we’ll be testing the panel’s knowledge of the Fantastic Four. There’s a through-line there, trust us.


Does Sony's Spider-verse Work Without A Spider-Man? and more!

Can Sony's Spider-verse work without a Spider-Man? Are you excited for the newly announced Halo TV series? And is DC's subscription service a good idea? All this and more on today's Nerdist News: WTFriday! Be sure to check out WTFriday live every Friday at 1PM (PDT) on Alpha!


Ranking the Pixar Films and more!

The Nerdist News What The Friday crew ranks all of the Pixar films. Plus do we need another Jurassic Park film. Also what’s up with Death Stranding? And it’s the 30th Anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit! All this and more on Nerdist News What The Friday! Be sure to check out WTFriday live every Friday at 1PM (PDT) on Alpha!


Breaking Down E3 With Alison Haislip (plus some Sex & The City talk) and more!

This week we’re joined by Alison Haislip (Half Hour Happy Hour) to discuss the Stranger Things spin-off books and season 3 rumors. HBO just announced a Game of Thrones spin off! Sex and The City celebrates its twentieth anniversary… DC re-launches Vertigo with a new slate of books, was this necessary? Speaking of comics, WB gave DC-TV architect Greg Berlanti a development deal to stay with company until 2024, what can Marvel learn from them about making quality tv? And finally, E3 is next...


Can Sequels Ever Top The Original? with Travis McElroy!

Can sequels ever really top the original? The Empire Strikes Back did it, but in a summer filled with pretty much only sequels - does every film need a follow-up? Plus - Solo reactions! And speaking of Star Wars, we're looking at a new ranking for the John Williams scores. Then the Spawn movie makes a big leap forward with some new casting news. Also, is Andrew Lincoln really leaving The Walking Dead? What will the show do? And finally - in honor of the latest Pokemon news, we'll be testing...


Do The Prequels Deserve A Second Viewing? And More!

With SOLO: A Star Wars Story in theaters, we're talking Star Wars, specifically - Are the prequels worth a second look? And - What's Damon Lindelof's plan for Watchmen? Plus, James Bond 25 is coming. The Boba Fett is getting a stand alone film! An finally - In honor of the latest Star Wars film - we'll be testing our panel's knowledge of The Phantom Menace. All this and more on today's What The Friday! Be sure to check out WTFriday live every Friday at 1PM (PDT) on Alpha!


What Does Deadpool 2 mean for X-men movie franchise and more with Jamie Loftus

Deadpool 2 is looking like it is going to SMASH the box office this weekend, but what does it's success mean for the X-Men movie franchise? Plus Magnum P.I. is back, but will you watch the show if he is missing his iconic mustache? And Bryan Fuller has dropped another TV show...Is he cursed or something? And just when you thought Universal's Dark Universe was dead...Rumors are swirling that it might be back! And finally - In honor of Deadpool 2 being out, we thought we'd attempt to stump our...


Breaking Down The Star Wars Universe Post-Episode 9!

We're checking out the future of the Star Wars universe post-episode 9! What's next for the galaxy far far away after JJ Abrams is done with the Skywalker saga? We're breaking it all down! Plus, FOX cancelled a ton of fan favorites - Did your show make it past the chopping block? Find out today! Then first reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Should you put yourself in carbonite and wait for home release or pull out your sleeping bags so you can wait in line. And finally - in honor of it...


Ranking the MCU Films!

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! We're looking at one of the biggest franchises of all time. No, not Star Wars. The other Disney property, the Marvel Cinematic Universe...and with your help, we're going to rank all NINETEEN films! Plus a whole bunch trailers from Red Dead Redemption to Ant-Man and The Wasp dropped and we're breaking them down. Plus Who's Hotter? The robot from Lost In Space or Thanos? Seriously, its a debate on the internet. And finally - in honor of cinco de cuatro , we thought...


How to Fix The DC Universe

Avengers: Infinity War is finally here and it's the culmination of 10 years of marvel filmmaking. But instead of spoiling the movie for those who haven't seen it – We are going to look at their number one competitor – DC. What can they do to turn around their universe – We'll break all of that down today. Plus Star Trek gets it's first female director. Speaking of directors, Colin Trevarrow had some interesting thoughts about his flop, The Book of Henry and it is a carbon copy of Star Wars:...