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s02 e09 Top 5 Characters From Outer Space (Episode I - Crashing To Earth)

Like a diamond in the sky, our latest episode is out of this world and burning bright! To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Peekskill meteorite hitting earth, we're going intergalactic... sort of. Join Marc and Jan as they count down the top 5 characters from outer space, who just so happened to crash land on earth, Stare in awe at who made it and gawk in wonderment as the divorcing duo agrees for once? I know kids, I'm scared too. (Yes, that was a Homer Simpson reference by the...


s02 e08 Top 5 Comic Book Movie Sequel Disasters

While it isn't breaking news, Marc and Jeannette have switched this week's top 5 topic ! Instead of a list of news events from the 90's, the two are taking a different path. In the wake of another delay for Dark Phoenix (most likely the last chapter from Fox in their X-Men saga,) the divorcing duo is counting down the top comic book movie sequel disasters instead! Which film fills Marc with an uncontrollable rage? Which comic book character/characters appear twice? Who blatantly abuses...


s02 e07 Top 5 TV Show Film Adaptations

Marc and Jeannette survived their fifth wedding anniversary and have returned with a new top 5 list! No, it's not the top five years of their marriage -- they've all been awful! Inspired by the television debut of The Beverly Hillbillies, the divorcing duo are counting down the top 5 TV show film adaptations. What gems from the small screen needed a larger canvas to continue or retell their stories? There's a lot to choose from, so come listen to what the pair (sort of) decided on. As...


s02 e06 Top 5 Band Gimmicks

It's time to rock and roll all night and party every day with this week's list! Celebrating the 35th anniversary of KISS' first performance without their makeup, Marc and Jeannette are counting down the top 5 band gimmicks. What happens when reality mixes with fantasy and creates art on a whole other level? Results may vary, but there are actually quite a few ways to set yourself apart. It's a show the ventures down the rabbit hole with sound effects, fights and some levity, so join...


s.02 e.05 Top 5 Saturday Morning Cartoons

Remember when Saturday mornings were reserved for being lazy, staying in your PJs and watching cartoons for hours? If you answered "yes," we've got a show for you! Join Marc and Jeannette as they count down the top 5 Saturday morning cartoons from their youth. Are there some disagreements? Sure! What married couple on the verge of divorce wouldn't have those? The main thing is that it all works out in the end. Even if you aren't familiar with the joys of Saturday morning cartoons,...


s.02 e.04 Top 5 Corporate Rivalries

It's a smackdown of epic proportions as corporate entities collide for ultimate supremacy! Trying not to become collateral damage, Marc and Jeannette count down the top 5 corporate rivalries. As both take sides in each battle, only one question remains when the dust has settled: When will the divorce proceedings begin? The future divorcees tackle everything from food and drink to tech companies and entertainment... and yes, there's sound effects. Be sure to subscribe to our new...


s.02 e.03 Top 5 Most Unrealistic Moments From Saved By The Bell: The Malibu Sands Episodes

We're closing out the summer with a blast from the past at the Malibu Sands beach club. Join Marc and Jeannette as they reminisce on the Saved By The Bell memories they tried to repress. Fresh off watching six shows in three days, the divorcing duo test their marriage once again: This week they count down the top 5 most unrealistic moments from Saved By The Bell's Malibu Sands episodes. What happens when Zack and the gang get summer jobs? A surprising amount of property damage,...


s.02 e.02 Top 5 Mythological Creatures

Still mourning the loss of the Sharknado film series, Marc and Jeannette look to lift their spirits with some creatures of another kind! What do Billy Corgan, Jack Black and the Scottish have in common? Well, not much... until now! Join your favourite future divorcees as they run down their top 5 mythological creatures in a brisk five minutes each. Marvel at their wit as they celebrate the 85th anniversary of The Lock Ness Monster's first sighting. Exploring several magical beings of the...


s.02 e.01 Top 5 Sharknado Moments

It's the season two premiere of Pop Culture Nickel and we're biting back hard! With The Last Sharknado: It's About Time airing on Sunday, Marc and Jeannette look back at the series. As they select the most memorable moments from all five films, several questions are answered: Will there be sound effects? Does Arnold Schwarzenegger make a return to the podcast? Will their marriage end in Divorcenado? There's only one way to find out! We're hitting your earwaves hard this week, but we'll...


And The Oscar For Most Popular Podcast Goes To...

It's the end of an era for the show as season one of Pop Culture Nickel wraps up! Addressing Poptart Nation, Marc and Jeannette go over what to expect as the show gets ready for season two next week! It's an exciting time for the podcast as the future divorcees talk about what to expect and include plenty of sound effects along the way! After that, the precocious podcasters give their take on the Oscars' new Most Popular Movie category. Warning: If you think the Academy is out of touch...


Someone's Kraven Cats!

It's an episode of bad puns that leaves Marc and Jeannette even more at odds than ever before! After discussing their camping trip and going to see Christopher Robin tonight, the future divorcees get into their pop culture news of the week: First up is their feelings on the possible Alf reboot. Is it destined to fail or can those involved find the right formula to make the show work? Second on the list, Sony has hired a screenwriter for their Kraven The Hunter solo film. Find out why Marc...


Top 5 Most Notable Comic Book Movie Franchise Director Swaps

Do you still have dreams of the Infinity Gauntlet or nightmares of bat nipples? If so, this episode's for you! In the wake of James Gunn's firing from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Marc and Jeannette are looking back at past director switcheroos in comic book film. Some have been great while others have brought us the Bat Credit Card, but there's no denying that every entry on the list is notable! Enjoy our picks, witty banter and general musings on all of this and more! Oh yeah,...


Breaking: Disney/21st Century Fox Merger Approved By Shareholders

Disney and 21st Century Fox shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the merger. What’s next? Marc gives a quick update!


Conventional Comics From The Sands Of Iego

Much like time itself, this week's episode is a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. After going off on a tangent about how stinky Michael Myers and Jason are, Marc and Jeannette share their thoughts on the latest Doctor Who trailer. Shown at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, the clip also started a conversation about a few doctors, past and present. The future divorcees also cover Marvel Studios' absence from this year's SDCC along with the news of Comcast exiting the race for...


Top 5 Spider-Man Villains Co-created By Steve Ditko

In an episode almost as long and convoluted as the comic book stories that inspired it, Marc and Jeannette pay tribute to legendary artist Steve Ditko. After giving their (non-spoilery) thoughts on Ant-Man And The Wasp, the future divorcees honour this late great penciller the only way they know how: With a top 5 list! Complete with sound effects, bad jokes and the bickering you've all come to know and love, come join your favourite Canucklehead couple as they present a very special...


Let's All Go To The Movies

Coming off Canada Day and the 4th of July, Marc and Jeannette have a lot of ground to cover. Dealing with a heatwave, the future divorcees give an update on the #saveshadowhunters fan campaign and their latest Netflix viewing: Jeannette finished the second season of 13 Reasons Why (finally) while Marc shoulder tackled GLOW's sophomore run. Following this, it's movie time! Giving their thoughts on misleading trailers and using assigned seating to avoid commercials, the two create a...


Top 5 TV Show Saving Fan Campaigns

It's a jam packed episode as Marc and Jeannette bring you a top 5 list with some bonus content! After some small talk, including Marc's Netflix superiority over Jeannette, the two get into their top five list. What kind of creativity did fans display when fighting for their favourite shows? While the results weren't the same in every case, each entry overcame the odds and managed to find success in one form or another. In addition to the list, your favourite future divorcees take a...


The Ocean's 8 My Homework

Swimming an Ocean's 8 to get here, Marc and Jeannette are sharing their thoughts on the latest Sandra Bullock film In addition to their mixed review of the movie, the pair discuss Hereditary's unique marketing campaign and how it compares to a classic horror film's tactics. Want a hint? Look for the chocolate sauce! Finally, the two talk about their Netflix lists and inadvertently get on a discussion about how Shadowhunters fans around the world are attempting to save the show....


Top 5 Canadian Foods That Could Ease Canada-U.S. Relations

With a list designed to bring Canada and the United States together again, Marc and Jeannette's disagreements over it send them closer to divorce! After talking about Comcast's bid for 21st Century Fox (calling it a deal worth millions instead of billions without noticing) and Poutine Feast, the two get into the important stuff: What Canadian foods could warm Donald Trump's heart and stop this feudin' and a fussin' over trade. Ironically enough, the end result creates a deep divide...


R.I.P. Shadowhunters

It's been a rough week or two for a couple of fandoms, so now it's time to ridicule and mock them... just kidding! Here at Pop Culture Nickel, we're all about love, not hate! After drooling over this weekend's local Poutine Feast, Marc and Jeannette dive into a few topics that are close to home in a laid back episode. Beyond the obvious discussion about Shadowhunters' cancellation, the two delve into the lukewarm response to Han Solo: A Star Wars Story and the announcement of a possible...