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And The Oscar For Most Popular Podcast Goes To…

It’s the end of an era for the show as season one of Pop Culture Nickel wraps up! Addressing Poptart Nation, Marc and Jeannette go over what to expect as the show gets ready for season two next week! It’s an exciting time for the podcast as the future divorcees talk about what to expect and include plenty of sound effects along the way! After that, the precocious podcasters give their take on the Oscars’ new Most Popular Movie category. Warning: If you think the Academy is out of touch...


Someone’s Kraven Cats!

It’s an episode of bad puns that leaves Marc and Jeannette even more at odds than ever before! After discussing their camping trip and going to see Christopher Robin tonight, the future divorcees get into their pop culture news of the week: First up is their feelings on the possible Alf reboot. Is it destined to fail or can those involved find the right formula to make the show work? Second on the list, Sony has hired a screenwriter for their Kraven The Hunter solo film. Find out why Marc...


Top 5 Most Notable Comic Book Movie Franchise Director Swaps

Do you still have dreams of the Infinity Gauntlet or nightmares of bat nipples? If so, this episode’s for you! In the wake of James Gunn’s firing from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, Marc and Jeannette are looking back at past director switcheroos in comic book film. Some have been great while others have brought us the Bat Credit Card, but there’s no denying that every entry on the list is notable! Enjoy our picks, witty banter and general musings on all of this and more! Oh...


Breaking: Disney/21st Century Fox Merger Approved By Shareholders

Disney and 21st Century Fox shareholders have overwhelmingly approved the merger. What’s next? Marc gives a quick update!


Conventional Comics From The Sands Of Iego

Much like time itself, this week’s episode is a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. After going off on a tangent about how stinky Michael Myers and Jason are, Marc and Jeannette share their thoughts on the latest Doctor Who trailer. Shown at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday, the clip also started a conversation about a few doctors, past and present. The future divorcees also cover Marvel Studios’ absence from this year’s SDCC along with the news of Comcast exiting the race...


Top 5 Spider-Man Villains Co-created By Steve Ditko

In an episode almost as long and convoluted as the comic book stories that inspired it, Marc and Jeannette pay tribute to legendary artist Steve Ditko. After giving their (non-spoilery) thoughts on Ant-Man And The Wasp, the future divorcees honour this late great penciller the only way they know how: With a top 5 list! Complete with sound effects, bad jokes and the bickering you’ve all come to know and love, come join your favourite Canucklehead couple as they present a very special...


Let’s All Go To The Movies

Coming off Canada Day and the 4th of July, Marc and Jeannette have a lot of ground to cover. Dealing with a heatwave, the future divorcees give an update on the #saveshadowhunters fan campaign and their latest Netflix viewing: Jeannette finished the second season of 13 Reasons Why (finally) while Marc shoulder tackled GLOW’s sophomore run. Following this, it’s movie time! Giving their thoughts on misleading trailers and using assigned seating to avoid commercials, the two create a...


Top 5 TV Show Saving Fan Campaigns

It’s a jam packed episode as Marc and Jeannette bring you a top 5 list with some bonus content! After some small talk, including Marc’s Netflix superiority over Jeannette, the two get into their top five list. What kind of creativity did fans display when fighting for their favourite shows? While the results weren’t the same in every case, each entry overcame the odds and managed to find success in one form or another. In addition to the list, your favourite future divorcees take a...


The Ocean’s 8 My Homework

https://twitter.com/popnickel/Swimming an Ocean’s 8 to get here, Marc and Jeannette are sharing their thoughts on the latest Sandra Bullock film In addition to their mixed review of the movie, the pair discuss Hereditary’s unique marketing campaign and how it compares to a classic horror film’s tactics. Want a hint? Look for the chocolate sauce! Finally, the two talk about their Netflix lists and inadvertently get on a discussion about how Shadowhunters fans around the world are...


Top 5 Canadian Foods That Could Ease Canada-U.S. Relations

With a list designed to bring Canada and the United States together again, Marc and Jeannette’s disagreements over it send them closer to divorce! After talking about Comcast’s bid for 21st Century Fox (calling it a deal worth millions instead of billions without noticing) and Poutine Feast, the two get into the important stuff: What Canadian foods could warm Donald Trump’s heart and stop this feudin’ and a fussin’ over trade. Ironically enough, the end result creates a deep divide...


R.I.P. Shadowhunters

It’s been a rough week or two for a couple of fandoms, so now it’s time to ridicule and mock them… just kidding! Here at Pop Culture Nickel, we’re all about love, not hate! After drooling over this weekend’s local Poutine Feast, Marc and Jeannette dive into a few topics that are close to home in a laid back episode. Beyond the obvious discussion about Shadowhunters’ cancellation, the two delve into the lukewarm response to Han Solo: A Star Wars Story and the announcement of a possible...


Top 5 TV Families From The 90’s

Although it was a simpler time, the 90’s still had their share of issues to overcome. Getting through them however, we were lucky enough to have many teachers guiding us down an uncertain path. They may have taken the form of television sitcom families but who cares? Join Marc and Jeannette as the two count down the best of the bunch and tackle their own modern day issues: What’s a nasal nauseator? Why was cheese linked to nerds for so long? Would you really want to be a part of the...


When Harry Met Spidey

Marc and Jeannette are recovering from their royal hangover by discussing some movie news and introducing a new segment to the podcast! First up, the two share their feelings on some local ice cream joints before jumping into the latest casting news for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. Following that, the future divorcees navigate through their mixed feelings on the first trailer for Mowgli, the darkest re-telling of The Jungle Book. Last (but certainly not least,) the two...


Top 5 Most Memorable Series Finales

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Seinfeld’s series finale, Marc and Jeannette have recorded an entire episode about nothing! Although it may seem that way sometimes, we’re actually breaking down the top 5 most memorable series finales… for better or for worse. (I guess you already knew that if you saw the title though.) Which shows satisfied viewers and which ones left them banging their heads in frustration? Well, we have some of both so tune in to hear if your picks made the...


You Can Cast Away (Or Stay All Day If You Want To)

This week, Marc and Jeannette discuss Clayne Crawford’s alleged firing from the Warner Bros. produced Fox TV series Lethal Weapon. Will it survive re-casting such an important character if they get picked up for a third season? While the point may soon be moot, the pair review past re-castings or replacements that did and didn’t work, along with the reasons why. Also, stay tuned to find out who Marc would choose to replace him on the podcast and the topic for next weeks top 5...


There Ain’t No War Like An Infinity War!

Fresh off his illness, Marc joins Jeannette to discuss a small independent film called Avengers: Infinity War. The two go into their top five favourite things, some nitpicky criticisms and theorize what will happen in Avengers 4. Oh yeah, did we mention that there will be massive spoilers? Until next time, be sure to follow all of our social media followables at https://popculturenickel.podbean.com


Jan Solo - A Sick Marc Story

Marc is sick and that can only mean one thing: To tide everyone over until he’s well enough for an in-depth Avengers: Infinity War review, Jan is flying solo! Check out her spoiler-free spoilerful review of the film (it will only make sense to people who have seen the movie, we promise) and then keep listening for Jeannette’s Netflix picks of the week… along with a few misses. Who is the brattiest child in all of Netflix? Find out right here! We will most likely have our bigger...


Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains

Have you heard? Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War opens nationwide this Friday! To celebrate, Marc and Jeannette thought it would be the perfect opportunity to break down their top 5 list of the best villains in the MCU! As we await the arrival of the mad titan Thanos, let’s join together and reflect on those who will soon pale in comparison to his devious glory! Stay tuned for next week when we list the top 5 moments of the movie in our full Avengers: Infinity War review! Until then,...


Dwayne Johnson, The Gorilla Whisperer

What did Marc and Jeannette think of Rampage? Find out their non-spoilery feelings (along with the comment that will be documented for their impending divorce) as they list their top 5 favourite things from the film. Was it a banana split, a howling good time or did the movie really bite? Also in this episode: Jeannette’s Netflix picks include Titan, Krampus and (at long last) the second season of Jessica Jones. We even stay spoiler-free until the last thing on that list too! Tune in...


Top 5 Celebrity Monkeys

In honour of this weekend’s release of Rampage (starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,) Marc and Jeannette break down their top 5 celebrity monkeys. Listening to a married couple spend an hour together out of obligation has never been so fun! Also in this episode: Marc gives his thoughts on Wrestlemania 34, Jeannette goes over what she’s been watching on Netflix and the two reveal how their next top 5 list is connected to Avengers: Infinity War. Be sure to visit the podcast’s new...