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EP79 - Chad Miller Digital Film Distribution

If you're about to make, or have just made, any indie movie in the digital space, Chad Miller is the guy you want to know. He is currently the founder of Cinema Machine Management, which consults filmmakers on distribution and marketing. He's been doing this for 15 years. After coming out of UTA's (United Talent Management) famed story department, he jumped into the digital world before most of us (me included) knew what digital was or took it seriously. He was part of several companies...


EP78 - Steve Sobel - Hollywood's One-Man Show

Steve Sobel broke into Hollywood by sharing his own story. He wanted to write and he wanted to act. So naturally, like everyone else in this town, he decided to do a one-man show. But unlike most of the one-man shows that you have to beg your friends to attend (he had to do that too, actually), Steve turned his into almost every opportunity he's gotten in Hollywood. One thing led to another and that one-man show was sold to Fox as the next big sitcom! Take a listen to Steve's energetic...


EP77 - Steven Lewis - Perfecting Your Hollywood Impression

Steven Lewis is THE go-to guy for the big movie studio execs (um... we're talking the Chairman of Universal, Hulu, Warner Bros., Paramount, Fox, etc.) and big A-list celebrities (Jennifer Lawrence, Armie Hammer, Jessica Chastain, Kristin Wiig, Michael B. Jordon, Henry Cavill, etc.). He calls himself a Communications Strategist. I call him a Hollywood CEO Whisperer. He helps perfect leaders' messages, their brands, and keeps them from getting in the way of themselves. Having been an...


EP76 - Rick Sasson Process to "Yes" in TV

Rick Sasson is a successful TV producer who has been running production and development at large companies for the last 4 years. He's been developing pitches and show ideas non-stop and is now back out on his own to create some ownership for himself. Rick has some insight on what he calls "the process to yes." As TV shows get tougher and tougher to sell these days, he knows he can't do it alone, so he's looking to collaborate. But he has the chops, having been a busy showrunner himself for...


EP75 - Paul Haddad The Showrunner's Network Executive

Paul Haddad is an accomplished writer, novelist, TV showrunner, and currently AMC Network Executive. He's also who I refer to as an ambassador of Los Angeles. He loves L.A.! You've probably read some of his books (check them out here). After graduating from USC and wanting to be a documentarian, Paul began traveling the world with the E! show "Wild On." This almost sent him down a path of skimpy bathing suits and models for the rest of his life (what was he thinking?!!) before wanting...


EP74 - Yann Debonne - Build a Show Produce a House

Yann Debonne’s TV career as a showrunner and company owner is one most other showrunners would kill for ( He has had overall deals with networks like MTV, executive produced large, complicated shiny floor shows with live audiences, and become the go-to guy for dozens of networks. But perhaps Yann’s most coveted asset is his mindset. He realized early on the benefit TV skills have outside of Hollywood. He has applied the function and approach of producing to other...


EP73 - Sebastian Twardosz 10 Minutes To Prove You Can Direct

Sebastian Twardosz is the guy you want to know for HELP in Hollywood. He's a partner in Circle Road Films, a professor at USC of Cinematic Arts, a producer, and consummate connector. His entire career has been one of helping other filmmakers find their footing, get a job, or find their focus. He demonstrates how you only need 10 minutes to prove you can direct. Back in the day, it was Sebastian who got Terence his first film agent at ICM. And when Terence decided to shift into TV, it was...


EP72 - Erik Adams Hollywood Entrepreneur

Erik Adams is a smart Hollywood entrepreneur who knows opportunity when he sees it. After getting laid off from one of the only two jobs he ever had working for someone else in the business, he cohabitated his skills and provided value for a growing problem in film and TV. In addition, he has developed, sold, and produced his own shows and productions, including some with Terence Michael. Now, Erik has a successful and thriving business working on some of Hollywood's biggest productions,...


EP71 - Ready Player One Analysis w Jason Scoggins

Jason Scoggins (GM of StoryScout and President of Slated) joins the podcast to go deep into the Oasis with Terence Michael and analyze the Hero's Journey, why this film works (or doesn't), and what the actionable takeaway is for all of us. Even if you haven't seen Ready Player One, the universal themes or potent, relevant, and timely. ***** PLEASE ENGAGE AND SUBSCRIBE Follow and like us on Facebook or Instagram On (desktop or phone) iTunes or iHeart Radio or GooglePlayMusic You can...


EP70 - Kristin Herold Entertainment Reporter

Kristin Herold is currently the co-host of a radio show on 790 KABC "So What's Your Problem?" and a glamorous red carpet host. But before all of this, she was an actress in one of Terence's early Lions Gate films. The two became fast friends. But after discovering acting wasn't grounded enough for her, Kristin packed up and shipped off to Idaho to become a Fox station news reporter. Her coworkers found out she once modeled for Playboy (Girls of the Big 10 at Ohio State issue) and her work...


EP69 - Graham Bradstreet Film Finance Guru

Graham Bradstreet needs no introduction in Hollywood, especially among the studios, agencies, and major production companies who all come to him for film financing. After co-founding Working Title Films (this year's "Baby Driver" and "Darkest Hour) with his partners and selling it to Polygram back in the 90s, Graham formed several other companies and financing vehicles to supply movie budgets in excess of $3 Billion to the major studios like Paramount and Sony. He developed the concept of...


EP68 - Oscar Nom "The Big Sick" Analysis with Jason Scoggins

"The Big Sick" is an awesome indie movie, which sold for big bucks at Sundance. It works because it follows The Hero’s Journey and those important three “E”s that every movie needs to have. The movie is a fresh and funny take on boy meets girl. It’s also the true story of how Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”) met his real-life wife, Emily Gordon (writer with Kumail and producer of the movie). Also stars Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, and Ray Romano. Kumail and his wife literally produced...


EP67 - Oscar Nom "Baby Driver" Analysis with Jason Scoggins

"Baby Driver" wasn't nominated for Best Picture, yet should have been according Terence Michael and his special guest Jason Scoggins. It's an incredibly creative and fun film that works on every level. The guys break it down analyzing The Hero's Journey taken by Ansel Elgort as he falls in love with Lily James and tries to escape from Kevin Spacey. The film was nominated for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing. ***** PLEASE ENGAGE AND SUBSCRIBE Follow and like us on...


EP66 - Dave Fleming News Producer to Miles Guy

Dave Fleming was a hotshot Emmy-winning news producer in L.A. for many years. He grew up in Beverly Hills where he went to High School. A little actor named Warren Beatty modeled his character in the iconic "Shampoo" movie after Dave's dad. So yeah, he's a Beverly Hills brat! Actually, he's a really bright producer who knows how to network and make things happen. And not long ago, he began a new, cool side-hustle called, which has turned into a successful business. Dave...


EP65 - Michael Addis TV Film Comedy Hyphenate

TV/Film writer/director/producer/showrunner Michael Addis is perhaps the most energetic guy Terence Michael has ever met. And because the two haven't caught up in so long, this podcast is unfortunately a chaotic and wild tangential ride down memory lane and every rabbit hold to every weed possible. But if you enjoy movies, television, and seeking peak performance, you'll get snippets of everything as the guys traverse from one topic to the next without ever fully finishing anything. Some...


EP64 - Life As a Stand-Up On The Road

Ian continues where he left off, talking about life on the road and working with comics like Louis C.K., Jon Stewart, Ray Romano, Dave Attell, and Greg Giraldo. Hear the untold story involving too much pot, some paranoia, and a potential hooker in Roanoke Virginia. Life of the comic! ***** PLEASE ENGAGE AND SUBSCRIBE Follow and like us on Facebook or Instagram On (desktop or phone) iTunes or iHeart Radio or GooglePlayMusic You can also contact us or learn more at...


EP63 - Steve Monroe Non-Stop Acting Requires Therapy

Steve Monroe is the actor you've seen in your favorite big studio movies or TV shows. He's everywhere! With over 100 acting credits, he's managed to carve a brand for himself that keeps him working non-stop. Steve met Terence when he was cast in two of his films ("Going Greek" and "100 Women"). But a life in the fast lane led Steve down a dark, stereotypical Hollywood path until he found therapy. Now, he's a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT) helping others, while still acting alongside Matt...


EP62 - Kinga Philipps Adventures Hollywood

Kinga Philipps is an award-winning journalist, explorer, host, surfer, actress who is traveling the world, producing content, writing about her adventures and trying to save the planet, all at once. She's pretty much a badass who you've seen somewhere on TV (Syfy, NatGeo, Travel Channel, Food Network, Current TV, etc.), in films (Austin Powers, Tomcats, etc.) or read her inspiring articles. She's also partnered in a production company with host/actress Karla Cavalli (episode 51), and is...


EP61 - Athlete To Acting To Stunts To TV To Docs

Pro Wakeboarder Barrett Perlman had sights set on Hollywood. So utilizing her athletic skills she transitioned into stunts and acting in independent films. But her passion was to create so she turned to producing. She's now producing TV and Digital and is about to release her first passion project -- "Life After X," a documentary about the journeys of top action sports athletes like Tony Hawk. ***** PLEASE ENGAGE AND SUBSCRIBE Follow and like us on Facebook or Instagram On (desktop or...


EP60 - Eric Schaeffer, Producer of His Own Life

After driving a cab in NYC for 10 years, Eric gave himself permission to tackle Hollywood's notoriously high walls. Now he's "created" (written/produced/directed, and even starred in) 9 feature films, 5 TV shows and over 100 episodes of scripted TV. Eric is the epitome of someone who had zero Hollywood connections yet produced his own hero for himself. Terence's own journey intersected with Eric's when Eric was making his 2nd film and Terence was making his 4th. The collaboration that...