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Episode 116: 90 Day Fiance S6E4 & 90 Day Live

Well Eric really outdid himself this time on 90 Day Fiance (0:00). He managed to piss of every member of Leida’s family, including the kid that’s been wrapped around his neck for the past week. Should we just reserve the fire house for him? Or maybe a place on Larissa’s couch that costs more than Colt’s car…or her bail! Speaking of updates, Michelle Collins hosted another 90 Day Live (46:00) and we had some very special guests. Debbie looked ravishing in red, but Angela stole the stage. With...


Episode 115: 90 Day Fiance S6E3 & Unexpected

I voted for more 90 Day Fiance! We start out this week (0:00) with SKINZ, also known as the only man in the world who is confident enough to wear capris without shame. Colt’s mother, Debbie, has a Jessie Spano moment and Eric manages to scrape a few dimes together to split a Philly cheesesteak 4-ways. Whatta catch, ladies! Ricki Lake arrives at the Unexpected Tell All (34:54) wearing a Countess Luann statement necklace and I was cheering “Go Ricki!” like a good child of the 80s should. I had...


Special Guests with Special Announcement!!!

Welcome to RealiTV, two VERY special guests with an incredibly important announcement!!!!! Find your polling place, election hours, and more at Use your Lyft or Uber app to find the promo codes on Election Day to receive FREE or discounted rides.


Episode 114: 90 Day Fiance S6E2 & Unexpected

90 Day Fiance (0:00) continues to knock my freaking socks off, along with Colt’s British Knight cross-trainers. This week we meet a new couple which happens to be teen parents so you know this dumpster is going to be LIT. Can I pass as a mil yet? Over on Unexpected (27:36) Diego smirks his way into the depths of hell while Grandpa Tim feels like the walls of said hell are closing in on him. Nothing ruins a good fried shrimp Sunday dinner like another UNEXPECTED surprise. Ba dum bum, ching!...


Episode 113: 90 Day Fiance Premiere, Unexpected and Married at First Sight Reunion

The premiere of 90 Day Fiance (0:00) did not disappoint! I have some strong opinions on this season, so buckle up, drink up, and…well, help me calm down. I could use some help in taking down Diego on Unexpected (33:58) this week because he just about did me in. We need to save Emiley, you guys. The extra E in her name is for “emergency exit plan”. Lastly, Married at First Sight (51:10) wrapped up it’s epically boring season with no surprises, but I dug up a few fun facts about Samantha...


Episode 112: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Tell All, Unexpected and Married at First Sight Finale

We made it! The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All (0:00) brought more cringes than questions. That’s a win in my book! Find out who I think might Puff the Magic Dragon & which World War is most compatible with Jesse Von Trapp. On Unexpected (32:09), Max-No-Millions takes an undeserved nap and we find out where Diego got his timing from. Finally. FINALLY, on Married at First Sight (49:09) the couples make their final decisions and I get tipsy while suffering through it. My apologies!...


Episode 111: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days, Unexpected, and Married at First Sight

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00) continues to bring it each and every week! From Ang’s negative bank balance to Darcey channeling Sharon Stone, I’m going to break it down for you. TLC surprised us with a 2-hour long episode of Unexpected (28:57), but thankfully we were spared double the scenes of both Diego AND Max. Praise a baby Duggar! Feeling like it’s been a lifetime over ON Lifetime, we’re still suffering through Married at First Sight (52:13). I love Lola products! Use code...


Episode 110: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days & Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, Ricky pretends to propose before almost drowning on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00). Lo siento. Maybe next time, ladies. The drowning, I mean. Meanwhile Angela explores national monuments, and by the grace of Obama she doesn’t knock the whole damn thing down. On Married at First Sight (28:40), the couples go on yet another weekend trip in order to remember that they were married 49 days ago. Mia and Tristan continue to baffle viewers while the other couples...


Episode 109: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days, Unexpected and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, Ricky continues his self-produced telenovela and Angela’s frosted fantasy comes true on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00). On Unexpected (35:30), Diego may not be able to make a bottle, but he can make every woman in America roll their eyes at the same time. Over on Married at First Sight (51:32), Mia gets kicked out by Tristan, Amber and Dave plant an asymmetrical planter box, and the other two continue to live breath oxygen in beige rooms. Remember to listen to...


Episode 108: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days, Unexpected and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, we meet a new couple and Angela triggers a nation with her take-back of a beloved item on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00). Ricky also gets himself into quite a situation in Colombia, as well as here in New York. You’ll hear it here first! On Unexpected (42:50), Emiley gives birth while Dr. Diego gives the play by play and McKayla has some possible news to share. Over on Married at First Sight (55:29), Dr. Jessica arrives to instigate resentment and play judge...


Episode 107: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days, Unexpected and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, Angela tackles one of the most grotesque meals ever served on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00) and she does so with class, nicotine, and possible melanoma. Diego continues to give me the giggles over his collapsable bones on Unexpected (37:15) and the couples share some time with Dr. Pepper and Bravolebrities on Married at First Sight (53:07). Shop with referral code RealiTV for $5 off your purchase! Please subscribe, rate, and review! Find...


Episode 106: My weekend in the OC, 90DF Before the 90 Days, Unexpected and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, I break down the events of last weekend’s Taste of Reality OC Ropes Course & Quiet Woman event (0:00). Real Housewives of Orange County Emily & Gina came out and they have a new fan in me! I can’t say the same about Ms. Shannon Storms Beador. That’s my opinion! On 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days (15:40), Angela makes my premonition come true and Tarik wears the latest She by Sheree Summer Collection. Meanwhile on Unexpected (44:36), Max plants the seeds of mail fraud...


Episode 105: 90DF Before the 90 Days, Unexpected, Teen Mom 2 and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (0:00) continues to bring it! There is no better show on TV right now, and I can’t ever imagine my life without it. From snails to spinning tales, I’ll break it all down for you. On Unexpected (45:19), Moneybags Max makes an appearance and tells us about his plans for bringing the alarm clock industry back into business. Meanwhile, Dr. Drew comes for Jenelle on the Teen Mom 2 Reunion (1:02:19). Finally! Last but not least, Married at...


Episode 104: 90DF Before the 90 Days, Unexpected and Married at First Sight

Wow, what a week! 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days (0:00) is the gift that keeps on giving. Much like Angela's affection for Michael. Unexpected (45:51) gave us an unexpected new couple, as well as an unexpected trip around the world's most dangerous roller rink. You read that correctly. Last, but not least, Married at First Sight (1:04:55) opened my eyes to the incredible advice from Pastor Cal, which left me speechless. Just kidding, you know me, and I went on a bit of a tirade. Meet up...


Episode 103: 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days & Unexpected

Oh what a Sunday! Due to me not wanting my kids to end up like Paul, Angela, or Moneybags Max, I will not be able to recap Teen Mom 2 or Married at First Sight this week. I'll be touching on them in this week's Patreon later this week though! Also, head on over to Twitter for live tweets during MAFS. However, let's get into some Before the 90 Days (0:00)! Angela, oh Angela, hallowed be thy name. Thy passport come, thy will be done, in Nigeria as it is in Alabama. Or Georgia?? Over on...


Episode 102: Before the 90 Days, Unexpected, Teen Mom 2, and Married at First Sight

What a week in RealiTV! Four shows, four opportunities to watch the best of the worst on TV this week. 90 Day Fiance blessed us with another season of Before the 90 Days (0:00), and it did not disappoint! We met a few new couples, as well as updates on Jesse Von Trapp and Paul's mom('s hair balls). TLC also knocked up-err-out another season of Unexpected (36:20) with new teens, as well as follow-ups on Lexus and McKayla. Teen Mom 2 (56:10) is so close to wrapping up the season, but not...


Episode 101: 90 Day Fiance Tell All Pt2, Teen Mom 2, and Married at First Sight

This week in RealiTV, 90 Fiance Happily Ever After (0:00) wrapped up its season with the Tell All Part 2 and a wedding-that-wasn’t special for Azan and Nicole. Perhaps Nicole is going to bring Ulta to Morocco, but let’s not hold our breath. Teen Mom 2 (38:09) brought even more pending charges (fingers crossed) for Jenelle as she fearlessly displays her passion for protection. Not the kind she needs, the firearm kind, duh. Rounding things out in the engaged, babies, and...


Episode 100: 90 Day Fiance Tell All, 90DF What Now, Teen Mom 2 and Married at First Sight

This week, TLC gave us an epic 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All (0:00). The gloves were off for Anfisa and Paola, but unfortunately so was David's timing and body language. 90 Day Fiance What Now? (35:16) brings us up to date on some couples from the past. Spoiler alert: Danielle and Mohammed haven't reconciled. Teen Mom 2 (59:13) continues its quest for the Guinness World Record for Worst Mom Moments when we see Jenelle behind the wheel and Leah wearing her new eyebrows. Lifetime...


Episode 99: 90 Day Fiance, Married at First Sight, RHOC and Teen Mom 2

This week, Jodie brings you 4, that's right, FOUR shows! 90 Day Fiance (0:00) did not disappoint as the finale brought us the aftermath of Pedro vs Family Chantal, aka Family Delusional. We also have Lifetime busting out a new season of Married at First Sight (36:30). While Mia & Tristan have instant drama with an immigration detainment, Jodie may cause some drama with her opinions on the other 2 couples. Bravo debuted Real Housewives of Orange County (1:00:50) with a new housewife, however...


Episode 98: Teen Mom 2 Double Header

It’s a Teen Mom 2 double header! Jodie recaps two weeks of teen mom shenanigans and batshit crazy breakups. We also get schooled on how to record a podcast by Kail. Did you catch that? She has a podcast. A PODCAST! You may have missed it the first 6 times she talked about it. Javi continues on his Tour de Teen Mom (trademarking that!) by stalking Briana down at her ass-reduction surgery. You read that correctly. Remember to SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A 5-star REVIEW! Please & thanks! Find Jodie...