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#013: Casting Director Erica S. Bream - The Casting Process

Casting Director Erica S. Bream (CSA) has had the opportunity to work on a myriad of projects across all platforms. A few of these titles include TV series such as COLONY, REVOLUTION, WORKAHOLICS, HOUSE OF LIES, CRIMINAL MINDS, and LAW AND ORDER: LA, as well as numerous TV pilots and miniseries, including Hulu’s 11.22.63, and FULL CIRCLE from DirecTV. She has worked on several feature films including STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS and many indie films, such as the John Legend-produced BREAKING...


#012: What you Don't See in The Cutting Room Floor: Film Editor Ann Trulove-- Sofia Coppola, Penelope Spheeris

Ever wonder why that performance you thought was amazing didn’t make the “cut” ? Well, I sat down with Film Editor Ann Trulove who has been editing and seen multiple films and tv episodes in the cutting room! She has worked with directors Penelope Spheeris, Sofia Coppola, John Frankenheimer, Meg Thayer, John Bokenkemp, Brian To and, Liz Goldwyn. Two of her films - The Decline of Western Civilization Part III and Chrystal - have been featured at Sundance, with 'Decline' receiving the...


#011: The Art of Sound: Emmy Award Winner VIckie Sampson, Sound Editor-Return of the Jedi, Sex and the City,Speed, The River

Before I had this conversation with Vickie I just found sound to be…how do I say this eloquently- sound? I never truly understood how sound was used in film. I mean of course I know sound is important but I definitely never looked and appreciated it as its own art form…..at least not until I spoke with Vickie. Victoria Sampson is an award-winning producer/writer/director film and sound editor With over 201 credits of sound work including editing Academy Award winning films SPEED and THE...


#010: Casting Director Yolanda Guillen: Understanding the Casting Process-Theatrical, Commercial, Fox, ABC, Sony

Casting Director Yolanda Guillen, has done it all in the casting world from commercials, to television, to film. She has worked with major networks such as FOX, ABC, and productions companies such as Sony. Additionally in commercials she has cast for major advertisers such as Wal-Mart, Chase, Comcast, T-Mobile and many more! In this Episode Yolanda breaks down the casting process. You don’t want to miss this very insightful conversation! Topics we discussed: Difference between casting...


#009:Film School, Now What? USC Film School, Spiderman Homecoming, Black Panther, Cinematographer

Maybe you just graduated from film school OR just trying to figure how to make your move as a filmmaker to get to the next level-- Terri tells us her story of transferring to #1 film school USC and her experience there. She speaks on how she set herself up for the ultimate success after she graduated. She spoke on getting the ultimate mentors that lead her to working on major Blockbuster films like Spiderman Homecoming and Black Panther. Want to know more about Terri? Check out her...


#008: Want to Be an Actor, Now What? RADA Drama School, William Esper Studio

So however you got here, one way or another you declared out loud (or maybe not yet) I want to be an actor. And if it was like me, it was exhilarating and then followed with a sudden confusion and the question, “what now?” came up. Yup, what now? There is no right way or wrong way or specific path that everyone can follow, but I chose to speak with Marguerite Genard on her experience. Marguerite did not grow up in a household that encouraged the arts as a career, so when she declared she...


#007: Getting Your TV Credits: Hand of God, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland

So you’re an actor work on a few student films, shorts, maybe some indies BUT you are trying to figure out how to get those initial TV co-star credits. Yvonne received her first TV Co-star credit on Amazon’s Hit Show Hand of God and a co-star on Lifetime’s TV Movie Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland! She talks to us about the steps she has taken to get to this point in her career. Topics we discussed: All about brand brandingDiscovering why branding is important and how it can get...


#006: Balancing LIFE and being an ACTOR: East Los High, Collateral Damage, World Trade Center

Jossara Jinaro speaks to us about sustaining a career of longevity and balancing life with a family and doing the continuous hustle and grind of an actor. Jossara is a multi-talented actress/ dancer/ producer and can be seen in major films such as Collateral Damage, World Trade Center, and has also recurred on Hulu’s original Series East Los High! Topics discussed: LongevityMommy life --balancing baby and actor lifeDance- has that been a helpful skill in her careerDifference between...


NBC Short Film Festival: Before and After winning a Talent Deal

David was so generous with his time, and spoke to us while filming on the set of Soldado, The sequel to Benicio Del Toro’s Film Sicaro. We spoke about understanding an individual’s essence and taking control of the audition room. David won a Talent deal for best actor at the NBC short film fest. David speaks to us about what he was doing as an actor for his career leading up winning that talent deal and how that has helped open doors and get him noticed in bigger rooms for better...


#004: 400K Followers-How to Build an Authentic Platform on Social Media

Katherine Castro is an actress, model, activist and keeps it so real with us as she talks about the importance of branding, and being authentic to who you are through social media !! Katherine is a business woman that understands what it takes to take on Hollywood. She is very candid about how she is making her mark in this industry and using it to build her acting career. Katherine currently has close to 400k followers on Instagram and over 50k follower on twitter! Topics Discuss: Being...


#003: From "Keeping Up with the Jones" to CEO of her own company Career Activate

Jona is an all around business woman, not only can you see this woman in Gifted, Keeping up with the Joneses, and recurring on Being Mary Jane. Additionally to Jona’s successful acting career she is also the CEO of her company Career Activate which emcompasses a variety of intensives, home study courses and coaching programs to provide specific strategies to activate your acting career. What I love about Jona is that she walks her talk, she has used these specific strategies to achieve...


#002: Recurring on "This Is Us" and Creator of Netflix Series

Jeremy Luke starred in big block busters hits such as Don Jon, Jersey Boys, and Sully, had a series regular on the Mini-series Mob City, and most recently booked a recurring role on the biggest show on tv ‘This is Us’. Oh and if that wasn’t enough you can find his show ‘Small Shots’ currently streaming on Netflix!! It’s about two guys trying to make it in Hollywood! So Jeremy is definitely no stranger to the Hollywood scene and breaks it all down to us in this very candid conversation!!...


#001: ABC Diversity Showcase Auditioning & Getting Accepted

This is the time of year where thousands of actors submit and hope for the opportunity to be one of the few actors selected to be a part of the highly sought out ABC Diversity showcase! I spoke with Eddie Liu on his experience from the audition process all the way to actually performing at the ABC showcase! Eddie Liu’s TV credits include HBO's Silicon Valley, Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bong and Broad City, and CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles. We also spoke about the journey that took him to...


#000: Rise To Triumph Podcast Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Rise to Triumph Podcast my name is Krystal Torres. This First episode is the introduction of what to expect from this podcast. I have 3 goals for the podcast: To Bridge the Gap between the Artist and the business side of the TV and Film Industry.To discuss the careers and success strategies of interviewed guests.To empower listeners with tools, techniques, and strategies to accelerate your career. You will be receiving a well-rounded experience of great content...