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Movies, music, TV and more broken down in a super Black, sometimes ratchet, always informative way.

Movies, music, TV and more broken down in a super Black, sometimes ratchet, always informative way.
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Movies, music, TV and more broken down in a super Black, sometimes ratchet, always informative way.








SSNP 303 | 2019 San-Diego Comic-Con News and Marvel Studios Phase 4 Keynote (feat. Stephanie of Mocha Minutes Podcast)

Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel Studios had some great products for us over the weekend at the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con. Among the surprises: five new movies, five new Disney+ streaming TV series, a returning actor who swore they'd never do a Marvel film again, and a surprise movie announcement that broke the by-then-already-broken Internet! The SSN Crew and special guest Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes Podcast discuss what they think of the upcoming projects, as well as...


SSNP 302 | Spider-Man: Far From Home – The Spoilerific Review Show

Spider-Man may be able to do whatever a spider can, but can he still balance that with being a regular kid on a regular European field trip? And can he still impress the girl he likes or will getting wrapped up in a new mission with Nick Fury and...Mysterio?...lay all of that to ruin? The SSN Crew reviews "Spider-Man: Far From Home," the latest entry in the neigh-unstoppable Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do the kids in the movie feel like real teens or movie teens? Did walking into the film...


SSNP 301 | Toy Story 4 vs. Child’s Play – Who’s Your Friend to the End? (feat. Tammy AKA Cowkitty)

The SSN Crew is joined by special guest Tammy AKA Cowkitty to discuss both the Toy Story and Child's Play franchises, and to review the latest entries in each: Pixar's "Toy Story 4" and MGM's revamp of the original "Child's Play." Why didn't any of the hosts like the original "Toy Story" when it first came out, and yet came to hail its sequels as masterpieces? Why is MGM starting a Chucky franchise when Universal still has theirs? Where are the depth maps? And, most importantly, why are Bo...


SSNP 300 | Scooby-Doo and a Golden Anniversary Too (feat. Quadrus)

The Say Something Nice Podcast is turning 300...episodes long! To mark this achievement, we talk about another property reaching an important milestone: the 50th anniversary of everyone's favorite mystery-solving Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, and his (still) high-school aged meddling human friends. In this episode, the SSN Crew and special guest Quadrus discusses a half-century of Scooby, from its origins as a spin on Archie and Dobie Gillis through decades' worth of cartoon series, feature films,...


SSNP 299 | An Ode to Ye Olde Movie Theater in the Event of Its (Possible) Demise

In a recent New York Times article, Ava DuVernay, Lena Waithe, and many others spoke out on the increasingly dire state of traditional cinema, and questioned the sustainability of the standard theatrical release model. Will movie theaters go the way of eight-track tapes? The SSN Crew discusses Kyle Buchanan's multi-interview coverage on the subject, and also discuss their favorite (and least favorite) movie theaters and movie-going experiences. Plus: reviews of the new indie film "The Last...


SSNP 298 | “Shaft,” “Men in Black: International”, and The Things We Lost in the Universal Music Fire (feat. Yusuf Lamont, Mocha Minutes & Peter)

Long title, long episode, lots of big conversations! First, Stephanie of the Mocha Minutes Podcast and Peter join the SSN Crew to discuss two new, yet unsuccessful, entires in long-running Hollywood franchises: "Shaft" and "Men in Black: International?" Is the new "Shaft" too problematic for modern audiences? Are there any signs of life to be found in the new "MIB"? And why is Meagan Good remaking "Foxy Brown?" Then, Yusuf Lamont joins us to discuss the New York Times' investigation into a...


SSNP 297 | Dark Phoenix: The Spoilerific Review Show and the End of Fox’s X-Men Movies (feat. Tammy AKA Cowkitty)

One would think that Fox, in having gone through the debacle that was "X-Men: The Last Stand" 13 years ago, would know what to do different for their second adaptation of the classic X-Men "Dark Phoenix Saga." Apparently, that would hav been too much like right. The SSN Crew and special guest Tammy AKA Cowkitty saw "Dark Phoenix" so that you don't have to. We break down the bountiful violations of the spirit of the comics, Simon Kinberg taking over direction from an alleged predator with...


SSNP 296 | “Swamp Thing” is a Sad Spinach (feat. Tammy AKA Cowkitty)

The DC Universe streaming service debuted its latest original series, "Swamp Thing," two weeks ago. Within four days, news had broken that the series was canceled, and the internet was ery respectful and sensible in covering th--yeah, we all know how this really went. The SSN Crew and special guest Tammy AKA Cowkitty discuss the grand opening and grand closing of DC's spinach monster, as well as more on HBO's "Chernobyl," Amazon's "Good Omens," "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "A Goofy...


SSNP 295 | Death of iTunes, Birth of Battinson (feat. RJCC & Amelia)

iTunes is dead, long live...Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV? While iTunes is slowly sunsetted in favor of its smaller, less bloated spawn, the SSN Crew, with special guests Richard (RJCC) & Amelia, look back on their experiences with the evolution of digital music over the years. In addition, the group discusses the fire and fervor around Robert Pattison - known for "Twilight", but better in other films - as Batman, leading to the internet's obteenbillionth meltdown over someone...


SSNP 294 | Disney’s Aladdin (1992 & 2019): The Spoilerific (?) Review Show (with Tammy AKA Cowkitty & Stephanie of Mocha Minutes Podcast)

Prince Ali, Disney loves he, he's in three movies A Broadway show, a cartoon you know, he fights a big snake The SSN Crew breaks it down How Ashman & Menken threw down And how Guy Ritchie and Will Smith did this remake Your wish is our command! Special guests Tammy AKA Cowkitty and Stephanie of the Mocha Minutes Podcast join us to discuss the history and making of Disney's "Aladdin", and to rate and review the new 2019 live-action version starring Mena Massoud, Naomi "Jameika" Scott, and an...


SSNP TV Reviews | Game of Thrones Season 8, Episodes 5-6: Series Finale (with Stephanie of Mocha Minutes Podcast & Amelia)

With a pair of extra-length final episodes, HBO's epic series "Game of Thrones" has finally come to an end. With its conclusion, everyone online has bid the series goodbye with maturity, decorum, and -- ah, who are we kidding? Folks are acting a fool. But why are so many people so mad? Does each character's conclusion meet our approval, if not our expectations? Also, what will come of those spin-offs? The SSN Crew, with special guests Amelia and Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes Podcast,...


SSNP 292 | Pokémon: Detective Pikachu – The Spoilerific Review Show

Has "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu" finally cracked the code to making a good video game movie? Can Ryan Reynolds be funny without the benefit of f-bombs? Will Justice Smith finally catch a break after "The Get Down" and "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?" To solve these mysteries and more, the SSN Crew hops on the case for a dive into the cute, cuddly, yet stylishly noir (and shot on film?!) world of "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu." Drinking game you shouldn't actually try: take a shot every time...


SSNP 291 | Fall 2019 Broadcast TV Season Preview, or, The CBS/FOX Chainsaw Massacre

The 2019 TV Upfront Season is here! Did your favorites survive the purge, or have they been chopped down in their prime (or their not-so-prime) and banished to the realm of canceled TV programs? Also, what new highlights (and horrors) do the networks have in store for us this upcoming season? The SSN Crew discusses the canceled, renewed, and returning series for prime-time broadcast TV with a mix of anticipation, acrimony, and shock (Nancy Drew is down with the swirl?!). • 0:00:00: Catching...


SSNP TV Reviews | Game of Thrones Season 8, Episodes 1-4

Dragons and secrets and popular character deaths, oh my! The SSN Crew recaps episodes one through four of the eighth and final season of HBO's "Game of Thrones," a show that everyone loves and no one thinks is controversial or miswritten? Right? Right?!? WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find LaTria online at: Twitter: Instagram: Find Ali online at the Say Something Nice Facebook Group: WHERE TO FIND OUR GUEST:...


SSNP 290 | Avengers: Endgame – The Spoilerific Review Show | w/ kuroverse

It's all come to this: a three-hour conclusion to the three-phase Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga! In the wake of The Snappening, can the original Avengers rebound to undo the damage that Thanos has done to the universe, never mind their own families and lives? Special guest Tim of the Kuroverse Corporation joins the SSN Crew for a full-spoiler review (because it's nigh-impossible to discuss this movie WITHOUT spoilers) of "Avengers: Endgame," including our favorite (and least...


SSNP 289 | Splashed With Disney Racism Water – w/ kuroverse

Reports have surfaced that "Song of the South" won't be available on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. This is our shocked face. However, rumor has it the Disney will also edit their 1941 film "Dumbo" for Disney+ as well - but how? Special returning guest Tim of the Kuroverse Corporation joins the SSN Crew in discussing Disney wallpapering over its historical racism and canceling inherited Fox movie projects, how to make Fantastic Four movies the right way, Beyonce's Netflix...


SSNP TV Reviews | Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1, Part 2

Archie Comics' headstrong teenage witch is back to upend yet more of the misogynistic status quo in both the mortal world and the witch/warlock world in the second half of season 1 of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina". In this episode, the SSN Crew breaks down the Sabrina holiday special and the nine further episodes of the season, culminating in betrayals, family secrets, shocking reveals, dance numbers (!), and more! WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Brandon online at: Twitter:...


SSNP 288 | Put My Disney+ Bill in My Mama Name (w/ Rjcc)

In this episode, special guest Richard Lawler (Rjcc) or Engadget joins the SSN Crew in welcoming our new Disney overlords. We discuss the Disney+ official announcement and what is and isn't coming to the new service, the first trailer for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" (which you all WILL be seeing, don't front), and the new trailer for the "live-action" remake of "The Lion King." Outside of Mouse House stuff, we also review Marsai Martin's debut feature film "Little," Donald Glover &...


SSNP 287 | Shazam! – The Spoilerific Review Show | w/ Duval Spit

It's been a long time coming, but Billy Batson, Freddy Freeman, Darla Dudley, Mary Bromfield, Eugene Choi, and Pedro Peña have finally landed at your local multiplex - with the evil Dr. Sivana in tow! "Shazam!" is being touted as the best adaptation of a DC Comics property since "The Dark Knight." Does the movie measure up? Is the Moley actually Holy? Special guest Duval Spit joins the SSN Crew as we do a full breakdown on the "Shazam!" feature film, including as many Easter eggs as we can...


SSNP 286 | Joaquin’s Joker Jaunt | w/ Duval Spit

Following the release of the family-friendly, Amblin-esque "Shazam!", the next Warner Bros. movie based on a DC comic is "Joker," a gritty, Scorcese-esque take on an R-rated original origin for the popular supervillain. Will it work? Special guest Duval Spit joins the SSN Crew to break down the "Joker" trailer, and also discuss "The Goonies," "Doom Patrol," "American Gods," Season 1B of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," and a look at the first movie releases of the summer following...