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Talk Star Wars – Episode 169: “Rollin’ With The Porgs”

It’s Episode 169 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, and Benioff and Weiss have been confirmed to be behind the first of the next wave of Star Wars films! Rob and Brad, in addition to talking about this news and its implications, talk about Dooku: Jedi Lost as well as doing a bumper retrospective of Attack Of The Clones in celebration of its 17th year in the public sphere.


Talk Star Wars – Episode 168: A Brand New Hope!

On Episode 168 of Talk Star Wars, an Emotionally14 production, Rob and Brad get together to discuss the recent announcement of three new Star Wars movies starting in 2022, as well as taking a rather ambitious stab at recasting the original trilogy with today’s crop of stars!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 167: "You Must Be So Brave..."

In episode 167 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob and Brad talk about their favourite Chewbacca moments in memory of Peter Mayhew, talk about actors who've crossed over franchises and field some more impressive Palpatine theories!


Talk Star Wars – Episode 166: Bossk, The Last Trandoshan

In episode 166 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob and Brad discuss some listener reactions to the Episode IX teaser, including some cracking takes on what “The Rise Of Skywalker” might be. Plus – We finally finish the listener questions for April with Bradley’s fantastic Favourites list!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 165: Celebreakdown!

In this episode of Talk Star Wars, Episode 165, Rob and Brad get together to discuss the big news out of Celebration – There’s a lot of it! Tune in for our thoughts on the Episode IX trailer, the Episode IX name, Fallen Order, The Mandalorian and much much more!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 164: Master And Apprentice

This week on Talk Star Wars, Rob and Brad read some listener questions, delve into more of their Star Wars favourites, and after the break there's a spoiler review of Claudia Gray's new novel, "Master And Apprentice"!


TSW Round Table Chicago Celebration Special

This month we take a break from our Retrospective Series and bring you a 2019 Star Wars Celebration special. Robert is joined by fellow Celebration attendees Commander Cody from the Rogue Squadron Podcast and Steve Kirk from the San Diego Sabers Podcast.


Talk Star Wars - Episode 163: Star Wars Moments!

In the latest episode of Talk Star Wars, Rob and Brad discuss Battlefront 2, Star Wars Legion, and run down some of their favourite Star Wars moments!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 162: "A Series Of Boring Posters"

In this week's episode of Talk Star Wars, Rob and Brad talk about their favourite comedy moments in Star Wars (there are a *lot* of them), dissect the rumoured Episode IX poster doing the rounds and pitch terrible Star Wars toys!


TSW Comics Issue 16 - Age of Republic

Join Rob and Tim to breakdown and discuss the Age of Republic comic mini-series. They also talk about what they have been reading, SW multi-media comic tie-ins, and what they are anticipating for Star Wars Celebration 2019!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 161: Andy-On-Andy Action

In this, the latest episode of Talk Star Wars, Rob is joined by Andy from the Retro Inc podcast to discuss more recasting ideas for Star Wars, as well as recent developments regarding the recent hires at Lucasfilm in their gaming department and the rumblings that Benioff and Weiss are beginning their Star Wars journey soon!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 160: Rancor Keeper Casting Call

In this, Episode 160, of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob and Brad read some listener feedback about our recent conversations on The Last Jedi, as well as some new reviews! The bulk of the conversation, via a discussion about what might stop the Disney era lingering in pop culture history, is a fantasy recasting session of epic proportions! Just how many people auditioned for some of these parts?! Find out on Talk Star Wars!


TSW Round Table - Retrospective: The Clone Wars

This month we continue our Retrospective series with a look back on the Clone Wars Movie. Rob's co-host is Steve from the San Diego Sabers podcast. they are joined by TSW friends Matthew and Nathan.


Talk Star Wars – Episode 159: Disingenuous Foreshadowing

This week on Talk Star Wars, it’s…another slow news week for Episode IX news. Never fear, however, as this week Rob and Brad have a bumper set of listener questions to go through! What makes the character of TLJ Luke so divisive? How might Snoke figure into Episode IX? Is the Holdo Maneuver really all that bad? Your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s Episode 159! I know, it feels like some of these notes have doubled up, but it’s Episode 159! We have some fun with it all, hope you enjoy!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 158: Droid Unions

On Episode 158 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob is joined by Andy from the Retro Inc to talk about…The Last Jedi some more. There’s also a spoiler-free Resistance roundup! Plus: The Commonwealth question of the month sees us take a stab at renaming the entire saga!


Talk Star Wars – Episode 157: “Totally Turkey”

In this week’s episode of Talk Star Wars, Rob and Brad speculate on where Resistance will slot into canon going forwards, we discuss the glut of speculation on future TV projects, the possibility of Benioff and Weiss tackling the Old Republic, and just what would make the nay-sayers love The Last Jedi? We might not know, but we’ll have a good go!


Talk Star Wars – Episode 156: “It’s Just…Strange…”

In this week’s episode of Talk Star Wars, Rob and Brad are reunited after Brad’s brief illness! This week’s episode sees us discuss shrimps with chaffinch wings, space waffles, Wookiee etiquette, why the Holiday Special is as bizarre as it is terrible, a new board game announcement, the news that never was regarding Rian Johnson and the possibility of a Benioff and Weiss trilogy! It’s more welcome than a random pseudo-canon comic after 33 years on hiatus – It’s Talk Star Wars!


TSW Roundtable - Return of the Jedi Retrospective

This month we continue our Star Wars Movie Retrospective with Episode 6: "Return Of The Jedi". Robert’s co-host this episode is Rob-Yees from the Generation X-Wing Podcast. The two Robs are joined by Corey Riley and Matthew Gilbert. The boys have a lot of fun reminiscing and talking about their favourite moments from the original trilogy’s finale!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 155: "That's So Josh"

On Episode 155 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob is joined by special guest Carlos and TSW first-time guest Andy from the Retro Inc podcast! In this episode, we deal heavily in who would win in various Star Wars fights, from the serious to the ludicrous, talk about who our bounty hunting escapades would eliminate (with galactic ramifications in some places), and go *deep* into the situation regarding Star Wars games and EA Games. Join us!


Talk Star Wars - Episode 154: Sequel Treacle

Hello There! Let’s Talk Star Wars! Owing to some unavoidable issues during recording, coupled with a slightly quiet week in news town (aside from books, there are tons of those), it’s short and sweet from TSW this week! On Episode 154 of the Talk Star Wars podcast, Rob and Brad read a…novel take on a sequel trilogy and discuss Palpatine and some out-there sequel trilogy resolution ideas! Editor’s Note: Please be aware that if you’re listening to TSW during family time, Vesuvi’s sequel pitch...