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Ep44 - Paradise Lost Pt3

The last installment of this series. I dive deeper into this fascinating documentary. I hope you leave comments and reviews. It was quite the journey talking about Paradise Lost with all of you. Website: Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Facebook: The Actors Room Twitter: @actors room Thanks for the support!


Ep43 - Paradise Lost Pt2

The journey continues in the Paradise Lost documentary. I dive deeper into the show and concentrate on the beginning of Damien and Jason's trial. I point out some inconsistencies on facts and the behavior of the accused. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Thanks for all the support.


Ep42 - Paradise Lost Pt1

HBO presented the documentary "Paradise Lost" in 1996 and created a bit of a stir. This is some sensitive material. I dive into the presentation and give my honest opinions on the matter. Please understand that these are just my thoughts and I wanted to give the listeners a great show. Learn more about the West Memphis 3 case and everything else that goes along with it.


Ep41 - Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is without a doubt a talented artist. His creation of Rocky Balboa may very well be one of the most influential and inspirational characters in modern cinema history. He is not only an actor but a writer and director as well. Join me and my brother as we dive into the life and career of Sylvester Michael Stallone. The Actors Room Website Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Thanks for your support.


Ep40 - Macaulay Culkin

That's right. We are going to talk about Mac. He was the biggest child star in the world after his performance in Home Alone. It was an incredible feat for such a young actor. His life changed and he would go on to star in many more movies before deciding to retire and lock himself away for years. Learn more about this talented artist that has recently made his way back to the limelight. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram:...


Ep39 - Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean Baker transformed herself into Marilyn Monroe. She started her career as a model in the 1940's while married to her first husband. She was a housewife turned model and decided to pursue acting after her husband gave her an ultimatum...our marriage or your career. She chose the latter. From then on out she worked hard to become the blond bombshell that made her an icon forever. Some of her films include Some Like it Hot, Bus Stop, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Niagara, and How to...


Ep38 - Sean Penn Pt2

My brother Dave and I further discuss the fascinating life and career of Sean Penn. Movies like Dead Mans Walking, HurleyBurly, She's So Lovely, The Thin Red Line and Mystic River remind us how talented Penn really is. He has also struck up controversy with his recent novel. So much to delve into with this artist.


Ep37 - Sean Penn Pt1

Better get out of Sean's way if you're holding a camera because he is liable to give you a smack or a kick. This artist has a short fuse but tremendous talent. He is quite the controversial figure and my brother Dave and I talk in detail about his life and work. He is one of the best actors of the last century. Sit back relax and enjoy this episode featuring Sean Justin Penn.


Ep36 - The Fisher King

Director Terry Gilliam brings to the screen a dark and creative film starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges. I highlight this wonderful work of art that I feel to be underrated.


Ep35 - Tom Cruise Pt2

Here we go! Part 2 of this episode highlighting Tom Cruise. My brother Dave and I dive deeper into this interesting artist. Such a big star and we do our best to learn more about him as a person. Cruise is hard working and it shows in his work. And yes...we will discuss the controversial religion of Scientology as well. So sit back, relax and enjoy our final episode of Tom Cruise.


Ep34 - Tom Cruise Pt 1

There is a lot going on with this guy! Wow! My brother and I dive deep into the life and career of the mega-star Tom Cruise. He is one of the biggest movie stars of all time. He is a dedicated artist who gives the audience entertaining performances. His charisma is off the charts. Join me in learning more about the talented and mysterious Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.


Ep33 - Field of Dreams

"If you built it...He will come." Join me as I discuss the Kevin Costner hit baseball film called Field of Dreams. This film is one of my personal favorites because it has a clever plot and it captures your imagination. James Earl Jones also gives a nice performance and worked well alongside Costner. Always keep searching your heart for the answers and take some chances in your life.


Ep32 - Michael J. Fox

Likeable is the best word to describe Michael J. Fox. He is also one of the most energetic actors I have ever seen. He came into our living rooms every Thursday evening as Alex P. Keaton in the sitcom Family Ties. America fell in love. He then went on to star in one of the biggest films of all time Back to the Future and changed history. Learn more about this artist that has touched our lives with his warm heart and genuine character.


Ep31 - The Oscars 2018

...and the winner is...Gary Oldman! Yes! He got it and I'm happy. Come join me this week as I talk about the 90th Academy Awards. I break down the nights action in detail and give my input on the entire show. I even have comments about the commercials as well. My apologies to those expecting the Michael J. Fox episode but it has been pushed back. I promise he is next up.


Ep30 - Woody Allen Pt2

Learn how Woody Allen built up his resume to become one of the most successful directors in history. He has been nominated for 24 Academy Awards. Woody mastered writing one-liners, gags, sketches, one-act plays and then feature films. All of the main aspects of filmmaking like writing, directing and casting were taken on by Woody because he wanted complete control. I also touch lightly upon his personal life as well. We wrap up the life and career of Woody Allen with part 2 of this edition...


Ep29 - Woody Allen Pt1

Black-rimmed glasses and humor. Woody Allen puts a feel to his work that makes him unmistakable when comparing him to other artists. He is an artist, musician, actor, comedian, director and writer. I delve into Woody Allen's early life growing up in New York City. I hope you enjoy episode 1 of the talented and witty Woody Allen.


Ep28 - Bill Murray

Hold onto your popcorn! Bill Murray can be looming around the theater plotting to take a handful and then say..."Nobody will believe you." He can also crash one of your parties and then do your dishes before he leaves. This is a spontaneous and talented man. We fell in love with him as a player on Saturday Night Live and it continued onto a funny and charming film career. Come join me in learning more about this fascinating artist.


Ep27 - Robin Williams

Those that knew Robin Williams have stated that he was the greatest friend a person could have. He was a giving and loving human being. Robin had within him a spark that caught fire with his audiences. He had an energy that was contagious and fun to watch. His most notable films were Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, Awakenings, Patch Adams and Good Will Hunting. Come join me and my brother Dave talk about this wonderful and talented man. He is missed by everyone...


Ep26 - Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was an artist that left us way too soon. This was a young man that was wise before his years and so full of talent. Ledger gave us many memorable performances in films like Monsters Ball, The Four Feathers, Brokeback Mountain and Dark Knight. We will never forget his rendition of The Joker and how he took his acting to another level. You are missed Mr. Ledger...there is no doubt about it.


Ep25 - Daniel Day-Lewis

Nobody prepares for a role more passionately than Daniel Day-Lewis. His dedication to perfecting his craft has given the audiences epic performances in My Left Foot, Last of the Mohicans, In the Name of the Father, Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln and his most recent film Phantom Thread. He recently announced his retirement from acting. So sad. We hope you miss the work and come back for more someday. Learn more about Lewis in The Actors Room.