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Ep57 - Gene Wilder

Willy Wonka baby!!! Need I say more? This artist loved to make people laugh. Gene Wilder was a shy and loveable man that had a keen ability to create engaging and unforgettable characters. He also had a bit of an anger issue as well. Just look at those wonderful explosions he gave that were filled with emotion. Learn more about Jerome Silverman.


Ep56 - Kurt Cobain Pt4

Learn more about Kurt Cobain's life and death.


Ep55 - Kurt Cobain Pt3

Learn more about Mr. Kurt Cobain gaining popularity in the Rock and Roll world. We talk more about his interests in art and life.


Ep54 -Kurt Cobain Pt2

Onward we go talking more about the life and times of Kurt Cobain. I touch on more of his early life and career. Kurt was fascinated with all sorts of dark imagery. He wasn't afraid to express his feelings on paper and in his music. What shaped this talented and influential man? Let's see if we can figure it out. Join me in learning more about one of the most popular artist's of the last century. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram:...


Ep53 - Kurt Cobain Pt1

I know I know...Kurt Cobain is not an actor. I get it, but I really wanted to talk about this intriguing artist. Lets dive into his early life and career. I may be changing my shows title and make a few other changes. We will see. For now I'm going with the flow and the flow told my Cobain this week. Thank you for your support. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast


Ep52 - Charlie Sheen Pt2

There's some more Charlie Sheen coming at you. Look out! He shocked the world with his unconventional antics during his public breakdown. My brother and I continue to talk about his films and personal life. We also discuss some touchy and controversial elements concerning his relationship with Denise Richards. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Facebook: The Actors Room


Ep51 - Charlie Sheen Pt1

Winning!!! My brother Dave and I discuss the Tiger Blood of Charlie Sheen. This was a most fascinating episode as we learn about his early life in California. Charlie is the son of Martin Sheen, who had a successful acting career when Charlie was young. Sit back and take in all this wonderful information about this crazy guy. Website: Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Twitter: @actorsroom ...and I forgot to mention that I'm on youtube. Oh yeah!


Ep50 - Stand by Me (1986)

Director Rob Reiner took the Stephen King book "The Body" and made a gem of a film. Stand by Me is a classic film that is based on friendship. River Phoenix, Wil Weaton, Cory Feldman and Jerry O'Connell give us performances we will never forget. Join me in learning more about the film that never gets old. Website: Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Twitter: @actorsroom


Ep49 - David Bowie Pt3

What a journey it was researching Mr. David Bowie in The Actors Room. Join me and learn more about this marvelous artist and man. Thank all of you for listening to the show. Website - Facebook - The Actors Room Instagram - theactorsroom_podcast Twitter - @actorsroom


Ep48 - David Bowie Pt2

The second part of our David Bowie episode is ready to go! I dive deeper into his life and career. We learn about his greatest creation Ziggy Stardust and everything that went along with it. This was an extraordinary man and artist. David will experience a life-changing tour of America. Then he will go onto produce other music and make the decision to cut a rhythm and blues album with Luther Vandross as a backup singer. So much to talk about. Sick back...relax and pour yourself a nice...


Ep47 - David Bowie Pt1

There aren't many artists that make me take a step back and completely admire their extreme talents. Well...David Bowie is one of those people. Join me and learn more about this man's early life and the beginning of his career. This is part one of a three-part series on the life and times of Bowie. Once again thank you, everyone, for your support of the show. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Facebook: The Actors Room


Ep46 - Drama: 20 Best Supporting Roles

We hope your favorites made our list. Please continue supporting our show.


Ep45 - Comedy: 20 Best Supporting Roles

My brother Dave and I rank our 20 best supporting comedy roles. It's a countdown, so see where one of your favorite actors or actresses rank. Maybe you will have a few laughs. Thanks again for all of your support of our show. Website: Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcadst Twitter: @actorsroom


Ep44 - Paradise Lost Pt3

The last installment of this series. I dive deeper into this fascinating documentary. I hope you leave comments and reviews. It was quite the journey talking about Paradise Lost with all of you. Website: Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Facebook: The Actors Room Twitter: @actors room Thanks for the support!


Ep43 - Paradise Lost Pt2

The journey continues in the Paradise Lost documentary. I dive deeper into the show and concentrate on the beginning of Damien and Jason's trial. I point out some inconsistencies on facts and the behavior of the accused. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Thanks for all the support.


Ep42 - Paradise Lost Pt1

HBO presented the documentary "Paradise Lost" in 1996 and created a bit of a stir. This is some sensitive material. I dive into the presentation and give my honest opinions on the matter. Please understand that these are just my thoughts and I wanted to give the listeners a great show. Learn more about the West Memphis 3 case and everything else that goes along with it. Website: Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Facebook: The Actors Room Twitter: @actorsroom


Ep41 - Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is without a doubt a talented artist. His creation of Rocky Balboa may very well be one of the most influential and inspirational characters in modern cinema history. He is not only an actor but a writer and director as well. Join me and my brother as we dive into the life and career of Sylvester Michael Stallone. The Actors Room Website Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram: theactorsroom_podcast Thanks for your support.


Ep40 - Macaulay Culkin

That's right. We are going to talk about Mac. He was the biggest child star in the world after his performance in Home Alone. It was an incredible feat for such a young actor. His life changed and he would go on to star in many more movies before deciding to retire and lock himself away for years. Learn more about this talented artist that has recently made his way back to the limelight. Website: Twitter: @actorsroom Facebook: The Actors Room Instagram:...


Ep39 - Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jean Baker transformed herself into Marilyn Monroe. She started her career as a model in the 1940's while married to her first husband. She was a housewife turned model and decided to pursue acting after her husband gave her an ultimatum...our marriage or your career. She chose the latter. From then on out she worked hard to become the blond bombshell that made her an icon forever. Some of her films include Some Like it Hot, Bus Stop, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Niagara, and How to Marry...


Ep38 - Sean Penn Pt2

My brother Dave and I further discuss the fascinating life and career of Sean Penn. Movies like Dead Mans Walking, HurleyBurly, She's So Lovely, The Thin Red Line and Mystic River remind us how talented Penn really is. He has also struck up controversy with his recent novel. So much to delve into with this artist.