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Featuring indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Laine Wooliscroft, each week they dive into the latest films, movie news, and filmmaker interviews with a raunchy mix of vulgar-yet-smart commentary. Not snobby enough to be cinephiles nor common enough to be movie buffs, they’ve got the madness for movies - these three are Cinema Psychos.

Featuring indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Laine Wooliscroft, each week they dive into the latest films, movie news, and filmmaker interviews with a raunchy mix of vulgar-yet-smart commentary. Not snobby enough to be cinephiles nor common enough to be movie buffs, they’ve got the madness for movies - these three are Cinema Psychos.


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Featuring indie filmmakers, Brian Cottington, John Wooliscroft, and Laine Wooliscroft, each week they dive into the latest films, movie news, and filmmaker interviews with a raunchy mix of vulgar-yet-smart commentary. Not snobby enough to be cinephiles nor common enough to be movie buffs, they’ve got the madness for movies - these three are Cinema Psychos.








Army of the Dead (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 214

This week, Brian and John wear out our welcome in Las Vegas as we step out of the world of Nomi Malone and The Stardust and into the world of Alpha Zombies, Beta Zombies, and Bespectacled Batistas'. Yes, we are talking about the much talked about post Justice League Netflix-nugget from Zack Snyder: Army of The Dead. A movie that has divided people nearly as much as any Zack Snyder movie would. The argument this time being centered around just how much Ella Purnell's Kate Ward screwed the...


Showgirls (1995) - Movie Review- Episode 213

This week, Brian and John are packing our bags and hitchhiking to the city of dreams and riches....LAS VEGAS! As we review one of the most expensive exploitation/cinemax softcore pornos ever made, Showgirls from 1995. Showgirls has a bit of everything for every kind of audience. Do you want blatant nudity and violent pool belly button sex? Showgirls has got it. Do you crave a movie about a down on her luck girl who rises through the ranks of Vegas' entertainment industry to become the...


Hannibal (2001) - Movie Review - Episode 212

This week John and Brian invite you for dinner (wink wink cannibalism) as we gather for a feast of one of the most divisive entries in the Hannibal Lecter Cinematic Universe (Sorry Hannibal the tv show, only movies on this podcast), Hannibal from 2001. A direct sequel to the oscar winning 1991 Jonathan Demme film, Silence of the Lambs; Hannibal continues the story of everyone's favorite flesh eater, Dr. Hannibal Lecter as he jet sets around italy avoiding assassins, sneaky italian...


Rosemary's Baby (1968) - Mother's Day Special - Episode 211

This week, we are saluting our mom's in honor of Mother's Day! We are joined this week by none other than the mother of our own little hell spawn, Jan Wooliscroft, mother of John Wooliscroft. Our guest's pick this week is the ultimate Mother's Day horror (aside from Mommie Dearest) the 1968 Roman Polanski (eww) classic, "Rosemary's Baby." A classic that showcases not only the horror of siring the spawn of Satan, but operates on a number of different narrative levels. Dealing with everything...


Mortal Kombat (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 210

This week, Brian, and John test their might and reminisce about Friday nights in the 90's with square pizza, surge, cool ranch Doritos and of course MORTAL KOMBAT! We are diving headfirst out of Earthrealm and straight into the Netherrealm of HBO Max to review the newest reboot from Hollywood's Nostalgia Machine; MORTAL KOMBAT. A movie that literally just has to show up to be leaps and bounds better than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1998). But does this newest entry deliver the goods....and...


Jason Douglas of The Walking Dead, Dragonball Z, and Preacher - Interview- Episode 209

This week, John sits down with Jason Douglas, a talented and multi-faceted actor both on screen and in your ears. He is an actor who has been on hit tv shows such as Tobin on "The Walking Dead" and Satan on "Preacher"; and in film playing roles like Mayor Kane in "Texas Cotton" and Al in "Cyst". Aside from his work on screen, Jason Douglas has an impressive list of roles as a voice actor for some of your favorite characters in anime and video games. He has gone on to play iconic roles such...


Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) - Movie Review - Episode 208

This week we have some earth shattering news about the future of the podcast to couple with our earth shattering review of Zack Snyder's Justice League. We felt this movie was so important to review that we bumped our review of Hannibal to next week. You hear that DC?! We pushed a conversation about Anthony Hopkins eating brains for you. So join us as we unpack this 4 hour long epic (and believe me the behind the scenes drama of this is an epic unto itself) that details the battle between...


Leprechaun 2 (1994) - Movie Review - Episode 207

Happy St. Patrick's Day to our Irish friends and fans and of course to those special fans who happen to "pretend" to be Irish every St. Paddy's Day. In honor of the holiday, we are cracking open the second entry into what arguably might be the last gasp of the slasher era. We're talking about 1994's Leprechaun 2. A movie that literally has nothing in common with the original, other than Warwick Davis carrying the entire film due to the absence of the real star of the original, Jennifer...


EXCLUSIVE: Behind The Scenes of Under ConTROLL- Featurette Review - Episode 206

This week, coming off of the heels of our review of Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death, we have an exclusive folks. Exclusive in the fact that your favorite Cinema Psychos are the first in North America to review the the behind the scenes featurette on the making of the unofficial sequel to Troll 2, "Under ConTroll" (Aka Goblin 2/Trolls World). We reviewed Under ConTroll way back in Episode 151 and one of the things we wanted to know was a bit of the madness that goes into creating this...


Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death - Indie Film Review - Episode 205

This week, after our review last week of the turducken of terrible that was Neil Breen's "Pass Thru" , we here at The Cinema Psychos Show needed a bit of a pallet cleanser. And wouldn't you know it, we got one in the form of the Justin Armaos' new release, "Bloodsucka Jones vs. The Creeping Death." A movie that serves as not only a comedic play off of blaxsploitation cinema but also zombie movies (which has our interest already peaked as we are all based in Pittsburgh: The Zombie Capital of...


Pass Thru - The 4th Horseman of the Breenpocalypse - Episode 204

This week, we are opening the 6th seal of terrible cinema and unleashing the 4th horseman of the Breenpocalypse with Neil Breen's "Pass Thru". A movie that some say isn't really a movie but more or less a collection of clips and drone footage from the raving of a sundrenched madman bent on solving the worlds problems by "cleansing" the world of bad people. So yea....It's a fun movie for the whole family....if that family is perhaps the Manson family. So grab your finest booze and strap...


Streaming Vs. Theaters: Rumble in the Socially Distant Jungle - Episode 203

This week, we are tackling a topic that is tearing Hollywood apart. The guttaral street fight that has broken out between HBO Max and streaming services vs Movie Theaters. The battle is of course over HBO Max's decision to release their 2021 blockbuster films on streaming as well as through traditional theaters. We get in a heated debate that tackles everything from whether studios will continue streaming after the pandemic ends, whether consumers will go back to theaters, and what movie...


2020 Year in Review- Part 2- The Best and Worst Films of 2020

This week, we are saying one final good bye to the unending maelstrom of misery and depression that was 2020 with PART 2 of our Year End Retrospective. There weren't a great deal of movies that came out during 2020 as we all were trying to divert our attention away from the doom scrolling with Tiger King or trying to master chess after watching Queen's Gambit. But the few offerings we did get deserve a little love......or hate. So we'll be breaking down our picks for the best and worst...


Year in Review: 2020 - Part 1: Beyond a Dumpster Fire- Episode 201

Happy New Year everyone! I promise that 2021 will be much better than 2020 ever wa.....(looks at the news).....well, so much for new years resolutions. How about we take a nice escapism trip to "better times" and look back at how Hollywood was affected by a truly unusual year. Like a massive poop, this episode will be a 2 parter. So be sure to check back next week as we dive into the top best and worst films of 2020. In the mean time, take a minute as you gather your MRE's and stock that...


Black Christmas (1974) - Movie Review- Episode 200

This week, we are breaking through the episode 200 barrier in Yule tide style. We are reviewing what arguably might be the very first slasher we aren’t talking about John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, Halloween. We’re talking about the 1974 Canadian Xmas murder-fest Black Christmas. A movie that gives us party girl Margot Kidder before she became Lois Lane and one of the first roles to feature John Saxon as a police detective; a role that Saxon would literally be in for the remainder...


Scrooged (1988) - Movie Review - Episode 199

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Even though 2020 has done a number on all of us, we here at The Cinema Psychos Show refuse to let it take away our celebration of odd ball holiday classics. And no movie is more odd ball enough than the 1988 Bill Murray classic, SCROOGED. A film that marked the return of Murray into a leading comedic role (we'll ignore that Little Shop of Horrors cameo), Scrooged retells the classic Charles Dicken's story, "A Christmas Carol" through a...


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - Movie Review - Episode 198

This week is Thanksgiving here in the US which means that it is time for us to pull out one of our Thanksgiving horror classics to review......hmmm aside from Thankskilling which we already did, there doesn't seem to be any left. Might as well turn to what everyone considers a classic Thanksgiving movie, The 1987 John Candy and Steve Martin road movie, "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". A movie that broke John Hughes out of the box of making movies consisting of 80's yuppie teenagers and...


The Witches (1990) - Movie Review - Episode 197

This week, we are taking a look back at what might be one of the weirdest and most terrifying children's films that has probably led to the emotional scars for an entire generation of we aren't talking about Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory....we're talking about his 1990 follow up, The Witches! A movie that might just be Mr. Bean's only serious role and oh yea is 100% nightmare fuel. Dead parents...check. Horrifying witch practical makeup....double check. A...


The Child's Play Film Series Retrospective- Episode 196

This week, we are back after a little Halloween hiatus with a little retrospective just as we leave spooky season and march toward the mass consumer orgy that is Xmas with a tale of toys gone bad....well more like movies about a single toy gone bad. We are of course referring to academy award winning actor, Brad Dourif portrayal of the "all rubber" serial killer in a matching jumper, Chucky in The Child's Play Series. The series is a rollercoaster ride of camp, gore, and a bit of voodoo from...


Top 5 Comedic Horror Movies - Episode 195

This week, just like mixing our peanut butter with our chocolate, we are doing a deep dive into our top 5 favorite Comedic Horror Movies! Comedic Horror movies might arguably be one of the hardest genres to try and crack with very few successes. This is primarily due to the fact that everyone has their own idea of what is scary and what is funny. But leave it to us to try and call out the very few gems that you should include during your halloween movie marathons. Special thanks to our...