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Directing for an Audience with Alison James

Alison James is an incredibly talented writer/director on the rise and headed toward her first feature film. After winning Best Narrative Short at the Austin Film Festival for her short film, Judas Collar, Alison was able to land reps at WME and has since been developing what will be her first feature film.


Advice from a Hollywood Manager with Scott Glassgold

Scott Glassgold is a Manager and Producer with well over a decade of experience. After getting his start at New Line Cinema and Disney, Scott Founded Ground Control, an innovative Management and Production company. From there he's gone on to nurture several short films and initial ideas to final feature films - such as Prospect, The Beyond, and his latest sale to Paramount, The Follower. Recently, Scott has partnered with Screen Gems to produce horror proof of concepts with an eye...


Making Your Project Happen with Cassandra Ebner

Cassandra Ebner is a truly wonderful filmmaker and human. She's a writer, producer, actor, and stuntwoman. Her career spans over 6 years in the industry and on some of the biggest productions around - like Game of Thrones, War for the Planet of the Apes, Shazam!, Arrow, and The Flash. Most recently Cassandra has written, produced, and starred in her web series, LifeXP.


From YouTube to Hollywood with Director Joe Penna

Joe Penna is a writer/director that got his start on YouTube. You may know him as Mystery Guitar Man, but today he is directing feature films starring massive talents like Mads Mikkelsen, Anna Kendrick, and Toni Collette. Ryan chats with Joe about directing his first film with a major star attached and his overall path to feature films.


A New Type of Storytelling with Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja is a filmmaker, vlogger, and content creator. Today Ryan picks his brain about this new form of storytelling that he is one of the pioneers of. Check out his incredible YouTube channel to see more of his work!


Directing Independent Film with Brent Christy

Brent Christy is a director and DP with a deep wealth of knowledge. He’s worked on everything from big-budget projects to the tiny passion project and makes every one of them stand out. Today we chat about directing, cinematography, set life, and balancing all that with family.


Sound for Film and Television with Dallas Taylor

Today on the show, Ryan talks with Dallas Taylor about all things sound! Dallas is the owner and lead over at Defacto Sound. He and his team have worked on some of the biggest ads from Nike, Ford, Puma, and Audi, to documentaries that have gone to Sundance and Tribeca. They have also done amazing work on network promos for HBO, NatGeo, AMC and Netflix, and massive trailers like Game of Thrones, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and tons more Dallas also Hosts a podcast about sound called Twenty...


Story Structure: 3 Acts vs 5 Acts

On today’s episode, Ryan talks to Frank Barbiere, comic book and video game writer with credits in Destiny, Violent Love, Five Ghosts, Lobo, Supergirl, Avengers, and more. The guys talk about writing in film and comics, story structure, and working with artists.


Documentary vs Narrative Filmmaking

On today’s episode, Ryan talks to collaborator, Lucas Harger (editor of BALLiSTIC). But unlike the last episode with Lucas, this one is all about documentary work. Lucas is an Emmy award-winning editor with several docs under his belt and a lot of knowledge to give on the genre, including how it overlaps with narrative and how useful its experience is for narrative work.


From Stunts to Directing with Trevor Addie

Trevor Addie is an incredibly talented stunt performer, stunt coordinator, and director that has worked on some of the biggest films and TV shows out there like, War for the Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones, Flash, BFG, Warcraft, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, Godzilla, and plenty more! He has a unique, honest, and experienced view on the art and craft of filmmaking. Today we are talking about everything from his life as a stunt performer/coordinator to how to run a set as the director.


You Don’t Need Hollywood to Make Your Feature

Today's guest is Zach Lipovsky. Zach is a writer/director that has recently finished two feature films - one for Disney and the other is a small indie film he made on his own with directing and writing partner, Adam Stein. Zach explains how they went about getting their film made outside of the Hollywood system.


Getting Your Film Made with Seth Worley

Seth Worley is back to talk about making his latest short film and his continued path to making his first feature. SPONSOR: The next time you need some gear, jump over to and save 20% by using the code FILMRIOTPODCAST!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We will be back in 2019!


What an Actor Needs & Finding Your Voice

Hannah Ward is an excellent actor with tons of insight. Ryan and Hannah chat about the actor/director relationship, bad experiences, and finding your voice. Connect with Hannah: Hannah on IMDB Hannah on Instagram Hannah on Twitter Connect with Ryan Connolly: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


Setting up an Independent Film with Graham Powell

Graham Powell is a writer, director, and actor from New York working to get his first independent feature off the ground. Today the guys talk about the ups and downs of independent filmmaking. Connect with Josh: Graham on IMDB Graham on Facebook Graham Website Graham on Youtube Connect with Ryan Connolly: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


Making Short Films & Getting them Seen with Josh Tanner

Josh Tanner is a writer/director from Australia with some amazing short films like The Landing, The Rizzle, and Reverse. Today Ryan and Josh talk about directing horror, the transition between low budget shorts and larger productions, and getting their films seen by the right people. Connect with Josh: Josh on IMDB Josh on Instagram Connect with Ryan Connolly: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


Film Riot was my Film School with Josh Connolly

Josh Connolly joins the podcast today to talk about Film Riot and how he found his way into filmmaking. Connect with Josh: Josh on IMDB Josh on Instagram Josh on Twitter Connect with Ryan Connolly: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


The Difference Between Film & TV with Avi Youabian

Avi Youabian is an editor with credits like The Walking Dead, Constantine, Frequency, The Brave, and a director with credits in The Walking Dead, Zoo, and Tainted Love. Today, Ryan talks to Avi about directing, editing, and the difference between television and film with editor/director. Connect with Avi Youabian Avi on IMDB Avi on Twitter Avi on Instagram Avi's Website Connect with Ryan: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


Directing and Pitching with Dan Trachtenberg

Dan Trachtenberg is the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Black Mirror (Playtest), and the coming series The Boys. Today on the show, Ryan talks to Dan about directing, film school, pitching, and navigating notes. Connect with Dan Trachtenberg Dan on IMDB Dan on Twitter Dan on Instagram Connect with Ryan: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website


Directing The Nun with Corin Hardy

Corin Hardy talks about his experience as a horror director on his latest film, The Nun. Connect with Corin Hardy: Corin on IMDB Corin on Instagram Corin on Twitter Connect with Ryan Connolly: Ryan on Twitter Ryan on Instagram Ryan on Facebook Ryan on IMDB Ryan’s Website