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Bonus Episode: Patricia Aufderheide and Fair Use

In this bonus episode, Bart interviews Patricia Aufderheide, of American University’s Center for Media & Social Impact, about how she first developed the guidelines for “fair use,” those rules whereby documentary filmmakers place footage from other sources in their films without fear of lawsuits. It’s one of the most important developments in the nonfiction filmmaking worldof the last 20 years, and Aufderheide made it happen. This is her story. Films and Texts Mentioned: Best Practices...


Bonus Episode: THE GREAT HACK

Release date – 7/24/19 Bonus Episode – “The Great Hack” This bonus episode features a review of the new Netflix documentary The Great Hack – which opens today on the site – and an interview with its directors, Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim, from this year’s AFI DOCS film festival. The film discusses both the 2016 Brexit and 2016 U.S. presidential elections and how the public’s personal data was misused by the now-defunct political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. It’s a visually...


Be Natural / Making Waves

There are no shortage of documentaries on various aspects of film history and we discuss a few of them plus we have a group review of BE NATURAL and Chris interviews Midge Costin of MAKING WAVES. Group Review Documentary: BE NATURAL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ALICE GUY BLACHE (2018) / USA (Director / Producer: Pamela B. Green) Now playing at select theatres nation-wide Film Featured in Interview Portion: MAKING WAVES: THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND (2019) / USA (Director: Midge Costin /...



This episode is dedicated to 2019 AFI DOCS featuring an interview with Festival Director Michael Lumpkin, group discussion of three features playing this year and an interview with Chris and Linda Goldstein Knowlton of WE ARE THE RADICAL MONARCHS. Group Review of Three films at 2019 AFI Docs: Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project / 2019 (Director: Matt Wolf) Slay the Dragon / 2019 (Directors: Barak Goodman & Christopher Durrance) We Believe in Dinosaurs / 2019 (Directors: Clayton Brown &...


Instant Dreams / Vision Portraits

This week we look at documentaries about photography, polaroid film and ways of seeing as we review INSTANT DREAMS and Chris interviews Rodney Evans, the director of VISION PORTRAITS. Group Review Documentary: INSTANT DREAMS (2018) / USA (Director: Willem Baptist / Producer: Pieter van Huystee) Now playing in select theaters nationally and internationally. Film Featured in Interview Portion: VISION PORTRAITS (2019) / USA (Director: Rodney Evans / Producers: Rodney Evans, H. Robert...


Knock Down the House / Running with Beto

Politics is the theme this week as we discuss election and political documentaries, review KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE, and Bart interviews David Modigliani of RUNNING WITH BETO. Group Review Documentary: KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE (2019) / USA (Director: Rachel Lears / Producers: Rachel Lears, Robin Blotnick, Sarah Olson) Now playing on Netflix Film Featured in Interview Portion: RUNNING WITH BETO (2019) / USA (Director: David Modigliani / Producers: David Modigliani, Rebecca Feferman, Greg...


Bisbee ‘17 / Building the American Dream

This week we look at documentaries about immigration (and specifically about migrant workers) as we review BISBEE ‘17 and have an interview with Chelsea Hernandez of BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM. Group Review Documentary: BISBEE ‘17 (2018) / USA (Director: Robert Greene / Producers: Douglas Tirola, Bennett Elliott, Susan Bedusa) Now playing on iTunes Film Featured in Interview Portion: BUILDING THE AMERICAN DREAM (2019) / USA (Director: Chelsea Hernandez / Producers: Chelsea...


They Shall Not Grow Old / Apollo 11

Many documentaries use archival footage in different ways, sometimes the entire film is archival and other times it is interwoven with new footage, or altered or animated to create a completely new and different work. This week we chat a bit about all of these variations and review the recent archival masterpiece, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD and Chris interviews Todd Douglas Miller of APOLLO 11. Group Review Documentary: THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD (2018) / UK, New Zealand (Director: Peter...


Bonus Episode - Stanley Nelson Interview

This bonus episode features an interview with the great Stanley Nelson, a prolific director telling complex and socially relevant stories in an expert and entertaining way. The episode drops the day before Nelson’s latest film, Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, plays at the Maryland Film Festival, in co-host Chris Reed’s hometown of Baltimore. Stanley Nelson Films Discussed: Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool / 2019 The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution / 2015 The Black Press:...


Bonus Episode - Field of Vision

In what is now a tradition for bonus episodes, we look at an online collective of short documentaries, this time with Field of Vision. Founded by Laura Poitras, AJ Schnak and Charlotte Cook, the site showcases insightful films from insider perspectives on various areas of the world, with a focus on political and social inequalities. Field of Vision Films Covered: The Above / 2015 (Director: Kirsten Johnson) Adversary / 2018 (Director: Scott...


SXSW 2019

For SXSW we discuss two of the films playing this year, RAISE HELL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOLLY IVINS and PAHOKEE, and Bart & Chris interview the filmmakers from Austin Texas. SXSW Films Covered: Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins / 2019 (Director:Janice Engel) Pahokee / 2019 (Directors: Patrick Bresnan & Ivete Lucas) Other Documentaries and Film Festivals Mentioned: AFI DOCS DOC NYC Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Hot Docs Hot Springs Documentary Film...


Hillbilly / Ingrid

Portrayals of Southern culture in documentary is the topic this week as we look at HILLBILLY and Chris interviews Morrisa Maltz, the director of INGRID. Group Review Documentary: HILLBILLY (2018) / USA (Directors / Producers: Ashley York, Sally Rubin) Now playing on YouTube, Google Play, Vudu & Amazon Film Featured in Interview Portion: INGRID (2018) / USA (Director / Producer: Morrisa Maltz) Now playing on Amazon, YouTube & Google Play Other Films & Podcasts Mentioned: The...


The Price of Everything / Generation Wealth

Audience fascination with films about the ultra-wealthy in a time of great economic disparity is the topic this week as we discuss THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING and Chris interviews the director of GENERATION WEALTH. Group Review Documentary: THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING (2018) / USA (Director: Nathaniel Kahn / Producers: Carla Solomon, Debi Wisch, Jennifer Stockman) The HBO documentary film THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING can be viewed on HBO GO/ NOW) Audio excerpts courtesy of HBO Film Featured in...


2019 Academy Nominated Documentary Short Films

This week we talk Oscars with a brief discussion of the documentary feature nominees and a more intensive review of each nominated short as well as kvetching generally about the complicated relationship between documentary films and Oscar. Also, we interview Robert Bahar, co-director of The Silence of Others. Oscar Shorts Reviewed: Black Sheep / 2018 (Director: Ed Perkins) End Game / 2018 (Directors: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman) Lifeboat / 2018 (Director: Skye Fitzgerald) A Night at...


United Skates / Minding the Gap

Youth culture (and specifically docs dealing with subjects “on wheels”) is the topic this week as we look at UNITED SKATES about roller skating in African American communities across the U.S. and MINDING THE GAP about three skateboarding friends growing up in the rust belt. Note: This interview with Bing Liu was recorded before the Oscar nominations were announced, hence we did not mention MINDING THE GAP being nominated in the 2019 Best Documentary category. But, we are very excited about...


Sundance / Slamdance 2019 Director Interviews

Chris and Summre interview four filmmakers from snowy Park City in this special Sundance & Slamdance on location episode. Filmmakers Interviewed: Penny Lane (Director), HAIL SATAN? Heidi Yewman (Director) & Will Little (Subject), BEHIND THE BULLET Jonathan Sutak (Director), DONS OF DISCO Alex Holmes (Director), MAIDEN Hammer to Nail Links by Christopher Llewellyn Reed: Review of BEHIND THE BULLET DONS OF DISCOReview of HAIL SATAN?Review of MAIDEN Timestamps: 01:54 - Interview...


Bonus Episode: Park City Preview

We discuss the four films we will be covering in Park City this year with filmmaker interviews and get hyped for our upcoming travels to the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals. Sundance Films Reviewed: Hail Satan? / 2019 (Director: Penny Lane) Maiden / 2018 (Director: Alex Holmes) Slamdance Films Reviewed: Behind the Bullet / 2019 (Director: Heidi Yewman) Dons of Disco / 2018 (Director: Jonathan Sutak) Other Films Mentioned: Nuts! / 2016 (Director: Penny Lane) Our Nixon /...


Bonus Episode: 2018 Top Ten Lists

Well, it’s that time of year where everyone loves to assemble top ten lists of all sorts. In this Bonus Episode, we each discuss our top ten documentaries of this year and the general trends we are seeing in 2018 doc films. Bart’s Top 10 List: 209 Rue Saint Maur306 HollywoodBisbee ‘17 Minding the Gap / 2018 (Director: Bing Liu) Our New President/ 2018 (Directors: Maxim Podorovkin)RBG/ 2018 (Directors / Producers: Julie Cohen & Betsy West)They'll Love Me When I'm Dead/2018 (Director:...


78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene / Dark Money

In a special Halloween themed episode, things get spooky as we talk about the myriad of horror documentaries available online, review 78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene and Chris interviews Kimberly Reed of Dark Money. Group Review Documentary: 78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene (2017) / USA (Director: Alexandre O. Philippe Producers: Robert Muratore, Kerry Deignan Roy) Available to stream on Hulu, Google Play, YouTube & Amazon Film Featured in Interview Portion: Dark Money (2018) / USA...


Mr. Fish / Mr. Soul!

This week we discuss our own personal work and creative ventures and look at two doc portraits of activists doing what they love for careers in the arts: MR. FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END and MR. SOUL! Group Review Documentary: MR. FISH: CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END (2018) / USA (Director: Pablo Bryant, Producer: Ted Collins) Available on iTunes Winter 2018 Film Featured in Interview Portion: MR. SOUL! (2018) / USA (Directors: Melissa Haizlip & Samuel D. Pollard, Producer:...