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28: What do Star Wars Fans Want?

On a very special edition of “The Harsch Review Podcast,” your hosts Sean and Ryan are joined by Matt from “Not For Human Consumption” podcast in an attempt to answer an age-old question: what do Star Wars fans really want? Your hosts weigh in on the entire franchise, giving our varied opinions and perceptions. This one is not to be missed! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter: Like our FaceBook...


27: The Staircase, The Genius, and The Joker

Here we go again with another episode of “The Harsch Review Podcast.” Sad week with the passing of Anthony Bourdain and the last remaining member of the Lollipop Guild. Half a dozen Joker movies in production; is this too much? Updates on the Tarantino project, Lasseter leaving Disney, and other news. We discuss what we’ve been watching lately. “Viewing Challenge” reviews, and a new challenge for next week. All this and more on Episode 27 of “The Harsch Review”! Website:...


26 - James Cameron, Walt Disney, and Thomas Mapother Walk Into a Bar...

It’s time for episode 26 of “The Harsch Review Podcast”! Ryan has been on vacation so he has had plenty of time to conduct “research” in the world of movies and television. News from the world of entertainment. More discussion on “Solo,” with some spoilers. Ryan and Sean share what they’ve been watching lately. The Brothers Harsch challenge each other with movies to watch in the first segment of “Viewing Challenge.” Real Hollywood names and gangster movie trivia. All this and more on...


25: Solo (Spoiler Free), Guilty Pleasures, Attack of the Trivia

Welcome to the 25th episode of “The Harsch Review”! We weigh in on the newly released “Solo,” and look at some (dumb) reasons why people on the Internet think it is “underperforming” at the box office on its opening weekend. Previews discussed (“Mowgli,” “Robin Hood,” “Ant-Man”). James Mangold has been tapped to write and direct the “Boba Fett” movie. Ryan brings up the looming possibility of a Jabba The Hut or Jawas movie. Sean wasted his time watching “Oceans Twelve.” “The Happytime...


24: Portable Hogs

On this episode of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers talk about … whatever ! Ryan misses Pat Morita, but for only one reason. Sean waxes poetic about “Movie Pass.” We briefly discuss the benefits of a “Portable Morita.” Ryan gives a glowing review of “Deadpool 2” without spoiling anything. Freddie Mercury biopic and Elvis documentary discussions. Sean finally sees “The Disaster Artist.” We come to the agreement that cult movies generally suck. Ryan delivers high praise for HBO’s “Barry”...


23: The Karate Kid & Cobra Kai

On this episode of “The Harsch Review, the brothers will delve into the original “Karate Kid” and examine the new “Cobra Kai” series. First, some news (“Dune,” “Star Wars,” Disney Top 10). We look at what we have been watching (“Fear The Walking Dead,” “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John Mcafee,” “All Good Things,” “The Post,” “Evil Genius,” “The Punisher.”) We look at the original “Karate Kid” in all its glory, as well as some glaring flaws (i.e. racial stereotypes and child...


22: The Big Lebowski

Welcome to “The Harsch Review,” a film and TV podcast! This week your hosts take on “The Big Lebowski.” First, Ryan has some news about “Rambo 5” (why?) and Mel Gibson’s latest. Sean goes over some things he has been watching lately - “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Twins,” “Sideways,” “Cobra Kai,” and “Murder On The Orient Express,” the last of which Sean simply says “sucks.” Ryan recommends two TV series, “The Terror” and “Legion.” Moving on to our feature review, Ryan breaks down all things...


21: Avengers - Infinity War (Spoiler Safe)

On Episode 21 of “The Harsch Review,” Ryan and Sean discuss the newly-released “Avengers: Infinity War,” bisecting the podcast into a general (spoiler-free) and spoiler edition. First, we look at some news (“Watchmen,” “Arrested Development,” sci-fi and fantasy). The Brothers talk about what they have been seeing recently, (“Den of Thieves,” “Hostiles,” “Phantom Thread”) and Sean clues us in on two lesser-known acting siblings, William Neeson and Gerald Butler. Sean delivers a quick...


20: Mad Max - Fury Road

On the 20th episode of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers discuss Max Max, specifically “The Road Warrior” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.” First, some news…James Cameron kind of comes off as a jerk in his critique of superhero films, and the second season of Netflix’s “Mindhunter” will have two other directors in addition to David Fincher. Ryan is obsessed with the series “Waco” due to his love of cults and the acting prowess of Michael Shannon. Sean, in his flu-infested state, turned to...


19: Pulp Fiction (and a bunch of other stuff)

Welcome to Episode 19 of “The Harsch Review,” wherein Brothers Sean and Ryan will discuss and dissect the classic “Pulp Fiction.” First, some news from Sean - Paul Thomas Anderson will be directing an Adam Sandler stand-up special, and the show runners for “Westworld” may be spoiling the newest season. A discussion on the inner dynamics of spoiling follows. Ryan talks a bit a book he has been reading lately, “Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and The Making of a...


18: Saving Private Ryan (not Sean), A Quiet Place (spoiler free), Darkest Hour

On the 18th episode of “The Harsch Review,” we discuss Spielberg’s World War II film “Saving Private Ryan.” First we get into some movie and TV news - “Fahrenheit 451” on HBO, “Terminator 6” and Amazon’s take on “Lord of the Rings.” We look at what we have been watching lately - “A Quiet Place” (spoiler free review), “Three Billboards…”, “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Darkest Hour,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Before getting into our feature, the brothers discuss some of our favorite...


17: Alien, Aliens, Ready Player One, Logan Lucky, The Toys That Made Us

Welcome to the 17th episode of “The Harsch Review,” on which we shall delve into the first two films of the “Aliens” franchise. First, we will discuss what we have been watching lately (“Ready Player One,” “The Toys That Made Us,” “The Newsroom,” “Wild Wild Country,” “Logan Lucky.”) Sean dishes out some movie news (“Roseanne,” “Bill and Ted 3,” Todd Phillips’ “Joker” film). Ryan talks about everything you always wanted to know about Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” and Sean gives us some unique...


16: Batman Part II

Welcome to Episode 16 of “The Harsch Review”! This week we continue with our examination of all things Batman, joined again by our friend Matt Nisbit from the “Not For Human Consumption” Podcast. First, a look at movie news (James Bond directed by Danny Boyle, “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Fargo: Season 4”) and what we have been watching lately (Netflix’s “The Confession Tapes” and “Wild Wild Country,” “Thor: Dark World.”) We take a detour into “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Star Trek” territory....


15: Batman Part I, I Tonya, The Disaster Artist, Star Wars: The Last Jedi BluRay, Grinding Nemo

Welcome to episode 15 of “The Harsch Review”! This week we are joined by our friend Matt Nisbet, co-host of the “Not For Human Consumption” Podcast and Batman expert. We prepare to dive into all things Batman, and it won’t always be pretty. But first, a look at what we have been watching lately (“I, Tonya,” “The Disaster Artist,” “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and documentary, “The Shape of Water.”) Matt briefs us on his podcast and his quasi-Amish friend Dylan, who needs to catch up on some...


14: Jurassic Puppets, Jumangi, The Terror

Welcome to Episode 14 of “The Harsch Review” Podcast. This episode is brought to you by the word “puppet”! Today, Sean will lead us into the world of one of his favorite films, “Jurassic Park.” But first, some new and upcoming (Barack Obama and Jon Favreau Star Wars series on “Netflix,” “The Terror on AMC). The brothers fill us in on what they have been watching lately (“The Ritual,” “LBJ,” and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.”) Diving into “Jurassic Park,” we learn about everything from...


13: Oscars Snoozefest

On a bonus episode of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers recap the 2018 Oscars. Although it was pretty much a soapboxing bore-fest, we do our best to make it exciting! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter: Like our FaceBook Page: Follow Us on Instagram: Support Us!


12: Black Panther, Annihilation, Mute

On episode 12 of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers will discuss “Black Panther,” “Annihilation,” and “Mute.” Today we have a special guest collaborator, Jenny! First we discuss some of the latest movie news. Quentin Tarantino has cast Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio in his latest project, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” which may or may not be about the Manson Family Murders of 1969. Kevin Smith is recovering from a heart attack, which is great news because we would really like to see his...


11: Our Favorite Comedies of All Time

This week on The Harsch Review, the brothers compare lists and narrow down their top 10 favorite comedy movies and top 5 favorite comedy shows! First, some early memories from both. And the winners are... Movies: Tropic ThunderTrading PlacesThe Big LebowskiTeam America: World PoliceNational Lampoon’s VacationDumb and DumberStep BrothersMonty Python and the Holy GrailBoratThe Blues Brothers TV Shows: South ParkThe OfficeIt’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaCurb Your EnthusiasmChappelle’s...


10: SE7EN

On the tenth episode of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers will dissect David Fincher’s modern psychological masterpiece “Se7en”! What We’ve Been Watching In Theaters - “The Post,” “The Shape of Water”What We’ve Been Watching At Home - “The Cloverfield Paradox,” “Miss Sloane,” “Good Time”Previews - “Cobra Kai” and “Annihilation”Our Favorite Serial Killer Movies/Shows - “Zodiac,” “Manhunt: Unabomber,” “Citizen X,” “Child 44,” “Manhunter”Serial Killer Movies That Aren’t So Good - “The Bone...


E09: There Will Be Blood

On the ninth episode of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers turn their attention to one of their favorite films, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood.” First, some discussion on the newly released trailers for “Venom” (Tom Hardy!) and “Deadpool 2.” Sean reveals some surprising movie news in regards to a film-in-the-making starring Joaquin Phoenix playing The Joker, with Todd Phillips taking the director’s chair and Martin Scorsese as producer. Disney to start a new streaming service...