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48: Red Dead Redemption 2

Ryan fills us in on three Widespread Panic shows he caught recently. Sequel to “Gladiator,” Boba Fett is dead and Apu from “The Simpsons” might be dead, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio and new technological advances in Sweden. Ryan gives us a few music-related book reviews. We talk about what we have been watching lately, then take an extended look at the fantastic “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


47: Scary Movies We Love

Happy Halloween everyone ! In honor of this holiday we pore over some of our favorite cinematic entries in the horror/suspense genre. Some are great, some are good, some not so good, most flat out ridiculous. We know we have left several off of the list, so the brothers would like to hear about YOUR favorite horror flicks on our social media! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter: Like our FaceBook Page:...


46: Hold the Dark

On this episode of “The Harsch Review Podcast,” the brothers examine the proposed “Superman” series and look into what shows are being given the axe this year (and why). While talking about latest viewings we veer into wild impressions of Carl Childers, Jerry Seinfeld, and the citizens of Fargo. Also, an extended look at Netflix’s “Hold The Dark.” This one is not to be missed ! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter: Like...


45: The Haunting of Hill House

Welcome to another installment of “The Harsch Review”! New “Aladdin,” Disney vs. Netflix and Sean does some psychological venting. “South Park” attacks “The Simpsons,” “Hereditary” actor may be suffering from PTSD, and there’s a new “Top Gun” on the way. Ryan reminds us of the plot to “Good Will Hunting,” we talk about what we have been watching lately, including a lengthy discussion on the outstanding “The Haunting of Hill House.” All this and more on Episode 45! Website:...


44: Leave No Trace, Mayans MC and Maniac

On Episode 44 of “The Harsch Review” we discuss the possibility of a female Bond and Narnia propaganda. Rock biopics, digital sharks, Rambo, Star Wars, and Christian Bale’s Cheney neck. Sean reviews some movies and we trash “The Intern,” with good reason. Ryan loves “Maniac,” “American Vandal,” and “Mayans MC,” even if the latter is preposterous and soap opera-ish. We close out with a Potter update from Ryan. All this and more on the latest episode of “The Harsch Review”! Website:...


43: Harry Godfather Part II

Welcome to Episode 43 of "The Harsch Review"! We are joined once again by Jennifer in a sweeping sequel to last week's episode. The brothers have done their respective homework and are ready to report out. Sean reports out on the first two "Godfather" films, with frequent interjections from Ryan. Ryan actually enjoyed the first three "Harry Potter" films, much to the delight of Jennifer. We also find out what "house" Ryan belongs to, and also square off with some challenging trivia. All...


42: Harry Godfather Part I

Welcome to Episode 42 of “The Harsch Review.” Today we have a special guest, Sean’s significant other and reigning Harry Potter expert, Jennifer! Disney is reigning in “Star Wars.” New “Twilight Zone,” Bert and Ernie, and Batman’s junk. The hosts deliver high praise for “Hereditary.” Sean and Ryan take each other to task on two franchises unseen by the other - “The Godfather” for Sean, and the “Harry Potter” series for Ryan. We discuss our current knowledge of each, why we haven’t watched...


41: The Predator, Jurassic World, Oceans 8 & Upgrade

On today’s episode we begin with a quick discussion on movies set in Chicago, in light of Sean’s recent trip to that fair city. News on Henry Cavill stepping down as Superman, Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker and a new Coen Brothers venture. Ryan reviews “The Predator” and we look at “Ozark” and “Better Call Saul” a little more. “Jurassic World” as a stage play and a quick detour into some Jeff Goldblum impressions. More games ensue. This is a fun episode that you won’t want to miss! Website:...


40: No Ozark for Jack Ryan

"The Harsch Review" celebrates its 40th episode! Ryan recounts some colorful anecdotes from his recent trip to Denver for a 3-day Phish extravaganza. We examine some 40-year old movies from the year 1978. Jim Carrey and Tenacious D talk. Discussions on what we have been watching lately, including the newest seasons of "Ozark" and "Better Call Saul." Ryan analyzes "No Country For Old Men." Lengthy discussion on Tom Clancy and the new "Jack Ryan" series on Amazon, including "going for broke"...


39: Cop Movies and TV Shows

On this special edition of “The Harsch Review,” the brothers will pay tribute to our men and women in law enforcement by examining their portrayals in various films and TV shows. We begin with our earliest impressions and discuss individual picks. Some are really good, and some are really bad. Plus, a new “Your Mission: Should You Choose to Accept It.” This is one episode you don’t want to miss ! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


38: Blackkklansman, To Hell and Back, Rampage, and Bond Talk

Ryan discusses his latest concert experience, seeing David Byrne of the Talking Heads. More Johnny Depp weirdness, “Big Bang Theory” coming to an end (and that’s a good thing), and Michael Shannon tells us how he really feels about Donald Trump. Netflix doesn’t like the word “binge” and GOT’s final season may be delayed. High praise from Ryan for the series “Money Heist” and the film “Blackkklansman.” Also, we veer into discussions on Gordon Ramsey, as well as the James Bond and “Police...


37: Movies We Will Never Watch Again

Ryan makes a feeble attempt to gain Hello Fresh as a sponsor, and Sean recounts his recent trip to Tennessee and the splendor that is Graceland. HBO's "Watchmen" is a go, Netflix may have commercials to interrupt your binge watching, and Wes Anderson is working on a post-World War II musical set in France. Also, Kevin Spacey's newest effort is a resounding dud at the box office, (William) Neeson attempts to recreate "Taken" on a snowplow, and Amazon will be acquiring a theater chain. We...


36: A Long Strange Trip with MI: 6 and Deadpool 2

Sean and Ryan begin with sharing what we have been reading lately. Netflix announces a new plan and the Oscars reveal a new category. The news just gets more surreal when we learn that Steven Seagal has been named a special Russian envoy. "Die Hard" takes it back to the beginning, Damon and Affleck collaborate once again on a McDonald's Monopoly scandal film, Robert Redford retires and no one cares. Tom Cruise discovers internet porn thanks to Seth Rogen. "Star Wars 9" may become two films....


35: Christopher Robin, Slow West, Terminator Talk and Alf!

Ryan is finally starting to kick the dreaded Wook Flu. Discussions on the new "Terminator" film, prospects of "National Treasure 3," and a reboot of "ALF," among other things. We talk about what we have been watching lately. Movies we refuse to watch out of spite, and how to deliver a plot in 5 words or less. Also, our reactions to the last movie challenges. All this and more on Episode 35 of "The Harsch Review"! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


34: Castle Rock, Movie News and the Wook Flu

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," we find out why co-host Ryan has been struck with a minor bout of the "Wook Flu." We briefly discuss our connection to the band Phish. Updates on Star Wars, Stranger Things, and Lord of the Rings. Jeff Goldblum is perpetually fascinated and Jean-Claude Van Damme was a raving coke freak. We have enlightening discussions on obsessive fandom and the role of Twitter in destroying lives. We review two previews - one promising, one not so much - and discuss...


33: Jaws

On episode 33 we get back to the old format for a minute and devote our time to one of our personal favorites, “Jaws.” We discuss our initial impressions of the film and what exactly makes it great. Sean treats us to a dramatic reading of the “Indianapolis Speech.” Fun facts and trivia abound. We talk about influences and the lasting impact this film had. You are going to like this one for sure ! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


32: Sorry To Bother You, Ant-Man and the Wasp

Welcome to episode 32 of “The Harsch Review” Podcast! Bill and Ted may not happen. We don’t care. New photos from the Glass movie. Joker and Kenobi movie news. James Gunn fires back on Twitter. Peter Jackson WWI film. Netflix beating HBO in Emmy nominations. There is one Blockbuster store left in America. Billy Dee Williams returning to Star Wars. “Castle Rock” on Hulu. Sacha Baron Cohen duping well-known politicians. Roe v. Wade film had a decidedly pro-life slant. We also talk about what...


31: Conspiracies, Legion, and Getting Handsy

Welcome to Episode 31 of “The Harsch Review!” We comment on the weather and the proliferation of MCU in the news. Thanos snap on Reddit, “Captain Marvel” is a wrap, and spoilers aren’t so bad after all. Ryan takes us on a brief detour into the world of movie conspiracy theories. The Predator reshoots, Guy Pearce says Kevin Spacey is “handsy,” Netflix news, “Khali The Killer,” and the ending of “2001: A Space Odyssey” explained by Sean. We get into what we’ve been watching lately. Viewing...


Episode 30 Dance Party!

It’s Episode 30 of The Harsch Review Podcast - we made it ! Sean discusses his recent trip to New Orleans. The brothers discuss recent viewing experiences, for better or worse (“Geostorm,” anyone?). We briefly revisit the perviness that is John Lasseter. Some dumb kid spoils a plot point in “Stranger Things.” Sean is saddened at the delay in “Indiana Jones” (he will be O.K.). Johnny Depp is just weird. Viewing challenge is revisited. 4th of July picks. All this and more on our 30th...


29: Sci-Fi Movies That Rule the Galaxy

We are blessed with the return of Matt from “Not For Human Consumption” podcast for our discussion of favorite science fiction films! Sean begins with an examination of the different categories to be found in this genre, then we are off and running. What we love, what we hate or don’t really care for, and why. Another one not to be missed from the brothers and special guest! Also check out: Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...