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67: Green Book & Triple Frontier

On today's episode, Sean speaks briefly of his recent travels (including experiences with oysters), and Ryan is grumpy because he has to go back to work. Netflix ups the ante on the interactive viewing experience, James Gunn is back with the "Guardians" franchise, Tom DeLonge goes all-in with the aliens, and a recent college scandal is revealed. The brothers dive into two films they have recently watched, Netflix's "Triple Frontier" and Best Picture winner "Green Book." iTunes:...


66: True Detective & Leaving Neverland

On this episode of “The Harsch Review,” we discuss our new toys - Sean’s computer, and Ryan’s turntable. “Cobra Kai” and “Game of Thrones” previews, and how offensive “Ace Ventura” may be in retrospect. We review the newest season of “True Detective,” and Ryan attempts a ham-handed segue into our discussion of the four hour horror-fest that is “Leaving Neverland.” Not to fear, we do our best to bring some levity to the situation with diversions into goofiness and “Dick Tracy” cartoons, among...


65: Bohemian Rhapsody & Music Biopics

On this episode we examine the much-loved film "Bohemian Rhapsody," delivering an honest critique on all aspects. This sets the stage for our discussion on music biopics through the years - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Along the way we learn about why Ryan thinks there should be a sequel to "La Bamba," divided feelings on the Bob Dylan "biopic" "I'm Not There," and Sean's recounting of the Brian Wilson Chicken McNuggets story. We also talk over some bands/stars who should (or not) have...


64: The Oscars & The Irishman

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," we look at "The Twilight Zone" reboot, what's new on Netflix, and the Human Uber technology. We review the Oscars and our impressions of winners, losers, and the overall scene. Things take a turn, however, when Ryan brings up the trailer for "The Irishman," leading into a discussion on the work of Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and Al Pacino, as well as gangster films, "Boardwalk Empire," and Italians in cinema. Website: Follow The...


63: Free Solo (not Han)

On another exciting episode of "The Harsch Review," we look at some of the Marvel shows slated for Hulu, Chris Cornell doc in the works, and another movie with a super-long runtime. We discuss what we have been watching lately. Ryan recounts an embarrassing first date involving, of all things, a rock wall. The brothers focus on the National Geographic documentary "Free Solo," which has nothing to do with the Star Wars universe. Another can't-miss episode! Website:...


62: Old Timey Movie Night

Welcome to episode 62! We learn that “Unsolved Mysteries” will be getting a Netflix reboot very soon, and that the newest installment of “Avengers” may have an intermission due to its length. We then get thematic for a bit and look at some old movies that we watched recently, in detail. Along the way the brothers discuss the possible appeal of Humphrey Bogart and the enigma of Orson Welles. Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


61: Velvet Buzzsaw

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," we take a look at the Super Bowl bore-fest, including a lame attempt at sports analysis by the brothers, the underwhelming commercials, and that embarrassing half-time show. New from Ryan on upcoming music docs, as well as a woman who has found the way to a tribe of Bigfoots' hearts (blueberry muffins) and a flu shot gone wrong. Ryan challenged Sean to watch the Netflix original film "Velvet Buzzsaw," and somewhat rues this decision. We examine what...


60: First Man & The Ted Bundy Tapes

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," the brothers discuss their adventures in the world of furniture (Ryan's couch issue and Sean's new chair). Ryan reviews the Netflix "Fyre Festival" doc and the film "Leave No Trace." We get deep into the world of serial killers with an examination of "The Ted Bundy Tapes." Glowing reviews and discussion of the overlooked "First Man." Don't miss this one! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...


59: Glass (Spoiler safe)

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," the brothers discuss the absolute mess of the Fyre Festival as depicted in a new Hulu doc, and share some other programs we have been viewing this week. We then get right down to the first hopeful blockbuster of the year, M. Night Shyamalan's "Glass." An examination of the entire film and its aspects (spoiler-free), then a deeper dive into a few details that need to be mentioned. This is one episode you do not want to miss! Website:...


58: Murder Mountain

A poacher is forced to watch "Bambi" to atone for his sins against the animal kingdom. Netflix sued by a children's book company, "Game of Thrones" final season will be amazing (duh), and an examination of the mass stupidity spawned by "Bird Box." We have a sequel to "Coming To America" on the way and we don't know how we feel about this. Sean dissects the Netflix true-crime series "Murder Mountain." Ryan briefly revisits his mashed potatoes/"Close Encounters" joke/dud. All this and more...


57: Best of Christopher Nolan

We begin with some Golden Globe Awards talk. Ryan reviews “The Alienist” and “The Deuce.” Sean poses an interesting question to Ryan about the films of Christopher Nolan, which leads to a discussion on the films of M. Night Shyamalan, Will Smith, and an embarrassing holiday story/movie reference from Ryan. All this and more on Episode 57 of "The Harsch Review"! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter: Host Twitter Feeds:...


56: Vice, Bandersnatch, Bird Box

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," Sean gives a review of the Amazon series "Patriot," a hidden gem to be sure. Ryan reviews "Vice" and "Bird Box," and we discuss the new "Black Mirror" interactive experience, "Bandersnatch" (or is it "Badger's Snatch"?) We briefly examine why people may be walking out on "Holmes and Watson." The brothers wish all of our listeners a happy 2019! All this and more on Episode 56 of "The Harsch Review"! Website: Follow The Harsch...


55: Let's Talk About 2018

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," the brothers take a fond look back at the year 2018. Christmas memories (spoiler, Ryan has absolutely none). Sean's latest adventures on Twitch. The evil that is holiday shopping. We review movies and television from 2018, and take a look ahead at what to expect from 2019. Breaking news from Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Status quo, celebrity deaths, and a news wrap-up from 2018. All this and more on Episode 55 of "The Harsch Review"! Website:...


54: KFC Fire Logs and Human Robots

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," we look at the hypnotic wonder of "Mayans M.C.", why Ryan can't finish "Gotti" or the new Joaquin Phoenix venture, and Sean's new favorite series, "Dogs of Berlin." A brief discussion of "RDR2" online. More craziness in Florida, man hacks up lung, and why Disney can't come up with an original idea. Ryan reveals the magical KFC fire log to Sean, and Sean is awestruck. Russian spies, human robots, and real robots run amuck. Technology news, including an...


53: The Future is Now

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," Ryan confesses that he is exhausted with people asking him if he's seen "Bohemian Rhapsody" (spoiler - he's waiting for its DVD release). Discussion on the "Avengers: Endgame Trailer." Crazy teacher on meth, crazy domestic abuse on Twitch, and Ryan learns of the phenomenon known as "SWATting." Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer backlash on Twitter, while Sean wonders why Cornelius kept licking his pick axe. Ryan can't get through the first twenty minutes...


52: When Life Imitates Art

On this episode of “The Harsch Review,” Ryan and Sean discuss their thoughts on the Netflix original movie “Apostle.” We look at the weighty task of doing “cultural homework,” and how life imitates art when it comes to the sci-fi genre. Sean enlightens Ryan as to the magic of “loot boxes.” Weird news out of Florida and Arizona, and Ryan takes us out with some TV reviews. All this and more on episode 52 of “The Harsch Review”! Website: Follow The Harsch Review on...


51: Sex, Money and Jesus

Welcome to Episode 51 of “The Harsch Review”! Ryan and Sean recount some interesting Thanksgiving stories. We discuss what we’ve been watching lately. In the news, we look at some sick sexcapades, baggage handler passing out on a plane, and the fringe benefits of being in prison. Sean divulges the secret of how to be a millionaire. The brothers get into budgeting, debt management, and money sense. Amazon is the devil and the future of hotels is revealed. Finally, Jesus dude is killed by a...


50: Pillow Talk

Welcome to the 50th episode of "The Harsch Review"! We made it! A fond look back at the humble beginnings of the show. Ryan and Sean weigh in on "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" and "Narcos: Mexico." Dentist and state-of-the-art movie theater adventures with Sean. Ryan subjects Sean to James Lipton's "10 Questions." We discuss our first jobs (revelations abound!) and tipping philosophy. Ryan is "interviewed" by Sean. Artistic endeavors, Thanksgiving plans, and the future of the podcast. All...


49: Outlaw King

On this episode of "The Harsch Review," we revisit the wondrous time-sucking magic of "Red Dead Redemption II" and examine some of our favorite Westerns over the years (after Sean dismisses "Unforgiven"). Discussions on Daredevil, latest South Park (return of Manbearpig), and spin off-movies from two of the most successful TV series of all time. We take an extended look at the Netflix original movie "Outlaw King." Also, one more stupid thing that Tinder will make men do. All this and more on...


48: Red Dead Redemption 2

Ryan fills us in on three Widespread Panic shows he caught recently. Sequel to “Gladiator,” Boba Fett is dead and Apu from “The Simpsons” might be dead, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio and new technological advances in Sweden. Ryan gives us a few music-related book reviews. We talk about what we have been watching lately, then take an extended look at the fantastic “Red Dead Redemption 2.” Website: Follow The Harsch Review on Twitter:...