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The Watchmen Watchers Podcast Introduction

We have arrived, we are the Watchmen Watchers, a new dedicated podcast from the Fan Critical Podcast Network, here to follow HBO's Watchmen with you weekly. If you like Westworld you might enjoy HBO's Watchmen! Search for 'Watchmen Watchers' on iTunes Podcast App and subscribe. The 3 Minutemen, Len, John and Gaz will cover each episode and dive into the lore and easter eggs relating to the graphic novel and 2009 film. We hope you enjoy this preview and if you have any thoughts please do...


Westworld Season 2 Wrap Up and Season 3 Predictions!

It's over...but let's chat about it some more! After taking some time after the finale we provide our final thoughts on this season and score it in true blueberry fashion. We give our highs and lows and of course we try to predict the trajectory of the show in season 3 in our final Theory Corner...enjoy.


Westworld Season 2 - The Passenger

The finale is here...and it didn't disappoint! It may not live up to the excellence of Season 1's finale but there are some major character deaths as well as what seems like a seismic shift for the future of the show. So with all that in mind, grab a drink and join us for our take on it all! Next week we will be releasing our bonus Season 2 recap and Season 3 predictions and we want your feedback too, so If you have any crazy theories or just general thoughts on season 2 then please let us...


Westworld Season 2 - Vanishing Point

The penultimate episode has set us up nicely for the finale! We get a lot of Man In Black backstory this week and it's mostly great! A lot of fan theories are teased and we wont have a definitive answer on many of them until next week, so until then join us for our take on this latest episode!


Westworld Season 2 - Kiksuya

This Ghost Nation backstory blew our minds. We follow our new hero Akecheta on his journey to sentience and his mission to find the door. This is arguably the strongest and most beautiful episode of Westworld to date so come listen to us dissect it and conjure up new theories based on all this new information. If you do enjoy this episode and you haven't already please subscribe to our channel. Thanks


Westworld Season 2 - Les Écorchés

Episode 7 is a glorious return to form even if some of the writing and decisions of the human characters is a bit ridiculous. There is some great action and some decent story progression whilst the re-introduction of Anthony Hopkins is excellent. Come and check out our review and all our theory predictions and discussions!


Westworld Season 2 - Phase Space

The 6th episode of the season drops a major reveal...The main man is some capacity. We have very mixed feelings on the episode itself but we all agree that ending was worth every second. There are more crazy theories too in our traditional 'Theory Corner' section of the podcast, so have a listen and enjoy the speculation.


Westworld Season 2 - Akane No Mai

It's finally here, our glimpse into Shogun World! What did we make of this much anticipated episode? Half of us loved it and the other half liked it but felt disappointed with the lack of plot progression. But one thing we can all agree on is that it looked incredible and the set pieces were excellent...pour yourself some sake and give our detailed thoughts and theories a listen.


Westworld - Riddle Of The Sphinx

The fourth episode delivers the strongest outing of the season with a lot of theory confirmations! Now we can't take credit for these theories we just package them up all nice for everyone to hear but we did subscribe to them all. The acting from Ed Harris was superb in this episode so join us as we basque in the might of the Man in Black!


Westworld Season 2 - Virtù e Fortuna

The third episodes slows us down a little but it's still great! There are a lot of action set pieces for us to chew on and some interesting developments in how the different parks work, plus we are introduced to one of the 6 parks in Raj World!


Westworld Season 2 - Reunion

The second episode goes full 'LOST' on us, but we loved it! The excellent use of different timelines continues to baffle and impress us. We have the full gang for this weeks pod so come join us for a great discussion on the episode and for more crazy theory speculation!


Westworld Season 2 - Journey Into Night

Westworld is back with a bang. There's more alternate timelines, more perplexing questions and a lot more gore! So come and join us as we dissect this excellent season opener. If you do enjoy our drunken ramblings then please feel free to subscribe to get our content weekly.


Westworld Season 1 Review And Season 2 Preview

We are here to talk through what made season 1 so great and to tell you all the crazy theories going into season 2! This excellent show captured our imaginations when it first came out a few years ago and the wait for the second season has been way too long, but it's finally here. Grab yourself a drink and join us as we talk all things Westworld.