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Horror has a Podcast. Allow us to show it to you

Horror has a Podcast. Allow us to show it to you
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Horror has a Podcast. Allow us to show it to you




Episode 42: FrightFest 2018 Review - Part 2

You want more FrightFest? Our coverage concludes with Greg, Ria, Tom and another special guest, Tom Cannon, reviewing the films we watched on Sunday and Monday, including one very divisive film that completely split the group. Featuring Doorsploitation. Timestamps: Sunday (Short Film Showcase 2, Hell is Where the Home is, Await Further Instructions, Terrified, Tigers Are Not Afraid, Bodied, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot, Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years, He’s Out...


Episode 41: FrightFest 2018 Review - Part 1

Summer’s coming to an end which means The Lament Configuration are finally back bringing you the very best in horror for 2018! This year, our FrightFest coverage has expanded to such a degree that we can’t fit it all in one show! In this half, Greg, Ria and our special guest Tom Dennett-Cook review the films we watched on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Timestamps: Thursday (The Ranger, Summer of 84, Mega Time Squad): 3:49 - 24:03 Friday (The Cleaning Lady, Braid, Puppet Master: The...


Episode 40: FrightFest 2018 Preview - Paul McEvoy Interview

We are very proud to present our very first interview - and what an interview it was - with PAUL McEVOY. Paul is one of the organisers of FrightFest, the biggest genre festival in the UK. Hear his thoughts on this year’s lineup and what we should be watching, such as THE RANGER, UPGRADE, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, CLIMAX and much more. Plus his honest opinions on why big studios won’t show their films at FrightFest, current horror trends, why Frightfest doesn’t just show horror movies, why...


Episode 39: 2018 Mid-Year Review

Somehow, we are more than halfway into 2018 so there’s no better time to take a look back at the horror films released between January and June. Ria and Greg pick five films each to discuss with NO SPOILERS: there’s the great, the good, the fun, the bad and the downright awful. A good show for planning a Saturday night drinking and watching movies with your mates! Timestamps: A Quiet Place, Unsane: 2:04 - 16:53 Hellraiser: Judgement, Truth or Dare: 16:54 - 32:24 Revenge, Pyewacket:...


Episode 38: Video Nasties - Top 72

Everyone loves lists so we’ve ranked them: all 72 video nasties from worst to best! See which of the video nasties we described as “borderline unwatchable”, “mind-numbingly boring”, “the absolute worst”, “once you’ve seen it, you can’t unseen it”, “perversely entertaining”, “the epitome of so-bad-it’s amazing”, “grim as hell”, “literally like nothing you’ve seen in your life”, “excellent”, “far too good to be hidden away”, “what a horror film should be” and much, much...


Episode 37: Video Nasties - Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond and The House by the Cemetery

If you’ve never listened to one of our shows before, this is the one you want to start off with. It’s one of, if not, the best shows we’ve done. These are the last three video nasties reviews and all three films on the show today are directed by the Godfather of Gore himself, Lucio Fulci. These are all great films that we highly recommend. You should expect old lady zombies with lazy eyes, a zombie vs. shark fight, splinters to the eye, thug life crabs, the Book of Eibon, gateways to hell,...


Episode 36: Video Nasties - The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, Dead & Buried and Forest of Fear

We only have six video nasties left to review, all of which are zombie films! For part one of our zombie special, we review two excellent films and one… not so excellent film. Featuring zombie Treguard, old British names, people not winding up their car windows during a zombie outbreak, Technohead, many impressions of British accents, and lots of fog. Plus find out Ria Fend’s life goal. Timestamps: The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue: 1:16 - 33:52 Dead & Buried: 33:52 - 51:36 Forest...


Episode 35: Video Nasties - Inferno, Contamination and Zombie Creeping Flesh

Three more Italian video nasties, this time with a supernatural theme. There’s the follow-up to a classic, a film about killer eggs and a cheesy zombie film… so a mixed bag quality-wise but still fun to review nonetheless! Including many many cats, wet t-shirt contests, Ghostbusters, rats with red eyes, exploding eggs, Goblin, creatures with lightbulb eyes, jungle elephants and 24 Days Later - you read that right. Check it out before it gets outsourced! Timestamps: Inferno: 2:17 -...


Episode 34: Video Nasties - Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Anthropophagus and Absurd

We’ve covered slasher films before on The Lament Configuration but these are a little bit different: these are Italian slasher films, so expect lots of gore and sleaze. These three video video nasties are all available on DVD and Blu-ray from 88 Films if you want to check them out. Featuring the world’s most inept psychiatric facility, old computers, bad child acting, questionable effects, Germans wearing giant headphones, bad toupees, ketchup, and ummm… foetus eating. Make sure to have...


Episode 33: Video Nasties - Bloody Moon, Women Behind Bars and Devil Hunter

On the show today, we have three video nasties directed by legendary exploitation director, Jess Franco: expect bad dubbing, many zooms and lots of nudity. Including wobble boards, topless moon bathing, bandsaws, A GIANT FAKE BOULDER, prison bush, pyjamas, ping pong ball eyes, and the return of low angle tribal twerking. The best way to listen to this podcast is in bed. Timestamps: Bloody Moon: 5:55 - 27:23 Women Behind Bars: 27:23 - 45:19 Devil Hunter: 45:19 - 1:04:08


Episode 32: Video Nasties - Tenebrae, A Bay of Blood and Killer Nun

Happy Easter from The Lament Configuration! What better way to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord than listening to our latest episode… On the show today, we have three more video nasties: this time with an Italian flavour, because they all come under the filone of giallo.- these are Italian films that mix horror, thriller and murder-mystery elements. This is a good episode for those who’ve never seen one before and it’s spoiler-free: let’s crack open the J&B! Timestamps: What is...


Episode 31: Video Nasties - Night Warning, Madhouse and Unhinged

Three more nasties featuring crazy ladies today: this time, slasher movies. Featuring possibly the most bizarre intro we’ve ever done, incest, basketball, Bill Paxton, drugged milk, killer Rottweilers, birthdays, landladies called Amantha, jazz festivals, wooden acting, dominos and three tomatoes on the side of a plate. Plus an expletive-filled rant on the awful Unhinged remake. Timestamps: Night Warning: 3:10 - 28:35 Madhouse: 28:35 - 47:00 Unhinged: 47:00 - 1:09:38 Unhinged...


Episode 30: Video Nasties - Possession, The Witch Who Came From the Sea and Expose

For the next two episodes, we are covering video nasties featuring women who kill. Or crazy ladies: something most of us can all relate to I’m sure. The three nasties in part one are more psychological and interesting than most. Expect a woman having sex with an octopus, 70s dialogue, tattoos drawn on in biro, vegan bread and the glorious return of the real-or-not-real game. Timestamps: Possession: 3:13 - 40:48 The Witch Who Came From the Sea: 40:48 - 56:16 Expose: 56:16 - 1:15:17


Episode 29: Video Nasties - Gestapo’s Last Orgy, SS Experiment Camp and Love Camp 7

Warning: on the latest episode of The Lament Configuration, we are joined, once again, by Tom Dennett-Cook to discuss three video nasties in the Nazispolitation subgenre. If you’re likely to be upset or offended by this subject matter, we advise you not to listen to the show. With that being said though, it’s hard to take most of these films seriously so, in that respect, we invite you all to listen and be entertained, which is the point after all. Including fly-sploitation, Naz-splaining...


Episode 28: Video Nasties - Night of the Demon, The Werewolf and the Yeti, and The Beast in Heat

More of those video nasties, this time featuring HAIRY BEASTS. Including a werewolf, a Yeti, Bigfoot and… a short hairy guy that gurns a lot. Presented in Beast-Vision. Timestamps: Night of the Demon: 3:13 - 22:21 The Werewolf and the Yeti: 22:21 - 45:40 The Beast in Heat: 45:40 - 1:10:15


Episode 27: Evil Dead Special

As promised, we review every film in the Evil Dead series after the first one: Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness and the Evil Dead remake; fun films to talk about, you’ll agree. Find out which one is our favourite, what we think of remakes generally, do we like the slapstick elements and a lot more besides. Featuring ever-changing Lindas, cheesy sex scenes, skeletons, one-liners, celebrity lookalikes and the Knights Who Say Ni! Expect really intense scenes. Timestamps: Evil Dead 2: 2:05 -...


Episode 26: Video Nasties - The Evil Dead, The Boogeyman and Revenge of the Boogeyman

It’s the first show of 2018 and we are back with a bang, covering the most famous of the video nasties, along with two nasties directed by the late Ulli Lommel (RIP). Featuring trees - which are thought of as fairly harmless (apparently), Trapdoor, more of Ria Fend’s weird dreams, Alan Partridge, EVIL MIRRORS, men in dungarees, DEATH BY SHAVING FOAM (!) and, my personal favourite, DEATH BY ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH!!!!! Guest appearance by Greg’s cat. Timestamps: The Evil Dead: 1:29 -...


Episode 25: Best and Worst Horror Films of 2017

It’s that time of year again - and the one year anniversary of the show - as we decide our best and worst horror films of 2017. One thing we can all agree on is that 2017 has been one of the best years for horror in recent memory, which made it really really hard to pick our best films of the year. As is customary, there are also terrible films to vent our fury at, which is very cathartic and fun. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know and thank you for listening. Timestamps: Bottom...


Episode 24: 2017 End of Year Film Review

We lament the second half of the horror year in review, SPOILER FREE, including, everyone’s favourite, the WORST films we had to endure in the last six months for your pleasure. Featuring: It, Annabelle: Creation, Jigsaw, Happy Death Day, The Ritual, Flatliners, Leatherface, The Babysitter, Better Watch Out, Hounds of Love, mother!, and loads more packed into 90 minutes like sausage meat. A fun show as always so check it out~!


Episode 23: Child’s Play Special - Part 2

You Just Can’t Keep a Good Guy Down… We Explore The Remaining Films in the Child’s Play Franchise - Bride, Seed, Curse and Cult of Chucky - One of Which Greg Would Rather Gouge His Eyes Out Than Watch Again! Including Gender Swapping, Rob Zombie (of course), Bride of Frankenstein Homages, Voodoo For Dummies, Speak and Spell, Martha Stewart, More Random Explosions, Chucky Nookie, Accelerated Voodoo Pregnancies, Russell Brand, Hannah From S Club 7, Britney Spears Impersonators, CGI Chucky...