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442 Remembering The Past and Thinking About The Present

No Rob this week ( @scifiwales ) so its Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob (Bag0Rats ) Lets play catch up on life, movies, tv and off movie related news. We also chat war movies, Amazon dilemmas, and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the fires raging across the west coast of the USA. A very varied episode this week but hopefully youll still find it entertaining. Please leave a review on whatever platform you are listening on, it helps build en even bigger audience. Many thanks if...


441 Tony Finally Gets His Mention

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) manages to gather Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Rob (@scifiwales ) together in the same show after a month separated. Eureka! We chat about the shows we have watched, the life we have lived, and cover a range of topics from the world of film and television. The 5 for 5 quiz finally returns with Tony Scott getting his spotlight and we hear who has seen more Tony Scott films from the list of 5.. Rob or Bob. Who do you think wins? (Stuart obviously) Please leave a review on...


440 They Live We Podcast

With Rob ( @scifiwales ) off at a Halloween party, Its down to Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) to shore this podcast up with movie planks. We cover what we have been watching on our screens and how life has been. Stuart makes a few mild tweeks to future podcasts and gets all giddy about the 4k Bluray of John Carpenter films that are due out soon, and goes through what was a wonderful Sunday by having a Double Bill of films featuring Sarah Douglas. Please leave a review on...


439 A Little Bit Of Spooktacular Podcasting

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Rob ( @scifiwales ) and Stu ( @Cryptictadpole) gather this week as Bobs is having an episode off. We chat about a whole range of things but as its October and Stu from The Monday Movie Show is guesting this episode, we take the time to chat about horror films more than we do. Get some great recommendations for horror films for all ages and all platforms (Netflix, Blu Ray) and sit back and enjoy this episode of the FromPage2Screen Movie Show Podcast.


438 Stuart and Rob but no Bob

Bobs been laid out with the 'monkey virus' this week so Stuart and Rob take charge and chat about the films we have watched and shows we have checked out. We also chat a bit about horror movies and Rob takes his change to quiz Stuart on his early years in the video store world. Get well soon Bob!!!!


437 Stuarts here and Bob goes Solo

No Rob this week as he is out doing that social life thing we all read about, but Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Bob ( @bag0rats ) make the time fly as they talk monkey germs, films, anime, events, plans, television and whatever else springs to mind in this unscripted banter on the airwaves. for more content check out frompage2screen on Twitter and Google and everywhere else on the 3rd Rock from the Solar Fireball, and we would love some podcast reviews which will help bump us up the...


436 And we have all watched films

Rob, Stuart and Bob gather again to find out that we have all watched films this week. What have we watched and were they any good? Stuart also tests Rob and Bob on whether they have watched 5 titles from the filmmaking CV of camera genius Michael Bay.


435 Bringing In Some Retro

Rob (@scifiwales) , Bob (@Bag0rats) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen) gather again and this episode also features Graeme ( @RetroG) as we cover how our week has been what we have watched, what we have done and then tantent into topics ranging from the new Mysteri-Box ( @BoxMysteri ), to scifi movies and what we feel is the important ingredients in them. As always, these arent structured shows, but are merely geek-centric chats that just so happen to be recorded. For your (hopefully)...


434 Outbreak: Blame The Monkey

Rob, Stuart and Bob are back (although due to a Skype issue, Rob doesnt appear straight away) and this week chat about a range of subjects including films, tv, viruses and gravestones! Not sure if these shows nee some more structure (or any structure at all) however we hope you enjoy this mad casserole of topics ,


433 And We Are Back

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) & Rob ( @scifiwales ) return after a week away from the land of podcasting to catch up on what they have been up to, what they have watched, and just have a fun chat (we think) about whatever takes their fancy. Of course at the heart of these chats is always the film world.


432 Lets Get Some Signed Stuff

No Bob this week, but we do have Rob from Scifi Wales, and of course, the main host Stuart ( @frompage2screen) As this is the final episode before Robs event Scifi Wales, we catch up on a bit of news about the event before we tangent off (slightly) to talk about signed posters, signed pictures, film memorabilia and meeting celebs and how do we behave. Before we knew it. 90 minutes had passed and an episode had been born. Enjoy!!!!


431 Where we go comic con crazy again

In this weeks episode Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Rob ( @scifiwales ) talk about Robs up and coming event (that Stuart is panel hosting at), but also a massive range of mini topics including film reviewers, geek walls, filming things, meeting celebs, Twitter polls, ...aww hell Just listen to the show and youll hear them all. Trust me. Its a fun packed episode!!


430 The One With Project 2019

As we havent watched too many films since the last episode, Stuart, Rob and Bob come up with a list of 10 films each. But why? Well Stuart has a plan, a project and some goals for each host (including himself) for 2019. Have a listen to this show and feel free to join in. We also chat about the latest updates for this years Scifi Wales as well as some memories from past comic-cons.


429 Return Of The Foutz

Its been nearly 9 months since John Foutz and Stuart chatted on the podcast, but like a bolt from the blue, John and Stuart grab some free time to have a bit of a catch up (obviously we dont cover everything we have watched in the 9 months since we spoke) but we do have a fun chat whilst John drives home from what Im sure was a hard days work.


428 After Some Tech Issues comes the great Timon Singh

After a rocky start (tech issues, not the Stallone film) We restart the chat with film fan and writer Timon Singh who hops onboard the podcast train to chat movies, villains and how he turned a 'what if' idea into a fully completed book that holds conversations with some of the most iconic 1980s screen villains ever. . . . .


427 Bob Watches A Film

In this episode of The Movie Show, Bob (@Bag)rats) and Stuart ( @fromapage2screen ) chat about life, and movies and what they have watched. After a week or so without watching a film. Bob shocks the world and has watched a film - but what has he watched and what did he think of it? Well find out!


426 A Guest from Wales

Joining Stuart ( @frompage2screen) and Bob ( @Bag0Rats) this week is Rob (@scifiwales) for the show. Not only do we chat about what we have been up to, Stuart is also overjoyed at being referred to as 'The James Brown Of The Podcasting World' on the Open Forum Radio show , but Stuart, Rob and Bob tackle the hard topic of our top 10 favourite non-blockbuster films of the years 1985-1989.


425 Lets chat about lots of stuff including Scifi Wales

This week, Stuart and Bob chat about what films Stuart has watched and which ones Bob hasnt. Stuart also gives a run down of life in general both with making his debut film Mimi, but also his up and coming panel hosting duties for the film Of God And Warriors and also hosting at Scifi Wales which he does every September. Follow the host online at @frompage2screen and also @bag0rats


424 Fractures, Movies and Stephen King Choices

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Stu Miller ( @cryptictadpole ) join forces again to chat movies, life and what they have been up to since the last time they all spoke.


423 and We Are Back

Bob and Stuart return after a little break and play catch up with movie watching and lifes adventures. Stuart also chats a little bit about his up and coming 4th appearance at the UK's Scifi Wales Comic Con and teases some guest announcements.