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451 Even Things In Movies Drive Us Nuts

In this, the third show of 2019, Rob and Stuart get together and will Bob make it (he was on a bus rushing to his recording studio only moments before the show was due to begin) In this episode we go through what we have watched since last week and also talk about the thigns taht movies and TV shows do that drives us nuts. Join Stuart @frompage2screen, Rob @scifi_news, and also hopefully Bob ( @bag0rats )in Episode 451 of the newly named thegeekhouse (formely The Movie Show) You can also...


450 Lets Recommend

In this, the second show of 2019, Rob and Stuart get together and whilst there are no topics this episode, we both do go through a huge list of the films we have watched since the year end podcast. Together we briefly cover a couple of sozen films so get your memories ready and gather some new recommendations Join Stuart @frompage2screen, Rob @scifi_news, in Episode 450 of the newly named thegeekhouse (formely The Movie Show) You can also reach us at Hit us up...


449 Our Top 10 British Films EVER Lists

In this, the first show of 2019, we gather four hosts to talk about their favourite Top 10 UK films of all time. We had no idea who was bringing what, so there were some great surprises. Get your notepads ready for some great UK film recommendations! Join Stuart @frompage2screen, Rob @scifi_news, Bob @bag0rats, and guest Stuart @leytonrocks from the Britflicks podcast. Please leave a review on whatever platform you are listening on, it helps build en even bigger audience. Many thanks if you...


448 And An End To 2018

In the last official FromPage2Screen podcast episode of the year, the plans were for Stuart, Rob, Stu Miller and Bob to all show up and bring their end of year lists. However Stu forgot, Bob was AWOL so the show was down to Stuart and Rob (and they handle it well) Lets talk about our favourite things of the year and dish out some recomendations for you all. Please leave a review on whatever platform you are listening on, it helps build en even bigger audience. Many thanks if you do! Also...


447 Its Not Easy Being A Dolphin

In what is planned to be the second last episode of 2018, Rob, Bob and Stuart gather to not only talk about the films they have been watching since they last recorded, Not only do they gather to talk about their Rutger Hauer homework, nope. They also gather to talk about their own personal highlights (and lowlights) of the year thats nearly finished. As we gear up for the end of year podcast episode and a slight renaming of the podcast, We want to send out 2018 with a nice bang. So welcome...


446 The Austrian Oak Episode

Welcome to the latest episode of the 2018 UK Blog Award Nominated podcast, brought to you by On this episode, we have Bob, Rob, and Stuart together again as they chat about what they have watched, whether they enjoyed it, we chat about the Austrian Oak himself Arnie, and pick our favourite films of his. We also chat New Year Resolutions and our plans in general for 2019 and beyond. All that in this FREE show, recorded for YOU and for us the hosts. Please leave a review...


445 Stallone Sweet Home

Rob ( @scifiwales ) joins Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) on this weeks episode as we chat about what we have watched since the last show, whether or not we agree that even numbered Star Trek's are the best, and then we leap into this weeks topic. One Mr Sylvester Stallone and what we feel are our single definitive choices for the mans work. Stuart also announces his own personal connection (or nearly) to Mr Stallone and we chat about a range of other topics that do as we do. Tangent all over...


444 Our Favourite Cinema Trips

With episode 444, Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob (Bag0rats) and Rob (@scifiwales) gather once again. Bob hasnt watched anything but has been living life, Rob has watched a bunch of TV and Stuart has watched various movies and has some great recommendations for you and the co hosts. We also talk about which movies we would love to have seen on the big screen (but havent), and also what our favourite cinematic experiences have been. As usual, we tangent the hell out of the show and cover a...


Learning About Woolsey Fire

In this mainly non movie related episode of the podcast, I speak with my friend, and filmmaker Neil Johnson who is and was caught up in the ongoing fires hitting the Western Coast of the US. Not so much an interview, this is a chat where i ask my friend what it was like to be caught up in the chaos, what its like now (the fires are still raging) and what life will be like once the smoke has gone. I am so used to my usual style of podcasting, talking about films and media. This is a new type...


442 Remembering The Past and Thinking About The Present

No Rob this week ( @scifiwales ) so its Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob (Bag0Rats ) Lets play catch up on life, movies, tv and off movie related news. We also chat war movies, Amazon dilemmas, and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the fires raging across the west coast of the USA. A very varied episode this week but hopefully youll still find it entertaining. Please leave a review on whatever platform you are listening on, it helps build en even bigger audience. Many thanks if...


441 Tony Finally Gets His Mention

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) manages to gather Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Rob (@scifiwales ) together in the same show after a month separated. Eureka! We chat about the shows we have watched, the life we have lived, and cover a range of topics from the world of film and television. The 5 for 5 quiz finally returns with Tony Scott getting his spotlight and we hear who has seen more Tony Scott films from the list of 5.. Rob or Bob. Who do you think wins? (Stuart obviously) Please leave a review on...


440 They Live We Podcast

With Rob ( @scifiwales ) off at a Halloween party, Its down to Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) to shore this podcast up with movie planks. We cover what we have been watching on our screens and how life has been. Stuart makes a few mild tweeks to future podcasts and gets all giddy about the 4k Bluray of John Carpenter films that are due out soon, and goes through what was a wonderful Sunday by having a Double Bill of films featuring Sarah Douglas. Please leave a review on...


439 A Little Bit Of Spooktacular Podcasting

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Rob ( @scifiwales ) and Stu ( @Cryptictadpole) gather this week as Bobs is having an episode off. We chat about a whole range of things but as its October and Stu from The Monday Movie Show is guesting this episode, we take the time to chat about horror films more than we do. Get some great recommendations for horror films for all ages and all platforms (Netflix, Blu Ray) and sit back and enjoy this episode of the FromPage2Screen Movie Show Podcast.


438 Stuart and Rob but no Bob

Bobs been laid out with the 'monkey virus' this week so Stuart and Rob take charge and chat about the films we have watched and shows we have checked out. We also chat a bit about horror movies and Rob takes his change to quiz Stuart on his early years in the video store world. Get well soon Bob!!!!


437 Stuarts here and Bob goes Solo

No Rob this week as he is out doing that social life thing we all read about, but Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Bob ( @bag0rats ) make the time fly as they talk monkey germs, films, anime, events, plans, television and whatever else springs to mind in this unscripted banter on the airwaves. for more content check out frompage2screen on Twitter and Google and everywhere else on the 3rd Rock from the Solar Fireball, and we would love some podcast reviews which will help bump us up the...


436 And we have all watched films

Rob, Stuart and Bob gather again to find out that we have all watched films this week. What have we watched and were they any good? Stuart also tests Rob and Bob on whether they have watched 5 titles from the filmmaking CV of camera genius Michael Bay.


435 Bringing In Some Retro

Rob (@scifiwales) , Bob (@Bag0rats) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen) gather again and this episode also features Graeme ( @RetroG) as we cover how our week has been what we have watched, what we have done and then tantent into topics ranging from the new Mysteri-Box ( @BoxMysteri ), to scifi movies and what we feel is the important ingredients in them. As always, these arent structured shows, but are merely geek-centric chats that just so happen to be recorded. For your (hopefully)...


434 Outbreak: Blame The Monkey

Rob, Stuart and Bob are back (although due to a Skype issue, Rob doesnt appear straight away) and this week chat about a range of subjects including films, tv, viruses and gravestones! Not sure if these shows nee some more structure (or any structure at all) however we hope you enjoy this mad casserole of topics ,


433 And We Are Back

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) & Rob ( @scifiwales ) return after a week away from the land of podcasting to catch up on what they have been up to, what they have watched, and just have a fun chat (we think) about whatever takes their fancy. Of course at the heart of these chats is always the film world.


432 Lets Get Some Signed Stuff

No Bob this week, but we do have Rob from Scifi Wales, and of course, the main host Stuart ( @frompage2screen) As this is the final episode before Robs event Scifi Wales, we catch up on a bit of news about the event before we tangent off (slightly) to talk about signed posters, signed pictures, film memorabilia and meeting celebs and how do we behave. Before we knew it. 90 minutes had passed and an episode had been born. Enjoy!!!!