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Episode 052.5: To Infinity And Beyond!

In this episode, asshole and fuck face ride again as they take the show on the road to see that there new Avengering movie what the kids are all a yammerin' about and such. Listen to these fools bicker like old ladies fighting over bingo numbers as they head to the theater, one accuses the other of acting like a spouse, while navigational and tech troubles abound in an apocalyptic rain storm. Then hear their raw and uncensored thoughts on Infinity War and loud ass dude bros THAT ABOUT GOT...


TNB Commentaries 018: Ernest Scared Stupid (B-Movie May!)

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they bring you the stupid 3rd, and penultimate, installment of their hit marketing strategy, B-Movie May! For our 18th commentary, we head to a fictional small town in Missouri 6 months after one of us was born in 1991 for this Jim Varney starring adventure. Free Comics and termites are discussed, tickets are found, old children's shows are remembered researched, and we discovered a mask maker, mask maker, still making masks, finding...


TNB Commentaries 017: My Name Is Bruce (B-Movie May!)

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they continue B-Movie May in the most groovy way! For our 17th commentary, we hold you hostage in a quaint little town called 2008 to watch this instant classic starring the King himself, Bruce Campbell! You're subjected to a Joke Corner, ball slobbering, over the top action and acting, and these two jack wagon's making comments that anybody else would have the good sense not to let slip their lips. The fun rolls on in part 2 of this...


Episode 052: Wrestle Maniacs

In this Episode, the fellas kick off the show talking about local radio and the programming and personalities they grew up listening to. After Joke Corner, they do a follow up to last year's Episode 28 and take a deep dive into the current situation surrounding the legendary Undertaker, his recent bookings, and what the future may hold. Also, future Joke Corners are teased, John Cena's career path is discussed, somebody gets thrown under a bus, and they discuss something else from last...


TNB Commentaries 016: Bloodfeast (B-Movie May!)

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they kickoff B-Movie May by get bloody and go afeastin' on lady legs.. For our 16th commentary, we limp back to 1963 for this OG splatterfest starring Connie Mason, Mal Arnold, William Kerwin! We're talking over the top acting, cheesy attempts at being super gory, and a razor thin story as one of us is flying without audio or subtitles and the other is drawn into the gorifically, gruesome, antics of Blood Feast!


Episode 051: Off The Rails 6 - The Great Space Ghoster

In this episode, we gotta be honest, gang, Doom's audio is dogshit, but as you'll learn, it's about to change soon. But also, we take the tangents to a whole new level of Off The Raildom when we talk about Bellywashers, stealing back packs from 1st graders, and deaths on Sesame Street and in Villages full of People. Some Scooby figures and DVDs are used as jumping off points for failing businesses and cartoons from the golden days of yore, so sit back and enjoy some sweet ass Nerd Blitz...


Episode 050.5: The Original Prequel (or, TypeCast Volume 2)

In this episode, the fellas take their final trip back in time, to exactly 5 months before The Nerd Blitz was born! After a brand new intro, Doom & Fitz take a deep dive into issue 17 of the original 1970's Marvel Star Wars comic, in their 2nd proto podcast. Adventure? Huh. Excitement? Hmm A Jedi craves not these things...but we sure as hell do, and this episode is jam-packed with 23 pages or so of lightsaberless fun from that galaxy far far away. Enjoy this look back, gang!


Episode 050: Brian Quinn Presents; TNB Giant Sized Annual #2: We're Not Friends!

In this episode, numbnuts and dillweed are celebrating 2 years of yammering about nerd crap for hours on end! Doom starts off the show reminding Fitz he's old before Fitz spoils the hell out of the finale of Star Wars: Rebels as sweet sweet retribution, then they take some questions from those of you goodly enough to listen. Special thanks to @TESDGroupie, @Jason_Groce, @acferrell1976, @SpiderScooby, @gigiamk30, @SquishyNosInc, @steboost, @SMorgan21, & @flyinkdw for sending in all of the...


TNB Commentaries 015: Attack of the Clones

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they climb into a speeder and head back to that galaxy far far away! For our 15th commentary, we make the jump back to 2002 for the 2nd Chapter in the Saga starring Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, & Ewan McGregor. Fitz remembers controversies and experiences from the release, Doom complains about everything except Obi-Wan, they both swoon over Padmé, and they generally just gush about all of Star Wars...that's rare, right? Enjoy,...


Episode 049: Cartoon Maroons vol 1 - The Gene Slammer Begins

In this episode, the fellas are talkin' toons, cahtoons, shee, the cahtoons of dare yout, when day was schmall, shee! After a sobering intro and mourning the loss of their forties, the grumpy guy and the Fitz guy talk about terrible variety shows, the repackaging of childhood memories to confuse and profit, friends that are Super and Amazing, then also other stuff is said with words to make the Hahas. They close the show out by learning a powerful lesson about growing up and all children...


Episode 048.5: Revenge Is A Confession Of Pain (or, TypeCast volume 1)

In this episode, the fellas take another trip back to a time before The Nerd Blitz existed! Originally posted as a bonus Episode on the Just Jump To The End feed and as the 9th installment of The TS-D/JA Productions Typecast, listen as we got experimental and artsy to talk about, what else, Star Wars! We talk in depth about the Season 2 Finale of The Clone Wars in this special Episode originally released on April 20th 2015. Read the original post...


Episode 048: Fortress Of Sodomy

In this episode, the fellas are takin' a deep dive into one of their favorite topics yet again and somebody pees on the floor! With little preamble, we dive right in and Doom drops some Star Wars novel news in Fitz's face before Fitz walks us through some Star Wars Rebels Spoilers. Doom watches a movie while they record, he gives a shoutout, trashes a crappy looking animated movie, teases some stuff, one of them loses their freakin' mind as they get a visitor, and so much more than you can...


Episode 047: A Million Dollars A Log

In this episode, we kick it old school and crack a million dollar scheme wide open! The fellas are back and Fitz has tales of salty seamen, new artists, saving old broads, and stalking with his sister, while Doom engages in doo doo humor, insults, and mockery until he starts to feel bad...also, hydraulic press videos? Since it's been a minute or 2, Ig & Ook discuss some new war movie set in the stars...or somethin'...have you heard if it? Tiny little indie picture? Furry dog man in it?...


TNB Commentaries 013: Grandma's Boy

Please turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as they get nerdy, dirty, and oh so pervy with a lion, a monkey, and an elephant. For our 13th commentary, we smoke back to 2006 for this underrated comedy starring Allen Covert, Linda Cardellini, Joel David Moore, and Doris Roberts. The dudes kick back and discuss video games in depth, including spending a lot of time trying to figure out what their favorite Game franchises are, and whining about backwards compatibility. All of that and...


Episode 046: Off The Rails 5 - Face Like A Bean

In this episode, the fellas are back with 3 of their 4 most touched on topics! They start off talking about Batman and Ben Affleck seemingly being on his way out the door and who they would cast in his place, Doom brings some Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. news, and then Fitz gets all aquiver about the new Rebels trailer. Han Solo is discussed, the works of Mike Judge some how get thrown under the microscope, and then they also wonder why stuff isn't always as good as it did was when it 1st...


Episode 045: Fanb!tches

In this Episode, Doom breaks a long standng rule to make a whole thing about his Stark Toons debut doing an impression of a certain asshole getting his hump on with an airhead. The fellas get into the body of the show with some (what else?) Star Wars talk by bitching about vitriolic douchebags that bitch, how Rian Johnson shuts them down with emojis, textless pictures, and cartoon gifs, plus they jibba jabba about the toxicity of current day fandom. A death is discussed, time travel...


TNB Commentaries 012: Scooby-Doo & Batman The Brave And The Bold

Please turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as they load up and head to the Mystery Machine! For our 12th commentary, we head back to 1 month ago in 2018 for Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave And The Bold starring Frank Welker, Grey Griffin, Deidrich Bader, and Tara Strong. They gush about how great this movie and both franchises are, debt callers for people that changed their numbers long ago, miscolored dog members, talking chimps, and backyard BBQs. Sit back and enjoy...


Episode 044: Meaty Middle

In this episode, we take a trip back in time to before Fitz saw Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi for the 2nd time! ***SPOILER ALERT*** After an extra special intro, Doom explains the time travel and takes the lead so Fitz doesn't spoil anything he doesn't already know...which isn't much! Deaths, returns, and wonky new force powers abound as we do a deep dive while Fitz tries to massage this new chapter of The Saga into it's proper place. Sit back, enjoy the show, and May The Force Be...


TNB Commentaries 011: Blade Runner

Please turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as the hop in a spinner and soar back to........1 year in the future! For our 11th commentary, we head back to 1982 for Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, & Sean Young. The fellers talk about Star Wars again cause why not?, ponder legacy, tease a bunch of future commentaries, and try to figure out what the differences and influences of this movie and it's various versions are. So strap in and prepare to be "retired".


Episode 042: This Is Not What You Think

In this episode, the fellas get a little loose after Doom gives Fitz some harsh alien head. After the glass shatters, Fitz cracks the show off with a story about a dead guy, they get boozy, and then they talk about Rian Johnson's just announced (at the time of recording, WE KNOW!!!) new stand alone Star Wars Trilogy, and they touch on the Disney/Fox deal falling through (back when it did, WE KNOW!!!). Somehow Doom compares Star Trek to a Wizard Of OZ/Tom & Jerry crossover movie before they...


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