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TNB Commentaries 024: Re-Animator

Please turn off your cellphones and prepare to be injected with the serum of life and get Rufussed into a wall again and again! For our 24th commentary, we dismember our way all the way back to 1985 for this classic starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Bruce Abbott, that is also the 1st crossover of The Nerd Blitz Book Club and The Nerd Blitz Commentaries! We discuss the the differences between 80's and modern horror, the many Army Of Darkness/Re-Animator crossover comic, the Great...


Episode 062: You Can Suckle At My Left Nut

In this episode, after last episode's abrupt ending and a few days off, the fellas are back to finish talking about Fitz's trip to Wizard World Chicago! We start with an intro from Colonel Brian "Q" Quinn (story coming in ep 64), then dive back in head first to the seedy underbelly of paying for sketches, Star Wars artists being charming shitbags, and gay pirate recruitment. The best stores to get blown in are debated, more Foley details get revealed, less taco stories surface, Indiana Jones...


Episode 061: Awwwww COME ON!!!

In this episode, the fellas are back getting slapped in the face and kicked in the nuts by real life in this short but fun episode. Fitz tells his portly partner a proud parable of professional pugilists and procurement of signatures and such at a gathering of pop-culture celebration and fun. Jokes are told, balls are busted, laughs are had, and revelations are made in this episode that is brought to a stunning conclusion in record time, so buckle up for the ride and enjoy!


Episode 060: That's What My Grandpa Used To Call Me

In this episode, the fellas are being all energetic and what not as they start off talkin' about dive-ins and blowjobs. Doofy Doomy is all aquiver cause Dan Shamble is a step closer to reaching screens, Lewis & Clark find a whore, and Mr. Fity man gets new spectacles for his peeper parts! Doom reviews a movie he saw, Fitz goes to a con and reviews a movie he saw, then the fellas get some fire DP going in a tiny box in duh foocher! Buckle up and enjoy the ride as they done bout ta start...


TNB Commentaries 023: Scooby-Doo And The Witch's Ghost

Please turn off your cellphones, grab a box of Scooby Snacks, and climb into the Mystery Machine, gang. For our 23rd commentary, we cast a spell on you and take you back to 1999 for this classic animated adventure starring Frank Welker, Tim Curry, Mary Kay Bergman, B.J. Ward, Scott Innes, & Jennifer Hale as a more mature version of the Mystery Incorporated gang and friends. We dive deep into our love of various forms of animation, examining the works of Aardman, the differences in styles of...


Episode 059: You'd Be a Pincushion In Prison

In this episode, the fellas are getting a wee bit hot button this time as they touch on the whole GotG Vol.3 situation and lay the pipe for their own Disney firings 10 years down the line. DITKO, DEAD! ...also leads to a discussion on credits and creators, Doom finally watched Luke Cage and tells ya what he thought of it while making a connection Fitz hadn't, and Fitz won't watch the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer even though Doom wants him too. Fitz saw Black Panther, then he tells Doom some...


Episode 058: Off The Rails 7 - #CloneWarsSaved

In this episode, the fellas are flying about as straight as a moth in a tornado as they hop on the sane train and quickly go Off The Rails! We are celebrating the San Diego Comic-Con announcement of the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and an assload of books, gang. But also, we try and figure out just how exactly Blu-Ray players work, what is 4K, how did we get here, and many other unanswerable, ya know, buckle up and enjoy!


TNB Commentaries 022: Star Wars TCW - The Mortis Trilogy

Please turn off your cellphones and grab your lightsabers, cause we're heading in to a Starry War! For our 22nd commentary, we make the jump back to January & February of 2011 for a Trilogy of Clone Wars episodes starring James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, and Sam Witwer. We get HARDCORE nerdy with some deep Star Wars talk trying to figure out the meaning behind these incredibly esoteric episodes, what they mean for the larger universe, the reverberations on Star Wars Rebels,...


Episode 056: Airtight

In this episode, the fellas put fandom, as a whole, under the microscope and try to figure out what is going on with all the vitriol and toxicity in the air lately. They start off talking about Star Wars Battlefront II again and all of the controversy that stirred, the road map for the game that caused a shit storm of it's own, and spin that into what happened with The Last Jedi & Solo. Let us know what your thoughts are on all of this discussion, in what essentially became an Episode long...


TNB Commentaries 021: Escape From New York

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they glide into New York City! For our 21st commentary, we escape back to the time of spandex and big hair, aka 1981, for this trip with Kurt Russel, Issac Hayes, and Adrienne Barbeau! The roles are flipped as Fitz is all chippity cho and Doom is mopey as shit, Fitz is all jizzy over a favorite movie, Doom can't hear a damn thing, and fun is had...I SWEAR!!!


TNB Book Club 3.02: Scooby-Doo And The Howling Wolfman

Welcome Back To The Nerd Blitz Book Club! In Episode 2 of this 2 part series, we discuss the 2nd half of the 5th book in James Gelsey's Scooby-Doo Mysteries series, Scooby-Doo And The Howling Wolfman. Hear reminiscences of the 1st time Doom read this and got hooked on the franchise, and Fitz talk about sharing it with his kids. Grab a copy and climb in the van, as we finish this fun ride with Scoob and the Mystery Inc gang and announce our next story.


Episode 055: Ralphie The Riveter

In this Episode, the fellas kick it old school again and pimp some stuffs that they done liked and what they done made, capisce? Now settle in cause these 2 yay-whoos are talkin' about one of them there Star War pictures that they be likin', as well as some sequel to some movie Fitzy loved as a yout. In Frig This Stuff, the boys start a conversation about fandom that they plan to continue in the next episode, out in 2ish weeks. So be prepared and enjoy, gang!


TNB Book Club 3.01: Scooby-Doo And The Howling Wolfman

Welcome Back To The Nerd Blitz Book Club! In Episode 1 of this 2 part series, we discuss the 1st half of the 5th book in James Gelsey's Scooby-Doo Mysteries series, Scooby-Doo And The Howling Wolfman. Hear reminiscences of the 1st time Doom read this and got hooked on the franchise, and Fitz talk about sharing it with his kids. Grab a copy and climb in the van, as we go for a ride with Scoob and the Mystery Inc gang.


TNB Commentaries 020: The Incredible Hulk

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they...kinda, break Harlem... For our 20th commentary, we smash our way back 2008 for this often forgotten gem starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, and William Hurt. Listen in as the fellas discuss how underrated this movie is, debate Norton Banner Vs Ruffalo Banner, whether or not Lou Ferrigno eats pizza, and just where Luke Cage was at this point in the MCU. Lots of fun and comic bookery in this ep, gang, so enjoy!


Episode 054: F**kwhistle Begins

In this episode, Fitz won't stop making things up as the fellas are invaded by an ineffective cover band from another dimension on the derpa derpa helpline. Whiffs abound as the fellas are chasing rats for dinner, update you on some wrasslin' happenings, talk briefly about Star Wars Resistance, and time travel. Reading habits are thoroughly discussed after Scooby speculation is confirmed to be for real news in this mega sized episode of fun and fighting. Was there something else...well,...


Episode 053.5: The Duo Go Solo (A Star Wars Story)

In this episode, the fellas are on the road and gonna see a Star War together for the 4th time ever! Apologies to those goodly enough to listen as the audio in this episode is rougher than an 84 year old hooker's ass post shave with a rusty blade, but thanks to @steboost & @flyinkdw for salvaging the audio in the 1st section. Hear our reactions to Solo, inappropriate singing, crappy trailers, and salty garbage looking people in this special .5 edition of the greatest podcast that nobody...


Episode 053: Yo, This Maf!cka Got A Cape On!

In this episode, the fellers is talkin' the Star Wars again, this time they talk over the Han Solo trailer and break down the age and timeline of a certain wookiee, which spins into some Battlefront II talk again. They discuss some shapes, then Doom gets into a detailed breakdown of ScoobyNatural and every aspect of that episode's sweetness (***Spoilers***, He loved it!), then they talk some Scooby news and rumors. The show is ended with some sweet sweet comics talk as we learn that Fitz...


TNB Commentaries 019: UHF (B-Movie May!)

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they head for U-62 and the weird and wacky finale of the hit marketing campaign, B-Movie May! For our 19th commentary, we take over the deed to the station in this 1989 classic starting Weird Al Yankovic, Michael Richards, & Fran Drescher! Doom is half asleep, Fitz is home alone, and they both are having fun as they say goodbye to this month of cheese and crappers. Remember, if you dug this month, let us know and we'll be sure to do it...


Episode 052.5: To Infinity And Beyond!

In this episode, asshole and fuck face ride again as they take the show on the road to see that there new Avengering movie what the kids are all a yammerin' about and such. Listen to these fools bicker like old ladies fighting over bingo numbers as they head to the theater, one accuses the other of acting like a spouse, while navigational and tech troubles abound in an apocalyptic rain storm. Then hear their raw and uncensored thoughts on Infinity War and loud ass dude bros THAT ABOUT GOT...


TNB Commentaries 018: Ernest Scared Stupid (B-Movie May!)

Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they bring you the stupid 3rd, and penultimate, installment of their hit marketing strategy, B-Movie May! For our 18th commentary, we head to a fictional small town in Missouri 6 months after one of us was born in 1991 for this Jim Varney starring adventure. Free Comics and termites are discussed, tickets are found, old children's shows are remembered researched, and we discovered a mask maker, mask maker, still making masks, finding...