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Fluffy Romantic Tropes in Fanfiction

In this episode, Enthusiasm Girl is joined by Tia and Lexi to talk about romantic tropes, those sometimes cliche, sometimes transcendent plot beats that drown you in fluff and bring the feels. What does it mean to love fluff and romance when your fandom's canon is dark and violent? Why is romance in fanfiction sometimes expressed in AUs that take extraordinary characters and put them in mundane settings like coffee shops, flower shops or college campuses? How can you both love romance...


Fanfiction in Anime and Manga Fandoms

In this episode, Joan is the mod and she talks to Lita and Zee about fanfiction in anime and manga fandoms. They share their own history with anime and manga and get into how the Japanese culture and language gets absorbed into fic for better or for worse, a Sailor Moon fic that may or may not have been the worst fanfiction out there prior to My Immortal, and the subtle differences between loving dubs vs. subtitles. Plus a whole lot more. Check out our website at


Episode 21: The Continuing Evolution of Defenders Fandom

In this episode, Lita and Birdy join Enthusiasm Girl to continue the ongoing conversation tracking Daredevil and Defenders fandom as it evolves, specifically talking about the impact of Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage. We marvel at how very wrong we were about certain things last year, dig into the appeal of Karen/Frank, Mariah/Shades, Matt/Karen and make an argument for why Elektra deserves more fic. We also look forward to the Defenders and get excited for less of Matt in costume, more...


Episode 19: In Defense of Villains, "Problematic Faves" and "Trash" Ships

In this episode, Lita and Zee join Enthusiasm Girl to talk about what it means and how it's perceived in fandom when you write or read about villains or morally grey characters. Some fans are in it for the redemption, others for the whump, while others come to it purely for the wrongbad dynamics. But no matter where the impulse comes from, we dig into why there's nothing wrong with it, the implications of defining it as "problematic" or feeling the need to call ourselves trash for liking...


Episode 18: Alpha/Beta/Omega Universes in Fanfiction

It's finally the A/B/O episode you've all been waiting for! In this episode, the mod talks to Lita and Chris about pack dynamics, knotting, gender and sexuality, domestic mpreg and why A/B/O is not whatever you're assuming it is. Keep the conversation going at Fic Recs: The Change by Ceebee ( Born From the Earth by venusm ( Love in the Waste by dancinbutterfly...


Marvel's Civil War Special: Team Steve

The OTPodcast is a meta round table podcast where fans discuss all things fanfiction. It's part one of a two part Marvel Civil War Special! In this episode, Lita and Dusty share their love of Steve Rogers in fanfiction with the mod, from the early days when fans imagined him as Skinny Steve living in the 1940's, through to post-Avengers fanfiction where he sometimes had hate sex with Tony, but other times helped him raise Peter Parker as their own, through to now heading into Civil War...