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Nathan Hamilton: First appearance on the podcast AKA The beginning of one helluva journey. - The Picking Brains Podcast

A few year’s ago I took some of the more “controversial” episodes of the show off of the website due to a variety of reasons. After 5 years I think it’s time for these fan favorite episodes to emerge once again. Back in 2013 I ran a series of episodes Continue with the brain picking...


The infamous LOST episode. Singing included. - The Picking Brains Podcast

Looks like Nathan and I have been around long enough to finally have a lost episode that somehow was never released. The episode was originally recorded in April 2016. Nathan and I review Diary of a Deadbeat, Baskin, Frankenstein Created Bikers, & Tex Montana Will Survive. We also break down Continue with the brain picking...


Marcus Koch: Rick Baker On A Budget - The Picking Brains Podcast

For years Nathan Hamilton and I have referred to this episode’s guest as Rick Baker on a budget. Marcus Koch stops by the show to discuss his career in the film world, working on The Song of Solomon and other Unearthed Films releases, the best piece of advice he’s Continue with the brain picking...


Andrew van den Houten: How to avoid being eaten by a bear - The Picking Brains Podcast

This episode longtime friend of the podcast, Andrew van den Houten returns to talk about The Ranger, Darlin, the passing of Jack Ketchum, how his career has grown over the years, how to avoid being eaten by a bear, and so much more. Check out the episode and be Continue with the brain picking...


To the Phantom Zone with Ryan Cadaver! - The Picking Brains Podcast

This episode presents quite the quandary. Thankfully lead singer of The Casket Creatures, Ryan Cadaver is here to guide all of us to The Phantom Zone and beyond with his expertise. Ryan and I discuss the band’s upcoming album, Return To Wolfton, the band’s new music video, performing at Continue with the brain picking...


Jenn Wexler: The Ranger, How to Crash a Christmas Party, and Theme Park Fun! - The Picking Brains Podcast

Four years ago I had the pleasure of having Jenn Wexler on the podcast to discuss her short film, Halloween Bash. Fast forward to this year’s Chattanooga Film Festival and Jenn was in attendance to screen her feature debut, The Ranger which will easily be near the top of my Continue with the brain picking...


Joe Bob Briggs: The Glory Of Exploitation & The Last Drive-In! - The Picking Brains Podcast

Every year once April rolls around it means one thing. Time for Joe Bob Briggs to melt minds with his yearly presentation at The Chattanooga Film Festival. Joe Bob was once again gracious enough to join the podcast for a chat on exploitation, his weekly Taki Mag articles, being delayed Continue with the brain picking...


Tommy Lee Wallace: Halloween memories, IT, and Music - The Picking Brains Podcast

Here’s a special Halloween treat for all of you. Tommy Lee Wallace joins me to discuss his memories on the Halloween franchise, the IT mini series, directing Fright Night 2 and Vampires 2, projects that never materialized, his time with John Carpenter and so much more. Halloween III is Continue with the brain picking...


Brian Williams talks Space Babes, not handling snakes, and not being Charlie Manson - The Picking Brains Podcast

Brian Williams returns to the podcast to discuss Space Babes from Outer Space, not handling snakes, not being Charlie Manson, independent film, the importance of supporting artists, and so much more. Brian’s been a friend of the show for years and is truly one of the best creative minds currently Continue with the brain picking...


At The Airport, Documentaries, And Oscarbating! - The Picking Brains Podcast

Nathan and I return to discuss Days of the Dead Indy, the greatness of Arrow Video releases, finally meeting Scout Taylor Compton, Diary of a Deadbeat, Frankenstein Created Bikers, and the dangers of Oscarbating (patent pending). We also announce our need for a theme song and we want you, the Continue with the brain picking...


Scott Schirmer: Plank Face,Bandit Motion Pictures, And The Merits Of Jurassic World - The Picking Brains Podcast

Longtime friend of the podcast, Scott Schirmer stops by to discuss his new film, Plank Face, Bandit Motion Pictures and the merits he see’s in Jurassic World. We also discuss Harvest Lake, the struggles of being a truly independent filmmaker, the art of filming a rape scene, making emotional films Continue with the brain picking...

Blair Bathory: The Horror Host With The Most - The Picking Brains Podcast

The guest this episode is Blair Bathory. Blair is the creator/host of Fear Haus which is the home of the best independent horror short films in the world. I was honored to be invited to the Fear Haus set to speak with Blair on a litany of topics including Continue with the brain picking...

Can Evrenol- A Tour Of Hell with The Best Tour Guide - The Picking Brains Podcast

Nathan and I have been told to go to Hell on numerous occasions so for this episode we decided to go deep into the depths of Hell with the best tour guide we could find. Can Evrenol is the writer/director of Baskin, which hit us like a ton of bricks Continue with the brain picking...

Ken Hanley: Fangoria, Horror Media, & Sphere Throwing - The Picking Brains Podcast

Ken Hanley joins me this episode to discuss his experiences at Fangoria, being the Editor-In-Chief, the current state of horror media, social media’s effect on the genre, and how great it would be to see Don Coscarelli singing karaoke while throwing Phantasm spheres. Fangoria is one of the staples Continue with the brain picking...

Sasquatch, Car Alarms, & Crabflies with the crew of The Sighting - The Picking Brains Podcast

Adam Pitman, David Blair, and Life Noell are the guests this episode. We discuss their film The Sighting aka Paper Dolls. The Sighting is a film that has survived the distribution fight that independent films battle and now after ten years the film can be seen by all. Adam, Continue with the brain picking...

Jeff Burr: Whisper to a Scream, Eddie Presley, & Straight Into Darkness - The Picking Brains Podcast

The guest this episode is writer/director, Jeff Burr. Jeff & I discuss his influences growing up in Georgia, his time at USC, working in the advertising department at New World Pictures with Jim Wynorski, Whisper to a Scream, Leatherface, Eddie Presley, and his current views of the genre. Continue with the brain picking...


Joe Bob Briggs 2: Chattanooga Boogaloo - The Picking Brains Podcast

This episode Nathan and I return to the Chattanooga Film Festival and welcome Joe Bob Briggs back to the show. We cover a litany of topics this episode including running moonshine in a Ford Escape, Gary Busey’s head dent, Capoeira, The Howling 7, his film studio, a new book he Continue with the brain picking...


1940’s horror with David Skal - The Picking Brains Podcast

This episode we return to our series of horror by the decade. For the 1940’s we decided to bring in an expert and we got the best. David Skal is the foremost authority in classic horror. We break down the films, stars, & inner workings of the genre at the Continue with the brain picking...


Harvest Lake, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, & Days of the Dead:Atlanta Recap - The Picking Brains Podcast

This episode Nathan and I review and discuss Harvest Lake and Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. We also provide you with a breakdown of Days of the Dead: Atlanta and our favorite segment, Listener Email. Thank you to all of the listeners that email the show. We truly love hearing Continue with the brain picking...


Bill Oberst Jr.- This generations Lon Chaney - The Picking Brains Podcast

The guest this episode is Bill Oberst Jr. If you are a fan of the genre you’ve seen Bill ascend to the top in a wide variety of roles. Bill & I discuss a wide array of topics ranging from his youth, his take on Mark Twain, his Continue with the brain picking...