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Ep. 77 - Oscar Reactions & Hindsight Results

The 91st Annual Academy Awards are in the rearview mirror, so it's naturally time for us to discuss the winners, losers, ceremony, and more. Join us for our passionate, rambling, sometimes incoherent conversation about our overall reaction to the night, our look at the progressive, exciting wins, and wonder what the struggle of New Academy vs. Old Academy has given us. David uses sports as a barometer. Rick wants the Oscar to go to Dafoe in Speed 2. All that and more! (0:45) Rick's Oscar...


Ep. 76 - Final Oscar Predictions

Awards Season is coming to a close and the 91st Annual Academy Awards are just a few days away. Join us on our latest episode as we try to make sense of this years' confusing, unprecedented awards season, use stats and history to try and mold our guesses, and give our final predictions before the night of the Oscars. David connects existing material with Oscar wins. Rick understands why women are so pissed off. All that and more! (1:03) What to Make of This Years' Awards Season (9:39)...


Ep. 75 - The Lego Movie 2

Everything is Awesome! Or is it?? We build this weeks episode all around The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part! Is the sequel to the surprising 2014 film a winner, or does it feel like cobbled together spare parts? Join us as we talk about the apparent diminishing returns of the Lego franchise, meta humor, individuality, and growing up. Rick shares his earliest memory. David appreciates the basketball references. All that and more! (0:59) Putting the Pieces of The Lego Franchise Franchise...


Ep. 74 - Oscar Noms Reactions and The Hindsight Awards

The Oscars are less than a month away and with it comes our extra large, supersized episode as we give our reactions and walk through our own Hindsight Awards nominees. The 2nd Annual Hindsight Awards exist to recognize films from 20, 10, and 5 years ago to see what The Academy got right, what they got wrong, and what deserves its spot in history. Rick holds a serious grudge and cannot be trusted. David has some thoughts on the controversies. All that and more! (1:44) Recapping Our Oscar...


Ep. 73 - Glass and M. Night Shyamalan

The culmination of M. Night Shyamalan's Eastrail 177 trilogy has been released and we are here to talk about it. Join us as we discuss Glass including our thoughts on the film, audience expectations, and the universe that Shyamalan has crafted. David might be a superhero. Rick thinks you need to keep your expectations in check. All that and more! (0:45) Is David a Superhero and Getting Into Glass (10:57) Defying and Meeting Expectations (15:54) Spoiler-Free Thoughts on the World of Glass...


2019 Oscar Primer: Roma

The 2019 Academy Award Nominations are out tomorrow, January 22nd, and that means our final Oscar Primer episode of the season! This time we talk about the beautiful film Roma and how it's relevance extends beyond the story of the film all the way to its distribution and style. Join Rick and David as we discuss performances, filmmaking, distribution methods, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:12) Roma Plot, Cast, and Crew (9:19) Standout Directions and Performances (18:13)...


2019 Oscar Primer: The Favorite

With just a day or so from the 2019 Oscar Nominations being announced, we're wrapping up our 2019 Oscar Primer miniseries by looking at The Favourite. We take a look at historical accuracy, Taylor Swift's social life, and the tragedy/comedy of everything. Join Good Movie Buddy Rick and Special Guest Good Movie Buddy Leah as we discuss performances, filmmaking, distribution methods, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:59) The Favourite Plot, Cast, and Crew (12:53) Standout...


2019 Oscar Primer: Vice

As we countdown the days to the Oscar Nominations, we begin towrope up our 2019 Oscar Primer miniseries. This time, we talk about Adam McKay's political satire, Vice. Join Good Movie Buddy Rick and Special Guest Good Movie Buddy Matt as we discuss performances, filmmaking, distribution methods, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:29) Vice Plot, Cast, and Crew (11:08) Standout Directions and Performances (22:41) Prestige Relevance and Commercial Success (29:17) The Look, Feel,...


Ep. 72 - Our Final 2019 Oscar Predictions!

The 2019 Oscar nominations are just around the corner, so you know it's time for The Popcorn Diet to do one final group of predictions before the announcement! This episode we take a look at the Awards season overall, how films have gained or lost momentum, and make our final picks for the above-the-line categories. David holds out hope for Coogler. Rick breaks down the way Academy voting works. All that and more! (1:50) Assessing the Field of Awards Shows (5:02) Who's Up? Who's Down? Who's...


2019 Oscar Primer: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Our 2019 Oscar Primer miniseries continues, going to Netflix this week to take a look at the latest Coen Brothers film: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Does a film from the oddball brothers have a shot at Oscar gold if it premieres on Netflix? Join Good Movie Buddies Rick and David as we discuss performances, filmmaking, distribution methods, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:20 ) Buster Scruggs Plot, Cast, and Crew (17:12) Standout Directions and Performances (23:21) Prestige...


Ep. 71 - Getting Hyped for 2019

It's time to get hyped, to get excited about the upcoming 2019 year of film! Not only are we going through our most anticipated movies of the year, but we're looking back at movies that have predicted 2019, making our own box office predictions, and discussing some of the goals of the podcast for the next year! David goes with the stats instead of his gut. Rick rants about the greatness that could've been King Arthur. All that and more! (1:06) The Popcorn Diet's Plans for 2019! (3:25) What...


Ep. 70 - United States of Film 2018

Happy New Year to all our Good Movie Buddies! It's a New Year, and we have some new things in store, like a brand new theme song! As standard practice around here, we ring in the new year by taking a look back at the best parts of 2018. In this 2018 edition of our annual United States of Film, we retire the "Worst of" section, talk surprises and disappointments, and run down our Favorite Film Moments of the year. David apologizes for his list before the list. Rick forgets about the bathroom....


Ep. 69 - Swimmin' with Aquaman

Yes, he can talk to fish. The Popcorn Diet goes swimming with Aquaman this week as we talk about the latest DC comics character to get his own big screen adventure. Join us as we talk about the bonkers sequences in the film, the performances, and how the DCEU course correction is going. David invokes National Treasure. Rick builds his own DCEU. All that and more! (1:15) The Holidays and Aquaman (6:12) Spoiler-Free Reaction to Aquaman (12:16) Star Wars Underwater & World Building (15:22)...


Ep. 68 - Swinging Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Does whatever a spider can! Our latest episode prepares to go deep into the Spider-Verse as we discuss the newest Wall Crawler film. Join us as we discuss Spider-Man films of the past, talk about how that history benefits the new film, and how it succeeds as a gorgeous new evolution of animation and superhero storytelling. David gives us a Spider history lesson. Rick makes fun of 1980s Jospeh Zito. All that and more! (1:14) We Head Into the Spider-Verse (3:49) The...


2019 Oscar Primer: Black Panther

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time returning to the sovereign nation of Wakanda to revisit one of the biggest films of the year: Black Panther! The Marvel blockbuster is gaining more steam with critics nominations and a building Awards Season buzz. Join us, along with special guest movie buddy Jeremy Nakano, as we discuss performances, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:45) Black Panther Plot, Cast, and Crew (8:19) Standout Directions and...


2019 Oscar Primer: Beautiful Boy

Our Oscar Primer miniseries continues, this time we turn our focus to the emotional, difficult film about a real-life father and son dealing with drug addiction in Beautiful Boy. How do recent Awards hopefuls Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet stand after this film? Join The Popcorn Diet as we discuss performance, filmmaking, and what nominations we think it could capture! (1:35) Beautiful Boy Plot, Cast, and Crew (8:04) Standout Performances of Carell & Chalamet (11:27) Prestige Relevance...


Ep. 67 - Oscars 2019 Prediction Update

Awards season is in full swing and it's time we update our predictions! After the National Board of Review announced their winners, The Popcorn Diet takes a look as whose stock is rising, whose is falling, and what predictions need to change. David thinks forward to the Oscar bait onslaught. Rick uses his soapbox for diversity. All that and more! (1:36) Awards Update & National Board of Review (9:56) Who's Up, Who's Down? (14:27) The Popcorn Diet Adjusted Acting Predictions (23:36) The...


Ep. 66 - Creed II and Sports Movies

One of our most anticipated movies of the year is here and we are all for it. The Popcorn Diet steps back into the ring for the continuing saga of Rocky and Adonis in Creed II. Join us this episode as we talk about why we love sports movies, the strong character drama in the film, and the physical reactions we had to the film. David thinks the skull cap weights are weird. Rick has questions about training safety. All that and more! (0:49) The Rocky & Creed Saga, Sports Movies, and Underdogs...


Ep. 65 - Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The Popcorn Diet makes its return visit to the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling as we look to capture more Fantastic Beasts with the latest film, The Crimes of Grindelwald. Join us as we discuss muddle plot devices, favorite characters and action, and wonder what this film will be like when the franchise is finished. David is trying to balance the characters. Rick admonishes the double flashback. All that and more! (0:59) Welcome Back to The Wizarding World (4:49) Spoiler Free Reaction to The...


Ep. 64 - Overlord!

War is hell as The Popcorn Diet takes a look at the J.J. Abrams produced genre mash-up Overlord on this weeks episode. Join us as we gush about the lean, mean, bloody great ride that the film gives you along with some of the better aspects of war, character, and gnarly killer zombie gore action. David appreciates the war aspects. Rick reminds everyone of the severed head All that and more! (1:01) J.J. Abrams, Cloverfield, & The Mystery Box (9:07) Overlord Spoiler Free Reaction (16:24) Full...