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Ep. 13: Alien Invasion Part III: Xtro

Xtro is a special kind of film... Well, the kind that begs you sit down with friends and beers. Nate explains the movie Xtro to James this week as they drink and discuss how an alien who rapes and kills is like a Disney movie.


Ep. 12: Alien Invasion Part II: The Cat From OuterSpace

On episode 12, we change up the format just a little and instead of going through the entire movie for you, we just have a conversation about what we just watched.... which was a 1970's goofy Disney movie... Anyway, follow us on facebook /sayyestovhs and on twitter @sayyestovhs


Ep. 11: Alien Invasion Part I: Bad Channels

Just when you think you know somebody... Bad Channels is one of Nate's favorite movies of all time and choose this moment to introduce it to his "friend" James... It does not go as expected, much like Dan O'Dare's night.


Ep. 10: Summer Fun & Fright Part III: Them!

James discusses what makes going to a convention so appealing before Nate trashes his pick for the final Summer Fun & Fright series pick. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at SayYesToVHS Follow Nate on letterboxd /retrogrademedia Follow James on letterboxd /retrogradejames


Ep. 9: Summer Fun & Fright Part II: Orca

Hell hath no fury like a whale scorned. On this episode we talk about Dumbledore killing a baby whale. It's a Jaws knock off that takes place in Canada. We also find out where Chief ran off to after he escaped Nurse Ratched!! Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow Nate on Letterboxd: Follow James on Letterboxd: oh yea, Instagram too! @SayYesToVHS


Ep. 8: Summer Fun & Fright Part I: The Burning

This week we turn away from our Crispin Clover series and onto Summer Fun & Fright! We start this series with 1981's The Burning. Since this film is the start of Miramax, be prepared from some off colored jokes that made us laugh... hopefully you too. Twitter: @SayYesToVHS Facebook: /SayYesToVHS Instagram: /SayYesToVHS Blog: Letterboxd (Nate): /retrogrademedia Letterboxd (James): /retrogradejames


Ep. 7: Crispin Glover Retrospective Part V: Rubin and Ed

My cat can eat a whole watermelon! We end our Crispin Glover retrospective with a Trent Harris film. But before we talk about this madness, we talk about Joe Bob Briggs Last Drive In, and at the end we introduce our new series. Facebook: /SayYesToVHS Twitter: @SayYesToVHS Instagram: /SayYesToVHS Blog: Trent Harris Site:


Ep. 6: Crispin Glover Retrospective Part IV: Back to the Future

For our retrospective today, we go back -- TO THE FUTURE! In this episode we look at Crispin Glover's character George McFly. We talk about our favorite George moments as well as why Crispin decided not to appear in Part 2, and how his law suite affected other actors even today.


Ep. 5: Crispin Glover Retrospective Part III: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Part three of our Crispin Glover retrospective takes us to one of his many cameos. This is a historic episode, because you may just be listening to the worst movie Retrograde Media has ever watched. Follow us on social media @ or / SayYesToVHS Follow Nate on Letterboxd: /RetrogradeMedia Follow Hames on Letterboxd:/RetrogradeJames


Ep. 4: Crispin Glover Retrospective Part II: River's Edge

Highly acclaimed River's Edge is the next film on our Crispin Glover Retrospective. We go character by character and discuss each ones right of passage, or lack there of. Follow us on Twitter: @SayYesToVHS Follow us on Facebook: /SayYesToVHS Follow us on Instagram: @SayYesToVHS Follow us on Letterboxd: -Nate- /RetrogradeMedia -James- /RetrogradeJames


Ep. 3: Crispin Glover Retrospective Part I (Twister)

On our first dip into the Crispin Glover Immersion tank we tackle 1989's Twister. You know how when before you go into a pool on a hot summer day, you don't dip your toes in, you just jump right in? Well thats what we did.... Twister is a crazy film that reminds me of something that we all love 12 years after this film was released. Join James and I (Nate) as we jump into Crispin Glover. Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @SayYesToVHS Vero: Retrograde Media Letterboxd (Nate):...


Ep 2: Female Directed Cult Cinema Part II (Night Patrol)

For our last entry into a topic we will revisit in future seasons, female directed cult cinema we took a look at Jackie Kong's Night Patrol. If you're like us and sat though the whole thing... we feel your pain. On this episode we start off our discussion with a little NES and Atari talk which is the highlight of Nate's night before we delve into this... movie? Follow us on Twitter @SayYesToVHS Follow us on Facebook /SayYestoVHS Follow us on Vero @RetrogradeMedia Follow Nate on...


Ep 1: Female Directed Cult Cinema Part I (Humanoids from the Deep)

In our very first series, Female Directed Cult Cinema we discus the cult horror film, Humanoids from the Deep! This film is directed by Barbara Peeters who is best known for... well just this. Our host Nate and James take a deep dive into this cult monstrosity which Nate's top 10 lessons learned from the film and Jame's overall retort to it's B-Movie glory. Follow us, shall you? Facebook: /retrogrademedia Twitter: @sayyestovhs Instagram: @sayyestovhs Vero:...


Episode 0: Welcome to The Retograde Media Podcast

Episode zero explores who we are, why we want to go back to the back to the past, and best of all, which film we will watch first. You can find us on Social Media: Twitter: @sayyestovhs Facebook: /sayyestovhs Vero:Retrograde Media Instagram: @sayyestovhs