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A couple of ladies talking about movies, television, and the ridiculous entertainment industry.

A couple of ladies talking about movies, television, and the ridiculous entertainment industry.


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A couple of ladies talking about movies, television, and the ridiculous entertainment industry.






Fish In Space - Ep. 93 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex chat through “The Suicide Squad” new movie, Bo Burnham’s Inside and crying at a movie trailer during the Olympics plus much more!


It’s Not Friendship Island - Ep. 92

Strap in for a girly reality show episode! Alex and Liv dive into the growing popularity of Love Island UK and their favorites of season 7. They also talk Too Hot to Handle and the Love is Blind reunion drama.


Twilight Rewatch-a-long! - Ep. 91 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Listen along as Alex and Liv revisit the ridiculous vampire blockbuster of their teen years: Twilight.


Shrimp Toast Crunch - Ep. 90 - Ridiculous People Podcast

This week Liv breaks down the historic case behind The Trial of Chicago 7 and reviews Aaron Sorkin’s take. Alex and Liv discuss their love of Moxie, a new movie directed by Amy Poehler. Alex reviews anime series Food Wars and breaks down the timeline of Topanga’s husband’s shrimpy discovery and immediate fall from grace.


Special Guests: Movies That Raised Us! - Ep. 89 - Ridiculous People Podcast

This week Alex and Liv welcome very special guests: Mo Cruz and Christina Schmidt, hosts of Movies That Raised Us! They talk 3rd culture kid experiences, One Tree Hill, WandaVision, The Expanse, the Megan and Harry Oprah interview and much more. Be sure to check out the Ridiculous People Pod episode on their podcast reviewing 80s classic, Heathers. Guest info: Movies That Raised Us is a podcast about formative movies, flip phones, and growing up 🎥✨new episode every wednesday!!💅🏼 Streaming...


The Chaotic Time-Loop Episode - Ep. 88 - The Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex are back to discuss time-loop movies becoming their own genre. They talk Palm Springs, Before I Fall, The One I Love, Russian Doll and Zoe’s who are indie darlings. Alex takes us through the Bon Appetit scandal leading to the Gimlet/Reply All scandal and learning about the oil barons of podcasting. Liv recommends TikToker @herspective for some bite-sized good takes on feminism and allyship.


“Canadian Gloryholes” - Ep. 87 - Ridiculous People Podcast

This week Alex and Liv talk about the movie Patema Inverted and Gundam in Weeb Corner. Liv reviews The Morning Show of Apple TV+ and Alex reviews seasons 1 and 2 of Blown Away on Netflix. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe if you like the ridiculousness!


We’re Asking for Your Sun, Moon and Rising - Ep. 86 - Ridiculous People Podcast

The Ridiculous Ladies are back to discuss the snowy terror of February, cruelty in the newest movie about movie-making Malcolm & Marie, and dissect Promising Young Woman. (Only vague detail spoilers, no plot spoilers for either.) In the drawer of internet junk Liv discusses The Last of Us video game and Alex recounts having to explain cringe internet slang to her parents.


Should’ve Gone Nuclear - Ep. 85 - The Ridiculous People Podcast

Alex and Liv discuss the end of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Heroes, White Tiger, Promising Young Woman, and share listeners' crying-while-driving stories!


You Like Fight Club for The Wrong Reason Ep. 84 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex discuss their recent anime binges, how misguided some film bros are when they make their personality Pickle Rick and how critiquing your faves is a good thing.


A Ridiculous Boyfriend feat. Julian Hermano - Ep. 83 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex welcome special guest, Alex’s boyfriend, Julian Hermano! Julian and Liv bond over JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Alex talks pacing problems in Haunting of Bly Manor and they all lament the ad space a certain conservative influencer has eaten up. Lots of fun show recommendations in this ep and even some Japanese grammar lessons!


“JoJo’s Queer Coding and Other Adventures” - Ep. 82 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Alex and Liv talk about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Your Name., The Queen’s Gambit, The Crown and lots more!


The Santa Clause Watch-Along - Ep. 82 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Liv and Alex journey to the magical land of Bernard and Judy with divorced dad Scott Calvin and read Neal’s sweaters for FILTH in this cozy festive watch-along.


Tackling Race - Ep 81 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Relax it’s not that serious. Liv and Alex talk through some dark titles this week - from I’ll Be Gone in The Dark to Hill House: Bly Manor and a movie that suffered from critical acclaim. This episode is full of hot takes and upsetting crime details. Welcome to NYC Lockdown round 2, ridiculous people! Follow us: @aridiculouspod @aluxshan @Liviosah


What You Can’t Have in a Horror Movie - Ep. 80 Ridiculous People

Liv and Alex talk through some spooky movie tropes, review a Death Note rewatch for Weeb Corner, bask in calm of Great Pottery Throwdown and YouTube video essays by badass women! Follow us at @aridiculouspod @Liviosah & @aluxshan


The Intimate Details of Our Lives - Ep. 79 - Ridiculous People Podcast

The Ridiculous Ladies get personal, start their new feature Weeb Corner with a review of "Saiki K" and some "One Piece", plus Liv talks through watching "The Devil All The Time."


The Poltergeist Watchalong - Ep. 78 - The Ridiculous People Podcast

The girls are getting into the Halloween spirit (as opposed to the apocalyptic spirit 2020 has consisted of thus far) and watching the classic telling of malevolent haunting tale Poltergeist! Drink, watch, listen, kvetch!


The White Claw Conspiracy - Ep. 77 - The Ridiculous People Podcast

Listen in as Liv and Alex review the What We Do in the Shadows show, The Witcher, HBO’s Run, thirst after Henry Cavill’s thighs and take a moment to remember the incredibly talented Chadwick Boseman. Follow the show @aridiculouspod and the hosts @Liviosah @alexshun


Caffeinated Chaos - Ep. 76 - Ridiculous People Podcast

The ridiculous people are back and feeling weirder than ever! Listen as Liv and Alex review Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Midnight Diner, some unproblematic stand-up and talk about a bunch of other junk like Legally Blonde, health apps on our phones and TikTok.


“It’s ok to be wrong!” - Ep. 75 - Ridiculous People Podcast

Catch up with the Ridiculous People at the combination recession, pandemic, social uprising. What have you been watching?