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Hosted by Addi and Darrell, The Stranger Things Podcast is a fun and insightful look into the upside down world of Stranger Things. Each episode includes meme of the week, news and rumors, quote of the week, episode discussion, and more. Send in your thoughts about each episode to 304-837-2278!


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Hosted by Addi and Darrell, The Stranger Things Podcast is a fun and insightful look into the upside down world of Stranger Things. Each episode includes meme of the week, news and rumors, quote of the week, episode discussion, and more. Send in your thoughts about each episode to 304-837-2278!






TSTP 64- DIO: Dreamers Never Die

Eddie Munson wore a jacket all season that shared his love for the rock legend, DIO. The music of Ronnie James Dio not only inspired and influenced the fictional character of Eddie Munson, it also inspired and influenced the lives of many in the 70s, 80's, and even today. Although Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010, his legacy and memory live on through his music, fans, friends, and family. Fully authorized by Dio's estate and executive produced by his widow, Wendy Dio, the documentary,...


TSTP 63- The Piggyback Listener Feedback

When we asked our listeners to give us one word to describe how they feel about the Stranger Things 4 finale, we heard words like dissatisfied, numb, anxious, resolved, crushed, bewilderment, depressed, bittersweet, and intrigued just to name a few. Now that we get to hear listeners share in-depth how they feel about it, those words definitely ring true. Some felt that Stranger Things 4 was the best season ever, while others felt it was the worst season ever. However, most of you felt like...


TSTP 62- The Piggyback

The Stranger Things 4 finale was full of SO MUCH action, suspense, sadness, exposition, humor, and intrigue! Coming in at the run time of a full-length movie, we still wanted more! How could the Duffer brothers leave the ending on such a massive cliffhanger? How could they yet again kill off a major fan-favorite character? Will we ever see Max alive again? Overall we found the season 4 finale to be very enjoyable. Obviously, like most (all?) of the fandom, we are not happy with Eddie's...


TSTP 61- Papa Listener Feedback

Why did Will lie to Mike about El commissioning his painting? How will El be able to help Hawkins with no way to get there? Did Dr. Owens have a role in raising Peter the creepy orderly? These are just a few of the interesting questions raised by listeners this week. We also have insights on the musical selections, predictions on who will die in the finale, and multiple connections to Star Wars in this week's listener feedback episode! Connect with The Stranger Things Podcast: Facebook...


TSTP 60- Papa

The penultimate episode of Stranger Things season 4 has arrived and it did exactly what a penultimate episode should do! "Papa" insists that everything he has done for Eleven, and Henry too for that matter, has been in their best interests. Like, El, we strongly disagree with his point of view. Although we can see how he could come to those conclusions, his methods are hard to justify. Is Papa truly dead? Only time will tell. In Hawkins, Max is willing to put her life on the line to save the...


TSTP 59- Listener Feedback for The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

With the major reveals and twists of "The Massacre at Hawkins Lab," many of us are updating our theories and coming up with new ones. Is Peter Eleven's father? Was Brenner using El to search the void in an effort to find Peter? Was El a pawn used by Peter, or was he being truthful with her? Did Peter/Vecna create the upside down, or did it exist before he was sent there by El? What's up with the earthquakes, and why is the upside down frozen at November 6, 1983? These are only a few of the...


TSTP 58- The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

Has there ever been a more amazing or mind blowing reveal than what the Duffer brothers gave us in "The Massacre at Hawkins Lab?" Peter the friendly/creepy orderly is actually Henry Creel. I mean, he's actually 001. What I mean to say is that he is Vecna. And to top it all off, El created Vecna!?!?! Wow, what a crazy twist. Then you add in the most amazing demogorgon fight scene we've ever seen with the most exploration of the upside down that we've ever seen, and you have one amazing...


TSTP 57- The Dive Listener Feedback

We're quickly approaching the end of Stranger Things 4 Part 1, and you all continue to come up with intriguiging theories! The debate continues on whether or not Peter is friendly or creepy, and some of you are even tossing out ideas on Peter's possible true identity. As the community of Hawkins is lathered up into a frenzy by Jason, some of you saw parallels between Eddie's story of this season and the West Memphis 3 real-life events from the early 1990's. In fact, your insight shared about...


TSTP 56- The Dive

Steve jumps at the opportunity to leave the kids behind and step out of his babysitter role, but we were not prepared for him to do so! The Dive, episode 6 of Stranger Things' 4th season, left us wanting more! With the citizens of Hawkins in a frenzy thanks to Jason's accusations against The Hellfire Club, it's not only Eddie that now finds himself in their crosshairs. Eleven continues to dive deeper into her memories, exploring her previous life as Brenner's lab rat, and becoming increasing...


TSTP 55- The Nina Project

Brenner is back! While his return is not really a surprise, the events that unfold in "The Nina Project" with Brenner, Dr. Owens, and Eleven do bring quite a few surprises. We see the appearance of Peter Ballard the Friendly Orderly, and we can not agree on whether or not he is truly friendly, or truly creepy. In Hawkins, the exploration of the Creel house has us asking new questions about how many dimensions are at play in this story, and how the gang will find their way to Vecna's lair on...


TSTP 54- Dear Billy

Are we the only ones who think "Dear Billy" might just be the best episode of Stranger Things yet? With Sadie Sink's impeccable performance, this episode has us heaping praise upon praise. Robert Englund's performance as Victor Creel also stood out and his story gave us chills. Is his story to be believed? We have our doubts. The shootout at the Byers home was one of the most impressive scenes of the series with the one-shot steady cam action, and left us on the edge of our seats. While...


TSTP 53- The Monster and the Superhero

We saw major developments on every front in, "The Monster and the Superhero." El is arrested for assaulting Angela with the skate, but ends up rescued by Dr. Ownens and given the option to return to Hawkins, undergo training to restore her powers, and save everyone. Murray and Joyce make their way to Alaska. In Hawkins, Lucas finds himself in a delicate position as he tries to provide a layer of protection between Dustin's group and the basketball bullies. Robin and Nancy find themselves...


TSTP 52- Vecna's Curse

"Vecna's Curse" is now haunting the residents of Hawkins, just as they beginning to heal from the events of season 3. With the news of Chrissy's death spreading around town, the Hawkins kids begin their own investigations as to what happened? What the culprit Eddie, the leader of The Hellfire Club, or are their worst fears coming to life and something far more sinister is the cause? Fred becomes the second gruesome victim of Vecna, and his death gives us more clues to how Vecna chooses his...


TSTP 51- The Hellfire Club

"The Hellfire Club" starts season 4 of Stranger Things off with a bang (or should we say, crack)? With a significantly darker and more horror tone than previous seasons, the group of Hawkins kids are more splintered and dysfunctional than ever before. Max is facing significant challenges with her family and personal feelings after the death of Billy and breakup of her parent's marriage, El, Will, and Jonathan are trying to adjust to a new town in California, while Lucas, Mike, and Dustin...


TSTP 050- Season 4 Prep Episode Pt 2

Stranger Things 4 is just a couple of days away, arriving on Netflix on May 27! Earlier this week we dropped part 1 of our season 4 prep episode, and now we have part 2 for you so that you can be full prepared when Stranger Things 4 arrives. Check out the MeUndies Stranger Things collection! Save 15% at Here in our Season 4 Prep Episode Pt 2, we do a detailed breakdown of episodes 5-8 of Stranger Things 3. We also share our favorite moments from Stranger Things...


TSTP 049- Season 4 Prep Episode Pt 1

The wait is almost over! Stranger Things 4 arrives on May 27, and we are here to help you get ready! We know it's been a loooong time since Stranger Things 3, so we don't blame you if you've forgotten a thing or two. Check out the MeUndies Stranger Things collection! Save 15% at Here in our Season 4 Prep Episode Pt 1, we cover a few items from seasons 1 and 2 that we think are going to be relevant in season 4. Then we give a detailed breakdown of episodes 1-4 of...


TSTP 048- Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

Season 4 of Stranger Things is almost here! Netflix dropped a new trailer on April 12th, and it is LOADED with all sorts of tasty morsels. Addi and Darrell break down every single moment of the trailer and share some observations from the trailer that lead to some new theories on what might be in store for season 4. If you don't want to know anything about the upcoming episode, then this episode is not for you and this is your spoiler warning. But if you want to know about the main villain...


TSTP 047- Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit

How does a Stranger Things fan pass the time during this prolonged break between seasons? Rewatching previous seasons of our beloved show is certainly an excellent option. Another excellent option is playing Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit with other Stranger Things fans! We recently teamed up with a few of the listeners of our podcast, started a Facebook Live broadcast, and played Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit. We had a wonderful time and recorded the whole thing so we could bring it to...


TSTP 046- Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Earlier this month we visited Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Featured among this seasonal attraction are haunted houses, or mazes, from some of our favorite TV and film franchises. The biggest franchise for us is the Stranger Things maze. While not much changed with this years maze vs. last year's maze, we still found the experience to be very enjoyable. We also enjoyed mazes themed for Ghostbusters, Jordan Peele's "Us," Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man, Pandora's Box,...


TSTP 045- The Battle of Starcourt

Eleven is weak. The parasite inside her leg is making things worse. They have to get it out. Jonathan springs into action and finds a knife. The small creature burrows deeper into her tissue. Eleven pushes through the pain and takes control of the situation. She uses her mental might to rip the tiny terror from her flesh. Can they all live happily ever after now? Unfortunately, no, this is only the prelude to the battle to come. Team Bald Eagle rushes to the Mall. The Scoops Troop heads to...