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Hosted by Addi and Darrell, The Stranger Things Podcast is a fun and insightful look into the upside down world of Stranger Things. Each episode includes meme of the week, news and rumors, quote of the week, episode discussion, and more. Send in your thoughts about each episode to 304-837-2278!

Hosted by Addi and Darrell, The Stranger Things Podcast is a fun and insightful look into the upside down world of Stranger Things. Each episode includes meme of the week, news and rumors, quote of the week, episode discussion, and more. Send in your thoughts about each episode to 304-837-2278!


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Hosted by Addi and Darrell, The Stranger Things Podcast is a fun and insightful look into the upside down world of Stranger Things. Each episode includes meme of the week, news and rumors, quote of the week, episode discussion, and more. Send in your thoughts about each episode to 304-837-2278!






TSTP S3E12 Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit

How does a Stranger Things fan pass the time during this prolonged break between seasons? Rewatching previous seasons of our beloved show is certainly an excellent option. Another excellent option is playing Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit with other Stranger Things fans! We recently teamed up with a few of the listeners of our podcast, started a Facebook Live broadcast, and played Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit. We had a wonderful time and recorded the whole thing so we could bring it to...


TSTP S3E11- Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Earlier this month we visited Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Featured among this seasonal attraction are haunted houses, or mazes, from some of our favorite TV and film franchises. The biggest franchise for us is the Stranger Things maze. While not much changed with this years maze vs. last year's maze, we still found the experience to be very enjoyable. We also enjoyed mazes themed for Ghostbusters, Jordan Peele's "Us," Frankenstein vs. the Wolf Man, Pandora's Box,...


TSTP S3E10- The Battle of Starcourt

Eleven is weak. The parasite inside her leg is making things worse. They have to get it out. Jonathan springs into action and finds a knife. The small creature burrows deeper into her tissue. Eleven pushes through the pain and takes control of the situation. She uses her mental might to rip the tiny terror from her flesh. Can they all live happily ever after now? Unfortunately, no, this is only the prelude to the battle to come. Team Bald Eagle rushes to the Mall. The Scoops Troop heads to...


TSTP S3E9- The Bite

Did you hear that? Was that the fireworks? Did you see that? The trees are moving. Billy said the Monster can see Eleven. I think he is right and it has found the kids! Seconds later the creature’s vast tentacles burst through the walls of the cabin. El uses her considerable power to push the Mind Flayer back over and over. Her friends fight to help her. They shoot and chop at the vicious thing. They use all their might to tug El away from the grasp of its jaws. Ultimately they succeed and...


TSTP S3E8- E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many one. Powerful is the Monster’s influence. Pulling all those that are infected towards the source. Countless innocent residents of Hawkins giving their lives to the Mind Flayer, as many become one. We must put our hope in the few that understand what consequences reopening the gate will bring. Team Scoops Ahoy has been discovered by the Russians. Steve and Robin sacrifice their freedom so that Dustin and Erica can get away. They say the simplest answer is the...


TSTP S3E7- The Flayed

This is a code red. I repeat a code red. There are innocent children trapped by Russian soldiers under Star Court Mall. That’s right under this completely innocent shopping establishment is a secret Russian base. What is lurking underneath the oblivious shoppers of Hawkins? Does it have anything to do with the Upside Down? Joyce and Hopper continue their investigation. Joyce is still asking about magnets. Hopper is more focused on looking around the plots of land bought up by the owners of...


TSTP S3E6- The Sauna Test

Some like it hot. The Mind Flayer does not. Eleven is worried that there is something wrong with Billy. Max says wrong is Billy’s default setting, but El can’t get what happened out of her mind. She closed the gate. There should not be any monsters left in Hawkins. Something still seems off. As dawn breaks Lucas is calling a code red. Maybe Eleven is right. Strange things continue in this town. At Scoops Ahoy the code has been cracked and a plan is forming. The doors are too well guarded....


TSTP S3E5- The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard

Have you seen Heather? She’s a lifeguard at the Hawkins pool. She didn’t show up for her shift today. Come to think of it Billy isn’t there either. Perhaps they are “sick” together? Their fate is concerning but it’s far from the strangest thing to happen in this town. Nancy continues to investigate the rat problem even though her coworkers continue to tease her about it. I mean it is weird. Why would fertilizer, cleaning fluid and diesel fuel go missing from several locations around town?...


TSTP S3E4- The Mall Rats

Billy is running for his life. He makes it to a payphone and dials 911. Before he can answer the operator his world is turned upside down. Literally Billy is taken to a dark mirror dimension. He is screaming for answers when he is faced with his doppelgänger. This made me wonder. Does the monster not only have the power to possess a body but also take the form of someone that you trust? If it wants Billy to bend to its will it must earn his trust. Nancy has found the perfect excuse to leave...


TSTP S3E3- Suzie, Do You Copy?

It is June 28th 1984. What is going on here? I thought the government shut the lab down! Wait! Our government is not in charge here. The fears of Dr. Owens and Murray Bauman are being realized. Russians know about the Upside Down. What are they doing? They clearly don’t understand what will happen if they succeed in tearing open a hole between dimensions. Has the Upside Down spread far enough to become a global problem? Back in Hawkins we open in the summer of 1985. Things are changing and...


TSTP S3E2- Stranger Things Season 2 Recap

It's almost time for Stranger Things 3! On this episode of The Stranger Things Podcast Addi, Darrell, Blake, Chris, Adam, and Bradley discuss season 2 of Stranger Things. They discuss the season episode by episode. With Stranger Things 3 coming soon, they share their predictions and hopes for season 3, along with unanswered questions from season 2. They share their favorite moments and favorite episode of the season.


TSTP S3E1- Stranger Things Season 1 Recap

Are you ready for Stranger Things season 3? In this episode of The Stranger Things Podcast, Darrell, Addi, Bradley, Chris, Adam, and Beth recap season one of Stranger Things. Darrell gives a short summary of the episode then they talk about notable moments of each episode then answer a few questions, such as “what’s your favorite episode?” And “what unanswered questions do you have?”


TSTP S2E25- The Music of Stranger Things

Yottalogical (aka Adam), and Bradley join Addi and Darrell to discuss the music in Stranger Things. They talk about the music created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein and also the pop music featured in both seasons of the show. They discuss different facts and topics related to the music of this Netflix series. They go into a discussion about season one and season two individually.


TSTP S2E24- Jaws

We almost needed a bigger podcast to talk about all the connections between Jaws and Stranger Things! Addi, Darrell, and guest host Bradley, discuss the 1970 film Jaws. They share their thoughts about the film and how it ties into Stranger Things. Bradley shares amazing ties into Stranger Things and Jaws. Darrell pays a short tribute to David Ward. They talk about news items relating to the Duffer Brothers’ lawsuit and Stranger Things coming to baseball fields around the US. They talk about...


TSTP S2E23- Poltergeist

Poltergeist left an indelible mark on the 80's and certainly still bears relevancy today. On this episode of The Stranger Things Podcast, Addi, Darrell, and Bradley talk about another movie that influenced Stranger Things: Poltergeist. For the news segment, they discuss the Stranger Things 3 trailer and all the details that come with it. They discuss their favorite parts of the trailer and of the film, and their memories of the first time seeing the movie. Some of their favorite parts were...


TSTP S2E22- The Thing

Featured prominently in Stranger Things, this month Cory joins Addi and Darrell to discuss John Carpenters classic thriller, The Thing. They kick things off with news and rumors and general information about the movie. Then the three of them discuss their memories from the first time seeing the film and their favorite scenes of the movie. They wrap things up with fun facts about The Thing and listener feedback. Lastly, they announce next episode’s movie will be Poltergeist and don’t forget...


TSTP S2E21- Firestarter

What do Firestarter and Stranger Things have in common? A powerful little girl, bad guys trying to do experiments, and both happened to be reviewed on The Stranger Things Podcast. Darrell, Addi, and Beth talk about Firestarter, how it ties into Stranger Things, their favorite moments in the movie, memories from the first time watching the firm, and more. One common favorite moment was the destruction scene at the end of the movie.


TSTP S2E20- The Goonies

One of the most popular 80s movies, The Goonies, plays a major role in inspiration for Stranger Things. The film stars Corey Feldman, Anne Ramsey, and Sean Astin. In this episode of The Stranger Things Podcast, Darrell, Addi, and guest-host Faith discuss this iconic 80s movie, including talking about favorite scenes, memories from the first time watching the movie, and talking about how it relates to Stranger Things. They also share listener feedback, and news about Stranger Things.


TSTP S2E19- Aliens

Regarded as one of the best sequels ever made, Aliens also serves as one of the main influences of Stranger Things. As we continue our series looking at the movies that inspired Stranger Things, we turn to fellow Golden Spiral Media host, Corey Meltcalfe to help make the journey to LV-426. We discuss our favorite moments from the film, memories from the first time each of us watched it, fun facts about the film, and of course, how it ties into Stranger Things. We also share their listener...


TSTP S2E18- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Stranger Things

You may not have noticed all of the ways Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom influenced Stranger Things, but there are many nods to the Spielberg classic if you have a keen eye. As we continue our look at the films that inspired Stranger Things, Addi, Darrell, and guest-host listeners Blake and JJ talk about the 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. For the first time in TSTP history, listeners join in to guest-host the show. A scene that was a common favorite with this group of hosts...