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Welcome to the TV Zone Podcast Network, A network of podcasters covering TV/Films, and Sports

Welcome to the TV Zone Podcast Network, A network of podcasters covering TV/Films, and Sports


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Welcome to the TV Zone Podcast Network, A network of podcasters covering TV/Films, and Sports




Watchmen 1X07 An Almost Religious Awe

Listen as Jay Giles and Zena Dixon continue their recap of Watchmen as they discuss Ep.7 An Almost Religious Awe *a brief backstory of Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan *Little Angela in Saigon has eerie similar trauma as Will in Tulsa *Laurie gets tricked by the 7th Calvary *Lady Trieu believes she has found a God in Tulsa *Cal has a revelation and more Outro Ritual Unio by Little Dragon


Jay Movie Talk Ep.170 Terminator 2 Judgement Day

This month on Jay Movie Talk it's all about the sequels...I kick things off with Ep.170 as I talk James Cameron's Terminator 2 Judgement Day *Thoughts on James Cameron *This movie does something similar as the first but flips them around * John Conner is the big focus of most of the movie, instead of Sarah *John and The T-800 relationship carries alot of the movie *Thoughts on Robert Patrick as The new T-1000 *Arnold Schwarzenegger best acting performance and more Outro You...


The Grand Slam Podcast Ep.28 Damn Damn Damn Marlins

For EP.28 of The Grand Slam Podcast listen as MoneyMaker Chris and Jay Giles discuss the opening weekend of baseball with no fans, Miami Marlins screwing up and all the lastest news and more. @MoneMakerChris @thejaygiles @Slam_Podcast


Jay Movie Talk Ep.169 Remember The Titans

What's up everybody. I'm finishing up Sports Biopic Month with Ep.169 as I talk about Remember The Titans *Thought's on Director Boaz Yakin *This movie has a stellar young supporting cast of future stars *Denzel Washington is the acting teacher for young actors *Thoughts on how the movie handles the social issues *Herman Boone was setup too fail and more Outro Ain't No Mountain High by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell @JayMovieTalk @TheJayGiles @TVZone_Podcast


3 and Out Podcast Ep.15 The Washington... Team

Hey everyone we are back with an all new Episode of 3 and Out Podcast. listen as John G. Moneymaker Chris and Guest Donovan discuss Washington changing its name and all the other major news in the NFL , and more @whoviandude32 @Moneymakerchris @3andOutpodcast1 @TvZone_Podcast


Watchmen 1x06 The Extraordinary Being

Host Jay and Zena are back as they continue their recap of HBO's Watchmen as they discuss Ep.6 "The Extraordinary Being" *Angela gets too experience Will's life for herself *Thought's on Beware of The Cyclops *Will Reeves becomes Hooded Justice *June(Not Sonia) gives Will the courage he needs to continue as Hooded Justice *The relationship between Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis is explored *Will can't handle it anymore and more Outro Twice by Little Dragon


We Talk Lady Hoopz Ep.8 Lady Hoopz Is Back

Listen as Keda and Chris discuss their 2020 season predictions, some news and and of course talk about the lady mystics. Music: Hype By Neffex Be sure to follow us on Twitter @wetalkladyhoopz, @yeahuknowit1991, @MoneymakerChris


Jay Movie Talk Ep.168 The Fighter

Sports Biopic month continues with Ep.168 as I talk David O. Russell's Boxing Drama The Fighter *Thought's on David O. Russell *Dicky is a local celebrity but as a lot of issues *Amy Adams shines as Charlene *Dicky has his moment of clarity while in prison *Christian Bale/Melissa Leo deserved their Academy Awards *The Ward/Eklund family is a mess *Micky finally gets a shot at the WBU Welterweight Title and more Outro Can't You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones @JayMovieTalk @TheJayGiles...


Watchmen 1X05 Little Fear of Lightning

Listen as Jay and Zena continue their recap of HBO's Watchmen as they discuss Ep.5 "Little Fear of Lightning" *Thoughts on Episode focusing on Wade Tillman/Looking Glass *Wade really has bad luck with the ladies *The Leader of the 7th Calvary is revealed *Adrian isn't on earth but which planet is he on *Sister Night being very aggressive gets her in trouble and more Outro Looking Glass by Little Dragon


The Grand Slam Podcast Ep.27 Barry Bonds

For Ep.27 of The Grand Slam Podcast MoneyMaker Chris and Jay Giles discuss The Man, They Myth, The Infamous Barry Bonds and more @MoneMakerChris @thejaygiles @Slam_Podcast


Jay Movie Talk Ep.167 ALI

Sports Biopic July continues with Ep.167 as I talk about the 2001 Michael Mann Star Studded film ALI *Thoughts on Director Michael Mann *Cassius Clay fights Sonny Liston and the small rumblings surrounding his personal life begin *Thoughts on Mario Van Peebles as Malcolm X *We don't see relationships like Ali and Howard Cosell in sports anymore *Ali refused being drafted into the army and all the backlash that came with it *Thoughts on Ali being outspoken and Colin Kapernick are...


Watchmen 1X04 If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own

Listen as Jay and Zena continue their recap of HBO's Watchmen as they discuss Ep.4 "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own" *Thought's on new character Lady Trieu and her role in everything *Angela finds out more about her family history *Thought's on Cal *Angela finds out about Laurie's past *Adrian is clearly not on earth *Will isn't a feeble old man like we thought and more Shuffle A Dream by Little Dragon


Jay Movie Talk Ep.166 A League of Their Own

"There is No Crying In Baseball" What's up everyone Movie Talk is back, and for the month of July it's all about sports movies. For Ep.166 I kick things off with the Baseball ensemble A League of Their Own *Thought's about Penny Marshall *Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell had really good chemistry *Tom Hanks seemed too young to play Jimmy but he is very likable *Thought's on Lori Petty *Geena Davis was a more versatile Julia Roberts who made Cutthroat Island and more Features Who's...


Watchmen 1X03 She Was Killed By Space Junk

Listen as Jay Giles and Zena Dixon continue their recap of HBO's Watchmen as they discus Ep.3 "She Was Killed By Space Junk" *Agent Laurie Blake isnt the same Laurie that remember from years ago *Adrian is some kind of exile...somewhere *Angela and Laurie are different sides of the same coin *There are a lot of call backs too the source material in this episode *Where is the caged Owl exactly *Zena feels a kinda way about Senator Joe Keene, Jr and more Outro Another...


The Grand Slam Podcast Ep.26 Bobby Bonilla Day, Baseball is Back

For Ep.26 of The Grand Slam Podcast listen as MoneyMaker Chris and Jay Giles discuss the craziest sports contract and why July 1st until 2035 is Bobby Bonilla Day as well as talk about the finally agreed MLB schedule and more. @MoneMakerChris @thejaygiles @Slam_Podcast


Watchmen 1X02 Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship

Jay and Zena are back to discuss Ep.2 of HBO's Watchmen "Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship" *Old Man Will has a interesting history *Was Crawford a good or bad guy *What happened on the White Night still has some questions unanswered *Thought's about Louis Gossett Jr *The relation of Angela and Topher is explored more. *Adrian has theater night and more Outro Killing Me by Little Dragon @LovelyZena @JaymovieTalk @TVZone_Podcast


Watchmen 1X01 It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice3

Hello everyone TV Zone Podcast is back with Jay Giles and Co Host Zena Dixon as they begin their recap coverage of the 2019 HBO hit Watchmen *History of Watchmen Universe/Movie *Thoughts on Opening with Tulsa Massacre *Judd Crawford is a interesting character *The 7th Calvary is very similar too a real life supremacist group *The Mask vigilantes are different from the ones of the original *Thought's about Jeremy Irons role *How do you hang 200 lbs from a tree when you are in a...


The Grand Slam Podcast Ep.25 Long Gone Summer

For Ep.25 listen as MoneyMaker Chris and Jay Giles discuss the documentary "Long Gone Summer" which takes a look back at the summer of 1998 when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire battled each other to see who would break Roger Maris 61 home run record and everything else that surrounded the two men @MoneMakerChris @thejaygiles @Slam_Podcast


Jay Movie Talk Ep.165 Bullitt

Old School June continues with Ep.165 as I talk the Steve McQueen Thriller Bullitt *Thoughts on Director Peter Yates *Robert DuVall before The Godfather *Does this movie and Point Blank exist in the same movie universe *Thoughts on Robert Vaughn performance *Steve McQueen was all about cars/The Famous Car Chase *Why was Jacqueline Bisset role small and more Outro Bullitt Theme by Lalo Schifrin @JayMovieTalk @TheJayGiles @TVZone_Podcast


Jay Movie Talk Ep. 164 Point Blank

This week on the podcast listen as I continue Old School June with Ep.164 as I talk the 1967 Action Thriller Point Blank *Thoughts on Director John Boorman *Is the Character of Walker a ghostly figure *Walker/Lynne/Reese Relationship *Thoughts on Angie Dickerson *Lee Marvin is the only man to make John Vernon look weak *One character isn't who he pretends to be throughout the movie *Comparison with the movie 1998's Payback and more Follow @Jaymovietalk @TVZone_Podcast